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Planning Your Website eBook By Sugar Websites

  1. 1. planningYourWebsite9 Essential Questions ToHelp You Achieve YourOnline Business Goalsby Sugar Websites So Sweet... Fast Easy & Oh, websites
  2. 2. Congratulations On Taking 2The First Steps To GrowingYour Business Online! planning your website.It’s an exciting time to be presenting your business to the growing Internet market.With 70% of U.S. consumers searching online for information before they makepurchases, it’s essential they can access your business online 24/7.Like any project, the planning phase is the key to getting the best results. When youget that right, the foundation is set and everything will continue ahead in the rightdirection. It’s no different with getting a website.A poorly-built website is often the result of poor planning and regardless of what youpaid it will end up costing you a fortune. Not only will you lose your time and moneyfixing or rebuilding it, you’ll also lose precious customers and business credibility.The “9 Essential Questions” in this ebook will get you thinking strategically about yourwebsite and ensure it is on track to achieve your business goals.Spend some time considering your answers and discussing them with your businesspartners. When you are clear on your answers, your direction will be set and yourwebsite will be just a few steps away from being completed and live on the Internet.Warmest regards,P.S. Feel free to share this e-book with your fellow small business owners andentrepreneurs who you think would also benefit from thinking strategically to achievetheir online business goals. 384 S Centerville Rd. Middletown, NY 10940 • • Copyright © 2011 Sugar Websites. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. PLANNING YOUR WEBSITE 39 Essential Questions To HelpYou Achieve Your Online Business planning your website.Goals1. Who Are You?If you had 30 seconds to introduce your business to a group of your perfect potentialcustomers, would you know what to say? Your website needs to answer this questionfor your customers 24/7. Make sure it says exactly what you need.Hints: • How do you introduce your business to a potential customer? Can you describe it in a few sentences? • What problems do you solve for your customers? • What products or services do you provide to your customers?2. What Are Your Values?If your customers were telling their friends about you, what would you want them tosay? How would you want them to remember you? The answers to these questionsrepresent your brand values, and your website should reflect these from first glance.Hints: • What benefit do you hope to bring to your customers’ lives? • What words do you want people to use to describe you? • What do you want people to remember you for? • What is the first impression you want people to have?3. Who Are Your Customers?Who are your ideal customers? If you answer “everyone”, it’s time to rethink, since noone can cater to the tastes of “everyone”. The better you know your customers, thebetter you can tailor your business and your website to suit their needs.Hints: • How well can you describe your ideal customers? • Are they individuals or organizations? • Where do they live? • What age/gender/profession are they? • Why do they need your products/services? • How do they use the Internet? 384 S Centerville Rd. Middletown, NY 10940 • • Copyright © 2011 Sugar Websites. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. 4. Who Are Your Competitors? 4Online you now have a huge new market, but also a whole new lot of competitors.Many websites in the same industry often appear very similar, making them veryunmemorable to the customer. Paying attention to your competitors and their websiteswill make sure you stand out and be remembered. planning your website.Hints: • Who are my main competitors? • What are my main points of difference from my competition? Think about your price, product and service. • How can I clearly communicate my difference to my customers?5. Why Do You Need A Website?Being clear on what exactly your website should do for your business will save you awhole lot of time and money. When you align your website with your business goalsright from the start you are definitely setting your direction straight for success!Hints: • Do you need to sell or take bookings or donations online? • Do you need to build a customer/subscriber base? • Do you want to expand your geographic reach? • Do you need to interact with customers or members online? • Do you need to raise your online profile?6. What Is The Main Thing You Want VisitorsTo Do On Your Website?A website without a Call to Action is like a store without a door. When visitors land onyour site you need to have a way to focus their attention on taking action and convertthem to your customer. Without it, they may leave your site more knowledgable butdissatisfied that they still haven’t taken action to solve their problem.What is the primary action you want visitors to do on your site? E.g. make contact withyou (phone/email/contact form/visit), make a booking, sign up, make a donation, ormake a purchase.Hints: • What action can potential clients take on your site? • What is the most important Call to Action you need? 384 S Centerville Rd. Middletown, NY 10940 • • Copyright © 2011 Sugar Websites. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. 7. How Will You Answer Their Questions? 5Your customers are on your website because they want more information. Do youknow what they are looking for? The more relevant information you can provide beforethey have to contact you the better. It will build their trust in you, save them time andmake them more likely to buy from you. planning your website.Hints: • Do you have detailed information and images for your products and services? • Do you have pricing and payment information? • Do you have contact details, including phone, contact form and map location? • Do you have third party testimonials to build credibility? • Do you have useful information to add value for your customers, such as “How To” articles, hints and tips, videos, etc.?8. How Will You Deliver?You can promise the world on your website, but you have to make sure you can deliver!When you provide a good experience for your customer they will tell others about youand hopefully purchase again.Hints: • How will you supply your products or services to your customer? • How will you handle communication with your customers? • Who will be responsible for managing the content of your website? • Who will be responsible for managing the service from your website?9. How Will You Promote Your Site?Once your site is online, you need to drive your customers to visit. Do you know howthey look for your products or services? Knowing how and where your customers shopfor your products and services will help you be much more effective in promotingyours to them.Hints: • Where and how do your customers look for information? • What incentives can you provide to encourage them to visit or take action when they are on your site? • Is your website on all your offline marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, advertising and store signage? 384 S Centerville Rd. Middletown, NY 10940 • • Copyright © 2011 Sugar Websites. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Contact Us 6Sugar Websites is the small business websites specialist. We come to you and takethe time to understand your business and train you to use your website. Our team of planning your website.marketers, copywriters, designers and developers ensure that your site not only looksgreat, but is affordable and meets the needs of you and your customers.Contact us to book your free, no-obligation Website Strategy Session with your SugarWebsite Consultant who’ll visit you in-person to determine the most effective websitesolution for your www.sugarwebsites.comphone 1.855.SUGARWEB toll free 845.204.8086 officefax 1.855.784.2973email hello@sugarwebsites.comaddress 384 S Centerville Rd Middletown NY 10940Sugar Website Consultants Are Currently Available In: • New York City • New York State 384 S Centerville Rd. Middletown, NY 10940 • • Copyright © 2011 Sugar Websites. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. So Sweet...Fast Easy & Oh, websites