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Marketing and support automation drives rapid growth with new and existing customers – see how fresh processes and smart integration choices allow this private network services provider to save thousands of dollars a month in outbound service calls, drive new demand, and scale business services to meet the customers’ needs. In this session, let TengoInternet’s experience start 'connecting you for success'.

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  • So I’m here to share a little bit about how i CRM at TengoInternet
    Founded in January 2002 with 1 employee self funded
    We deliver turnkey WiFi solutions. We design wireless networks, recommend and source bandwidth providers, and do all project management until the network gets installed
    After installation we provide ongoing network support, proactive monitoring, and 24/7/365 guest care
    Our customers choose us because we increase guest loyalty, we increase staff productivity, and we increase their occupancy
  • North America’s largest provider of high-speed wireless internet solutions for the outdoor hospitality industry.
    We service over 850 locations in 49 states, Canada, Mexico. (Not in Hawaii)
    Last year we worked with one new customer to get WiFi setup at their resort in the Bahamas.
    I was very jealous of the installer who got to work on that project.
    Most of our customers are in outdoor hospitality- specifically rv parks and campgrounds (650)
    However we are also providing connectivity at marinas, manufacturer housing communities, state parks, hotels, and oil and gas housing
    As you can tell outdoor WiFi is our specialty
    In 2013 we provided WiFi access to over 780,000 WiFi guests and employees of these locations
    We started on SugarCRM in 2010. Prior to SugarCRM we were on sales force
    We found Sales Force to be expensive, and their product to have a lack a focus on customer service.
    We partnered with Epicom to assist with our initial deployment and transition to SugarCRM.
    I would like to thank Epicom for their efforts in implementation and ongoing development.
  • So why did we need CRM?
    We wanted to manage sales and support in a single system.
    We had multiple, unconnected platforms – Sales Force, Ruby on Rails based support system, and a monitoring system.
    Having the two main workgroups in many different systems was a problem for us.
    One hand had no idea what the other hand was working on.
    We have all experienced the issue this causes when on the phone with tech support at large companies
    On hold for 10 minutes, when you finally get someone it is not who you need to talk to.
    You then get transferred to 4 different people,
    And each time, you the customer, have to retell your story.
    We needed to avoid that.
    The majority of the work being done was through email, and processes were not set up
    We had data integrity issues- since there was little automation and work done via email- we could not trust what data we did have.
    We needed flexibility to build the processes that our business demanded.
    We needed a tool that could allow us to implement and internalize these processes.
    Finally we needed the ability to very simply automate them.
    Fewer data entry tasks makes the team at TengoInternet happier every day.
    Happy team means happy customers
  • We want all of our employees to be decision makers.
    In order to empower our employees to make decisions and provide excellent service- they require insight on each customer at a glance.
    Knowing history on the customer, and their network, allows all our employees to make informed decisions.
    For instance, if we have a customer that calls in
    upon viewing their account and creating a case
    our support agents will get a warning if there has been many recent issues.
    This would prompt them to then spend extra time doing a root cause analysis, and getting to the bottom of the issue.
    We also make it a point to give all our employees transparent access to the information that they need
    We are working with a big customer this year on deploying WiFi at 40 of their locations nationwide this year
    This is also a current customer, and we are currently supporting quite of few of their networks- some that were installed at least 10 years ago
    As you can imagine- these locations can generate a lot of calls through our support lines- old networks that drive calls, can cause agents frustration, because they want to help
    As it happens, a key decision maker from this company decided to call into our toll free support line
    This person gave their name, what location they were calling about
    Our agent gathered the information, entered it into Sugar and was able to identify exactly who they were and what the situation was with that company
    Our agent was empowered to know all the stakes that were happening on that call
    This empowered our support agent to go the extra mile, and provide excellent service
    One short support phone call helped turned the tide for us on a million dollar deal
  • Support & Sales & Marketing in Sugar
    Support consists of three tiers, Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
    L1 and L2 are outsourced to a 3rd party call center
    They take all incoming calls from guests and location staff, and do basic troubleshooting with both parties.
    They can see all accounts, cases, installations in process, and opportunities
    We have “queues” setup in sugar by using Group User accounts where we track cases they are currently work on.
    Our L3 group is internal- and works on more advanced or sensitive cases. Extra grace required as we call it
    Any case that requires a technician dispatch or equipment shipment is sent to the L3 group.
