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  • 1. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com New & forthcoming titles 2010 HISTORY General Interest World History Europe Nazism/Fascism Postwar Europe France Germany Weimar Germany/Nazi Germany Postwar Germany GDR Journals Berghahn Books zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ www.berghahnbooks.com
  • 2. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com Berghahn Books EDITORIAL OFFICES HOW TO ORDER YOUR BOOKS: INSPECTION/EXAMINATION COPIES: EUROPE All published titles in this brochure are available from your These are available for bona fide course consideration pur- 3 Newtec Place local bookseller, or directly from the addresses below. poses. Details and a form are available from our website but Magdalen Road Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or can also be submitted on department letterhead and should Oxford OX4 1RE, UK check (drawn on a US or UK bank). Any credit card orders include the name and number of the course, its anticipated Tel: (01865) 250011 should include the card number, expiration date, name enrollment, when it will be offered, and the book you are Fax: (01865) 250056 exactly as it appears on the card, and signature. All orders currently using. NORTH AMERICA AND from individuals must be prepaid. Paperbacks are available for examination, not more than 3 REST OF THE WORLD If you are looking for a specific title and cannot find it in at a time, for a $8.00/£5.00 fee. Hardcover examination 150 Broadway, Suite 812 New York, NY 10038, USA this catalogue, do not hesitate to contact your nearest copies are available at a discount plus shipping (see above). Tel: (212) 233-6004 editorial office or visit our website at: Please, note that if a book, which seems suitable for use in Fax: (212) 233-6007 www.berghahnbooks.com class, is only available in hardback, a special student price ONLINE: www.berghahnbooks.com might be arranged. For general enquiries: info@berghahnbooks.com NORTH AMERICA AND REST OF WORLD: DESK COPIES: Phone Toll-Free: 1-800-540-8663 (within North America) We provide desk copies on request to faculty who have For a complete list of our or +1 (703) 661-1500 (outside North America) adopted a BB title as a required text in a course, providing titles visit our website: www.berghahnbooks.com Fax: +1 (703) 661-1501 the bookstore orders 10 or more copies from Berghahn Mail: Berghahn Books Inc., Books. Please include the instructor’s name and course For our online publishing P.O. Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172, USA enrollment in the request. program: Email: orders@berghahnbooks.com www.berghahnbooksonline RETURNS POLICY: .com UK AND EUROPE: Permission to return is not required but invoice information Phone: +44 (0)1235 465500 must accompany returned books or credit will be issued at General Information Fax: +44 (0)1235 465555 50%. Returns must be in resaleable condition and are not All prices are net and subject to change without notice. Mail: Marston Book Services, accepted before 90 days and not after 12 months from PO Box 269, Abingdon, Oxfordshire OX14 4SD, UK receipt of purchase. Claims for damaged goods must be Our ISBNs are 978-1-57181- Email: enquiries@marston.co.uk made within 48 hours of receipt of goods and the complete and 978-1-84545- book returned for credit within 30 days of invoice date. POSTAGE AND PACKING: For editorial queries and Postage is charged at the following rates for individual orders. ALL RETURNS MUST BE SHIPPED TO OUR WAREHOUSES: review copies contact either (returns made to either editorial office will be refused) UK orders: £3.00 for the first book; £1.00 for each the Oxford office (Europe) additional book. US: Berghahn Books Inc., or the New York office (North America and 22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166, USA European orders: £4.00 for the first book; £2.00 for each Rest of World). additional book. UK: Marston Book Services, 160 Milton Park Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 4SD, UK RIGHTS ENQUIRIES US orders: $6.50 for the first book; $1.50 for each Please direct all rights additional book. enquiries to: RoW orders: $15.00 for the first book; $2.50 for each Textboerse Lore Cortis Nymphenburger Str. 67 additional book. 80335 Munich/Germany Tel/Fax: +49 89 184706 PRICES and PUBLICATION DATES are subject to change without notice. For our agents worldwide, please refer to the back cover. Email: lore.cortis@ For areas not listed, please, contact your nearest BB editorial office. t-online.de HOW TO ORDER YOUR JOURNALS: ALL JOURNAL ORDERS OR ENQUIRIES SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO TURPIN DISTRIBUTION: BERGHAHN UK / Europe: Berghahn Journals, Ltd., c/o Turpin Distribution, Pegasus Drive, Stratton Business Park, Biggleswade, Beds. SG18 8tQ, UK Tel: +44(0)1767 604 951 • Fax: +44(0)1767 601 640 • Email: berghahnjournalsUK@turpin-distribution.com BOOKS US / Rest of World: Berghahn Journals, Inc., c/o Turpin North America, 143 West Street, New Milford, CT 06776, USA IS A PEER- Tel: (860) 350-0041 • Fax: (860) 350-0039 • Email: berghahnjournalsUS@turpin-distribution.com REVIEWED POSTAGE AND PACKING: Postage is included with the rate of subscription. PRESS SINGLE or BACK ISSUE ORDERS: Please refer to the Berghahn Journals website for details: www.journals.berghahnbooks.com ONLINE ACCESS: All Berghahn Journals are available online through IngentaConnect. Visit the Berghahn website for access instructions. CONTENTS General Interest 1 Postwar Europe 9 Postwar Germany 15 Cover image: World History 2 France 11 GDR 17 Tsar Nicholas II (1868-1918) Europe 4 Germany 12 Journals 19 and his family. Nazism/Fascism 7 Weimar Germany/Nazi Germany 13 Index Inside back cover zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/
  • 3. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com General interest GENERAL INTEREST COMPARATIVE AND TRANSNATIONAL POPULAR HISTORIOGRAPHIES IN THE HISTORY 19TH AND 20TH CENTURY Central European Approaches and New Perspectives Edited by Sylvia Paletschek, University of Freiburg Edited by Heinz-Gerhard Haupt, European University Institute and Jürgen Kocka, Free University of Berlin “This book opens up an important new field of study (popular histories) which promises to contribute in a major Since the 1970s West German historiography has been one way to the investigation of broader historical cultures. Its of the main arenas of international comparative history. It intertextuality and interdisciplinarity point the way for has produced important empirical studies particularly in future research in this area.” Stefan Berger, University of social history as well as methodological and theoretical Manchester reflections on comparative history. During the last twenty years however, this approach has felt pressure from two While mainly focusing on Germany (though not exclusively), sources: cultural historical approaches, which stress the authors analyze different forms of popular historiographies microhistory and the construction of cultural transfer on the and popular presentations of history since 1800 and the one hand, global history and transnational approaches with interrelation between popular and academic historiography, emphasis on connected history on the other. This volume exploring in particular popular histories in different media and introduces the reader to some of the major methodological popular historiography as part of memory culture. debates and to the recent empirical research of German Volume 4 of New German Historical Perspectives historians, who do comparative and transnational work. August 2010, ca 256 pages, 4 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-740-2 Hardback ca. $90.00/£53.00 March 2010; 272 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-615-3 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 REFLECTIONS ON CAMBRIDGE Alan Macfarlane, King’s College, Cambridge THE FUTURE OF MEMORY Edited by Richard Crownshaw, Goldsmiths College, University of London, “I much enjoyed the Cambridge book - full of wisdom, Jane Kilby, University of Salford and Antony Rowland, University of warmth and great stories, a kind of manifesto for the Salford liberal arts as well as a song of love for a place.” “This is an innovative, well structured and balanced Michael Chaplin, Screenwriter and Playwright collection of essays which present a survey of theories and “I have been reading and enjoying the book on Cambridge. case studies underpinning the burgeoning field of memory As always with Alan Macfarlane’s work, it is whimsical, studies. It addresses the ‘big issues’ including witnessing, elegant, informative, scholarly, cosmopolitan and also trauma, memorials, the relation between personal and gentle and friendly in its tone. Greatly enjoyable and very public memory, and generational transmission.” useful to those who don’t know much about the intricacies Peter Carrier, author of Holocaust Monuments and National Memory of life at Cambridge.” Srijana Das, Department of Social “This is an excellent collection of essays.” Peter Lawson, Anthropology, Cambridge Open University, London The traditions and creativity of Cambridge University have July 2010, ca 316 pages, 14 ills, bibliog., index survived 800 years. In celebration, this first-ever combined ISBN 978-1-84545-693-1 Hardback ca $90.00/£53.00 historical and anthropological account explores the culture, the customs, the colleges and the politics of the revered RHODES SCHOLARS, OXFORD, AND THE institution. Having taught there for nearly forty years, the CREATION OF AN AMERICAN ELITE author sets forth a personal but also dispassionate attempt Thomas J. Schaeper, St Bonaventure University and Kathleen Schaeper, to understand how this ancient university developed and Allegany-Limestone Central School changed and how it continues to influence those who pass 3RD REVISED EDITION through it. This book delves into the history and architecture “...a fascinating study based on numerous interviews with as well as the charm and the ghosts of Cambridge; it is for former Rhodes scholars and American administrators of the anyone who studies, teaches, visits, or is intrigued by this program, and on the memoirs and autobiographies of great intellectual center. ‘Rhodie’ alumni...Produced in a clear, straightforward prose Available; 224 pages, 12 ills and with a touch of good humor, this book is a pleasure to ISBN 978-8-18735-850-3 Paperback $24.95/£15.00 read.” Albion Distributed for Social Sciences Press “...a careful and interesting record of a unique and largely successful transatlantic experiment.” Daily Telegraph, London Available; 428 pages, 20 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-57181-683-2 Paperback $24.95/£14.95 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 1 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 4. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com World history WORLD HISTORY NEW IN PAPERBAC K NEW IN PAPERBAC K EMPIRE, COLONY, GENOCIDE FETISHES AND MONUMENTS Conquest, Occupation, and Subaltern Resistance Afro-Brazilian Art and Culture in the 20th Century in World History Roger Sansi, Goldsmith’s College Edited by A. Dirk Moses, University of Sydney First Prize in the Category of Non-European History Awarded for 2009 by “Sansi’s book raises important questions about H-Soz-und-Kult objectification, appropriation, syncretism, and cultural change in Brazil…the result is a lucid analysis of change “With its depth of theoretical insight and the wealth of over time in light of the political and social history of Brazil empirical material this volume sets new standards for the and the changes within Candomblé values and beliefs.” JRAI history of colonialism and genocide” H Soz-Kult “In all, this is an exciting study on a consolidated “... a remarkably useful text to inform further research and historiographic and anthropological theme such as Afro- for teaching purposes.” Journal of Global History Brazilian culture.” Canadian Journal of History “Empire, Colony, Genocide represents an important “A sensitive, well-written, fine analysis of a culture contribution to genocide studies. Taken individually or undergoing multiple transitions, without a certain future. collectively, the contributors should be applauded for some Highly recommended.” Choice thoughtful, methodologically sophisticated, and intellectually Volume 6, Remapping Cultural History rigorous work...What this volume provides, therefore, is Available; 224 pages, bibliog, index stimulus to further analyze the social, economic, and cultural ISBN 978-1-84545-711-2 Paperback $24.50/£14.50 threads that fostered this complexity, and rationalized ISBN 978-1-84545-363-3 Hardback $80.00/£47.00 [2007] genocidal violence.” Journal of Genocide Research “…a meticulously researched and deftly edited scholarly WHO ABOLISHED SLAVERY? reference…strongly recommended to community library Slave Revolts and Abolitionism history collections and any non-specialist general reader A Debate with João Pedro Marques Edited by Seymour Drescher, University of Pittsburgh, Pieter C. Emmer, with a strong interest in world history.” University of Leiden and João Pedro Marques, IICT, Lisbon The Midwest Book Review The past half-century has produced a mass of information Volume 12, War and Genocide Available; 504 pages, bibliog., index regarding slave resistance, ranging from individual acts of ISBN 978-1-84545-719-8 Paperback $34.95/£23.50 disobedience to massive uprisings. Many of these acts of ISBN 978-1-84545-452-4 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 [2008] rebellion have been studied extensively, yet the ultimate goals of the insurgents remain open for discussion. HISTORICAL MEMORY Marques, one of the leading historians of slavery and IN AFRICA abolition, argues that, in most cases, it is impossible to Dealing with the Past, establish a direct relation between slaves’ uprisings and the Reaching for the Future in emancipation laws that would be approved in the western an Intercultural Context countries. Following this presentation, his arguments are Edited by Mamadou Diawara, taken up by a dozen of the most outstanding historians in University of Frankfurt/Main, this field. In a concluding chapter, Marques responds briefly Bernard Lategan, Stellenbosch to their comments and evaluates the degree to which they Institute for Advanced Study, and Jörn Rüsen, University of Witten- challenge or enhance his view. Herdecke January 2010; 224 pages, bibliog, index ISBN 978-1-84545-636-8 Hardback $39.95/£23.50 A vast amount of literature – both scholarly and popular – O F R E LAT E D I N T E R EST now exists on historical memory, THE ABOLITIONS OF SLAVERY but there is remarkably little available that is written from an From the L.F. Sonthonax to Victor Schoelcher, African perspective. This volume explores the inner dynamics 1793, 1794, 1848 of memory in all its variations, from its most destructive and Edited by Marcel Dorigny divisive impact to its remarkable potential to heal and Translated from the French. Published in association with UNESCO reconcile. Although the role of memory in an African context "This work has been worth the wait... All of the articles are may have distinct features, it forms part of a global dialogue of excellent quality, many are clear enough to stand alone to which it has much to contribute, but from which it also for graduate students, and all are thought-provoking." has much to receive. Itinerario Volume 12, Making Sense of History Available, 384 pages, 10 ills, bibliog., index June 2010; 276 pages, 2 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-57181-432-6 Paperback $29.95/£19.95 ISBN 978-1-84545-652-8 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 2 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 5. