Solve for the Customer by Denis Pombriant


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There is a simmering conflict between customers and their vendors. Across the Internet customers are bashing vendors who they believe are providing poor products and services, and policies that drive them crazy. Many vendors have no idea of the magnitude of the problem or if they are in the crosshairs. In this talk renown CRM analyst and author Denis Pombriant discusses his new book “SFTC: Solve for the Customer,” which discusses the issue and how only a business process orientation will change the status quo.

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Solve for the Customer by Denis Pombriant

  1. 1. Denis Pombriant Managing Principal Beagle Research Group, LLC SFTC* Solve For The Customer
  2. 2. The Problem  Guerilla War 1.0  What’s your Sucks Score? Company Sucks Score Exxon Mobile 5,500,00 Wal-Mart Stores 11,700,000 Royal Dutch Shell 1,490,000 BP 16,900,000 General Motors 651,000 Oracle 1,540,000 Rolls Royce 452,000 SAP 9,790,000 Harvard University 397,000
  3. 3.   “xxx Bank stole my cahs (sic) rewards”  “xxx Bank — modification request not properly handled, home in foreclosure”  “xxx Bank — I was lied to” Guerilla War 2.0
  4. 4.  “xxx Airlines Unscrupulous, xxx Airlines Steals Money!”  “xxx Airlines Ripoff. Abuse, incompetence Houston Texas”  “xxx Airlines … not a good way to start or finish a vacation, Chicago, Illinois”
  5. 5.  “xxx — Constant wrong orders!”  “xxx — Discrimination”  “xxx — Price discrepancy”  “xxx — Dirty hands of employees, Rude behavior”
  6. 6. “We are sold out of : 32 ct. Tums Ultra chewy, cherry antacids (245-05-0141). Please substitute: 10-ct. Trojan bare skin condoms (245-03-0387).” How We Got Here
  7. 7.  Customers have a megaphone  You don’t sell, they purchase  The customer lifecycle has changed  Your automation is inadequate  But that’s not the point What Has Changed
  8. 8. Too many vendor systems are systems of record (transaction) with happy faces. What Is the Point?
  9. 9.  Vendors think about transactions  Customers think about processes  The customer experience is all about process  Customers with broken processes have bad experiences and tell the world More to the Point
  10. 10. Discover Engage Buy Use Bond Advocate Today’s Customer Lifecycle
  11. 11. The Real Thing
  12. 12. Many Brands
  13. 13. Un-regulated
  14. 14. Buy it on Amazon
  15. 15. Moments of Truth Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event n… Managing Cascades
  16. 16. Anna Karenina Lifecycle Discover Engage Buy Use Bond Advocate Moments of Truth
  17. 17. The Anna Karenina Principle “Happy families are all alike. Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”
  18. 18. Woody Allen
  19. 19.  People – Enable people to do good work  Process – Support them with systems of engagement not simply systems of record  Technology – New technology outlook with linked elements, workflow, collaboration, analytics, social, multi-platform Same Old Story
  20. 20.  Use Good Judgment  We are as maniacal about our metrics as our mission.  We Solve For The Customer (SFTC).  We are radically transparent. HubSpot’s Culture Code
  21. 21.  We give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome.  We are unreasonably picky about our peers.  We invest in individual mastery and market value.  We constantly question the status quo. People
  22. 22.  Knowing what your moments of truth are  A software platform that incorporates the tools that drive process  Rapid application development and deployment process  So that you can be in your customers’ moments of truth Process Orientation
  23. 23.  Social listening  Moments of Truth: Are you delivering the value that customers want and expect?  How do you know?  If you ask your customers, they’ll tell you.  Got community? Knowing Your Moments of Truth
  24. 24.  Filtering the social stream  Key words, brand, product, company, individuals, #, @  Bucket the results to start internal cascades.  Enhancements, How-to, Complaints, Business issues, Complements, Theft… Ad hoc Community
  25. 25. Managed Community
  26. 26. Mediated Community
  27. 27.  Makes CRM a system of engagement not just a system of record  Ties together process by bringing linking technologies and data  Eliminate coding and rely on the platform  Enables process support, in the moment of truth  So that you don’t suck Platform
  28. 28.  Select a vendor  Hire a professional manager  Design and build site  Start slow but also get some quick wins  Let them lead  Atmosphere of trust  Say thank you! My Advice
  29. 29.  Engage, improve NPS  Sharpen value proposition  ID broken cascades  ID new products and services  Discover what’s important  Develop metrics around the new value proposition Solve for the Customer
  30. 30. Suck
  31. 31. Beagle Research Group, LLC 781-297-0066 Thanks!