Engineering Drawing : Class 01


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What is Engineering Drawing and Instrument Of Engineering Drawing.

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Engineering Drawing : Class 01

  1. 1. DJJ1012ENGINEERING DRAWING Class 01 Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  3. 3. •An engineering drawingis a document that communicates a precise description of a part. •This description consists of pictures, words, numbers and symbols. •Together, these elements communicate part information to all drawing users. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  4. 4. •In the past most engineering drawings were created by manual methods. •Tools like drawing boards, T-squares, compasses, triangles, etc. were used. •The original drawing was created on paper, vellum or Mylar that could be used for making blueprints. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  5. 5. Today …. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  6. 6. •Engineers created drawings using a computer. •The designer creates an electronic version of a drawing. •The original drawing is a computer file. •Copies are made on a printer or plotter. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  7. 7. •Whether engineering drawings are manual drawings or computer generated their purpose remains the same: •To record and communicate design information. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  8. 8. Type Of ENGINEERING DRAWING ?? Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  9. 9. •Geometrical Drawing •Mechanical Engineering Drawing •Civil Engineering Drawing •Electrical Engineering Drawing Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  10. 10. Geometrical Drawing •The art representation of geometrical objects such as rectangular, square, cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, etc. on a paper Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  11. 11. Geometrical Drawing Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  12. 12. Mechanical Engineering Drawing •The art representation of mechanical engineering object such as mashines, machine parts, etcs. on a paper. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  13. 13. Mechanical Engineering Drawing Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  14. 14. Civil Engineering Drawing •The art representation of civil engineering object such as roads, buildings, bridges, dams, etcs. on a paper Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  15. 15. Civil Engineering Drawing Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  16. 16. Electrical Engineering Drawing •The art representation of electrical engineering object such as motors, generators, transfomers, poles, towers, wiring diagrams, etcs. on a paper Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  17. 17. Electrical Engineering Drawing Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  18. 18. ENGINEERING DRAWING Instrument Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  19. 19. Drawing Board •Drawing Board Size : 60cm x 80cm. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  20. 20. Drawing Board Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  21. 21. Drawing Board Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  22. 22. Drawing Table Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  23. 23. Drawing Paper •ANSI standard measure (American National Standard Institute) for drawing paper was as follows: •A. 8.5” x 11”A.9” x 12” •B.11” x 17”B.12” x 15” •C.17” x 22”C.18” x 24” •D.22” x 34”D.24” x 36” •E.34” x 44”E.36” x 48” Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  24. 24. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  25. 25. T-Square •Divided into two principal divisions namely –head portion –blade part •Driver to draw vertical line and horizontal straight lines with using set square. •During T angle's usage, it used close with left board Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  26. 26. T-Square Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  27. 27. T-Square Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  28. 28. Compass •Used to form a circle line or arc. •Consisting of two sticks that the one end could be met and can be adjusted. •One end contain trick to be put on-centred something circle, or arc and end that another is pencil to draw line. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  29. 29. Compass Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  30. 30. Divider •Nearly identical with compass, the difference divider have two needle points. •Divider used to divide something distance to several same division too or to move something distance once or repeat. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  31. 31. Divider Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  32. 32. Protractor •To get point of angle or to measure the angle Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  33. 33. Set square •To get point of angle or to measure the angle •Set square can give some degree of angle. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  34. 34. Set squareSuhaimi Said (PKS)
  35. 35. Set square Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  36. 36. Scale / Measure •Not for making line, but only used as measure tool only. •Scale that used must be in a unit only to avoid confusion or mistake when making measurement. •After we get some measure, pencil used as marker to that measure. •More accurate marking can be gained by using divider or compass. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  37. 37. Scale / Measure Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  38. 38. French Curve •Used to draw accurate line that could not be drawn with compass. •Have many type of shape. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  39. 39. French Curve Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  40. 40. Flexible French Curve Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  41. 41. Pencil •Drawing Pencils is the most important tool used in engineering drawing. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  42. 42. Pencil •Drawing Pencils are made in different grades. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  43. 43. Pencil •The "HB" grade pencil is medium soft and dark in black colour, whereas 1H, 2H, grade pencils hard and light in black colour. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  44. 44. Pencil •"HB" Pencil is used for free hand works. Thin and light lines drawn by 1H & 2H pencils. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  45. 45. Mechanical Pencils •Size : 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9 Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  46. 46. Eraser •Used to erase line that draw by pencil. •High quality eraser required : to avoid line that erase not leave effect to drawing paper surface. Suhaimi Said (PKS)
  47. 47. Eraser Shield Suhaimi Said (PKS)