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com W O R L D H I S T O R Y World history EMOTIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY RAISING CITIZENS IN THE “CENTURY OF Edited by Jessica C. Gienow-Hecht, University of Cologne THE CHILD” The study of emotions has continually attracted the interest Child-Rearing in the United States and German of scholars in various disciplines, igniting a lively public Central Europe in the Twentieth Century Edited by Dirk Schumann, International University Bremen debate on the constructive and destructive power of Published in Association with the German Historical Institute, emotions in society as well as within each of us. The Washington, D.C. contributors to this volume explore the role of emotions in history. In particular they focus on emotions in American “The strength of this impressive collection is that it brings history between the 18th century and the present: in war, in the family and childhood back in and emphasizes the social and political discourse, and in art and the media. In significance of these subjects for understanding debates addition to case studies, the volume includes a review of over citizenship, the relationship of the public to the their fields by senior scholars, who offer new insights private, religion, science, and secularization in the regarding future research projects. twentieth century. The comparative focus on Germany and the United States works well, and several of the articles are Volume 3, European Studies in American History in (at least indirect) conversation with each other in ways April 2010; 288 pages, 12 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-642-9 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 that illuminate the comparison.” Robert G. Moeller, University of California, Irvine SEARCHING FOR A CULTURAL DIPLOMACY Volume 12 of Studies in German History Edited by Jessica C.E. Gienow-Hecht, University of Cologne and August 2010, ca 280 pages, bibliog., index Mark C. Donfried, Founder and Director, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy ISBN 978-1-84545-696-2 Hardback ca. $85.00/£50.00 Research on the meaning of cultural diplomacy in the NEW IN PAPERBAC K twentieth century often focuses on the United States and the EMPIRE AND AFTER Cold War, but recently historians have begun to look at other Englishness in Postcolonial Perspective “western” countries such as Germany. This volume explores Edited by Graham MacPhee, West Chester University of Pennsylvania and the significance of cultural diplomacy in regions outside the Prem Poddar, Aarhus University United States and Germany, such as Eastern Europe, Asia and “a remarkably coherent volume – an introduction that the Middle East. This volume shows that the function of anticipates, indeed, proves the theoretical coordinates information and exchange programs differs considerably from through which the individual essays form their analyses.” area to area depending on historical circumstances and the College Literature cultural mindsets of the individuals involved. Volume 6 of Explorations in Culture & International History “This excellent collection of essays addresses with great October 2010, ca 236 pages, bibliog., index range and significant insight urgent questions that have ISBN 978-1-84545-746-4 Hardback ca $70.00/£40.00 long haunted and are again animating the relation of Englishness to Britishness, of nationalism to imperialism, of CHANGING THE WORLD, local cultural grammars to global political forms…the CHANGING ONESELF editors have done a superb job of reminding readers why Political Protest and Collective Identities in West the many paradoxes of “Englishness” are vital not only to Germany and the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s the long history of the formal British empire but to the Edited by Belinda Davis, Rutgers University, Wilfried Mausbach, moment of flexible imperialism we currently inhabit. This is University of Heidelberg, Martin Klimke, German Historical Institute, and Carla MacDougall, Rutgers University a timely and striking addition to the field.” Ian Baucom, Duke University “The collection addresses several issues that are currently July 2010, 200 pages, bibliog., index very important growth areas in scholarship: protest ISBN 978-1-84545-790-7 Paperback $24.95/£14.50 movements, their transnational connections, the question ISBN 978-1-84545-320-6 Hardback $60.00/£35.00 [2007] of Americanization/Westernization in Europe, and the 1960s/1970s in general as an important watershed in P R E V I O U S LY P U B L I S H E D postwar history…There have been other recent works that RESPONSIBLE HISTORY have focused on these issues, but this collection has the Antoon De Baets, University of Groningen advantage of being truly transatlantic in its approach and With a Foreword by Jürgen Kocka in the inclusion of some of the most interesting younger “It is lucid, well-strung and yet not shorn of the scholarly scholars working in the field.” bind and rigor: pleasant and compelling.” Ronald Granieri, University of Pennsylvania Ranjan Ghosh, University of North Bengal, India. Volume 3, Protest, Culture & Society Available, 292 pages, bibliog., appendices, index March 2010; 360 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-541-5 Hardback $39.95/£26.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-651-1 Hardback $95.00/£58.00 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 3 Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 6. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com W O R L D H I S T O R Y E U R O P E World history DARK TRACES OF THE PAST Austrian and Habsburg Studies Psychoanalysis and Historical Thinking Editor: Gary Cohen, University of Minnesota Edited by Jürgen Straub, Chemnitz University of Technology (TUC) and Jörn Rüsen, University of Witten/Herdecke NEW IN PAPERBAC K THE LIMITS OF LOYALTY The relationship between historical studies and Imperial Symbolism, Popular Allegiances, and psychoanalysis remains one that is open yet full of tensions, State Patriotism in the Late Habsburg Monarchy in both positive and negative aspects. This volume Edited by Laurence Cole, University of East Anglia and undertakes to overcome these limitations as it combines Daniel L. Unowsky, University of Memphis psychoanalytical and historical perspectives and explores the “[It] offers a highly important contribution to scholarship. “unconscious” dimensions underlying and informing Advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars academic and nonacademic forms of historical memory. studying Habsburg and central and east European history, Volume 14 of Making Sense of History identity formation, as well as monarchy as a political September 2010, ca 252 pages, 6 ills, bibliog., index institution will greatly benefit from and need to read this ISBN 978-1-84545-753-2 Hardback ca $85.00/£50.00 book.” Slavic Review VOYAGE THROUGH THE TWENTIETH “…a splendid volume…The essays in this volume offer CENTURY scholars several fine theoretical alternatives for pursuing A Historian’s Recollections and Reflections new narratives about Austro-Hungarian society.” Klemens von Klemperer, Smith College Central European History “[A]n intriguing view of a historian’s journey through the Volume 9, Austrian and Habsburg Studies last century and generally a pleasure to read. With this Available; 256 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-717-4 Paperback $29.95/£17.50 memoir, von Klemperer joins the ranks of other historian ISBN 978-1-84545-202-5 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 [2007] memoirists such as Peter Gay, Felix Gilbert, and Werner Angress. It is a thoughtful and interesting account of what O F R E LAT E D I N T E R EST it was like to be a conservative historian of Germany in the CONSTRUCTING NATIONALITIES IN EAST decades after 1945.” Catherine Epstein, Associate Professor CENTRAL EUROPE of History, Amherst College Edited by Pieter M. Judson, Swarthmore College and Marsha L. Available; 200 pages, 20 ills, index Rozenblit, University of Maryland ISBN 978-1-84545-584-2 Hardback $60.00/£35.00 “This book is recommended particularly for those who wish NEW IN PAPERBAC K an introduction to the work of a dynamic group of scholars SUGARLANDIA REVISITED who have amply demonstrated the contingent, historically Sugar and Colonialism in Asia and the Americas, grounded, and diverse nature of nationalism.” H-German 1800–1940 “…insightful and informative….the essays in this volume Edited by Ulbe Bosma, International Institute of Social History, contribute to a better understanding of nationalism and Juan A. Giusti-Cordero, University of Puerto Rico and G. Roger Knight, University of Adelaide nation-building in multicultural East Central Europe.” Introduction by Sidney Mintz German Studies Review Volume 6, Austrian and Habsburg Studies From the sixteenth to the eighteenth century, cane sugar Available, 320 pages, 15 ills, bibliog., index production was pre-eminent in the Atlantic Islands, the ISBN 978-1-57181-176-9 Paperback $27.95/£16.50 Caribbean, and Brazil. Subsequently, cane sugar industries in the ISBN 978-1-57181-175-2 Hardback $75.00/£44.00 Americas were transformed by a fusion of new and old forces of production, as the international sugar economy incorporated EMBODIMENTS OF POWER production areas in Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. Sugar’s global Building Baroque Cities in Europe economic importance and its intimate relationship with Edited by Gary B. Cohen, University of Minnesota and colonialism offer an important context for probing the nature of Franz A.J. Szabo, University of Alberta colonial societies. This book questions some major assumptions “This collection is distinguished by richness of content. about the nexus between sugar production and colonial Indeed, it offers, in addition to a rich historical analysis, an societies in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, especially in the analysis of documentary materials derived from careful second (post-1800) colonial era. research in various European archives and libraries…There Volume 9, International Studies in Social History also is a rich and comprehensive bibliography and a useful July 2010, 240 pages, bibliog., index index.” Canadian Journal of History ISBN 978-1-84545-784-6 Paperback $29.95/£17.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-316-9 Hardback $75.00/£44.00 [2007] 320 pages, 103 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-433-3 Hardback $90.00/£45.00 4 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 7. