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  1. 1. Watch this space for visitor count: CommunicAsia visitors: 14,883, Overseas visitors: 8,059 (54%) live update at, Thursday 21 June 2012 Scan the QR code and get Show Daily updates on your phone! ITU treaty proposals could kill Download CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia App onto your mobile internet innovation phone and have the show information at your fingertips! CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia Apps are available in John C. Tanner off the CommunicAsia2012 it’s impossible to predict what International Telecommunica- Summit Visionary Addresses the next big development will tion Regulations (ITR) treaty An upcoming plan to revise an on Wednesday. He urged gov- be. “Governments need to create to account for technologies that international telecoms treaty ernments and regulators not to policies that facilitate innova- barely existed at the time, par- Alternatively, visit our mobile sites at could restrict or even kill inter- create telecoms and ICT rules tion without predetermined out- ticularly internet services. and net innovation unless telecoms so inflexible that they can’t ac- comes,” he said. The problem, Gross said, is players engage with government count for future innovation and This, he added, is particularly that participation will be limited for information on CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia respectively. representatives renegotiating the growth. true of the upcoming ITU World to representatives of national treaty. Gross argued that the rate Conference on International governments, not telecoms play- That was the warning from of change in the telecoms sec- Telecommunications (WCIT) ers, and a number of proposals CommunicAsia2012 Ambassador David Gross, part- tor – and the subsequent socio- this December in Dubai, which Summit ner at Wiley & Rein, who kicked economic impact – is so fast that is intended to update the 1988 Continued page 15... Interactive Panel Discussion 09.00 – 10.00 LTE spectrum grab threatens Strategies to a Connected World satellite sector Four tracks: John C. Tanner es issued within the extended C- z Next Generation Broadband band frequencies of 3.4-3.6 GHz, Business Models Satellite operators are prepared to which satellite operator groups z Mobile Commerce circle the wagons and fight to pro- said caused serious interference to z OTT Business Models tect their spectrum from interfer- satellite television signals. ence caused by LTE deployments While the issue was techni- z M-Health Strategies within existing satellite frequen- cally resolved at the WRC 07 cies, including Ku-band, Ka-band conference, GVF secretary-gen- and beyond, said the head of the eral David Hartshorn said that 100m broadband Global VSAT Forum. Wimax interference problems The satellite and mobile persist in numerous markets, and lines added in 18 broadband sectors were famously the problem will not go away as months at loggerheads six years ago over Page 4 the controversy of Wimax licens- Continued page 18... Pledge to cut roaming rates Keep broadband Brunei and Singapore have com- both wholesale inter-operator users in the loop mitted to reducing mobile roam- charges and retail charges will on IPv6 ing rates by Q1 2013. be reviewed. As roaming charg- Page 6 Ministers from the two coun- es involve different price com- tries agreed on the sidelines of ponents charged by operators in ONE DOMAIN TO RULE THEM ALL: Zhang Xiao, business development manager for Dot.Asia, the Ministerial Forum to task both countries, any effort to re- The ‘average’ telco their respective telecoms regula- duce them requires coordination spreads the word about the advantages of getting a .asia tors to work with mobile opera- between both regulators and op- is dead domain – to include free gifts if you register yours by July 31 tors to cut roaming rates. erators to ensure that users from Page 18 In a statement from IDA, both countries benefit. Q Please visit us at booth #BM3-01/1E4-01 Telco Intelligence for 21st Century Survival Print • Online • Events • Research
