SugarCon 2013: Building User Adoption with Enhanced User Experiences


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Matthew Davidson, USA FACT
CRM has done wonders for sales, but bottlenecks can still exist across other departments when trying to deploy a client order. For USAFact, closing a new client and adding branch locations used to often represent a week-long endeavor of redundant, manual work, in order to properly reflect the information across other critical USAFact applications and client environments. In this session, Matt Davidson, CEO of USAFact, will show you how USAFact cost-effectively integrated Sugar with these legacy applications and how simple status updates in Sugar now ensure that all client sales and change requests are expertly deployed.

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SugarCon 2013: Building User Adoption with Enhanced User Experiences

  1. 1. Building User Adoption withEnhanced User Experiences Matt Davidson CE0 – USAFact, Inc.
  2. 2. • Gross Sales are up 19%• Net Profits up 88%• Bottleneck Resolutions: About – EchoSign Integration – “Change Order” Module – “FireFall” Synchronization• Project Highlights: – <$2000 Project – <40 hours of development – Immediate DEFAULT deployments – 18+% Productivity Gain
  3. 3. Identifying the Issues• 5 Very Organized Departments: Sales, Tech, Ops, Accounting, Client Care, etc.• A Great CRM Plan Speeds up The Sales Process• Why is Your CRM “Ignored” by Other Departments? – Value? – Workflow? – Access?• Do Resources of Other Departments Mesh?
  4. 4. Where Does Sugar Fit: Human/Application/Workflow Demands• Identify Where Sugar Sits in Your Current Workflow• Question for the Audience: Is Sugar Helping or Hurting in the Configuration (“Current State”)• Re-Design to Accommodate H/A/W Demands (“Future State”)• When Possible, Consider H/A/W With a “Stock” SugarCRM
  5. 5. Improve CRM Adoption• Sales and Operations “Pairing”• Accept “Version 1.0, etc.” Mindset• Put a Temporary Solution in Place• Plan for the Pending CRM Solution to Satisfy All Dept Needs . . . But Quietly Steer the Executive Goal at Improved Accountability
  6. 6. Improve Accountability:Our Previous, Temporary Solution: The SugarCRM “Change Order Checklist” (COC).xls and file cabinets (6 months) Solution: Replaces Both The Poor, Original Process and Temporary Process Improvement• CLIENT ID • Dashlets: All Client COCs noted• NET Opportunity Values (+ & - ) • Full Transparency• Check Boxes and Date Fields • Complete Accountability• Dept Head Signatures and Special Notes
  7. 7. Integrate and Automate• Any Accountability Workflow Should be User-Simple• Improved Accountability Must Consider Automation• Does the Process Dump More Work Elsewhere?• Can Process Include Automation?• Can The Automation Sync H/A/W?
  8. 8. Epicom’s Solution• The Project: – Sync SugarCRM with USAFact’s Legacy System Legacy System• The Challenge: – Legacy system was built using a different programming language than Sugar.
  9. 9. Resulting Workflow Once TechWithin Due Date Completes theSugarCRM Change, and Upon Add users, products, branches Change Due Date, COC is Passed to Account Mgmnt. For Client Notification or TrainingSales Links Upon SAVE, Tech DeploysAll Contact, Custom “Status” The Change,Account, Elements Auto- With all Sales,Document, matically Pass Product Catalog,EchoSign, ALL Account and Standard/CustomQuote, Contact Data to ConfigurationAnd Opportunity Legacy Operations Details Pre-linkedDetail to the COC and Client Care into the COC. NoModule or Applications Paper Documents,its Subpanels No Emails. COC Passes to Ops for any Prep needed
  10. 10. Web Demonstration
  11. 11. Epicom’s SolutionThe Solution: Create custom fields in Sugar Create business logic hooks Work closely with USAFact legacy system developers Less than 16 hours to develop and integrateThe Result: Everything happens on the back-end, resulting in easy adoption of the integration and less manual data entry due to automation of data flow
  12. 12. Thank You