SugarCon 2013:Gain the Pole Position


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Christian Paulus, VMWare

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  • CIO priorities have not changed – always time and cost in the top 3 But we came a long wayCloud is fundamentally changing things – next wave like the internet, expectations are changing dramatically Buying booksGo to book store – often order book and wait for 4 weeks. If book arrives after 3 weeks I was happyOrder books online at Amazon, expect books to get delivered in a week, if book arrives after 4 days I am happyUse e-book reader – if download does not start after 30 seconds I am getting annoyed
  • Consumerization: Cloud is about consumption, not where software runs
  • The cloud is changing things:Increasing number of workloads are transferred into the cloud– all kinds of appsApps are deployed into different destination – perhaps EC2 for dev and Vmware for productionContinuous change models such as google’s are used (do not fix the problem in production – reset the VM to the last working stateIf you want to manage apps in a consistent and repeatable way, then deployment becomes a strategic control point AppD is addressing those challenges
  • The beauty of the recent vCloud Suite launch is that we have an entire platform which enables customers to buy 1 sku, 1 sns and they do not have to try to figure of what products should they buy to achieve operations management and or service provisioning. It is 1 sku VCloud Suite Enterprise.
  • Thank you for taking the time to watch this video andwe hope that it was informative. To learn more about vCloud Automation Center there are additional videos available.
  • SugarCon 2013:Gain the Pole Position

    1. 1. Gain the Pole Position . . .SugarCon, April 2013Christian PaulusDirector Product Marketing, Cloud Service Provisioning, VMware
    2. 2. Cloud Business Drivers Enable Hybrid Dont KnowQuality 1% 2% 3% Defend IT 3% Cost 21% Agility/S Rapidly adapt to changes in the peed business environment to capture 57% market share Business Allignment 12% Source: Gartner -The Drivers and Challenges of Private Cloud Computing, Mar 20122
    3. 3. The Cloud is a NEW Way to Consume Services Anywhere Anytime Any device It’s not about where but how services run Hybrid Cloud “Migrate workloads” Private Cloud Public Cloud Performance Security / Control Consumption models Cap-Ex / Op-Ex Service Levels Insource / Outsource3
    4. 4. Deployment Becomes the Control Point Middleware Virtual Apps Packaged Private Cloud Open Source vSphere Apps Deploy vCloud Public CloudLEgacy Custom Apps Java .Net Transfer of workloads Various destinations Continuous change 4
    5. 5. VMware Cloud Service Provisioning Solution • On – demand access Cloud Service Provisioning • Any service Self - Service Policy-Based Governance with Automated Delivery • Policies for governance IaaS PaaS DaaS XaaS • Standardization for IT control and compliance • Lifecycle management Heterogeneous Infrastructure • Broad multi-vendor support • Extensible by designThe agility your business needs with the control IT requires through a flexible solution for automating the delivery of IT services6
    6. 6. Thank you7
    7. 7. Thank YouBlog Blueprint on VMware Cloud Applications Market Place, VMware Inc8