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Domination Through Innovation isn't just a tagline – community banks and credit unions are at war against big bank competitors, and every member of team at BancVue is armed with the right information to help them win new business while their small bank customers do the same. From sales and marketing to account management, technical operations, and even mystery shopping, this is a business that means business. This session will show how to build your own army, and take victory in the war against your competition while winning the hearts of your customers.

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Banking On CRM: How i CRM Spotlight - BancVue

  1. 1. BANKING ON CRM Thomas Shields Vice President, General Manager of Operations BancVue @BancVue #SugarCon
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. BancVue and Sugar • Creates financial products and marketing packages to allow small business banks to compete at scale. • Customers: Community banks and credit unions • Formerly used Outlook and Excel • Launched Sugar: 2006 • Users: 260 • Partner: Levementum 3
  4. 4. CRM Vision • Create a single customer view • Unify customer-facing presence • Increase confidence in relationship data • Standardize account management infrastructure 4
  5. 5. i CRM TO… Improve work flows and capitalize on analytics
  6. 6. Deployment Marketing Sales Customer Service Technical Support Finance Legal Vendor Management Training Mystery Shopper program 6
  7. 7. Integration/Customization 7 • Echosign: electronic signatures • ClickTools: CSAT survey integration • FIRSTBase SSO: Proprietary authentication for case portal • Insight Exchange: Client dashboard for performance results • Balihoo: Local marketing automation; online catalogue of marketing materials and solutions • BancVue Billing: Product billing configuration integrates with GreatPlains accounting software
  8. 8. Customizations • Kasasa Marketing Plan: Annual status and forecast • Product Design: Database of checking product configuration • Red Review: Documents/escalates/corrective action of client issues • Client Outreach Event: Custom tracking for various outreach efforts 8
  9. 9. Impact • Improved forecasting – Closed 3 mo. reporting gap • 3 weeks of staff time back through automation & data consolidation: “Before, we would have to pull from 3 or 4 different reports. With Sugar, we probably have saved at least one week per month just by providing the automated list.” • Increased accuracy in invoicing: “We use Sugar to manage every single variable of our contracts and pricing with our institutions. 9
  10. 10. The Data Difference • Customer Health Scoreboard Data from D&B, Acuity + Internal indicators (product sales trends) = Health Rating • Customer health roadmap – comparing the ailing customer to a fictional “perfect score” customer • Action plan suggested by roadmap to upsell and engage with products & services 10
  11. 11. Moving forward with CRM • Improve report-based analytics • Get opportunistic with opportunity data • Refine forecasting • Increase conversions and sales wins • Customize to handle new processes • Develop modules to pursue ongoing and new business objectives 11
  12. 12. Ideas To Bank On • Standardize approaches to unify customer responses • Automate processes to grow productivity • Use outside data + internal expertise to create an actionable customer scoring system • Develop a culture of empowerment 12
  13. 13. THANK YOU @BancVue #SugarCon