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com Europe EUROPE NEW IN PAPERBAC K International Studies in Social History KINSHIP IN EUROPE Editor: Marcel van der Linden, International Institute of Social Approaches to Long-Term Development History, Amsterdam (1300–1900) Edited by David Warren Sabean, UCLA, Simon Teuscher, University of CENTRAL EUROPEAN CROSSROADS Basel and Jon Mathieu, University of Lucerne Social Democracy and National Revolution In “As synthesis and provocative impulse this volume offers a Bratislava (Pressburg), 1867–1921 Pieter C. van Duin, Independent Historian stimulating overview of recent social and cultural-historical research on kinship.” H-Soz-und-Kult “…an exceptional book about the history of social democracy in Slovakia and, in a broader geographic context, “...the three editors have done a fine job in integrating the Central Europe…” Hans Renner, University of Groningen individual studies and in ensuring that the English translations (by four different translators) read smoothly throughout. During the four decades of the communist regime in Standardization was a particularly important task.” JRAI Czechoslovakia a vast literature on working-class movements was produced, but one with hardly any value for today’s “Above all, it manages to complicate traditional narratives scholarship. This remarkable study reopens the field. Based of modernity, and provides a less simplistic, linear model of on Czech, Slovak, German and other sources, it focuses on development.” H-German the history of the multi-ethnic social democratic labor Available; 350 pages, 9 ills, bibliog., index movement in Slovakia’s capital Bratislava during the period ISBN 978-1-84545-288-9 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 [2007] 1867–1921, and on the process of national revolution ISBN 978-1-84545-720-4 Paperback $34.95/£21.00 during the years 1918–19 in particular. NEW DANGEROUS LIAISONS Volume 14, International Studies in Social History Available; 480 pages, bibliog., index Discourses on Europe and Love in the Twentieth ISBN 978-1-84545-395-4 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 Century Edited by Luisa Passerini, University of Turin and European University Institute, Florence, Liliana Ellena, University of Turin, Italy, Alexander SUPERVISION AND AUTHORITY IN C.T. Geppert, Freie Universität Berlin INDUSTRY “All the chapters are first rate scholarship and will be of Western European Experiences, 1830–1939 Edited by Patricia Van den Eeckhout, Vrije Universiteit interest to others who are intellectually engaged with the topics explored.” William Jankowiak, University of Nevada The number of studies discussing the labour relationship under industrial capitalism is overwhelming, but the In Europe, love has been given a prominent place in European literature on labor and its concrete, day-to-day shop-floor self-representations from the Enlightenment onwards. This practices is much less abundant. How and by whom workers category of love, stemming from private and personal were supervised is one of the neglected aspects in the spheres, was given a public function and used to distinguish history of labour relations. After an insightful introductory European civilization from others. The contributors to this chapter discussing the different forms of supervision in the volume trace historical links and analyze specific connections United States, Britain, France, and Germany before the First between the two discourses on love and Europe over the World War, the case studies in this volume focus on course of the entire twentieth century, exploring the foremen: vital, but largely unstudied figures in the history of distinctions made between the public and private, the factory life, labour relations and management. political and personal. In doing so, this volume develops an innovative historiography that includes such resources as Volume 15, International Studies in Social History Available; 272 pages, 25 ills, bibliog., index autobiographies, love letters, and cinematic representations. ISBN 978-1-84545-600-9 Hardback $95.00/£56.00 Volume 13 of Making Sense of History August 2010, ca 356 pages, bibliog., index Previously published in this series ISBN 978-1-84545-736-5 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 MINERS AND THE STATE IN THE OTTOMAN LOVE AND THE IDEA OF EUROPE EMPIRE Luisa Passerini, University of Turin and European University The Zonguldak Coalfield, 1822–1920 Institute, Florence Donald Quataert, Binghamton University "The stories [as told by the author] are extremely “This is an intelligent, original and coherent work that interesting and illuminating, covering a quite extraordinary constitutes a genuine contribution to an historiography still range of material (the scholarly work here alone is quite in its early stages.” Annales outstanding)” John Foot, University College London Available, 288 pages, 28 photographs, 8 illustrations, 1-2 maps, 38 tables 392 pages, 7 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-134-9 Paperback $25.00/£15.00 ISBN 978-1-84545-522-4 Hardback $95.00/£58.00 ISBN 978-1-84545-133-2 Hardback $80.00/£50.00 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 5 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 8. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com E U R O P E Europe CONSTRUCTING CHARISMA WRITING HISTORY IN THE SOVIET UNION Celebrity, Fame, and Power in Nineteenth- Making the Past Work Century Europe Arup Banerji, University of Delhi Edited by Edward Berenson, New York University and Eva Giloi, Rutgers Distributed by Berghahn Books on behalf of Social Science Press, Delhi University “From 1917 to a more free and honest approach in 1985, “This is a persuasive and timely collection. Celebrity and it’s complete and comprehensive in its coverage and even charisma are very much on the current research agenda. has statements by Russian president Vladimir Putin This volume deals with these issues in a serious, insightful himself…a must for anyone who studies the history behind manner, making an original contribution to what is now a history.” The Midwest Book Review rising field of study.” Philip Nord, Princeton University The history of the Soviet Union has been charted in several Major technological advances and innovations in print and studies over the decades. These depictions while combining visual media of the 19th century made it possible for accuracy, elegance, readability and imaginativeness, have ordinary people to identify with the famous; to feel they failed to draw attention to the political and academic knew the hero, leader, or “star;” to imagine that public environment within which these histories were composed. figures belonged to their private lives. This volume examines This volume is aimed at understanding this environment. the origins and nature of modern mass media and the Available; 300 pages, bibliog., index culture of celebrity and fame they helped to create and ISBN 978-8-18735-837-4 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 includes studies of arts celebrities, charismatic political figures, famous explorers, and celebrated fictional RUSSIA BEFORE THE “RADIANT FUTURE” characters. Essays in Modern History, Culture, and Society Michael Confino, Tel Aviv University July 2010, ca 244 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-694-8 Hardback ca. $70.00/£40.00 One of the major historians of pre-revolutionary Russia has collected in this volume some of his most important essays, DIAMONDS AND WAR both new and revised. Thematically, they deal with major State, Capital, and Labor in British-Ruled subjects in the history of imperial Russia and of historical Palestine writing, such as ideas and their role in historical change; the David De Vries, Tel Aviv University intelligentsia, the nobility, and peasant society; and finally, Based on previously unexamined historical documents, this historiography, and how history is written and why. The book is the first in English to tell the story of the formation of fourteen texts included in the book raise cardinal questions in one of the world’s main strongholds of diamond production current scholarship on Russian history before the upheavals and trade in Palestine during the 1930s and 1940s. The of 1917, and offer original interpretations that are of interest history of the diamond-cutting industry is discussed as a social to the educated layman as well as the professional historian. history embedded in the international political economy of its October 2010, ca 308 pages, bibliog., index time; the genesis of the industry in Palestine is placed on a ISBN 978-1-84545-761-7 Hardback ca $90.00/£53.00 broad continuum within the geographic and economic dislocations of Dutch, Belgian, and German diamond-cutting FROM THE BACKLIST centers. This book unravels the Middle-Eastern pattern of SOVIET JEWRY ON THE EVE OF THE state intervention in private capital and recasts this craft HOLOCAUST culture’s inseparability from international politics during a A Social and Demographic Profile Mordechai Altschuler period of war and transformation of empire. Published in Association with Yad Vashem January 2010; 384 pages, 19 tbls, 10 figures, 10 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-633-7 Hardback $100.00/£56.00 Since the opening of Soviet archives in the late 1980s it has become possible to examine the vast quantity of material FROM THE BACKLIST from the 1939 census with once top-secret data from the AN IMPROBABLE WAR? Central Bureau of Statistics. This wealth of data allowed the The Outbreak of World War I and European author to undertake a broad analysis of the principal Political Culture before 1914 demographic and social process at work among Soviet Jews Edited by Holger Afflerbach and David Stevenson during the 1930s, on the one hand, and their implication for the Holocaust, on the other. "The value of the book is in the chapters, all of which are thoughtful and well argued." 346 pages, 94 tables, 7 graphs, bibliog., index The International History Review ISBN 978-9-65222-916-8 Paperback $30.00/£20.00 380 pages, illus., bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-275-9 Hardback $90.00/£45.00 6 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 9. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com Nazism/Fascism NAZISM/ FASCISM HOLOCAUST HISTORIOGRAPHY IN CONTEXT prisoners who were either subjected to forced labor in Emergence, Challenges, Polemics and concentration or similar camps or who were “rented out” or Achievements sold by the SS. This unique publication combines a historical Edited by David Bankier, International Institute for Holocaust Research account of events with the biographies and memories of and Dan Michman, Bar-Ilan University former forced laborers from twenty-seven countries, offering a comparative international perspective. The modes in which historical research is being shaped have become themselves topics of research. Holocaust August 2010, ca 536 pages, ca 20 ills, bibliog., index historiography — the documentation, depiction and analysis ISBN 978-1-84545-698-6 Hardback ca $95.00/£55.00 of one of the most horrific events in human history—is today a wide ranging academic field in which Jewish and non- NAZI EUROPE AND THE FINAL SOLUTION Jewish scholars throughout the world are active. But how did Edited by David Bankier, International Institute for Holocaust Research and Israel Gutman, Hebrew University this historiography, especially its Jewish aspect, emerge and Published in Association with Yad Vashem, The International Institute for by what factors was it shaped? This volume examines the Holocaust Research very beginnings of the effort to apply scholarly standards to the understanding of the Holocaust—when World War II was “The volume offers a broad overview of the ‘bystander’ still raging and immediately after it had ended. research in recent years, which has identified as the most common behaviours rescue, apathy, indifference, passive Available; 614 pp., index complicity, or collaboration, all defying exact quantification. ISBN 978-1-84545-646-7 Hardback $90.00/£55.00 Distributed for Yad Vashem However, what all societies have in common is the notion of Jews as a group apart, reinforced substantially through NEW IN PAPERBAC K occupation and propaganda...As a stocktaking exercise and JOURNEYS THROUGH FASCISM starting point for many more investigations this volume will Italian Travel-Writing between the Wars be of lasting significance.” Dieter Pohl, Institut für Charles Burdett, Bristol University Zeitgeschichte, München “As well as being physical journeys, they were explorations Available; 572 pages, 8 ills, index ISBN 978-1-84545-410-4 Paperback $49.95/£29.95 and reworkings, through travel, of the writers’ own sense of Distributed for Yad Vashem Italian and Fascist identity. Indeed, one of the most interesting suggestions of this original and important book is NEW IN PAPERBAC K that the identity of Fascist Italy was built out of comparisons THE TRAIN JOURNEY with other places…a fascinating book on Italian travel writing Transit, Captivity, and Witnessing in the of the Fascist period.” Times Literary Supplement Holocaust “…a sophisticated and very well researched study [that] Simone Gigliotti, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand makes a significant contribution to the growing corpus of Deportations by train were critical in the Nazis’ genocidal studies of fascist culture and of the often subtle and varied vision of the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question.” In his ways in which the regime’s goals and messages were writings on the “Final Solution,” Raul Hilberg pondered the transmitted to the general public. It is well organized and role of trains: “How can railways be regarded as anything well written and is intelligently structured.” Christopher more than physical equipment that was used, when the time Duggan, University of Reading came, to transport the Jews from various cities to shooting Volume 7, Remapping Cultural History grounds and gas chambers in Eastern Europe?” This book Available; 280 pages, 25 ills, bibliog., index explores that question by ISBN 978-1-57181-540-8 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 [2007] analyzing the victims’ ISBN 978-1-84545-716-7 Paperback $32.50/£19.50 experiences at each stage of forced relocation: the round-ups HITLER’S SLAVES and departures from the Life Stories of Forced Laborers in ghettos, the captivity in trains, Nazi-Occupied Europe and finally, the arrival at the Edited by Alexander von Plato, University of Hagen (Germany), Almut Leh, University of Hagen (Germany) and Christoph Thonfeld, camps. Trier University Volume 13, War and Genocide September 2010; 256 pages, 20 ills, During the Second World War some 13.5 million people were bibliog., index employed as forced laborers in Germany and across ISBN 978-1-84545-785-3 Paperback territories occupied by the German Reich. They included $34.95/£21.00 civilian workers in private companies and public agencies, in ISBN 978-1-57181-268-1 Hardback industry and in agriculture. In addition, there were 4.6 $70.00/£41.00 [2009] million prisoners of war and 1.7 million concentration camp zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 7 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 10. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com N A Z I S M / F A S C I S M Nazism/Fascism THE “FINAL SOLUTION” IN RIGA REFUGEES FROM NAZI GERMANY AND THE Exploitation and Annihilation, 1941–1944 LIBERAL EUROPEAN STATES Andrej Angrick and Peter Klein, Hamburg Foundation for the Promotion Edited by Frank Caestecker, University of Ghent and Bob Moore, of Science and Culture University of Sheffield Translated from the German by Ray Brandon The exodus of refugees from Nazi Germany in the 1930s has “…this is one of the best researched regional studies of the received far more attention from historians, social scientists, Holocaust ever to appear. It is helped by the fact that the and demographers than many other migrations and authors are also always so cognizant of what was persecutions in Europe. However, the issues surrounding the happening elsewhere in Europe at the same time and thus flight of people from Nazi Germany prior to 1939 have been frequently draw out the relationship between seemingly seen as Vorgeschichte (pre-history), implicating the Western haphazard local decisions and trends across European democracies and the United States as bystanders Europe…Indeed, the way in which the book ‘makes sense’ only in the impending tragedy. Based on a comparative of complex institutional behavior is at times analysis of national case studies, this volume deals with the breathtaking…The precision in the detail and the scope of challenges that the pre-1939 movement of refugees from the contextualization make this one of the more important Germany and Austria posed to the immigration controls in works to appear on the Holocaust in recent years.” English the countries of interwar Europe. Historical Review January 2010; 384 pages, 5 graphs, 11 tables, bibliog, index Volume 14, War and Genocide ISBN 978-1-84545-587-3 Hardback $110.00/£65.00 Available; 560 pages, 10 ills, 2 maps, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-608-5 Hardback $80.00/£50.00 NEW IN PAPERBAC K NAZI PARIS “FOR THEIR OWN GOOD” The History of an Occupation, 1940–1944 Civilian Evacuations in Germany and France, Allan Mitchell, Independent Historian 1939–1945 CHOICE OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC BOOK OF THE YEAR Julia S. Torrie, St. Thomas University “...an essential book. It provides precise facts and figures “[The book] is well written and well constructed...A high for many issues that have heretofore been presented in quality work.” Robert Gildea, Oxford University impressionistic terms.” The International History Review Based on extensive archival research in Germany and France, Basing his extensive research into hitherto unexploited this is the first broad, comparative study of civilian archival documentation on both sides of the Rhine, Allan evacuations in Germany and France during World War II. Mitchell has uncovered the inner workings of the German Drawing attention to the interaction between the Germans military regime from the Wehrmacht’s triumphal entry into and French throughout World War II, this book shows how Paris in June 1940 to its ignominious withdrawal in August policies in each country were shaped by events in the other. 1944. Although mindful of the French experience and the This book is a truly cross-national comparison in a field fundamental issue of collaboration, the author concentrates dominated by accounts of one country or the other. Unique on the complex problems of occupying a foreign territory also in that it speaks to current concerns about the impact after a surprisingly swift conquest. of air raids and military occupations on civilians. April 2010; 240 pages, ca 20 ills, bibliog., index March 2010; 304 pages, 9 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-786-0 Paperback $29.95/£17.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-725-9 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 ISBN 978-1-84545-451-7 Hardback $75.00/£44.00 [2008] ESCAPE FROM HELL ROBBERY AND RESTITUTION The True Story of the Auschwitz Protocol The Conflict over Jewish Property in Europe Alfred Wetzler Edited by Martin Dean, Constantin Goschler and Philipp Ther Published in Association with the United States Holocaust Memorial "Alfred Wetzler was a true hero. His escape from Museum (USHMM) Auschwitz, and the report he helped compile, telling for the first time the truth about the camp as a place of mass “A well-structured, ambitious collection of essays, it will murder, led directly to saving the lives of 120,000 Jews: the certainly be an essential read for anyone interested in the Jews of Budapest who were about to be deported to their anti-Jewish policies of National Socialist Germany and their deaths. No other single act in the Second World War saved long-term consequences for postwar Europe.” H-German so many Jews from the fate that Hitler and the SS had 308 pages, bibliog., index determined for them. This book tells Wetzler's story." ISBN 978-1-84545-082-3 Hardback $90.00/£50.00 Sir Martin Gilbert ISBN 978-1-84545-593-4 Paperback $34.95/£21.00 288 pages, 10 illus. ISBN 978-1-84545-183-7 Hardback $34.95/£19.95 8 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 11. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com Postwar Europe POSTWAR EUROPE Studies in Contemporary European History HISTORIES OF THE AFTERMATH Editors: Konrad Jarausch, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hall and The Legacies of the Second World War in Europe Henry Rousso, Institut d’histoire du temps présent, CNRS, Paris Edited by Frank Biess, University of California, San Diego and Robert G. Moeller, University of California, Irvine ALSACE TO THE ALSATIANS? “This is an excellent collection. In its thematic breadth and Visions and Divisions of Alsatian Regionalism, its broad geographical coverage it is quite distinctive.” 1870–1939 Christopher J. Fischer, Indiana State University Mark Roseman, Indiana University, Bloomington Winner of the Fritz-Fischer-Prize of the German Historical Institute, In 1945, Europeans confronted a legacy of mass destruction Washington D.C. and death, and this volume explores how they came to “[A] wonderfully broad and at the same time an impressive terms with it from a range of methodological historical in-depth study…Fischer blends cultural and political history in perspectives—military history, cultural history, social history, exemplary ways. The strong interlinkage between regionalism the history of film, and the history of gender and sexuality. and Catholicism in Alsace is powerfully highlighted by With a focus on distinctive national experiences in both Fischer’s narrative.” Stefan Berger, University of Manchester Eastern and Western Europe, it illuminates how postwar Volume 5 stabilization coexisted with persistent insecurities, injuries, February 2010, 248 pages, 12 ills, bibliog., index and trauma. ISBN 978-1-84545-724-2 Hardback $90.00/£55.00 July 2010, ca 336 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-732-7 Hardback ca $95.00/£55.00 A EUROPEAN MEMORY? Contested Histories and Politics of Remembrance THE PARADOXICAL REPUBLIC Edited by Małgorzata Pakier, European University Institute in Florence Austria 1945–2005 and Bo Stråth, Helsinki University Oliver Rathkolb, University of Vienna The citizens’ rejection of the European constitution in 2005 Translated from the German by Otmar Binder was to a certain extent a rejection of the historical grounding “The way Rathkolb connects the controlled democracy to for further integration and of the grand design for a United the economy is typical for this book: in concentric circles, Europe with a common foreign policy and a common market, in apparent detours, he leads [the reader] through the diverse enough to allow for cultural and social differences. labyrinth of Austria. Always critical, very readable—and The rejection of this proposal demonstrates a lack of enlightening.” Die Tageszeitung understanding of the historical complexity of Europe’s past— January 2010; 336 pages, 36 ills, bibliog., index on which the future will need to be built—and so the authors ISBN 978-1-84545-639-9 Hardback $110.00/£65.00 argue that a critical European history is urgently needed, where Europe is seen not as a harmonious continent but as NEW IN PAPERBAC K the outcome of violent and bloody conflicts, both within BALKAN DEPARTURES Europe as well as with its Others. Travel Writing from South-Eastern Europe Edited by Wendy Bracewell, School of Slavonic and East European Volume 6 Studies and Alex Drace-Francis, University of Liverpool February 2010; 352 pages, 6 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-621-4 Hardback $100.00/£60.00 “...offers a set of unique perspectives on how travel writers have imagined, experienced and represented other people EXPERIENCE AND MEMORY and other places.” Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers, School of The Second World War in Europe Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London Edited by Jörg Echternkamp, Militärgeschichtliches Forschungsamt, Potsdam and Stefan Martens, German Historical Institute, Paris In writings about travel, the Balkans appear most often as a Modern military history, inspired by social and cultural place traveled to. However, the Balkans have also long been historical approaches, increasingly puts the national histories traveled from. The analyses presented here, ranging from of the Second World War to the test. New questions and those of 16th-century Greek humanists to 19th-century methods are focusing on aspects of war and violence that Romanian reformers to 20th-century writers, socialists and have long been neglected. What shaped people’s men-of-the-world, suggest that travelers from the region experiences and memories? What differences and what have also created their own identities through their similarities existed in Eastern and Western Europe? Experts encounters with Europe. from Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, October 2010; 184 pages, bibliog., index Luxemburg, Poland, and Russia discuss those and other ISBN 978-1-84545-788-4 Paperback $24.95/£14.50 questions in this comprehensive volume. ISBN 978-1-84545-254-4 Hardback $60.00/£35.00 [2009] Volume 7 October 2010, ca 332 pages, ca 21 maps, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-763-1 Hardback ca $95.00/£55.00 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 9 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 12. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com P O S T W A R E U R O P E Postwar Europe NEW IN PAPERBAC K FROM THE BACKLIST WOMEN MIGRANTS FROM EAST TO WEST COPING WITH THE NAZI PAST Gender, Mobility and Belonging in Contemporary West German Debates on Nazism and Europe Generational Conflict, 1955–1975 Edited by Luisa Passerini, University of Turin, Dawn Lyon, University of Edited by Philipp Gassert and Alan E. Steinweis Kent, Enrica Capussotti, University of Siena and Ioanna Laliotou, University of Thessaly “As well as offering an immensely rich analysis of this particular period in post-war German history and its social, “…the result of an exciting oral history project…this rich political, cultural, intellectual and moral facets, the volume edited volume offers a compelling look at the meanings of provides material for further questions... In provoking these the feminization of intra-European migration…One of the stimulating questions, this book should be considered as primary strengths of the volume is its effective approach to required reading for anyone interested in the dis/continuity the collection and transmission of oral histories.” Oral of the Nazi past in German history." European History History Quarterly December 2009; 344 pages, bibliog., index 348 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-278-0 Paperback $34.95/£23.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-505-7 Paperback $34.95/£19.95 ISBN 978-1-84545-277-3 Hardback $90.00/£55.00 [2007] ISBN 978-1-84545-086-1 Hardback $95.00/£53.00 POST-COMMUNIST NOSTALGIA Edited by Maria Todorova and Zsuzsa Gille, University of Illinois at COMMON DESTINY Urbana-Champaign A Comparative History of the Dutch, French, and German Social Democratic Parties, 1945–1969 “These lively essays make for the rare collection that is Dietrich Orlow, Boston University greater than the sum of its parts. Bookended by a substantive Foreword and Afterword, they upend the "The book draws on a very wide range of archives ... standard ‘diagnosis of nostalgia’ found across the former offering a very wide range of specific insights and bringing Soviet bloc, refuting the popular conception that Eastern out the complexities behind any simple story about the Europeans are somehow haunted by the past, and development of social democracy." Journal of Modern History illustrating the repertoire of contemporary post-socialist 352 pages, bibliog., index cultural politics at its most sophisticated.” Bruce Grant, ISBN 978-1-57181-185-1 Hardback $69.95/£47.00 New York University ISBN 978-1-57181-225-4 Paperback $25.00/£17.00 May 2010; 264 pages, 5 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-671-9 Hardback $80.00/£48.00 THE AMERICANIZATION OF EUROPE Culture, Diplomacy, and Anti-Americanism NEW IN PAPERBAC K after 1945 MITTERRAND, THE END OF THE COLD WAR, Edited by Alexander Stephan, formerly Ohio State University AND GERMAN UNIFICATION “A welcome and timely addition to college and public library Frédéric Bozo, University of Paris III international studies shelves.” The Midwest Book Review Translated from the French by Susan Emanuel 448 pages, bibliog., index “Bozo’s masterly book is the definitive study of French ISBN 978-1-84545-486-9 Paperback $34.95/£19.95 President Mitterrand’s important, and often denied or ISBN 978-1-84545-085-4 Hardback $95.95/£55.00 dismissed, contribution to German unification and to the reunification of Europe. It is indispensable to anyone AMERICANIZATION AND ANTI- interested in these momentous events, in French foreign AMERICANISM policy, and in the truth.” Stanley Hoffmann, Harvard The German Encounter with American Culture University after 1945 “This outstanding study...is obligatory reading on the end Edited by Alexander Stephan, formerly Ohio State University of the East-West conflict and on German unification. It is “This is a great book. Instead of simplifying the topic or exceptionally well researched and based on largely getting lost in details, it presents a logical structure and a untouched sources.” Karl Kaiser in Internationale Politik strong argument nuanced by local peculiarities…At best, an Volume 9, Berghahn Monographs in French Studies edited volume turns its reader overnight into an February 2010; 496 pages, bibliog., index international expert in the field. Stephan's volume on the ISBN 978-1-84545-787-7 Paperback $45.00/£26.50 Americanization of as well as anti-Americanism in Europe ISBN 978-1-84545-427-2 Hardback $110.00/£65.00 [2009] since World War Two is such a book.” H-Net 256 pages, index ISBN 978-1-84545-487-6 Paperback $29.95/£16.50 ISBN 978-1-57181-673-3 Hardback $90.00/£50.00 10 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 13. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com France FRANCE NEW IN PAPERBAC K FORGING POLITICAL IDENTITY COLETTE’S REPUBLIC Silk and Metal Workers in Lyon, France Work, Gender, and Popular Culture in France, 1900–1939 1870–1914 Keith Mann, Cardinal Stritch University Patricia A. Tilburg, Davidson College “This is an important book of exceptionally high academic “...a finely crafted study…The wealth of her scholarly quality. This book notably advances our understanding of evidence aside, Tilburg develops [her] arguments with these issues.” Michael Hanagan, Vassar College magisterial care, resulting in a book that deserves the attention of all students of contemporary French history. Escaping the traditional focus on Paris, the author examines Highly recommended.” Choice the divergent political identities of two occupational groups in Lyon, metal and silk workers, who, despite having lived In France’s Third Republic, secularism was, for its adherents, and worked in the same city, developed different patterns of a new faith, a civic religion founded on a rabid belief in political practices and bore distinct political identities. This progress and the Enlightenment conviction that men (and book also examines in detail the way that gender relations women) could remake their world. And yet with all of its influenced industrial change, skill, and political identity. pragmatic smoothing over of the supernatural edges of Combining empirical data collected in French archives with Catholicism, the Third Republic engendered its own social science theory and methods, this study argues that fantastical ways of seeing by embracing observation, political identities were shaped by the intersection of the corporeal dynamism, and imaginative introspection. How prevailing political climate with the social relations these republican ideals and the new national education surrounding work in specific industrial settings. system of the 1870s and 80s—the structure meant to impart Volume 16, International Studies in Social History these ideals—shaped belle époque popular culture is the April 2010, 276 pages, 8 ills, 4 tables, bibliog., index focus of this book. ISBN 978-1-84545-645-0 Hb $95.00/£55.00 April 2010; 264 pages, 6 ills, bibliog., index FROM THE BACKLIST ISBN 978-1-84545-789-1 Paperback $29.95/£17.50 ISBN 978-1-84545-571-2 Hardback $90.00/£55.00 [2009] GOD'S EUGENICIST Alexis Carrel and the Sociobiology of Decline NEW IN PAPERBAC K Andrés Horacio Reggiani, University of Buenos Aires THE BOURGEOIS REVOLUTION IN FRANCE With a Foreword by Herman Lebovics (1789–1815) “This is a valuable study, then, for anyone interested in the Henry Heller, University of Manitoba histories of medicine and social policy, as well as the “…the book provides a considerable contribution to the history of Vichy. But one of its chief attributes is to ongoing discussions about the character and significance of distance itself from the polemical comment which has the French Revolution… a significant enrichment and labelled Carrel as a servant of Nazism and to locate the reinvigoration of the traditional Marxist explanation of the FFEPH more firmly within the history of social and economic French Revolution and a fine synthesis of the many planning in France.” Modern and Contemporary France contributions to criticism of revisionist theses from "…this book is very good scholarship: thoroughly especially the last two decades. Possibly this book may researched, well-placed in a broader in a historical context, even provide the starting point for more synthetic re- full of curious incidents and contacts (Lindbergh was a introductions of socio-economic explanations within the close friend)." Robert Paxton, Columbia University historiography of the Revolution.” H-Soz-und-Kult 268 pages, bibliog., index The classic Marxist interpretation of the French Revolution ISBN 978-1-84545-172-1 Hardback $80.00/£47.00 has been challenged in the last generation by the so-called revisionist school. Today, revisionism is the dominant FRANCE IN THE ERA OF FASCISM interpretation both in academia and among the educated Essays on the French Authoritarian Right public. Against this conception, this book reasserts the view Edited by Brian Jenkins, Department of French, University of Leeds that the Revolution—the capital event of the modern age— was indeed a capitalist and bourgeois revolution. “With its lucid introduction and conclusion, clear translations oftexts first published in French, and useful Volume 5, Berghahn Monographs in French Studies Available; 184 pages, 3 ills, 1 map, bibliog., index notes on the contributors, this collection will undoubtedly ISBN 978-1-84545- 650-4 Paperback $27.95/£16.50 be of considerable use not only to specialists, but also in ISBN 978-1-84545-169-1 Hardback $60.00/£36.50 [2006] advanced undergraduate and graduate classrooms.” European History Quarterly 256 pages, index, bibliog. ISBN 978-1-84545-297-1 Paperback $27.95/£15.00 ISBN 978-1-57181-537-8 Hardback $75.00/£45.00 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 11 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 14. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com GERMANY N E W S E R I ES Volume 1 BANNED IN BERLIN SPEKTRUM: THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, RECONSIDERED Literary Censorship in Publications Edited by Jason Philip Coy, College of Charleston, Benjamin Marschke, Imperial Germany, Humboldt State University and David Warren Sabean, University of of the German California at Los Angeles 1871–1918 Studies Gary D. Stark, Grand Valley State “Over the last two decades historians have promoted the University Association Holy Roman Empire from a creaking fossil ready for “This is a smart, shrewd, well- Published under the history’s ax to a relatively effective government of a observed study of censorship in auspices of the German decentralized, highly diverse polity. This well-edited volume Imperial Germany that Studies Association, by a distinguished international corps of specialists offers illuminates broad aspects of Spektrum offers current the most current views on political Germany between German society and its political and religious divisions.” perspectives on culture, around 1500 and around 1800. The perspectives range Peter Fritzsche, University of Illinois society, and political life in between two views: the Empire as the forerunner of modern German states; the Empire as an example of a “It is truly a scholarly ‘life’s work,’ and there is no volume the German-speaking typically premodern political culture. Readers who know like it, even in the German language.” lands of central Europe— only what textbooks say about Germany before 1800, are Peter Jelavich, Johns Hopkins University Austria, Switzerland, and the Federal Republic—from in for a surprise.” Thomas A. Brady Jr., University of California, Imperial Germany’s governing elite frequently sought to the late Middle Ages to Berkeley censor literature that threatened established political, social, the present day. Its titles “...I know of no other work that offers such a rich religious, and moral norms in the name of public peace, and themes reflect the spectrum of approaches to the Old Empire.” order, and security. This study is the first systematic analysis composition of the GSA, Thomas Robicheaux, Duke University in any language of state censorship of literature and theater and the work of its in imperial Germany (1871–1918). September 2010, ca 324 pages, 6 ills, bibliog., index members within and Volume 25, Monographs in German History ISBN 978-1-84545-759-4 Hardback ca $95.00/£55.00 between in the disciplines Available; 384 pages, 5 ills, bibliog., index to which they belong— ISBN 978-1-84545-570-5 Hardback $95.00/£58.00 Volume 2 literary criticism, history, WEIMAR PUBLICS/WEIMAR SUBJECTS cultural studies, political Rethinking the Political Culture of Germany in THE SURPLUS WOMAN science, and anthropology. Unmarried in Imperial Germany, 1871–1918 the 1920s Catherine L. Dollard, Denison University Edited by Kathleen Canning, Kerstin Barndt, and Kristin McGuire, University of Michigan “…transcends the usual analytical approach of earlier work, “[This volume] is grounded in gender, social, and cultural [and] examines a very broad spectrum of reformist, perspectives...[and] provides a great deal of insight on a conservative, academic, socialist, feminist, and religious variety of topics…it presents some of the most recent and writers… It represents a new contribution to our interesting work.” Eric Weitz, University of Minnesota understanding of the German women’s movement.” Nancy Reagin, Pace University “…an important resource for the revitalized ‘field’ of Weimar studies, an area of inquiry that is…richly The belief in a demographic surplus of unwed women, interdisciplinary and should be presented as such. These known as the Frauenüberschuß, formed a principal pillar of essays serve as an introduction to various disciplinary the first German women’s movement and served as a central approaches as well as to interdisciplinary studies in general leitmotif in the debates regarding modernity in culture and as well as making a significant contribution to the study of society of Imperial Germany. Proponents of the female the Weimar Republic (and not just Weimar surplus held that the advances of industry culture).” Atina Grossman, Cooper Union and urbanization had upset traditional marriage patterns and left too many women July 2010, ca 428 pages, 24 ills, bibliog., index without a husband. By combining the ISBN 978-1-84545-689-4 Hardback ca $95.00/£55.00 approaches of cultural, social, and gender history, this book provides the first sustained analysis of the ways in which imperial Germans conceptualized anxiety about marital status of women as both a product and a reflection of changing times. Volume 30, Monographs in German History Available; 304 pages, 26 tables, 23 figs, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-480-7 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 12 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 15. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com WEIMAR GERMANY Weimar Germany/Nazi Germany NAZI GERMANY OPTIMIZING THE GERMAN WORKFORCE NEW IN PAPERBAC K Labor Administration from Bismarck to the THE FATEFUL ALLIANCE Economic Miracle German Conservatives and Nazis in 1933: The David Meskill, The Colorado School of Mines Division of Liberal Arts & Machtergreifung in a New Light International Studies (LAIS) Hermann Beck, University of Miami “An impressive study of a major, though neglected, theme “…illuminating original research and insightful analysis.” in 20th-Century German history….The author has Henry Ashby Turner, Yale University unearthed a vast amount of material: primary sources, “Hermann Beck has given us by far the best account that technical literature, and obscure German-language we have of the German political right and the triumph of academic studies; it can be stated without hesitation that Hitler, an original, carefully researched and revisionist study he knows more about the subject than any scholar which will revise certain standard interpretations. Provides a anywhere.” John Gillingham, University of Missouri – St Louis new perspective on the relationship between the DNVP and During the twentieth century, German government and the Jews, and particularly on the Nazis’ intense animosity industry created a highly skilled workforce as part of an against the DNVP and the bourgeoisie.” Stanley G. Payne, ambitious program to control and develop the country’s University of Wisconsin-Madison human resources. The author’s account of the broad support “…[an] excellent treatment of the German National for this program challenges the standard historical accounts People’s Party (CNVP) in the tumultuous spring and that focus on disagreements over the German political- summer of 1933…Beck’s signal contribution is the economic order and points instead to an important area of unblinking and well-researched fashion in which he sheds consensus. By tracing the development of these policies valuable new light on the oft-told story of the rise of the over the course of a century, he also suggests important Nazi dictatorship.” German Studies Review continuities in Germany’s domestic politics, even across such different regimes as Imperial, Weimar, Nazi, and post-1945 “He uses the Machtergreifung to give new insight not only West Germany. in the chaos of 1933, but also into the more general Volume 31, Monographs in German History constellation of power relationships in Weimar Germany. A March 2010, 304 pages, bibliog., index valuable contribution to the current literature on both the ISBN 978-1-84545-631-3 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 Nazis and the conservatives. Highly