  2. 2. Latest news4 • 21 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailySES plans extra $650m ...overnight. wire...APAC investment Vodafone India fires again in 3G price war India’s 3G price war has escalated again, with Vodafone IndiaSES reaffirmed its plans to in- in Asia Pacific beyond 2014,” satellite capacity continues to slashing its data tariffs for the second time in less than a month.vest in more satellite capacity Mathur said during a press con- grow in the region.” The operator has cut prepaid rates for 3G data use by 80% to justfor Asia, and is prepared to in- ference at CommunicAsia2012. Mathur said the number of 2 paise ($0.0004) per 10 kb of data. Vodafone India also introducedvest as much as $650 million The $650 million figure is in DTH channels is expected to new post-paid 3G data plans, starting at 25 rupees for 25MB ofbeyond its current expansion addition to the $4 billion SES grow from 2,000 channels today data, up to 1,599 rupees for 12GB. Excess usage will be charged atbudget to meet exploding ca- has already committed to invest to 9,000 by 2016, driven by de- the prepaid rate.pacity demand for DTH ser- for 13 new satellites between mand for HD and local channels.vices. 2011 and 2014. Six have been Meanwhile, SES announced SES has already commit- launched already, with a sev- a new multi-year agreement Refarming to free 300 MHz per regionted to a new bird, SES-8, set enth – SES-5 – scheduled for with MediaScape to provide ad- Spectrum refarming will free up an average of 300 MHz per regionto launch in the first quarter of launch this week as we went to ditional capacity on the SES-7 by 2016. Maravedis-Rethink expects the digital dividend to add 1642013, but is also actively look- press. satellite for its Cignal TV DTH MHz of spectrum in the Asia region, while refarming the 1800-MHzing at investing in satellites be- Mathur credited projected satellite television service in the band is likely to contribute up to 150 MHz more. But the researchersyond its current plan, according growth in DTH services as a Philippines. warn that if digital dividend spectrum is not released in a timelyto SES senior VP Deepak Ma- key factor in its expansion plans The added capacity will ini- manner, it could slow growth in wireless broadband users.thur. for Asia. “The growth of the tially enable MediaScape to ramp “We see the potential to in- direct-to-home market in Asia up Cignal TV’s offering to15 HDvest in one to two additional Pacific has been tremendous channels and 51 SD channels, Samsung to stay on top in smartphones: Fitchsatellites to deliver increased over the past five years and is a compared to nine HD channels Samsung is likely to maintain its lead of the smartphone market forsatellite capacity and coverage key reason why the demand for and 37 SD channels in 2011. the next two years, according to Fitch Ratings. The credit ratings Separately, SES also said it agency believes that while Apple may overtake Samsung by sales had signed a new multi-year ca- volumes in the quarters in which updated iPhone models are100m broadband lines pacity deal with Telikom Papua New Guinea (Telikom PNG) launched, the vendor will remain on top by annual sales. Samsung’s market share in 2011 was 31%, compared to 24% for Apple.added in 18 months to renew satellite capacity on NSS-9 and on NSS-6 for cellu-Joseph Waring lion new subs – a 19% annual lar backhaul. Q Facebook buys facial recognition company growth rate, – increasing its total Facebook has arranged to acquire mobile facial recognition The pace of global broad- sub base to 164 million. Rus- An Event Organised by technology director The companies did not disclose theband adoption is accelerating, sia grew at 27% and Ukraine at Singapore Exhibition size of the transaction, but various news reports claim a purchasewith the number of broadband 27%. Five Asian countries in the Services Pte Ltd price of around $55 million to $60 million.users climbing 14.5% over the top 20 (China, Japan, Korean,past year. Figures from a Point India and Taiwan) together haveTopic report, commissioned by 239 million broadband subs. SK Telecom, Boingo reach Wi-Fi roaming dealthe Broadband Forum, showed DSL, by far the most popular SK Telecom has agreed to a deal to let customers of Wi-Fi software Provider of the Official Dailythe number increased by more access method, saw its market Newspaper and Online News Service and services provider Boingo Wireless access more than 75,000 ofthan 16 million in Q1 to pass 600 share drop 0.5% in the quarter. the operator’s Wi-Fi hotspots. The deal covers connectivity in publicmillion. The previous year, 14 But there is a long way to go buildings, including airports and