Serving Our Veterans Through CRM Efficiency: How i CRM Spotlight - VetAdvisor


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Today’s military veterans may be next greatest generation, but they need the support of services that are integrated, veteran-centric, proactive, and preventative. VetAdvisor marries this mission of service with innovation and technology to create powerful individual relationships between coaches and veterans. Learn how this customer-driven organization uses key integrations such as Twilio and FitBit to better serve those who have served their country, and explore how pairing your own business' mission with the right technology can drive powerful support for your customers.

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  • Great Job done by VetAdvisor. It is very nice to see team like VetAdvisor supporting the veterans.
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Serving Our Veterans Through CRM Efficiency: How i CRM Spotlight - VetAdvisor

  1. 1. SERVING OUR VETERANS THROUGH CRM EFFICIENCY @VetAdvisor1 #SugarCon Paul Handly CTO VetAdvisor Jennifer Roseman VP of Coaching Svcs VetAdvisor
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. VetAdvisor and Sugar 3 • Provides veteran-centric care, including coaching in physical & behavioral wellness, career growth and financial management • Customers: Military veterans via organizations that hire and support them, including Veterans’ Administration, Marines, and Army • Launched Sugar: 2012 • Partner: NEPO Systems, LLC
  4. 4. Why did we need CRM VRM? • To enable managed coaching relationships at scale through process automation • To manage the veteran customer lifecycle and coaching operations under a single platform to optimize data collection and analysis • To provide data security and regulatory compliance in managing veteran information 4
  5. 5. I CRM TO… “…reach more veterans.”
  6. 6. Implementation • Outreach “We’re using Sugar to go where the veterans are. It is a highly fractured environment, and that is going to be confusing and disheartening to a veteran. So instead, we are learning about veterans and driving content to them, in a virtual world, on a phone, on a website. We send veterans a customized survey and don’t make the veteran come to us.” • Reporting “Part of Health IT and ACA legislation requires us to measure outcomes and change behaviors – this means we need to go beyond the static view of health records and generate metrics around our relationships.” • Workflow “We don’t have to spend as much time doing administrative things – like reminder calls or sending a source document –everything is organized and at their fingertips.” 6
  7. 7. Milestone Velocity
  8. 8. Integration/Customization • Twilio: Facilitates SMS communication between coaches and clients • Fitbit: Activity tracker, allowing coaches to measure client activity in real time and monitor fitness goals • Verifies client affiliation with military – active, retired, etc. • Clicktools: Provides surveys and questionnaire templates to coaches and clients • Telax: Outbound click-to-call • Collabspot: Synchronizes Sugar and Google apps, including emails and calendars 8
  9. 9. Integration/Customization
  10. 10. Impact • Automate and facilitate outreach at scale • Provide self-driven data visibility to veterans • Adhere to privacy and compliance guidelines • Increased effectiveness of coaching team, limit staffing overhead • Improved services tracking – trend spotting to drive decision making 10
  11. 11. Impact
  12. 12. Moving forward with CRM 12 • Improved use in sales/marketing • Explore additional automation opportunities • Address legislative changes in healthcare data management
  13. 13. Ideas Worth Saluting • Amplify your team with processes and tools that support their goals • Use trend spotting to your advantage 13
  14. 14. THANK YOU @VetAdvisor1 #SugarCon