Effective Social Media in Your CRM: Loyalty Management


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Social CRM is a prerequisite for modern businesses that want to get to know their customers better, develop business opportunities and see who the best ambassadors for their brand may be. This session will show you by using Sugar + Social this can be achieved, giving you the complete customer profile and the ability to react, enhance and enrich your CRM data, showing a live demonstration of how to do Loyalty Management in Sugar.

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Effective Social Media in Your CRM: Loyalty Management

  1. 1. EFFECTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA IN YOUR CRM: LOYALTY MANAGEMENT Simon Chapman, Sales Engineering Manager EMEA SugarCRM @cr38web #SugarCon
  2. 2. Some High Level Statistics 3.2bn interactions on Facebook Which is how many there would be if every single „tall‟ person in the world commented once and liked a status once. 1.3bn smart phone app downloads (Apple & Android) Imagine if every inhabitant of China downloaded one a day. Or if everyone who had watched Gangnam Style did. 500,000 new Android phones are registered That‟s more than the number of people being born, right now.. 270m hours of TV watched in the UK a day. The same length of time as one person watching every single NFL game ever played, including ads and stoppages. At least 80 times over. 300bn emails are sent That‟s 20 emails for every cigarette smoked. 16bn texts sent That‟s a text for each of the cells in an average human‟s cerebral cortex, the part of the brain that we use to think…! 2 Courtesy of Personalize Media.
  3. 3. Some High Level Statistics 2m blog posts are published That‟s how many iPhone 5s were sold in China the first weekend it was on sale and over double the approximate volume of words in the English language. Over half a billion tweets are posted More tweets than there there are books in the world. 300m photos on Facebook That‟s roughly the same amount of photos as there are newspapers printed each day. 5m images uploaded to Instagram More than the number of pages currently on Wikipedia,... 10m mins of Skype calls Roughly how many minutes you‟ll have to wait after birth until you can legally drink alcohol in most countries (18). 2bn Google searches That‟s also how many YouTube videos are watched each day, but less than the total dollars the world‟s governments spend on military each day 3 Courtesy of Personalize Media.
  4. 4. But specifically… Social CRM is still confusing. Only 16% of companies say they currently have a social CRM system in place. 21% plan to implement such a system in the coming year, but another 17% “don‟t know what a social CRM system is and why businesses need it.” (Convince & Convert) Everyone knows women vastly outnumber men on Pinterest, but how about on other social networks? Women make up the larger share of users on Facebook (58% to 42%) and are a slightly larger share on Twitter (52% to 48%) while men are the predominate users of LinkedIn (63% to 37%) and Google+ (71% to 29%). Furthermore, half of all Google+ users are under 25 years old. (iMedia Connection) Only a quarter of all U.S. small businesses (20-99 employees) and a third of midsized companies say they use social media “to engage with customers and prospects in a strategic and structured way.” Another 20% of both groups say they use social media, but in an ad hoc manner. (eMarketer) The average user spends nearly 7 hours per month on Facebook, just 21 minutes on Twitter, 17 on LinkedIn, and 3 minutes on Google+. (WP Hosting SEO) 4
  5. 5. And finally… There are 1 billion posts per day made on Facebook. One out of every five page views on the Internet is on…Facebook. It‟s used by more than half of all people in North America, more than a third of all citizens in Australia and New Zealand, and more than a quarter of the population in Europe, and of Facebook‟s one billion-plus users, 57% access the site at least occasionally from mobile devices. The most popular operating systems for mobile Facebook access are iOS (26%) and Android (21%). (Visual.ly/iMedia Connection/Jeff Dullas) Twitter grew more than 55% on 2012-13 and there are 400 million tweets per day on Twitter. A million new Twitter accounts are opened each day. The average user spends nearly and hour and a half on the site each month. Twitter now has more than 500 million users worldwide, including more than 100 million in the U.S. Twitter‟s second-largest user base is in Brazil. (Visual.ly / Jeff Bullas) 42% of companies have acquired at least one customer through Twitter. (Polaris B) 5
  6. 6. Customer service: an industry that developed by mistake This phrase was coined by Martin Hill-Wilson ofBrainfood Consulting, who described customer service as something that has needed tackling for a long time, with an attitude of cost containment at most big companies for the past 30 years. The emergence of social media 'has suddenly made customer service a spectator sport’. One example is Next Flowers, where one customer had complained on Facebook and a friend had chimed in with similar negative feedback, creating a snowball effect. This is common as anyone who has visited TripAdvisor will tell you, people are more interested in the negatives, than something positive. 6
  7. 7. Customer service: an industry that developed by mistake There are other examples of success, such as KLM’s work in assisting customers in the aftermath of Iceland‟s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupting. In comparison however, Qantas‟ response was poor. KLM is one of the better brands, with airlines in general particularly good at responding quickly on social media. Just 54 Minutes is the average response time on Twitter and Facebook, with a 96% response rate altogether. This leads us on to some interesting stats shared by Social Bakers. Financial Services are currently the leading industry for response rate on Facebook, at 79.9%. 7 This seems good until you compare the 20.1% not responded to with the less than 4% of calls that are abandoned in the call centre…not so good.
  8. 8. So what do you suggest…? #1 Social Media is not an option, it’s a requirement Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing and business development plans. It is expected and will hinder sales if it isn‟t present. #2: Mobile Growth Businesses need a website that works on both desktop and mobile Forbes predicts that by 2017 Mobile Sales will grow by 87% #3: Google+ needs to be integrated into your Social Media Efforts It‟s Google…of course! Google+ Local is merged with Google Places Google Authorship is merged with the Google+ Page Google+ Hangouts are merged with Youtube 8
  9. 9. So what do you suggest…? #4: Images will be used more and more across the internet Pinterest and Instagram will continue to grow Images will continue to be the top content to grab people‟s attention on all social networks #5: Video SEO Benefits of Youtube (Google owns Youtube) Google+ Hangouts will grow in use due to the simplification of creating videos with it Vine and Instagram videos simplify video creation #6: Continuously evolve All businesses need a social strategy, but it always needs refinement. Protects reputation, drives business development 9
  10. 10. …but how does this relate to CRM? Sugar allows you to build the single customer view, targeting them with specific campaigns, responding to individual messages, developing new business relationships and enhancing networks, and dealing with issues before they get out of hand. Social CRM is about enhancing my CRM data by using real-time data to give me insight into not only what they are doing now, but what they might be interested in in the future. Let me give you some insight into how SocialCRM works in Sugar in a Retail & Loyalty Management context. 10
  11. 11. SUGAR + SOCIALCRM An overview
  12. 12. Customer Overview For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  13. 13. Highlighting Relationships + Maps For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  14. 14. Or Maybe It Relates To Cards & Points?
  15. 15. And Tweet Them Directly From CRM
  16. 16. Social
  17. 17. Social
  18. 18. Social Inbox
  19. 19. Integration to E-commerce and Back Office For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  20. 20. Reporting Dashboards For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  21. 21. Integrations with Product Catalogues For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  22. 22. Classification Of Products By Store For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  23. 23. Loyalty Campaigns – Personalised. For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  24. 24. Maybe you need to plan a visit? For more information please visit http://apidocs.sugarcrm.com
  25. 25. DEMONSTRATION Retail, Loyalty and Retaining Customers
  26. 26. ANY QUESTIONS?
  27. 27. THANK YOU @cr38web #SugarCon