recommended.” Choice January 2010; 370 pages, bibliog., index WORK IN A MODERN SOCIETY ISBN 978-1-84545-680-1 Paperback $29.95/£17.50 The German Historical Experience in Comparative ISBN 978-1-84545-496-8 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 [2008] Perspective Edited by Jürgen Kocka, Free University of Berlin CRIME STORIES Whereas the history of workers and labor movements has Criminalistic Fantasy and the Culture of Crisis in been widely researched, the history of work has been rather Weimar Germany Todd Herzog, University of Cincinnati neglected by comparison. This volume offers original contributions that deal with cultural, social and theoretical The Weimar Republic (1918–1933) was a crucial moment not aspects of the history of work in modern Europe, including only in German history but also in the history of both crime the relations between gender and work, working and fiction and criminal science. This study approaches the soldiering, work and trust, constructions and practices. The period from a unique perspective—investigating the most volume focuses on Germany but also places the case studies notorious criminals of the time and the public’s reaction to in a broader European context. It thus offers an insight into their crimes. The author argues that the development of a social and cultural history as practiced by German-speaking new type of crime fiction during this period—which turned scholars today but also introduces the reader to ongoing literary tradition on its head by focusing on the criminal and research in this field. abandoning faith in the powers of the rational detective—is Volume 3, New German Historical Perspectives intricately related to new ways of understanding criminality January 2010; 240 pages, tables, bibliog., index among professionals in the fields of law, criminology, and ISBN 978-1-84545-575-0 Hardback $60.00/£35.00 police science. Volume 22, Monographs in German History Available; 182 pages, 15 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-439-5 Hardback $75.00/£45.00 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 13 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 16. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com W E I M A R G E R M A N Y / N A Z I G E R M A N Y Weimar Germany/Nazi Germany WEIMAR RADICALS life from the very beginning. The study thus contributes to a Nazis and Communists between Authenticity and view of the Weimar Republic as a state in severe crisis but Performance with alternatives to the Nazi takeover. Timothy S. Brown, Northeastern University Volume 10, Studies in German History Available; 396 pages, bibliog., index “This is a remarkable, provocative, and eloquent study of ISBN 978-1-84545-460-9 Hardback $100.00/£60.00 the mutual suspicion, mutual citation, and mutual competition between Communists and Nazis who defined radicalism in terms of authenticity as well as ideology and WILLING SEDUCTION The Blue Angel, Marlene Dietrich, and Mass thereby found themselves to be political intimates as well Culture as adversaries. Timothy Brown provides an entirely new Barbara Kosta, University of Arizona perspective on the end of the Weimar Republic and the beginning of the Third Reich.” Peter Fritzsche, author of Life Josef von Sternberg’s 1930 film The Blue Angel (Der blaue and Death in the Third Reich Engel) is among the best known films of the Weimar Republic (1919–1933). This fascinating cultural history of “This splendid book offers a fresh look at the The Blue Angel provides a new interpretive framework with extraordinarily violent cultural-political radicalism of the which to approach this classic Weimar film and suggests that post-World War I era, which has long been obscured by the discourses on mass and high culture are integral to the film’s Manichean dualism of anticommunism/antifascism and the thematic and narrative structure. Cold War. Brown shows convincingly that the multitude of militant-male mass-based radical movements of Weimar Volume 8, Film Europa May 2009; 224 pages, 21 ills., bibliog., index Germany cannot be understood simply as dichotomous pre- ISBN 978-1-84545-572-9 Hardback $60.00/£35.00 fascist and pre-communist antecedents to Hitler and Stalin.... [A] sophisticated cultural interpretation.” Diethelm THE RELUCTANT REVOLUTIONARY Prowe, Carleton College Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Collision with Prusso- Volume 28, Monographs in German History German History Available; 240 pages, 20 ills, bibliog., index John A. Moses, formerly the University of Queensland ISBN 978-1-84545-564-4 Hardback $80.00/£50.00 “This is a fascinating and vitally important book…What with POLITICAL VIOLENCE IN THE WEIMAR the exciting ongoing publication this decade of Bonhoeffer’s complete works in English (16 vols.), this REPUBLIC 1918–1933 work of John Moses can be expected to draw in new Fight for the Streets and Fear of Civil War Dirk Schumann, University Göttingen, Translated from the German by players and to further inform and stimulate discussion of Thomas Dunlap Bonhoeffer and his significance on a complex of issues crucial also in the English speaking world.” Maurice Schild Praise for the German edition: “Schumann...calls into question some assumptions, “…a masterly analysis…and thoughtful summation of a provides interesting nuances, and helps to refine our large corpus of secondary literature, which is excellently understanding of the nature of political violence in Weimar listed in the bibliography…The novelty rests in the claim Germany.” Journal of Modern History made that Bonhoeffer’s crucial role lay in opposing the ideological underpinning of Hitler’s rule, as well combatting “…provides a well-documented, solid narrative and the German Church’s antisemitism. These endeavours, even challenging analysis of Weimar’s political violence…“ if they were unsuccessful in the short run, were in the end American Historical Review to make Bonhoeffer a significant figure in world The Prussian province of Saxony — where the Communist history…John Moses’ style of writing is most commendably uprising of March 1921 took place and two Combat Leagues clear. He explains the technical terms and Germanic (Wehrverbände) were founded (the right-wing Stahlhelm vocabulary in easily-recognized English…Moses’ skillful and the Social Democratic Reichsbanner) — is widely portrayal of Bonhoeffer’s setting and struggles during recognized as politically important for German history during these traumatic and tragic years will be a valuable this time. Using a case study of this socially diverse component in any such reassessment.” John Conway, province, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of University of British Columbia political violence in Weimar Germany with particular Available; 304 pages, bibliog., index emphasis on the political culture from which it emerged. It ISBN 978-1-84545-531-6 Hardback $90.00/£55.00 refutes both the claim that the Bolshevik revolution was the prime cause of violence, and the argument that an all- encompassing “brutalization” on account of the experiences of the First World War doomed post-1918 German political 14 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 17. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com Postwar Germany POSTWAR GERMANY JEWISH LIFE IN NAZI GERMANY THE ECONOMICS OF OSTPOLITIK Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and David Scrase, University of Vermont Origins of NATO’s Energy Dilemma Werner Lippert, Indiana University of Pennsylvania “This fine collection of essays by leading scholars covers a broad scope of German-Jewish responses to Nazi policies “The book addresses an important subject (‘détente’) and ranging from self-help and everyday endurance to the one in which there is considerable interest…It does a good Zionist alternative and racial re-categorization to avoid job of balancing politics, economics, and the deportation. The accessible style and continuity make this personalities/mindsets of the principal figures (Brandt, volume suitable for undergraduate or advanced classes on Nixon, and Kissinger).” German or Jewish history or on the Holocaust itself. The Robert Mark Spaulding, University of North Carolina excellent documentary annex makes the book especially Exploring the complex interweaving of East/West political helpful.” Norman J.W. Goda, University of Florida and economic diplomacies in the pursuit of détente, this Addressing some of the important issues and realities in volume focuses on the economic diplomacy surrounding the Jewish life in Nazi Germany, such as the impact of the anti- crucial decades of the 1970s and 1980s. It is a “must” for Jewish policies of Hitler’s regime on Jewish family life, Jewish anyone interested in exploring the interface of international women, and the existence of Jewish organizations and diplomacy, economic interest, and alliance cohesion. institutions and considers some of the Jewish responses to September 2010, ca 252 pages, 11 ills, bibliog., index Nazi anti-Semitism and persecution, this volume offers ISBN 978-1-84545-750-1 Hardback ca $85.00/£50.00 scholars, students, and interested readers a highly accessible but focused introduction to Jewish life under National THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF GERMANY Socialism, the often painful dilemmas that it produced, and UNDER CHANCELLORS KOHL AND the varied Jewish responses to those dilemmas. SCHRÖDER July 2010, ca 224 pages, 10 ills, bibliography, index Decline of the German Model? ISBN 978-1-84545-676-4 Hardback $60.00/£35.00 Jeremy Leaman, Loughborough University “…a superb study [that] makes an important addition to TERROR FROM THE SKY the scholarly literature. Powerfully argued, it ranges very The Bombing of German Cities in World War II Edited by Igor Primoratz, Hebrew University widely over political, economic, and financial developments…addresses an important set of issues on “This is an interesting, informative, and important work. which there is very little in English…it is well written in Overall, the quality of the essays is very high, and the general, and there is a passion here that is rare in scholarly focus of the book is on a topic of great importance.” books.” Stephen Nathanson, Northeastern University Ray Stokes, Centre for Business History, Glasgow University In this first interdisciplinary study of this contentious subject, While unification has undoubtedly had major effects on leading experts in politics, history, and philosophy examine Germany’s political economy, the pattern of current the complex aspects of the terror bombing of German cities policymaking preferences was established at an earlier during World War II. The book places the bombing campaign stage, in particular, at the beginning of the “Kohl-era” in within the context of the history of air warfare, presenting 1982. This book demonstrates that the three policy the bombing as the first stage of the particular type of state imperatives (neoliberal structural reform, European monetary terrorism that led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and brought integration, and unification) produced a policy-mix which, about the Cold War era “balance of terror.” In doing so, it together with other structural economic and demographic makes an important contribution to current debates about factors, has had disappointing results in all three areas and terrorism. hampered Germany’s overall economic development. June 2010; 250 pages, bibliog., index Volume 29, Monographs in German History ISBN 978-1-84545-687-0 Hardback $70.00/£42.00 Available, 256 pages, 22 Figs., 45 tables, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-601-6 Hardback $80.00/£50.00 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 15 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 18. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com P O S T W A R G E R M A N Y Postwar Germany LEARNING DEMOCRACY DIVIDED BUT NOT DISCONNECTED Education Reform in West Germany, 1945–1965 German Experiences of the Cold War Brian M. Puaca, Christopher Newport University Edited by Tobias Hochscherf, University of Applied Sciences at Kiel, Germany, Christoph Laucht and Andrew Plowman, both at University of “…well written, well organized, extremely well supported by Liverpool documentation…and well reasoned.” James Tent, author of Mission on the Rhine: Reeducation and Denazification in American- “This anthology is a timely and important contribution to Occupied Germany the current scholarship on the Cold War and the critical reassessment of Cold War history within an interdisciplinary, Scholarship on the history of West Germany’s educational comparative, and transnational framework…The editors are system has traditionally portrayed the postwar period of to be commended for promoting a comparative perspective Allied occupation as a failure and the following decades as a in the individual essays themselves and through the time of pedagogical stagnation. This study persuasively thoughtful selection of topics from East and West German argues that long before the protest movements of the late perspectives.” Sabine Hake, University of Texas, Austin 1960s, the West German educational system was undergoing meaningful reform from within. The settlement between the Allies after the Second World War not only partitioned Germany but divided the German Volume 27, Monographs in German History nation, alone among the nations in Europe, along the fault- Available; 264 pages, 10 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-568-2 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 lines of a new bipolar world order. The “German question” in this post-1945 variant remained inextricably intertwined with the vicissitudes of the Cold War until its end. Addressing BERLIN DIVIDED CITY, 1945–1989 Edited by Philip Broadbent and Sabine Hake, both at University of Texas important intersections between history, politics, and at Austin culture, this