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Business at the Speed of Social
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Business at the Speed of Social


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Social media has become essential to today’s business - organizations of all sizes are engaging at higher rates. How do you monitor, manage, and report on these conversations? What can you do with all …

Social media has become essential to today’s business - organizations of all sizes are engaging at higher rates. How do you monitor, manage, and report on these conversations? What can you do with all the data collected? And more importantly, how can you leverage social intelligence to influence and cross-inform multiple levels across the entire enterprise? Social media is no longer simply a marketing channel. Social is now a resource that intelligent organizations are leveraging to make strategic business decisions, inform product direction, build sales leads, enhance customer support, monitor brand health, and talent prospecting.​​

Published in: Software, Business, Technology

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  • 1. BUSINESS @ THE SPEED OF SOCIAL Mao Keo VP, Business Development Tracx @Tracx #SugarCon
  • 2. Social Evolution • It’s no longer as simple as a Tweet • Organizations leverage social to: – Influence strategic business decisions – Inform product direction – Build sales leads – Enhance customer support – Monitor brand health 2
  • 3. The Social Enterprise • Social Media is more than a marketing concern • Leveraging social data into the enterprise through integrations with current systems and platforms: – CRM – ERP – Marketing Automation – Business Intelligence 3
  • 4. Beyond Your Firewall 4
  • 5. EXAMPLE 1 Supply-Chain Management
  • 6. Social Insight Brings Greater Revenue 6 Major brick-and-mortar retailer alters inventory allocation more efficiently through social insights. Through studying regional social buzz and sentiment around new product launch, the client was able to anticipate greater demand pre-launch by region and efficiently re-allocate inventory levels for greater sales velocity and increased revenue.
  • 7. EXAMPLE 2 Personalized Customer Engagement
  • 8. Capturing the Demand Moment 8 Department store geo-locates customers in-store for immediate, relevant support and sales By monitoring their physical major retail outlets, a department store was able to surface customers at the moment when they were most in-market to purchase products and offer them incentives and discounts that were immediately actionable.
  • 9. The Tweet 9 Bring together your internal data with external data.
  • 10. EXAMPLE 2 Social Customer Care
  • 11. Placing the Customer First 11
  • 12. Superior Service Through Social 12 Real-time social monitoring produces happier customers when engagement lag is minimized Consumers engage brands across all channels, by monitoring and managing social outlets (not just owned-media), customer-focused organizations respond quicker and personally to raise customer satisfaction levels. Your customers expect immediate responses.
  • 14. Beyond Your Firewall 14
  • 15. Social is More than Just Marketing 15 Use the right tool to bring social data into your organization Leverage Social Data across the enterprise through integration Raise customer satisfaction levels by engaging your customers in real-time everywhere
  • 16. THANK YOU @Tracx #SugarCon