The Spirit of Open Source


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A presentation in Software Freedom Day 2008 at Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University.

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The Spirit of Open Source

  1. The Spirit of Open Source
  2. Why do we be here?
  3. Software Freedom Day 2008
  4. Freedom
  5. The freedom to choose
  6. The freedom to use
  7. Your freedom
  8. Open source is a form of freedom
  9. Freedom to do whatever you want to what you use
  10. Blame?
  11. Open source softwares are all around
  12. Firefox / / Ubuntu
  13. Only 3?
  14. Open source is not just some people code 'til die for free
  15. You are a part of open source
  16. You have freedom to participate
  17. test, use, report bug, submit patch, document, localize, suggestion, ...
  18. Bug? Bug is a part of software.
  19. Quality? It depends on you!
  20. Vulnerability? It's a kind of bug.
  21. Vulnerability is a part of software.
  22. It depends on you!
  23. Please report all bugs you found.
  24. The spirit of open source is to be a part of them
  25. You are not just a customer
  26. You are user. You are tester. You are developer.
  27. Why don't simply be a happy customer?
  28. Do you like to wait for some features hopelessly?
  29. Thai in iPod?
  30. Thai in Android?
  31. Not yet. Android can't speak Thai at the first born. Need some hacks.
  33. Android will be opened soon but we can raise this issue now.
  36. You have freedom to choose softwares
  37. Piracy?
  38. You are poor?
  39. You can't buy softwares?
  40. But you bought PCs?
  41. You bought laptop?
  42. You bought iPhone?
  43. You bought iPod?
  44. You bought mobile phone(s)?
  45. You don't buy softwares?
  46. You don't buy Windows XP/Vista
  47. You don't buy Photoshop
  48. You don't buy Office
  49. You don't buy 3dsmax
  50. You don't buy Autocad
  51. What is the point? What is your reason?
  52. It's freedom.
  53. Time to change your basic instinct.
  54. If you can't buy MS Office, why not
  55. You like Ribbon?
  56. No Ribbon in OO.o?
  57. Do you want to have Ribbon in OO.o?
  58. Do it yourself!
  59. You are user?
  60. Can you pay some amount for some developers for Ribbon in OO.o?
  61. 1000 baht?
  62. 1000 x 1000 = 1000000
  63. 1 million baht can hire 3 great great great programmers for a year.
  64. Do you get the idea?
  65. If you really want something happen especially for you, it's your freedom to do it yourself in various way
  66. It absolutely depends on your freedom
  67. What's about your works and your projects?
  68. Why don't you open it up?
  69. Publish your code to the world of freedom
  70. Let anyone fork
  71. It's your freedom
  72. But next time you have problem with open source, please report that problem.
  73. It's free of charge!
  74. And WE will get better softwares in return