Mobile: Session 9: SugarCRM's Mobile Roadmap


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  • Growth in smart phone & tablet sales is already remarkable yet still gaining momentumMobile was a peripheral, but becoming an essential It’s not about recreating all features in a smaller form factor, but making a complimentary experienceNew open technologies are causing convergence of social networking, mobility and CRM into a real experience that feels more intuitive and a logical progression
  • * that’s coherent and consistent across multiple devices* A UX that is has an overall design that can be coherent and consistent across multiple devices, and complimentary to the core app. A natural extension of the core app experience* Layouts metadata driven via Studio; no need for extra configuration at middleware layer, support custom fieldsClean activation process for multiple devices per usersupport functionality that helps the user succeed, not bombard them with flash* I18n (internationalization) – proper language support* Enterprise scalability; the experience should work as well at 10,000 users as it does at 10.* Social integration
  • User clicks or swipe left to expose quick create
  • Mobile: Session 9: SugarCRM's Mobile Roadmap

    1. 1. Mobile Sugar Mobile2012-2013 Roadmap
    2. 2. Joseph ArrudaSenior Product Manager, SugarCRM 4/26/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 2
    3. 3. Getting to Here Growth in device market Mobile was a peripheral, but becoming an essential Making the experience New tech, new ideasTweet: #SCON12
    4. 4. Getting to There 2010 Sugar Mobile • Built on Titanium 2012 - • Connected mode only • iPhone and Android • Simple administration Project Nomad 2011 • Replacement for previous solutions, but leverages best concepts from both of them Sugar Mobile • Developed internally • iPhone, Android Plus • One UX across all devices • Simple but robust administration • Built on iEnterprises • Offline mode • iPhone and Blackberry • Complex administrationTweet: #SCON12
    5. 5. Joint Technology – MobileTechnology & DependenciesTechnology HTML5, Javascript: backbone.js, bootstrap, Phon egap Authentication: Oauth (v2) LDAP becomesDepends On New REST API being developed for the Sugar 6.6 release Removes need for a separate sync server componentTweet: #SCON12
    6. 6. Joint Technology – MobileDevices & Delivery Devices: Phase 1: Apple iOS 5.1 or greater (includes iPhone 4) Phase 2: Android 2.3 or greater Mobile web browser compatibility Delivery: Apple App Store Android Market Direct download: Amazon Appstore (Android)Tweet: #SCON12
    7. 7. What will Mobile look like? Coherent UX Sugar-driven layout Support the user with functionality Scalability Social CRMTweet: #SCON12
    8. 8. Mobile UX Content subject to change. Please feel free to provide feedback.Tweet: #SCON12
    9. 9. Call FlowStart at a Record Detail View Phone# Selection Call In Progress to Call Tweet: #SCON12
    10. 10. Call Flow (continued) Call Options Edit Call Log Log Call ConfirmTweet: #SCON12
    11. 11. Related Records Related Record Detail Related ListFunctionsTweet: #SCON12
    12. 12. Create a relation Record Quick Actions Associate Records Confirm AssociationTweet: #SCON12
    13. 13. Creating an Opportunity List Detail Quick Create Create Item Confirm Item CreationTweet: #SCON12
    14. 14. Message StatesTweet: #SCON12
    15. 15. ClosingThank You!For more information: products@sugarcrm.comJoseph Arruda: jarruda@sugarcrm.comTweet: #SCON12
    16. 16. Submit Session Feedback Select the SugarCon Mobile App: 1) Tap on this session 2) Tap on survey 3) Submit your feedback*Prizes for attendees who submit session feedback using the Mobile App 4/26/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 16
    17. 17. #SCON12 4/26/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 17