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Sweet! Running SugarCRM on the Amazon Cloud | SugarCon 2011
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Sweet! Running SugarCRM on the Amazon Cloud | SugarCon 2011


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Everybody is talking about the Cloud, how it offers infinite scalability and storage and makes it trivial to run hundreds of load balanced servers. …

Everybody is talking about the Cloud, how it offers infinite scalability and storage and makes it trivial to run hundreds of load balanced servers.
Those of us who are not Zynga or Netflix are generally concerned with more down-to-earth issues such as how to maintain up to date backups, keep an eye on monitoring and minimizing the costs of running our applications in the cloud. This presentation will walk attendees through the tools and services available from the Amazon Cloud and how they can be leveraged to host and manage SugarCRM in the Cloud. It will draw from our experience packaging BitNami stacks, which have been deployed millions of times and power the leading commercial open source companies, including SugarCRM.

Presented by Daniel Lopez, Founder and CTO, BitRock, at SugarCon 2011.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Sweet! Running SugarCRM on the Amazon Cloud Daniel Lopez, BitNami CTO
  • 2. About BitRock Specialized in deployment of multiplatform apps:- Natively: Installers- Virtually: Virtual Appliances- In the Cloud: Amazon and others Package application + runtime dependencies into stacks Most commercial open source companies as clients, including SugarCRM SugarCRM Faststack installers: Over 750,000 downloads
  • 3. About BitNami.orgBitNami site provides app store for open source. Over100k/visitors month. Millions of downloads.
  • 4. The Cloud Auto-scaling Infinite capacity CapEx / OpExGreat if you are running single logical applications over dozensor hundreds of servers or have unpredictable demand.Most business applications are not designed to run that way.
  • 5. Current Application Hosting Solutions SaaS from vendor: Sugar on Demand Dedicated Hosting On-premise HardwareCompromise between flexibility and administrative overhead.
  • 6. Leveraging the Cloud to Host AppsIt is all about automation, automation, automation. VPC EBS EC2 CloudFront SNS RDS SES AMI S3 BeanStalk
  • 7. Amazon EC2EC2: Elastic Computing Cloud. Virtualizedhosting environment, multiple availability zones.AMI: Amazon Machine Image. The "virtualappliance".VPC: Virtual Private Cloud.Multiple instance types. Ex: Micro (600Mb RAM,2 ECU), XL (68Gb RAM, 26 ECU).
  • 8. EC2 Benefits Automation via Console or API Quick testing / development environments Schedule 9-5 deployments Scheduled resizings Full control
  • 9. EBS: Elastic Block ServiceNetwork storage seen as a local drive Size can be 1Gb - 1TB Can be mounted in RAID Block-level storage Can be resized Can take incremental snapshots
  • 10. EBS Benefits Continuous, incremental backups (travel back in time as needed) Create templates for reuse Managed system upgrades Sync development/staging/production Resize : Grow when you need it
  • 11. Pricing Pay as you go Hourly, reserved, dedicated, spot pricing Consolidated billing across multiple accounts
  • 12. AWS as a Platform Third-party services, including major vendors PaaS, load testing, etc SNS (notifications), SES (email) RDS: Database as a Service Monitoring CloudFront: Content Delivery Network Route 53: DNS management Deployment: Cloud formation, Beanstalk Integrated payment systems
  • 13. Running SugarCRM on Amazon Start development with a small instance and EBS volume. Use RDS for database, SES for email. Perform customizations and take a snapshot. Put snapshot into production, resize as needed. Setup automatic backups, monitoring, hours of operation. Revert to previous versions when problems arise. Clone server to test upgrade or major system changes. Manage multiple customers and accounts.
  • 14. BitNami Cloud Hosting Simplifies and automates deployment of SugarCRM (Community/Pro/Enterprise) and dozens of other apps. One-click deployment, backups, monitoring, resize, scheduling. Targeted at solution providers, developers and ISVs. Flexibility of dedicated server with benefits of automation.
  • 15. Questions? Thank you for your time.Come say hello (Booth #301)