SugarCon 2013 - Tips and Best Practices: Building custom modules in sugar


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  • We are a startup software company that provides custom software solutions. We are small and do not have any developers ourselves. All our employees are code developers who are independent contractors. Business RequirementsCan we use the Contacts Standard Module to house Developer information? Discuss repurposing a standard module (Contacts) – Tracking customer contacts vs developer contacts. You may be tempted to rename Contacts to Developers. You may be tempted to create a dropdown list in the “Contact Type” field for Customers and another option for Developers. Would this be the best way to track your customers and developers as your business grows and is this scalable? What’s the most effective way to track both your customers and Developers? You could repurpose the Contact standard module but in your line if business you have determined you want a separate place to house Developer Contact information since they are not customers but they are actually a list of your contracted employees. Because of this you will want a custom module to house your “Developers” and connect this module to the Opportunities that you have them working on.We will create a custom module called, “Developers” with a multiselect field called “Experienced With” and the following choicesAJAXCC#PHPJavascriptHTMLPerlRubyPythonASP.netVisual Basic Create also a many to many relationship between Opportunities and Developers.
  • SugarCon 2013 - Tips and Best Practices: Building custom modules in sugar

    1. 1. Building Custom Modules in SugarCRM Bryan Leung Senior Professional Services Consultant
    2. 2. Every CustomerEvery UserEvery Time
    3. 3. Objectives• Understand what custom modules are• Identify when custom modules should be created• Learn how to build a custom module 3
    4. 4. What is a custom module? 4
    5. 5. What is a custom module?• A module is a container that holds a specific set of data in the SugarCRM application• A custom module is a custom container that a system administrator can build to house a specific set of data• Custom modules: – Allow for importing – Complements other modules – Can be related to standard modules or other custom modules – Allow for reporting 5
    6. 6. When should I create a custom module? 6
    7. 7. when…• Business requirements dictate• There aren’t any standard modules in the SugarCRM application that can appropriately house the information you’d like to capture• An existing standard module cannot be repurposed• You want to extend related custom data to existing modules 7
    8. 8. How do I create a custom module? 8
    9. 9. Module Builder Components• Package• Module Templates – Basic – Company (Accounts) – File (Documents) – Issue (Cases) – Person (Contacts) – Sale (Opportunities)• Fields• Layouts• Relationships
    10. 10. Package Buttons Defined• Save• Duplicate• Deploy• Delete• Publish – Creates a zip file to install into another SugarCRM instance – Ready to be deployed – The package is considered as completed – The installed “published” package is deployed immediately in the destination instance – You will not see the package in Module Builder in the destination instance 1
    11. 11. Package Buttons Defined (Cont’d)• Export – Creates a zip file to install into another SugarCRM instance – Not ready to be deployed – Additional work to be continued – The package and custom module(s) appear in Module Builder – The package is not yet deployed 1
    12. 12. Demonstration 12
    13. 13. Custom Module Best Practices 13
    14. 14. Best Practices• Fully gather and understand the business requirements before starting• Start small and expand• Studio level configurations are overwritten each time a package is redeployed 1
    15. 15. Building Custom Modules in Sugar Questions? Thank you for attending this session 15