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Suggestmob pitch deck
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Suggestmob pitch deck


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Collect suggestions in a shop or event has never been easier
  • 2. -How do people rate the service?? -Which cake or coffee do they like most?? - Is the shop hygienic enough in customer perspective ??
  • 3. - What do people think about the service ?? - Do they feel they wait too long to pay a bill ?? - Which package are they most interested in ??
  • 4. - Do attendants find this event helpful ?? - How do they think about the speakers ?? - Which subject most attract the audience ?? - What improvement is needed for the next event ??
  • 5. Traditional way of collecting suggestions • How to know what people think about my services when they visit my shop or store ? - Ask them directly - Suggestion card, comment card, survey or anything you will call it. • I am holding an event, How can I get the attendants’ feedbacks so that I can improve it when I hold next time ? - Sorry, there is no easy way that can solve this problem.
  • 6. Define the Problems • Shop owners or event hosts always find it hard to collect suggestions from patrons or event attendants in their shop or event. Doing analysis on that data is not easy too. • Survey software do exist but not suitable for SMEs that only need suggestion card function. They are usually complex or focus only on online platform like email or web form • People are too lazy or feel awkward to fill a suggestion card in paper form, resulting in the waste of unused paper, bad ROI for the shop owner or event host.
  • 7. Solution • The system that let shop owners, event hosts create suggestion cards in electronics form that will be loaded into the mobile phone of patrons or event attendants by them just scanning against a printed QR code. The responses will be sent and collected in the system, shop owner or event host can just sit happily in front of the monitor to see and analyze what people think about their services or events. This insights will help them make a better decision that can really improve their business. - Help save the world by reducing paper use. - People usually have their mobile phones at hands so they are more inclined to give the suggestion using their own mobile phones. • We call it suggestmob - suggestion + mob(a group of people) - or suggestion + mobile
  • 8. Solution (visualized) Scan E-suggestion card In shop or event People Suggestmob system Shop owner, event host 1) Create E-Suggestion card 3) Analysis on collected data 2) Generate printout containing QR code Fill the suggestion card and send
  • 9. See it in action • Easy to use, just 3 step approaches 1) Create a suggestion card in the web application, choosing different types of questions that suit the need. 2) For each suggestion card, each unique QR code will be created, the shop owner or event host will print it out. Put the printout in their shop or event where people can easily see and use their mobile phones to scan against it to receive the e-suggestion card. They answer the questions and send it back to the system. 3) The shop owner or event host see the data coming in in the dashboard. The data is shown in visualized form, help them know what people like or dislike and make an informed decision to improve their business.
  • 10. 1. Create a suggestion card
  • 11. 2. Generate and print out QR code
  • 12. 3. Analyze the collected data
  • 13. Our master plan June 2013 - Idea came into our mind - Without hesitation, We started software and business development using lean startup methodology August 2013 - Launch our first MVP(beta version) to get user feedbacks as soon as possible - Continuous development - Seeking seed funding September – December 2013 - Expand the team, hiring talents: marketer, sales, support - Unveil the final product to public - Run the business using seed funding - Target local market first January 2014 - Seeking Series A funding - Start global expansion plan February 2014 - Launch the product worldwide We are here now!
  • 14. Our business model - Monthly subscription based on SME size FREE (very small SME) 1 survey, 10 questions, 100 responses, limited features 1,000B/mo (SME, food store) 3 surveys, unlimited questions and features, 3000 responses 4,000B/Mo (Store chains) 5 surveys, unlimited questions, responses and features - Pay per event based on event size FREE (small event) 1 survey, 10 questions, 100 responses, limited features 500B (Event, Seminar) 3 surveys, unlimited features and questions, 3000 responses 2,500B (large event, Expo) 3 surveys, unlimited questions, responses and features Pro Pro Basic Basic Premium Premium
  • 15. Local market(Thailand) -Our early revenue before we go worldwide -Our break even point is 130 subscribers and 100 events / month 100,000++ shops The fact The expectation If SME 0.5% (=500 SMEs) use our service = 500 subscribers X 1,000 (pro plan) = 500,000B 10000++ events/mo If Event 1% (=100 events) use our service = 100 user X 500 (pro plan) = 50,000B The profit/month Revenue 550,000B Cost - 180,000B Profit 370,000B **The statistics is inferred from DBD database
  • 16. Global market - Our final destination - The market is huge with $2 Billion in yearly revenue - Revenue: $300M - Users : 9 Million+ **The statistics is from - Revenue: $10-20M - Users : 2 Million+ - Revenue: ??? - Users : ??? - Revenue: $3M - Users : 150,000+
  • 17. Competition Online response acquisition (email, web form) High complexity (wide range of online Survey types) Low complexity (focus only on mobile survey) Offline response acquisition (people visit the real store, event) Our market is different so we don’t compete directly with the big boys.
  • 18. We are raising 1,000,000 Bahts (seed funding) To… -Run our early stage launch -Hire marketer, sales and supports -Boost Marketing effort
  • 19. Our lean team Woraphol Janekittanpaiboon Entrepreneur, founder of, senior software engineer at Vervata and e-Synergy (Thailand) Co., Ltd Role: business and lead software developer Phone: 081-5429077 Email: Pimpar khwan-on Assistant manager in software development department at e-Synergy (Thailand) Co., Ltd Role: designer and software developer Phone: 089-9766977 Email:
  • 20. Thanks for your attention Get in touch