    “Escalating a case to L3” is as simple as re-assigning the case to a different group user
    All notes and customer conversation data is retained for the new L3 to know all troubleshooting steps that have been taken, and all information the customer has provided
    No extra work for the customer, no mundane work for our employees
    This enables us to provide excellent customer service
    We are two time winners of National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC) Supplier of the Year and it would not be possible without sugarcrm
    Crucial for sales to have a central location to track opportunities
    Workflow actions allow for us to send reminders to sales reps, and alerts to sales manager when opportunity sits too long
    Pipeline forecast allows us to notify our finance team, and key supplies, of expected sales before the deal gets closed
    Engineering is automatically brought into the sales process at the appropriate time
    Once an opportunity gets to a certain stage a task is automatically set up to review and approve all work the sales person has donePost sales we send monthly newsletters to the customers and conduct yearly net promoter surveys
  • Every week we send a report to all of our customers containing information on how their network performed the previous week
    Provides them the data they need to feel confident in their networks performance
    Shows them new users to the system, and provides their contact information
    Targeted only to current customers through CRM
    We also now have this thing called whack a mole
    In 2011 we ran into a scaling issue after an acquisition that doubled our size
    Team members had to monitor our dashboard watching for equipment that changed from green to red
    Real life endless game of Whack a Mole
    Seemed to work okay for us for the first 8 years
    We decided we needed to automated
    We worked with Epicom to build a twilio powered integration to our dashboard
    Whenever a piece of equipment goes online, the customer gets a phone call with what happened, and what to do about
    CEO Connect is a monthly newsletter sent from sugarcrm
    Sent to targeted customers, leads, and opportunities
    Includes our global network statistics including Guest Authentication Rate, Equipment Uptime, First Call Resolution, and Average Hold Time
    Allows for prospects and customers to get to know the personality of the company.
  • Quickbooks- profitability. What do you do with unprofitable customers?
  • SugarCRM, and the tools surrounding, it has had a major impact on our business
    It has impacted our revenue by focusing our sales force
    It has allowed us to cut costs by making our employees more efficient
    And most importantly it allows us to learn more about our customers
  • Sugar makes our people feel a lot better.
    They are not doing the mundane copying and pasting data.
    People are using their skills to do differentiating work, and that gives them a better life.
    They can focus on the important things because we have automated the simple things.
  • What’s next for us.
    We want to engage our customers more. We have 780,000 guests /yr whom we have minimal contact with. When we do connect it generally only for support.
    We want to pull more of the positive experiences. We want to learn more about what their pain points are. And we want to engage them in the channels they are already using.
    We expect our current integrations between MeshView, SugarCRM and inbox 25 to facilitate that.
    We want more financial data in SugarCRM, and we want to move our accounting team into SugarCRM.
    We have discussed the positive effects of combining Sales and Support, we feel only good things can come from a 360 degree view.
    We are constantly trying to improve our analytics.
    We use reports to answer business questions.
    What are the busiest hours? How much staffing to we need at each time of the day? – We would look at a report on Call volume by hour.
    Do we need to hire additional resources to meet next month/quarter’s demand? We would look at Total cases by week/month- provides the ability to spot seasonality and forecast what next months case load will be.
    We use many different APs- which are the cheapest to maintain? We have classifications on our accounts for equipment type- this allows us to see which type of equipment is generating the most cases
    What is driving calls from a single location? We will lookup the cause of causes over the last 4 months. If there happens to be 8 cases to an internet provider going offline that tells us we need to call them and maybe get a cable modem replaced.
    Sugar is key for trend spotting and being smarter about what is actually happening with our networks.
  • Connecting For Success: How i CRM Spotlight - TengoInternet

    1. 1. CONNECTING FOR SUCCESS Dan Tronolone Director of IT and Engineering TengoInternet, Inc @TengoInternet #SugarCon
    2. 2. 2
    3. 3. TengoInternet • North America’s largest provider of high-speed wireless internet solutions for the outdoor hospitality industry. • Customers: private state parks, rv parks, campgrounds, and oil and gas housing units – providing access for guests & employees • Launched Sugar: 2010 • Partner: Epicom 3
    4. 4. Why did we need CRM? • To manage both sales and support processes via a single platform to optimize data collection and identify trends • To enable faster and more accurate customer response through process automation • To increase revenue predictability through accurate sales forecasting • Alleviate mundane tasks and make our team HAPPIER! 4
    5. 5. i CRM TO… “…empower our employees.”
    6. 6. Implementation 6
    7. 7. Implementation • Automated weekly reports for customers: – Number of users – Data usage – Network uptime – First time new users • Automatic outage notifications: “Whack-a- Mole” – Twilio powered Phone/SMS/Email notifications – Provides pre-recorded next steps to resolve specific outage • CEO Connect monthly newsletter 7
    8. 8. Integrations • Quickbooks - Work orders, profitability • Twilio - Automated outage notifications • MeshView – Network monitoring dashboard • EchoSign – Contracts, dispatch approval • Inbox25 – Drip marketing, web analytics • Zip2Tax – Automated tax rate lookup • Custom google maps based network design tool 8
    9. 9. Impact • Flexibility allows business processes to be derived naturally, not tools dictating processes • 20% YOY revenue growth since implementation • $10,000 per month savings automating outbound calls • Won back 30 hours/week avoiding double data entry on maintenance orders • Automation cut sales data input time by 25% • Customer profitability analysis $100,000/yr savings 9
    10. 10. Empowered employees 10 “People are using their skills better and that gives them a better work life. They can focus on the important things because we have automated the simple things.”
    11. 11. Moving Forward • Expand Marketing Automation – More customer touches through many different channels • Encourage 360-degree customer view – Full expansion to accounting team – More financial data • Improve reports-based analytics – Answer the business questions • Customer Portal for Visibility – Real time transparent view for customers 11
    12. 12. Connecting Ideas • Remove the burden from your team – automate manual processes • Provide visibility and transparency to all • Use reports to solve business challenges • One system to rule them all • Engage your customers on their turf 12
    13. 13. THANK YOU