Business History: A History of Danone


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Business History: A History of Danone. Danone is a multinational company in today's world. This slide is focusing before Danone merged with other firms.

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Business History: A History of Danone

  1. 1. Who is Danone? 0 Danone was founded by Isaac Carasso. 0 It was founded in 1919, Barcelona, Spain. 0 Danone was named after his son Daniel, which in Catalan, Danon is a nickname means Little Daniel. 0 It was a family firm at the beginning of the business. 0 At the early beginning, the business was concentrated on yogurts, as its product.
  2. 2. Beginning of Danone 0 Daniel Carasso was born in 1905 in Salonica (now known as Thessaloniki in Greece), where his family, of Spanish descent , had lived in exile for more than four centuries. 0 In 1916, Isaac Carasso, Daniel’s father , decided to return to Spain and settle there for good. 0 Three years later Danone was founded. 0 Ten years upon founded Danone, Daniel Carasso had launched the Danone brand in France.
  3. 3. Daniel Carasso of Danone
  4. 4. Why yogurt business? 0 The earliest business of Danone was yogurt. 0 Danone was a pioneer in yogurt industry in Europe during that time. 0 The yogurt is uncommon in European community during that time. 0 Isaac Carasso introduced yogurt, which was a popular diet during Ottoman Empire – as he was an immigrant from Salonica that influenced by the Ottomans.
  5. 5. Yogurt as an example of food technology 0 One of the most prominent examples a food technology that has a significant impact human health and lifestyle. 0 Therefore, appalled by number of children suffering from intestinal disorders at the end of the First World War, Isaac Carasso started manufacturing yogurt. 0 His idea to introduce and produce yogurt in Barcelona was encouraged by the research of Elie Metchnikoff.
  6. 6. One of the earlier packaging of Danone yogurt
  7. 7. How does the new product been introduced? 0 Danone was started in a small town to cater the local needs especially childen in Barcelona. 0 It was introduced by prescription on Barcelona pharmacies – its was first introduced as a type of medicine to reduce children suffering of intestinal disorder. 0 Word-of-mouth (wom) spread around by the local, and become familiar to the community. 0 The product become strongly in market from Barcelona to many places in Spain.
  8. 8. Danone advertisement in Spanish
  9. 9. Danone brand on its way! 0 In 1923, Isaac Carasso sent his son Daniel to study in the E.S.C business school in Marseille, France. 0 Daniel studied bacteriology to gain better understanding of ferments. 0 Isaac Carasso had advised his son to specialize in ferments, to innovate quality product in the future. 0 Daniel ended up in the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, later. It was where the foundation of dominant Danone started.
  10. 10. Introduced to the French 0 Daniel Carasso launched Danone in Paris in 1929. 0 Same happened to the French, they weren’t any more familiar with yogurt. 0 Series of marketing strategies occurred such as quality of its product, packaging and presentation, and advertising. 0 Daniel penetrated France by highlighting that yogurt beneficial effects on health. 0 The French accepted a new diet called yogurt with a brand – Danone!
  11. 11. Danone factory in France
  12. 12. Obstacles to Miracles! 0 In 1941, Daniel Carasso was forced to leave France by the German invasion.  0 He entrusted his close friends to look after and manage the business in Europe. Danone France to Norbert Lafont, and Danone Spain to Luis Portabella. 0 Fortunately, upon his moving a year to the United States, he founded Dannon US! 0 However, he changed the name Danone to Dannon in the US because to Americanize the sound.
  13. 13. Danone in the US known as Dannon US
  14. 14. Expanding to a Global Brand! 0 In 1945, Daniel Carasso returned to Europe where he fully utilized his energy, talent and networking in rebuilding his French and Spanish businesses. 0 In Europe, Danone business was booming especially between 1950 and 1966, the growth was spectacular. 0 The wholly-owned and controlled of a family firm was ended at the beginning of 1967, where Danone interested to merge with Gervais and later BSN. 0 From its merged with other two leading firms in the industry, Danone become a multinational and a Global Brand, which still among the top brand today.
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