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Rock Star: The Board Game
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Rock Star: The Board Game


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A innovative new board game inspired by the best and brightest at the La Vac toy company. This was a creative group experiment.

A innovative new board game inspired by the best and brightest at the La Vac toy company. This was a creative group experiment.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. ROCK STAR! The ultimate board game! Start out as an independent artist and make your way throughout the game to become the next biggest hit and get your name in the rock star Hall of Fame!
  • 2. The Lay Out....
  • 3. How to Play the Game
    • Number of Players
    • 2-5
    • Object
    • To be the first person to obtain 10 CDs by answering numerous questions
    • Start and Game Play
    • Position the player pieces at the star's points. All players roll the numbered die. The highest roller goes first.
    •      Each turn, a player rolls the die and moves the number of spaces shown on the die. Based on the colored space on which the player lands, he or she must pick up the coordinating card. The player must then answer the question on the card within 30 seconds. If the player answers correctly, he or she obtains a CD! The process is repeated until a player obtains 10 CDs.
  • 4. How to Play the Game (cont.)
    • Blackout Spaces
    • If a player lands on a black out space the player will have to return one CD that he has earned. If the player does not have any CD's his turn ends and then it will be the next player's turn. Sorry!
    • Another Player's Area
    • If a player lands on another player's point on the star, he or she must surrender one of his or her CDs to the other player!
  • 5. Features of 'ROCK STAR' 
    • Four different categories in this game! 
      • Trivia -  answer random common knowledge questions about rock.
      • Name that song! -  pretty self explanatory. 
      • Finish the lyrics -  also self explanatory.
      • Pictogram -  guess something about rock based on a combination of pictures.
    • Game Includes:
      • Game Board
      • 4 stacks of cards
      • 50 CD's
      • 5 player peices
      • 1 die 
      • 1 timer (times up to 30 sec.)
    •    These stack of cards will display pictures of objects that result in the name of a band.
    • The face of the card will look something like this:
    • Here is an example of a pictogram.
  • 7. TRIVIA
    • This category of the game includes trivia questions about different musicians in the industry.  These question may be about their personal lives, their careers, or their music.  They may focus on an entire band, or be about a single musician in the band. The level of difficulty will range from "extremely difficult" to "easy".
    • One of the categories of our game includes a CD.  This CD will have multiple songs on it and the player has to guess the name of the song and/or the artist who wrote the song.  If the the player lands on a spot on the board where they must use the CD, that spot will tell another player from a different team to draw a card and read it to them.  The card will have the CD and track number that is to be listened to and guessed on.  
  • 9. NAME THAT SONG  (continued) 
    • An example that one might see in this category while playing this game is a card that looks like this....
    • The CD can be played on any standard CD/DVD player or computer.  
    • Object - to correctly finish the next line in the lyrics of a song.
    • No tears, no fears, no ruined years, no clocks...
    • _______________________?
    • Answer:  She's a twentieth century fox
    •                  THE DOORS - Self Titled
    • There's a lady who's sure All that glitters is gold...
    • ____________________?  
    • Answer: And she's buying a stairway to                           heaven
    •                LED ZEPPELIN   - IV
  • 11. FINISH THE LYRICS  (continued) If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I'll ever ask of you ___________________________?     Answer: You've got to promise not to stop when I say when.. she                   sang FOO FIGHTERS - The Color And The Shape
  • 12. WRAPPING IT UP... WHY ROCK STAR? ROCK STAR is the result of a brainstorming session by a group of Los Angeles Valley College students during an exercise in virtual group communication.  The idea was to create a board game that would have mass appeal.   Well no surprise that music was chosen as the emphasis for this game.  One only has to look at the popularity of TV's "American Idol" to consider the far reaching commercial potential of this game from the music lovers of 1950's Rock n Roll King Elvis Presley to today's fans of Teen Princess Miley Cyrus.   This cleverly designed board game has the opportunity of being the next contender  to join the staples of home board game collections alongside Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.   The hope is that families and friends alike will have a few laughs and enjoy their time together as they move around the board and compete for the most number of cd's to enter the Hall of Fame.   Buy and Enjoy Rock Star today!