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Offshore Projects
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Offshore Projects


Offshore Sales in IT

Offshore Sales in IT

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  • 1. Offshore Projects Business Development Sales Executive: Steve Sugulas 1- The client Prudential plc. Partnered with: Mahindra & Mahindra Project value/.8mil usd The business challenge Historically the client had developed systems which were aligned to the requirements of particular distribution channels or specific product types. This resulted in a situation of Call Center silos servicing requests pertaining to specific products only. The solution As a strategic end to end solution partner, Mahindra & Mahindra had to ensure that the proposed solution would cater to both current and future needs of all the three business functions– sales, marketing and services. Mahindra & Mahindra designed and developed the One Customer Database (OCDB) - a central repository for customer data, which provides a common view of the customer across the client’s organization. The OCDB is fully integrated with the back end systems and contains the latest version of customer and product details (around 40 million records). Measurable business benefits Ease of servicing customer requests through support for multiple brands and a single consistent view of the customer Enables the Customer Service division to handle an increased number of transactions Faster turnaround times in closing customer requests like address changes across multiple product systems Powerful customer insight based on a holistic view of a customer and their product holdings . 2- The Company A Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer. (Confidential) Challenge Despite investing over $40 million implementing an ERP system, this electronics company had insufficient information to support day to day decisions. Standard lengthy
  • 2. monthly reports failed to give them the leverage required to operate in their fast moving environment. Key information was needed on a daily basis with easy, dynamic access. In addition, they wanted worldwide access for 2,000+ users, with minimal network impact and timely updates for each global region. The Solution: Wipro/Partner Project value/1.2mil usd Wipro’s team designed, developed and implemented an intranet, web-based information system for orders, sales and backlog information. This enabled the company to work in a planning mode rather than a crisis mode. The new system gives several thousand users access to critical business measures across twelve key dimensions, including time, geography, legal entity, product family and customers. Users can drill through dimensions at any time, switching dimensions as they drill. The management opportunities for combining key dimensions are virtually unlimited. Training on this user-friendly system takes as little as 45 minutes. From the CFO to the sales manager, critical information is available within the constraints of the assigned security profiles. Only one screen of data is ever passed over the network at a time ensuring a network-light approach. The heavy work is done on a server in the corporate data center. Performance is optimized by the system which selects the tables, join conditions and constraints of the actual SQL statement, while users select only the dimensions and screen types. An intelligent query recognition process saves the results of every query for faster response to subsequent users. Since it is web-based and delivered over the intranet, it was deployable globally overnight to any user with an intranet connection and a browser. Power users, who are not satisfied with the extensive information display possibilities of the standard system, can download detailed data in a CSV format within the constraints of their security profile. Results The new system has dramatically improved the availability and analysis of orders, sales, and backlog information. The data can be aggregated for optimum usability across 2,000+ users worldwide. By monitoring selected critical dimensions on a daily basis, the company can easily identify market trends and activities early enough to develop and execute strategies in response to changing market conditions. Management can also analyze the results of their strategy using these same critical dimensions. Since the system is configuration driven, it has been implemented for other important applications including inventory analysis, HR, manufacturing quality and order metrics. Platforms
  • 3. The company's technology environment includes Unix hardware from Sun and IBM with Oracle databases and tools. The system can run on any system that supports the Oracle Database and Application Web Server. 3- CIL-Technisoft Project Partner/Project Value-.5mil usd Data Store for Wireless Applications and Consulting Services Inc. Wireless Applications and Consulting Services, LLC (WACS) provides consultancy to major Utility companies in USA. Purpose of this development was to create a re-usable solution to provide specialized applications to leverage AMR data in electric, gas and water utility industry. We have provided technology solution for planning, designing, constructing, deploying and eventual maintenance & enhancement of this business solution. This is a data warehousing cum transaction processing application. The application receives XML/Flat files of meter readings and master data from designated gateways. The process daemon locates files and runs processes to classify meter readings into Good, Stale, Incomplete, Partial, etc. Several other processes are run in sequence to create estimated readings for Stale, Incomplete and Partial reads and generate bills and related reports. The application needs to process about 50 million records for 2 million customers everyday. WACS Data Store project is expected to maintain records pertaining to energy consumption of electric, gas, steam and water for up to 2 million consumers for a period of 5 years. 4- The Company Leading designer and manufacturer of Oil Equipment Components (Confidential) HCL/Partner/Value 1.7 mil usd Challenge The company realized it needed to address issues affecting both its information systems and business user communities. The Operations Division faced the following challenges and needed a comprehensive approach to address their needs: Lack of a consolidated view of data Lack of accurate and timely source system information Extensive manual intervention in utilizing operations data Difficulty in acquiring required data
  • 4. Ad hoc queries assigned to over-extended IT resources The Solution: HCL’s Data Warehouse Practice team was awarded the opportunity to address this need and proposed a phased, iterative approach to build a data warehouse and an operations data mart. HCL’s proven Data Warehouse Methodology served as the core. Working with the customer's team, HCL identified the need for a consolidated, data mart environment. The needs, while difficult to measure in terms of dollar value, are: Access to consolidated and accurate enterprise information Consolidated reporting without direct intervention from the IT organization or placing an unacceptable load on the online applications An intuitive environment that enables end users to analyze their data and business problems Consistency and standards across systems or data to ease consolidation at the end user level Results The data mart improves users' access to accurate and timely warehouse production information. They are able to view the underlying data without having to know the underlying database or any querying programming language, to create reports. In conjunction, business executives receive data that encourages better planning strategies to meet their operational goals. ==============================================================