Light & reality


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Light & reality

  1. 1. Colors make life interestingsmerande
  2. 2. We attach meaning to each and every color As per our own interestsmerande
  3. 3. • We won’t see the existence of the world beyond our interestsmerande
  4. 4. Beautiful Eyes Are Provided To See What Feelings I have ! Attached to itsmerande See what I don’t have
  5. 5. • Things looking attractive are made up of different colors • May salve your purpose for a whilesmerande
  6. 6. • 7 colors form beautiful design • When 7 colors merge together it form a light • Identity of each color ends but the light is generated • 7 color had meaning, but meaning of the light has completeness . • Which helps us always to go beyond where you are.smerande
  7. 7. Light does not show you a path It shows you a realitysmerande
  8. 8. • Mind acts within a frame of reference • We are reluctant to leave this frame of reference • Some times this frame steals freedom • Compels to think in particular way • Light is of no use there.smerande
  9. 9. LIGHT • We search for any thing other than a realty • Can’t observe reality • Forget the essence of the lightsmerande
  10. 10. • If you are in the darkness • Switch on the light • If Your mind set doesn’t change • The switching on light does not makesmerande much difference
  11. 11. • WE Try to see everything which is not theresmerande •
  12. 12. smerande
  13. 13. • Every thing we do for ,what we expect • Expectations don’t provide the path • But make us blind about realitysmerande
  14. 14. • Expectation is the feeling • That always remains on the surface of our mind • That gives you assurance of your happiness in the future. • That makes the difference between the world in which “you live” and “ you want to live”smerande
  15. 15. Expectations Based on • Reality • Knowledge • Significance • Overall Situationsmerande
  16. 16. smerande
  17. 17. Perhaps, you didn’t really create a problem as such, but merely highlighted one? creating a problem or make too much of one, it could help you attract attention from other people. But it would also leave you with a greater problem on your handssmerande because of the energy you have wasted on it without being able to arrive at a solution.
  18. 18. Where to focus what to highlight HOW MUCH ?smerande
  19. 19. When our purpose gets More weight than understanding a situation We arrive at complexitysmerande
  20. 20. Expectations in one of the places unresolved, generates unrest in other places office house sleep Friends/relativessmerande
  21. 21. • Thank You • S M Erandesmerande