SugarCon 2013: Data Management & Spatial Intelligence from the Cumulus Clouds to your CRM
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SugarCon 2013: Data Management & Spatial Intelligence from the Cumulus Clouds to your CRM



Dennis Pham & Scot A. Laudicina", Pitney Bowes ...

Dennis Pham & Scot A. Laudicina", Pitney Bowes

Let Pitney Bowes bring data management and spatial intelligence, down from the cloud and into your CRM. Pitney Bowes produces actionable insight for organizations looking to become customer-focused in their interactions with their customers across all channels by combining disciplines of data quality, data integration and master data management with spatial, social and predictive analytics as part of a comprehensive solution delivered in real-time or batch. Pitney Bowes makes it easy for distinct functional areas to work in concert to improve customer relationship management, financial reporting and compliance.



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SugarCon 2013: Data Management & Spatial Intelligence from the Cumulus Clouds to your CRM	SugarCon 2013: Data Management & Spatial Intelligence from the Cumulus Clouds to your CRM Presentation Transcript

  • Data Management & Spatial Intelligencefrom the Cumulus Clouds to your CRMDennis Pham, Principal Solutions EngineerScot A. Laudicina – Director, Strategic Alliances
  • So why is data management important?•  Data is the raw material of information•  Accurate information underpins good business decisions and smoothrunning processes•  Existing data is often reused to fulfill new business requirements
  • Business Operations…Information & Insight is based on DataDecisions are based on Information and Insight
  • Business ChallengesWhy do we have somuch returned mail?Our services responseunits are inneficientWho is thecustomer onthe phone?Why are we gettingaudited?I cannot get asingle view of mycustomersThe data in ourData Warehouseis not reliableMy response rate isless than 1%, why?…it affects every departmentWhy are wegetting duplicatestatements?Bad Data leads to bad decisionsBad data in one system is like a virus….…. It spreads to the other databases
  • NameJohn SmithHenry R. WhiteDr. Andy BrownSteve D. Brook, Jr.Title First Middle Last SuffixJohn SmithHenry R. WhiteDr. Andy BrownSteven D. Brook Jr.CityNyNew YorkN.Y.NYCityNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNew YorkNormalization
  • Normalization: Benefits•  Standardize data for a uniform customer experience•  Generate consistent communications•  Pre-populated industry terms makes it easier to set rules•  Consolidates standards and dictionaries into a single platform•  Creates structured data which enhances identity resolution
  • Global Name Recognition
  • Global Name Recognition: Benefits•  Recognize name elements across cultures•  Enhance customer experience•  Improve identity resolution and de-duplication•  Improve target marketing with gender and ethnicity identifiers•  Improve collections and searches through name variationgenerator
  • Global Address VerificationPitney Bowes4200 ParlamentLanham MDMarcus Enger21 Mainzer StreetKoeln, GermanyJapan〒192-0993東京都八王子市6-11子安町 Pitney Bowes4200 Parliament Pl, Ste 600Lanham, MD, 20706-1852Marcus EngerMainzer Str. 2150678 Köln, DE6-11 SHIMOHONDAKOYASU-CHOHACHIOJI-SHI, TOKYO-TO192-0993, JP
  • Global Address Verification: Benefits•  Increase customer satisfaction•  Faster, more accurate data capture•  Validate quality at the point of data entry•  Minimize errors and streamline downstream processes•  Improve deliverability of goods and communications•  Increase opportunity to match/enrich customer data
  • Data MatchingA B C DCB A B AD B B C AA BC DOriginal Data Duplicates RemovedDe-Duping
  • De-duping: Benefits•  Gain a single view of your customers, products and locations•  Consolidate records to eliminate duplicate efforts•  Synchronize data across disparate business units andsystems•  Improve business processes up-front•  Enhance customer experience•  Enable information sharing
  • Spatial Intelligence690 Flatbush Ave,West Hartford, CT06110
  • Spatial Intelligence: Benefits•  Put relationships in context•  Establish a permanent location record•  Reduce risks and make better decisions•  Enable spatial analysis
  • Thank