Mobile: Session 6: Using Mobile CRM to Drive Sales, Operations, and User Acceptance
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Mobile: Session 6: Using Mobile CRM to Drive Sales, Operations, and User Acceptance

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Having quick access to the data in your customer relationship management system is not only imperative to closing business, it’s imperative to keeping the customer relationship. The development of......

Having quick access to the data in your customer relationship management system is not only imperative to closing business, it’s imperative to keeping the customer relationship. The development of mobile CRM helps companies gain and retain customers even while they’re on the go. Learn how using a mobile CRM solution can help maximize your productivity. USAFact CEO Matt Davidson will discuss how implementing a mobile solution with Sugar and Epicom revolutionized the way his company does business. Matt will also discuss how operations improved with the addition of electronic signature execution and an integration with its MAS 90 Billing System

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  • “A mobility solution removes excuses. Our sales team can be held to expectations and now communicates in a way that brings better efficiency to the operations team.”


  • 1. MobileUsing Mobile CRM to Drive Sales, Operations, and User Acceptance
  • 2. Matt Davidson and Bill HarrisonCEO of USAFact and CEO & Founder of Epicom @epicomcorp,
  • 3. Steps to Turnaround Identify Issues Speed Up Improve CRM Sales Process Adoption Integrate & Improve Automate AccountabilityTweet: #SCON12
  • 4. Definition of Problems Operational/Product Technology Sales/Financial• Operational • $800,000 spent on •Sales • Operations shrinking; a technology upgrades in 1 •2008: CEO dismissed flight for survival year •2009: HR industry slumps • Limited management • Bad contracts and •2009: New sales and direction – No meetings overpaying for services execs, but unfocused • Lack of clear ownership • 5 projects, 6 months past product development • No account management due with no end in sight •2010: - Collective average• Product • Limited understanding of of $1.8K MRR per month new technologies sold • Limited product refresh – (infrastructure of app dev) •Not leveraging Sugar focus on “we have always done it this way” • Paper/email based processes •Funnel not weighted or • Limited technology • Data security concerns explained to Board & Bank advancement properly • Limited product marketing •Financial •Lost $350K in first 7 months •Revenues down 50% over 2 yearsTweet: #SCON12
  • 5. Improve CRM Adoption Provide Mobile Support & Access to Employees Data entry is more complete and accurate when entered in real time vs. waiting to access a computer Simplify CRM Data Entry Keep the CRM simple and fields reduced to only what is needed Improve New CRM User Experience Looking to standardize and push out relevant dashboards to user accountsTweet: #SCON12
  • 6. Improve Accountability Enforce chain of custody for leads and quotes through the CRM system Leads, opportunities, and cases can be created and assigned using a smartphone Automatic notifications and access from anywhere make each employee accountableTweet: #SCON12
  • 7. CASE MANAGEMENT &DASHBOARDS Morning “Cup of Coffee”Tweet: #SCON12
  • 8. Integrate and Automate Sales Process Integrate billing system with Sugar Mobile to see invoices, track orders, and assist AR Implement electronic signature processes – sign contracts on mobile device Advanced quoting solution allows reps to quickly determine price at various discount levels while at customer sitesTweet: #SCON12
  • 9. STANDARDIZED QUOTES:Automatic Custom PDF Creation Revitalized Customer Organized Business Simplicity Product Revenue & Catalog Model VersatilityTweet: #SCON12
  • 10. STANDARDIZED QUOTES:Define Product Catalog for Quote Automation SugarCRM Support & Training Faster Revenue Generation: Better DeliveryTweet: #SCON12
  • 11. Speed Up Approval Process Enable access to CRM on the road Electronic signature execution from mobile device
  • 12. SUCCESS FACTORS Focus on Users Simplify and reduce number of fields Custom quote module Ubiquitous Use Sugar Mobile for sales team Considering replacing laptops with iPads for on-the-roads sales reps “Fair for All” Reinforcement Training Commissions Bonus eligibility Improved Customer Service Quick response times from mobile use increased customer satisfaction Tweet: #SCON12
  • 13. The End Result User adoption of the SugarCRM system soared to 90% 2 sales reps hit the same overall sales target as 7 did in the past 2011 sales increased by 12% compared with 2010 Time to develop quotes went from taking three people 45 minutes to taking one person only 5 minutesTweet: #SCON12
  • 14. USAFact TODAY Operational/Product/Technology Sales/Financial• Operational •Sales • Business is growing and team is shrinking •2 salespeople selling more than 7 were selling • Ownership is clear through case management •71% reduction in Sales Dept Staff • Average 2011 “NEW SALES” MRR is now 101% higher than 2010 Average “NEW SALES” MRR• Product • 5 major products in 8 months •Financial • One of the most technically advanced in the •SugarCRM is now central in all sales meetings industry •Profitable within the first 5 months of turnaround • 3.4% increase in services YTD •BACK IN BLACK!!!!!! •August 2011 YTD vs. August 2010 YTD: 125% performance• Technology •Sales team hit 120% of August quota •69% 3rd quarter quota completed • Contracts all re-contracted in acceptable terms •Translation: The TEAM is using the system - no executive “Forcing” of • New phone system in place the system • Paper has been reduced and 2 screens now sit on each user’s desk • All technology projects that were open are completed, plus 4 major additional projects Tweet: #SCON12
  • 15. Questions? Contact Epicom for additional information or questions. | (512) 481-9000 Follow us on Twitter: @epicomcorpTweet: #SCON12
  • 16. Submit Session Feedback Select the SugarCon Mobile App: 1) Tap on this session 2) Tap on survey 3) Submit your feedback*Prizes for attendees who submit session feedback using the Mobile App 4/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 16
  • 17. #SCON12 4/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 17