Creating Insightful Reports with Data from Sugar and Other Critical SaaS Sources


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Murray Dunn, The Connection Cloud

Today, users of SaaS applications struggle to access their data for advanced reporting and BI. Many users need reports combine data from multiple applications such as SugarCRM, Intacct and Zuora. This typically means manually merging data from static spreadsheets to generate reports that stale, the minute they’re created. Users are addressing these challenges by turning to cloud data virtualization which provides instant connection to cloud application data to access exactly the data needed, from where it resides, into their preferred reporting tool. Join us to seehow these best practices can help you easily access your SugarCRM and other SaaS data for your advanced reporting needs.

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  • We are humans, and we evolve. So does our requirement for understanding through reporting and analytics.
  • As our businesses mature our needs for knowing what has happened through reporting; quickly evolves into wanting to understand why through analytics; to what is happening now, through dashboards; and then what is going to happen, or how can we make something happen through predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • The great news is that there has been tremendous amount of investment in the BI industry in creating more sophisticated, easier to use, business intelligence tools. It seems like every other day there is another new tool simplifying some new aspect of analytics and reporting. These tools put the power to report, analyze and visualize data in ways that in the past could only be handled by combinations of software engineers, statisticians, and graphic artists in the past. However, many of these tools have one aspect in common. That is they require you to have figured out how to get access the data you need to do the analysis in the first place.
  • And that can be very time-consuming and expensive project for organizations. But we have to do it in order the full potential of the data stored in our systems.
  • And it’s going to get more challenging, unless we start to introduce some standards. This slide from our friends at Bessemer Venture Partners highlights the tremendous value, and the challenges ahead just within the Software as a Service industry. There is no doubt this is a fast growing industry. We recently conducted an internal survey of my own team. The question was how many SaaS applications do we use today. The response was anywhere between 4 and 10. In actuality, we use over 20 SaaS applications today. And sooner or later we need to access the data from all of these applications to help support our business.The problem is, however, that….
  • In fact, It’s like we have 300 proprietary databases, with no standard way to access this data for reporting and analytics.Accordingly Ventana research report that 67% of organizations highlight the largest barrier to efficient data management is that cloud data is spread across too many applications..
  • So why, and how is this effecting you and your clients today.
  • You’ve been told that a report is needed that brings together data from several systems.You spend the weekend downloading CSV files into an Excel spreadsheet, massaging the data, etc.
  • We set out to solve this problem, by building a cloud based solution that would allow you to access your SaaS data, just as easily as you accessed your on-premise data.
  • Even though this data resides in the cloud, hosted in a data center shared with 000s of other companies, you could still see your data, as if its was installed on a local database… and using your favorite tool, you can start reporting, analyzing and visualizing data within minutes.
  • You can create virtual views of data from a single applications like SugarOnDemand, or across multiple applications.
  • Or you can create virtual views that let users access data cross multiple SaaS and on premise applications. Take a view called customer status. This could include opportunities from SugarOnDemand, support tickets from Zendesk and billing information from Intacct. And you could report and analyze this data from any one of hundreds of reporting and analytical tools.
  • And finally, when the volumes of data require the performance of data warehouse, the Connection Cloud provides you with a feature to enable one within minutes, and have it refreshed on a schedule you define.
  • Let’s take a look at the Connection Cloud in action.
  • Creating Insightful Reports with Data from Sugar and Other Critical SaaS Sources

    1. 1. Connection Cloud WebinarCreating Advanced Reports fromSugar On Demand and other SaaS SourcesMurray DunnVice President,Connection Cloud
    2. 2. • Introduction• Why is creating reports with SaaS data a challenge?• How do we solve this today?• Enabling advanced reporting with Data Virtualization• Demonstration• Q&AToday’s Topics
    3. 3. Introduction
    4. 4. ReportingWhat Happened?AnalyticsWhy did it happen?DashboardsWhat’s happening now?Predictive AnalyticsWhat’s going to happen?ComplexityBusiness ValuePrescriptive AnalyticsHow can we make ithappen?Where is your business?Source:GartSource: Gartner 2013
    5. 5. There is no shortage of great reporting and BI tools…
    6. 6. Complexity is driven largely by access to the data
    7. 7. The problem of data isolated in “Data Silos”is worse than ever on the CloudThe largest barrier to efficient information management is dataspread across too many applications and systems, according to 67percent of organizations, followed by multiple versions of the truth(64%). Ventana Research, In the Cloud Benchmark Research, Sept-2012
    8. 8. Where the “Rubber hits the Road”…
    9. 9. Many of us have moved from on-premise toSoftware as a Service (SaaS) for many benefits…However, we did give up some flexibility.Where the “Rubber hits the Road”…On Premise Systems SaaS Apps
    10. 10. Back in Year BC (Before Cloud)On PremiseSystems
    11. 11. When we needed to do more with our data...On PremiseSystemsWe just used our preferredreporting tools…
    12. 12. When it comes to SaaS applications...
    13. 13. …the data is in the cloud, hidden behind the UI, APIs,authentication controls, etc…
    14. 14. How have companies solved thischallenge?3 examples…
    15. 15. 1. The “CSV File Shuffle” Solution
    16. 16. 2. The “Build an On-Premise Data Warehouse” Solution
    17. 17. 3. The Custom Connector Solution
    18. 18. 3. The Custom Connector Solution
    19. 19. In Minutes, andWithout Custom DevelopmentHow Connection Cloud VirtualizesData to SolveAdvanced Reporting Challenges
    20. 20. For administrators and users of SaaS applications, whoare frustrated by the lack of access to that data forcustom reporting and analysis, we provide an easystandards-based way to access data from any reportingor BI tool.Unlike traditional integration vendors, like Informaticaor Mulesoft, Connection Cloud enables access to data,within minutes, and from where it resides, withoutservers or engineering.What is the Connection Cloud?
    21. 21. What if, you could access your SaaS data directly – fromyour favorite tools - like the data was on-premise.Real-time Data Access in Minutes
    22. 22. Access to your SaaS data from where it residesReal-time Data Access in MinutesContacts AccountsOpportunities CasesContractsProductsLeads TasksUsersProspects
    23. 23. Real-time Data Access in MinutesThen create virtual views that join multiple tables…Contacts AccountsOpportunities CasesContractsProductsLeads TasksUsersProspectsVirtual View: Customer Opportunities
    24. 24. Real-time Data Access in MinutesAnd create virtual views that join from multipletables from multiple applications (data sources)…Virtual View: Customer Status
    25. 25. And not just for SugarCRM, but from any SaaSapplication, with any reporting tool…Cloud Data Virtualization – Data Access in MinutesVirtual View: Customer Status
    26. 26. When the volume of data impacts performance…Virtual View: Customer StatusData WarehouseHosted data warehousing, enabled in minutes.
    27. 27. Demonstration
    28. 28. Connection Cloud WebinarThank YouVisit Connection Cloud at the ExpoBooth 408Murray DunnVice President,Connection Cloud