volume offers an important new appraisal of the German experiences of the Cold War. “I read this book with great interest and consider it to be an important contribution to current scholarship on Berlin in the September 2010, ca 256 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-751-8 Hardback ca $85.00/£50.00 Cold War period. Although this is an anthology, it is well conceived to focus on various aspects of Berlin culture during CONFLICT, CATASTROPHE AND CONTINUITY the years of the Cold War…the book works surprisingly well Essays on Modern German History as a whole.” Stephen Brockmann, Carnegie Mellon Edited by Frank Biess, Mark Roseman and Hanna Schissler There are numerous works on Berlin but, as yet, no single “…a rich volume that manages to be remarkably coherent volume explores the divided city through an interdisciplinary and diverse at the same time…The volume covers a large analysis. Through the perspectives of architectural history, range of topics in modern German history in an engaging film studies, German literature, art history, and German fashion and provides much stimulation for thought and history, this volume explores the multiple divisions that not discussion.” H-German only marked the border, but also defined the cultural, social, and artistic ideologies that shaped the identity constructions 416 pages, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-200-1 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 of East and West. Volume 6 of Culture & Society in Germany September 2010, ca 204 pages, ca 25 ills, bibliog., index NATURE OF THE MIRACLE YEARS ISBN 978-1-84545-755-6 Hardback ca $60.00/£35.00 Conservation in West Germany, 1945–1975 Sandra Chaney, Erskine College FROM THE BACKLIST Published in Association with the German Historical Institute, Washington BETWEEN MASS DEATH AND CHOICE OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC BOOK OF THE YEAR INDIVIDUAL LOSS The Place of the Dead in 20th-Century Germany “…the first book-length study in English of the ideas, aims, Edited by Alon Confino, Paul Betts and Dirk Schumann and actions of conservationists in West Germany between Published in association with the German Historical Institute, 1945 and 1975, placing conservation in the mainstream of Washington, D.C. German political and cultural history…This fully researched “…offers a significant contribution to theories of death and and readable narrative, interspersed with three illustrative memory work in German Studies. The volume is clearly case studies, provides an excellent account of conservation organized using theme-based sections, which lead the in West Germany.” Choice reader through material culture as well as psychological “Chaney's book is a welcome addition to the scholarship on investigation; the essays are well researched and cogently German environmental history...her work is a model of written.” German Studies Review painstaking research and careful argument.” H-German 344 pages, bibliog., index 306 pages, 6 maps, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-397-8 Hardback $100.00/£50.00 ISBN 978-1-84545-430-2 Hardback $85.00/£42.50 16 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 19. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com GDR GDR THE PLANS THAT FAILED POWER AND SOCIETY IN THE GDR, An Economic History of East Germany, 1961–1979 1945–1989 The “Normalization of Rule”? André Steiner, University of Potsdam Edited by Mary Fulbrook, University College London Translated from the German by Ewald Osers Published in Association with the German Historical Institute, The Berlin Wall, for many people, epitomizes the communist Washington, D.C. German Democratic Republic, founded in 1949 in the Soviet occupied zone of post-war Germany. But is repression and Praise for the German edition: surveillance really all there is to the GDR’s history? When “So far there has been a dearth of studies on the the social history of the GDR in the 1960s and 1970s is economic history of the GDR, unlike the recent surge of explored, new patterns become evident. Contributors explore general historical accounts. Based on an exceptional the ways in which lower-level functionaries and people at knowledge of the literature and well supported by a the grass roots contributed to the formation and number of key, so far unpublished documents, this book transformation of the GDR. fills the gap. André Steiner fully succeeds in his attempt, managing to produce from highly complex material a very Available; 344 pages, bibliog., index accessible text for a wide readership without sacrificing ISBN 978-1-84545-435-7 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 analytical quality.” H-Soz-u-Kult BRINGING CULTURE TO THE MASSES “It is always a pleasure to see an expert in a field stepping Control, Compromise and Participation in back and distilling extensive empirical and historiographical the GDR knowledge into a short, accessible overview of the subject. Esther von Richthofen, Humboldt University, Berlin Steiner’s little economic history of the GDR is just that…a masterful treatment of recent research findings on all Cultural life in the former German Democratic Republic aspects of the GDR’s economy and its development from (GDR) was strictly controlled by the ruling party, the SED, 1945 to 1990. His excellent writing style makes it seem who attempted to dictate how people spent their free time even shorter, and he rounds out the picture with a very by prohibiting privately organized leisure time pursuits and useful bibliographic essay, short biographies of key actors, instead offering cultural activities in state institutions and and some graphs.” Economic History Review organizations. This book challenges the current assumptions about the GDR’s social and institutional history; the author Volume 13 of Studies in German History argues that the people’s cultural life in the GDR developed August 2010, ca 228 pages, 15 figs, bibliog, index ISBN 1-978-84545-748-8 Hardback ca $60.00/£35.00 a dynamic of its own, determined by their own interests and by the input of cultural functionaries. AFTER THE “SOCIALIST SPRING” Volume 24, Monographs in German History Collectivisation and Economic Transformation in Available; 256 pages, 2 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-458-6 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 the GDR George Last, National Audit Office SEX, THUGS AND ROCK ‘N’ ROLL “Last’s book is a balanced account of a hitherto neglected Teenage Rebels in Cold-War East Germany field of research. It highlights the close, though conflict- Mark Fenemore, Manchester Metropolitan University ridden interaction and communication that characterized the relationship between party rule and society in the “Focusing on the behavior of young people in daily life, GDR.” German Studies the author effectively illustrates how the Communist Party failed to create the anti-fascist consensus necessary to Historical analysis of the German Democratic Republic has legitimize the regime.” Choice tended to adopt a top-down model of the transmission of authority. However, developments were more complicated “...a wonderful book on the relationship of masculinity than the standard state/society dichotomy that has discourses of working-class culture, working-class dominated the debate among GDR historians. Drawing on a conservatism and pop culture. Fenemore shows that youth broad range of archival material from state and SED party culture is not ‘left’ just because it deviates from the norm.” sources as well as Stasi files, individual farm records, and H-Soz-u-Kult some oral history interviews, this book provides a thorough investigation of the transformation of the rural sector. “[The volume] offers a stimulating overview that widens Volume 26, Monographs in German History our understanding of the socio-cultural dimension Available; 288 pages, 4 ills, bibliog., index underlying National Socialism.” Historische Zeitschrift ISBN 978-1-84545-552-1 Hardback $95.00/£55.00 Volume 16, Monographs in German History Available; 296 pages, 20 ills, bibliog., index ISBN 978-1-84545-718-1 Paperback $32.50/£19.00 ISBN 978-1-57181-532-3 Hardback $90.00/£53.00 [2007] zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 17 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 20. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com G D R GDR THE EAST GERMAN STATE AND THE PLAYING POLITICS WITH HISTORY CATHOLIC CHURCH, 1945–1989 The Bundestag Inquiries into East Germany Bernd Schaefer, Woodrow Wilson International Center’s Cold War Andrew H. Beattie, University of New South Wales International History Project (CWIHP) in Washington, DC Winner of the Jean-Monet Thesis Prize Translated by Jonathan Skolnik and Patricia C. Sutcliffe Published in Association with the German Historical Institute, "This is a timely, well-written and original take on a topic Washington, D.C. that has generated a great deal of controversy. Ever since Praise for the German edition: its inception the Enquête Commission has been a magnet “This publication will spark a discussion about the role of of attention for anyone interested in the dynamics of the Catholic Church leadership in the GDR.” history and memory in post-communist Europe. But what Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Beattie so skillfully explores here are the dynamics of history and power, how the Commission's work was part of From 1945 to 1989, relations between the Communist East a wider and prolonged struggle in which the competing German state and party authorities and the Catholic Church parties and their constituencies have sought to tap the were contentious and sometimes turbulent. Drawing on past as a source of political legitimacy since 1989. The extensive Stasi material and other government and party outcome is an engaging yet level-headed investigation into archives, this study provides the first systematic overview of the Vergangenheitspolitik of unified Germany." this complex relationship and offers many new insights into Corey Ross, University of Birmingham the continuities, changes, and entanglements of policies 304 pages, bibliog., index and strategies on both sides. Previously undiscovered ISBN 978-1-84545-533-0 Hardback $90.00/£45.00 records in church archives contribute to an analysis of regional and sectoral conflicts within the church and various DICTATORSHIP AS EXPERIENCE shades of cooperation between nominal antagonists. Towards a Socio-Cultural History of the GDR Volume 11 of Studies in German History Edited by Konrad H. Jarausch, University of North Carolina, Chapel August 2010, ca 356 pages, bibliog., index Hill ISBN 978-1-84545-737-2 Hardback ca $90.00/£53.00 "The essays presented display a realm of vibrant historical FRIENDLY ENEMIES inquiry. Many of the chapters significantly expand our Britain and the GDR, 1949–1990 understanding of the complexity of GDR society." Stefan Berger, University of Manchester and Norman LaPorte, Central European History University of Glamorgan "The contributions represent sound research, employing During the Cold War, Britain had an astonishing number of use of new archival sources, interviews and oral history, as contacts and connections with one of the Soviet Bloc’s most well as rich secondary literature...The volume merits high hard-line regimes: the German Democratic Republic. There marks for its theoretical and empirical import." The Historian were strong connections between the East German and 304 pages, bibliog., index British churches, women’s movements, and peace ISBN 978-1-57181-182-0 Paperbback $19.95/£12.00 movements; influential Conservative politicians and the ISBN 978-1-57181-181-3 Hardback $69.95/£40.00 Communist leadership in the GDR had working relationships; and lucrative contracts existed between business leaders in UNITING GERMANY Britain and their counterparts in East Germany. Documents & Debates May 2010; 364 pages, bibliog., index Konrad Jarausch and Volker Gransow ISBN 978-1-84545-697-9 Hardback $100.00/£58.00 "...particularly useful in that it takes material from a wide FROM THE BACKLIST range of sources, both official and individual...The UNITED AND DIVIDED translations read well and are absolutely clear... Germany since 1990 recommended to both specialists on German affairs and Edited by Mike Dennis, University of Wolverhampton and those who want to gain an overall view." Eva Kolinsky, University of Wolverhampton Journal of Area Studies "…this book illuminates successfully the flawed unification "...contains a good chronological range of sources...The process by stringing together a variety of different aspects editing is not only expert but also user-friendly, with a 14- of society, making the divided nature of Germany today page synopsis of events...and brief explanatory notes unambiguously clear." H-Net Reviews before each primary source." Choice 240 pages, bibliog., index 320 pages, bibliog. ISBN 978-1-57181-513-2 Hardback $60.00/£40.00 ISBN 978-1-57181-011-3 Paperback $25.00/£15.00 ISBN 978-1-57181-010-6 Hardback $90.00/£50.00 18 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 21. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com Journals JOURNALS ASPASIA Announcing a new partnership in 2009! International Yearbook of Central, Eastern, and JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL MEDIA, Southeastern European Women's and Gender MEMORY, AND SOCIETY (JEMMS) History Editor: Simone Lässig, Georg Eckert Institute for International Editors: Francisca de Haan (Founding and Senior Editor), Professor Textbook Research of Gender Studies, Central European University and Krassimira Managing Editors: Peter Carrier and Wendy Anne Kopisch Daskalova (Editor and Book Review Editor), Associate Professor, St. GEI Editorial Committee: Eckhardt Fuchs, Verena Radkau-García Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia and Hanna Schissler Editorial Board: Svetla Baloutzova, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Published on behalf of the Georg Eckert Institute for International Sofia; Melissa Feinberg, Rutgers University; Eleni Fournaraki, Textbook Research University of Crete; Katherine Jolluck, Stanford University; Oksana JEMMS explores perceptions of society as constituted and Kis, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Sharon Kowalski, Texas A&M University-Commerce; Raili Põldsaar Marling, University conveyed in processes of learning and educational media. of Tartu, Estonia; Rochelle Rutchild, Harvard University; Grayna The focus is on various types of texts (such as textbooks, Szelgowska, Historical Institute, University of Warsaw; Sirin Tekeli, museums, memorials, films) and their institutional, political, Independent Scholar, Turkey social, economic, and cultural contexts. The construction of Aspasia is an international peer-reviewed yearbook that collective memory and conceptions of space, the production brings out the best scholarship in the field of of meaning, image formation, forms of representation, and interdisciplinary women's and gender history focused on – perceptions of the "self" and the "other", as well as and produced in – Central, Eastern, and Southeastern processes of identity construction (ethnic, national, regional, Europe. In these countries the field of women's and gender religious, institutional, gender) are of particular interest. history has developed unevenly and has remained only Special importance is given to the significance of marginally represented in the "international" canon. Through educational media for social cohesion and conflict. its contributions, Aspasia transforms "European women's The journal is international and interdisciplinary and history" into more than Western European women's history, welcomes empirically-based contributions from the as is still often the case, and expands the comparative angle humanities and the social sciences as well as theoretical and of research on women and gender to all parts of Europe. methodological studies. Each volume of Aspasia contains: (1) an article section that Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn 2009 is sometimes thematic; (2) a discussion Forum (whose topic Myths and Maps of Europe in most cases will be related to that of the central theme of Myths of Europe: A Theoretical Approach, Chiara Bottici the volume); (3) and book reviews and essays. Naming the West: Productions of Europe In and Beyond Textbooks, Gerdien Jonker — European Identity and External Forthcoming: Volume 4 • 2010 Others in History Textbooks (1950–2005), Benoît Challand — Special Sections: ‘Gender, the Body, and Sexuality’ and Internalizing Europe: Albanian Perceptions of the Continent ‘Women and War’ in Historical Perspective (1878–2008), Adrian Brisku — Forum: The Birth of a Field: Women’s and Gender Studies in Parallel Myths Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe Popular Maps: The Europe of Soccer, Paul Dietschy, David Volume 3 • 2009 Ranc, and Albrecht Sonntag Special Section: The Gender History of Everyday Life Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2009 Forum: Six Historians in Search of Alltagsgeschichte Teaching and Learning in a Globalizing Volume 2 • 2008 World Special Section: Women Writers and Intellectuals Volume 2 (2010), 2 issues pa Forum: Contemporary Women Writers and Intellectuals ISSN: 2041-6938 (Print) • ISSN: 2041-6946 (Online) Volume 1 • 2007 www.journals.berghahnbooks.com/jemms Special Section: Women’s Movements and Feminisms Forum: Is ‘Communist Feminism’ a Contradictio in Terminis? Volume 4 (2010), 1 issue pa. ISSN: 1933-2882 (Print) • ISSN: 1933-2890 (Online) www.journals.berghahnbooks.com/asp zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ 19 Order direct for the UK and Europe on: Tel: +44(0)1235 465500 . Fax: +44(0)1235 465555 . e-mail: enquiries@marston.co.uk
  • 22. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com J O U R N A L S Journals FRENCH POLITICS, CULTURE & SOCIETY HISTORICAL REFLECTIONS / Editor: Herrick Chapman, New York University REFLEXIONS HISTORIQUES Managing Editor: Marie Desmartis Senior Editor: Linda E. Mitchell, University of Missouri, Kansas City Coeditor: Daniel Gordon, University of Massachusetts at Amherst FPC&S is the journal of the Conference Group on French Managing Editor: Nancy Albright, Alfred University Politics & Society. It is jointly sponsored by the Institute of French Studies at New York University and the Minda de Historical Reflections/Reflections Historiques has established Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University. a well-deserved reputation for publishing high quality articles of wide-ranging interest for over thirty years. The French Politics, Culture & Society explores modern and journal, which publishes articles in both English and French, contemporary France from the perspectives of the social is committed to exploring history in an interdisciplinary sciences, history, and cultural analysis. It also examines the framework and with a comparative focus. Historical relationship of France to the larger world, especially Europe, approaches to art, literature, and the social sciences; the the United States, and the former French Empire. The editors history of mentalities and intellectual movements; the terrain also welcome pieces on recent debates and events, as well where religion and history meet: these are the subjects to as articles that explore the connections between French which Historical Reflections/Reflexions Historiques is society and cultural expression of all sorts (such as art, film, devoted. literature, and popular culture). Issues devoted to a single theme appear from time to time. With refereed research Volume 36 (2010), 3 issues p.a. articles, timely essays, and reviews of books in many ISSN: 0315-7997 (Print) • ISSN: 1939-2419 (Online) disciplines, French Politics, Culture & Society provides a www.journals.berghahnbooks.com/hrrh forum for learned opinion and the latest scholarship on France. Increased to 3 issues in 2009! Volume 28 (2010), 3 issues p.a. SIBIRICA Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies ISSN: 1537-6370 (Print) • ISSN: 1558-5271 (Online) Editor: Alexander D. King, University of Aberdeen www.journals.berghahnbooks.com/fpcs Associate Editors: David G. Anderson, University of Aberdeen, Tatiana Argounova-Low, University of Aberdeen, Patty A. Gray, GERMAN POLITICS AND SOCIETY National University of Ireland at Maynooth, Joachim Otto Habeck, Editor: Jeffrey J. Anderson, Georgetown University Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle Managing Editor/Book Review Editor: Eric Langenbacher, Georgetown University Sibirica is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of the region and relations to neighboring areas German Politics and Society is a joint publication of the such as Central Asia, China, Japan, Korea, and North BMW Center for German and European Studies (of the America. The journal is pan-disciplinary and publishes Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown articles, research reports, conference and book reviews on University) and all North American universities featuring history, politics, economics, geography, cultural studies, programs and centers of German and European studies anthropology, and environmental studies. associated with the German Academic Exchange Service Volume 9 (2010), 3 issues p.a. (DAAD). ISSN 1361-7362 (Print) • ISSN 1476-6787 (Online) German Politics and Society is a peer-reviewed journal www.journals.berghahnbooks.com/sib published and distributed by Berghahn Journals. It is the only American publication that explores issues in modern Germany from the combined perspectives of the social sciences, history, and cultural studies. The journal provides a forum for critical analysis and debate about politics, history, film, literature, visual arts, and popular culture in contemporary Germany. Every issue includes contributions by renowned scholars commenting on recent books about Germany. Volume 28 (2010), 4 issues p.a. ISSN: 1045-0300 (Print) • ISSN: 1558-5441 (Online) www.journals.berghahnbooks.com/gps 20 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ Order direct for the USA and Rest of the World on: Tel: 1-800-540-8663 . Fax: (703) 661-1501 . e-mail: orders@berghahnbooks.com
  • 23. zycnzj.com/ www.zycnzj.com I N D E X Index Abolitions of Slavery, 2 De Baets, A. 3 Hitler’s Slaves 7 Nicosia, F.R. 15 Skolnik, J. 18 Afflerbach, H. 6 De Vries, D. 6 Hochscherf, T. 16 Soviet Jewry on the Eve of After the “Socialist Dean, M. 8 Holocaust Historiography Optimizing the German the Holocaust 6 Spring” 17 Dennis, M. 18 in Context 7 Workforce 13 Stark, G.D. 12 Alsace to the Alsatians 9 Diamonds and War 6 Holy Roman Empire, Orlow, D. 10 Steiner, A. 17 Altschuler, M. 6 Diawara, M. 2 Reconsidered, The 12 Steinweis, A.E. 10 Americanization and Dictatorship as Pakier, M. 9 Stephan, A. 10 Anti-Americanism 10 Experience 18 Improbable War?, A 6 Paletschek, S. 1 Stevenson, D. 6 Americanization of Divided but not Paradoxical Republic, The 9 Stråth, B. 9 Europe, The 10 Disconnected 16 Jarausch, K.H. 18 Passerini, L. 5, 10 Straub, J. 4 Angrick, A. 8 Dollard, C.L. 12 Jenkins, B. 11 Plans that Failed, The 17 Surplus Woman, The 12 Donfried, M.C. 3 Jewish Life in Nazi Playing Politics with Sutcliffe, P.C. 18 Balkan Departures 9 Dorigny, M. 2 Germany 15 History 18 Sugarlandia Revisited 4 Banerji, A. 6 Drace-Francis, A. 9 Journey through Fascism 7 Plowman, A. 16 Supervision and Authority Bankier, D. 7 Drescher, S. 2 Judson, P.M. 4 Poddar, P. 3 in Industry 5 Banned in Berlin 12 Dunlap, T. 14 Political Economy of Szabo, F.A.J. 4 Barndt, K. 12 Kilby, J. 1 Germany under Beattie, A.H. 18 East German State and the Kinship in Europe 5 Chancellors Kohl and Terror from the Sky 15 Beck, H. 13 Catholic Church, Klein, P. 8 Schröder, The 15 Ther, P. 8 Berenson, E. 6 1945–1989 18 Klimke, M. 3 Political Violence in the Thonfeld, C. 7 Berger, S. 18 Echternkamp, J. 9 Knight, G.R. 4 Weimar Republic Tilburg, P.A. 11 Berlin Divided City Economics of Ostpolitik 15 Kocka, J. 1, 3, 13 1918–1933 14 Todorova, M. 10 1945–1989 16 Ellena, L. 5 Kolinsky, E. 18 Popular Historiographies in Torrie, J.S. 8 Betts, P. 16 Emanuel, S. 10 Kosta, B. 14 the 19th and 20th Train Journey, The 7 Between Mass Death Embodiments of Power 4 Centuries 1 and Individual Loss 16 Emmer, P.C. 2 Laliotou, I. 10 Post-Communist United and Divided 18 Biess, F. 9, 16 Emotions in American LaPorte, N. 18 Nostalgia 10 Uniting Germany 18 Binder, O. 9 History 3 Last, G. 17 Power and Society in the Unowsky, D.L. 4 Bosma, U. 4 Empire and After 3 Lategan, B. 2 GDR, 1961–1979 17 Bourgeois Revolution in Empire, Colony, Genocide 2 Laucht, C. 16 Primoratz, I. 15 Van den Eeckhout, P. 5 France (1789–1815) 11 Escape from Hell 8 Leaman, J. 15 Puaca, B.M. 16 van der Linden, M. 5 Bozo, F. 10 European Memory?, A 9 Learning Democracy 16 van Duin, P.C. 5 Bracewell, W. 9 Experience and Memory 9 Leh, A. 7 Quataert, D. 5 von Klemperer, K. 4 Bringing Culture to the Limits of Loyalty, The 4 von Plato, A. 7 Masses 17 Fateful Alliance, The 13 Lippert, W. 15 Raising Citizens in the von Richthofen, E. 17 Broadbent, P. 16 Fenemore, M. 17 Love and the Idea of “Century of the Child” 3 Voyage through the Brown, T.S. 14 Fetishes and Monuments 2 Europe 5 Rathkolb, O. 9 Twentieth Century 4 Burdett, C. 7 “Final Solution” in Riga, 8 Lyon, D. 10 Reflections on Cambridge 1 Fischer, C.J. 9 Refugees from Nazi Weimar Publics/Weimar Caestecker, F. 8 “For Their Own Good” 8 MacDougall, C. 3 Germany and the Liberal Subjects 12 Canning, K. 12 Forging Political Identity 11 Macfarlane, A. 1 European States 8 Weimar Radicals 14 Capussotti, E. 10 France in the Era of McGuire, K. 12 Reggiani, A.H. 11 Wetzler, A. 8 Central European Fascism 11 MacPhee, G. 3 Reluctant Revolutionary 14 Who Abolished Slavery? 2 Crossroads 5 Friendly Enemies 18 Mann, K. 11 Responsible History 3 Willing Seduction 14 Chaney, S. 16 Fulbrook, M. 17 Marques, J.P. 2 Rhodes Scholars, Oxford, Women Migrants from Changing the World, Future of Memory, The 1 Marschke, B. 12 and the Creation of an East to West 10 Changing Oneself 3 Martens, S. 9 American Elite 1 Work in a Modern Cohen, G. 4 Gassert, P. 10 Mathieu, J. 5 Robbery and Restitution 8 Society 13 Cole, L. 4 Geppert, A.C.T. 5 Meskill, D. 13 Roseman, M. 16 Writing History in the Colette’s Republic 11 Gienow-Hecht, J.C. 3 Michman, D. 7 Rowland, A. 1 Soviet Union 6 Common Destiny 10 Gigliotti, S. 7 Miners and the State Rozenblit, M.L. 4 Comparative and Gille, Z. 10 in the Ottoman Empire 5 Rüsen, J. 2, 4 Transnational History 1 Giloi, E. 6 Mintz, S. 4 Russia before the Confino, A. 16 Giusti-Cordero, J.A. 4 Mitchell, A. 8 “Radiant Future” 6 JOURNALS Confino, M. 6 God’s Eugenicist 11 Mitterrand, the End of the Aspasia 19 Conflict, Catastrophe and Goschler, C. 8 Cold War, and German Sabean, D.W. 5, 12 French Politics, Culture Continuity 16 Gransow, V. 18 Unification 10 Sansi, R. 2 & Society 20 Constructing Charisma 6 Gutman, I. 7 Moeller, R.G. 9 Schaefer, B. 18 Constructing Nationalities Moses, A.D. 2 Schaeper, K. 1 German Politics and in East Central Europe 4 Hake, S. 16 Moses, J.A. 14 Schaeper, T.J. 1 Society 20 Coping with the Nazi Past 10 Haupt, H.-G. 1 Schissler, H. 16 Historical Reflections/ Coy, J.P. 12 Heller, H. 11 Nature of the Miracle Schumann, D. 3, 14, 16 Reflexions Historiques 20 Crime Stories 13 Herzog, T. 13 Years 16 Scrase, D. 15 Journal of Educational Crownshaw, R. 1 Historical Memory Nazi Europe and the Final Searching for a Cultural in Africa 2 Solution 7 Diplomacy 3 Media, Memory, and Dark Traces of the Past 4 Histories of the Nazi Paris 8 Sex, Thugs and Society (JEMMS) 19 Davis, B. 3 Aftermath 9 New Dangerous Liaisons 5 Rock‘n’ Roll 17 Sibirica 20 zycnzj.com/http://www.zycnzj.com/ For further information about any of the titles in this catalog visit our website: www.berghahnbooks.com
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