convention centers, as well asmillion subs were added in Q1. before the copper-based access hotels and office locations. “The figures show no sign technology is overtaken, saidof slowing down,” said Robin Point Topic CEO Oliver Johnson. CommunicAsia2012 Daily News isMersh, CEO of the Broadband “For fiber, the cost-effectiveness, published by Questex Media Inc. CSL to deploy CEM suite from Now FactoryForum. “It is just 18 months from the operators point of view, Hong Kong’s CSL has revealed plans to deploy CEM software from MANAGING DIRECTORsince we celebrated 500 million and the significant increase in Johnathan Bigelow The Now Factory to support customer service efforts across its LTEsubscribers and even less time bandwidth over DSL in particu- GROUP Publisher and UMTS networks. The operator will deploy Now Factory’s Mobilesince IPTV subscribers reached lar is hitting the sweet spot at the Gigi Chan Moments Vantage suite, to consolidate monitoring and management50 million – yet in both cases moment in terms of technology Editor of the customer experience for its three million subscribers. CSL’s Joseph Waringgrowth is still accelerating.” market share.” mobile brands include 1010, one2free and New World Mobility. Journalists With more than 262 million IPTV grew by 3.8 million John C. Tannersubs or 42% share of the global subs in the quarter to 65.6 mil- Don Sambandaraksamarket, Asia continues to have lion. The Asian market was once Art Direction & Production FTTH Council APAC names new board president Dick Wongthe largest number of subs. The again the fastest growing region. FTTH Council Asia-Pacific has appointed Cisco’s APAC serviceregion grew at 15% last year, China added more than three © 2012 Questex Media Group LLC provider CTO, Monique Marrow, as the new president of its board.adding 8.5 million new lines. times as many IPTV subs as any All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form At the Council’s annual meeting, Marrow was selected to replace Few changes emerged in the other country (expanding by more or by any means, electronic or mechanical, Fouad Jaffer, who is stepping down as president after fulfilling his including photocopy, recording, or anytop 20 country rankings. How- than five million subs in 2011), information storage or retrieval system, without maximum term. Marrow has been a director of the Council boardever, Russia, Brazil and India all increasing the gap with other mar- permission in writing from the publisher. since 2007.posted above-average growth. kets – something that is likely to The editorial content is not necessarily theChina alone picked up 26.4 mil- continue for some time. Q opinion of the event’s organizer
  3. 3. opinion 6 • 21 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 Daily Keep broadband users in the loop on IPv6 by John C. Tanner This month saw a major step in the move home repeatedly at a World IPv6 Launch primarily because of the lack of econom- It’s an interesting dilemma, not least toward IPv6 as over 3,000 websites – in- event organized by the Internet Soci- ic incentive. Put simply, fixed-line mar- because it puts ISPs in the unenviable cluding heavy hitters like Google, You- ety Hong Kong. APNIC chief scientist gins are too low, the cost of running both position of having to explain technol- Tube, Facebook and Yahoo – began sup- Geoff Huston made the point repeatedly IPv6 and IPv4 in 3.5G networks is too ogy to customers who don’t want to porting IPv6 on a permanent basis. On that despite the fact that IPv4 is not even high, and they can’t pass on those costs hear about technology. Just as customers the day of the World IPv6 Launch, Arbor an option in Asia Pacific for ISPs seek- to consumers. don’t care what the difference is between Networks reported a 20% jump in IPv6 ing new addresses, IPv6 adoption is by Complicating things is the fact that 3G and 4G (apart from the cost and the across the 15 service provider networks no means a given, and there’s still plenty many ISPs now allow customers to buy data cap), they’re probably less likely to it monitors. However, even with that of room to get it wrong. their own modems, which raises a dilem- care about the difference between IPv4 20% bump, IPv6 only amounted to 0.1% ma, Huston says: “How do you get them and IPv6. of all IP traffic. Which gives you an idea Bearing the cost to upgrade when the CPE works just ISOC Hong Kong is concerned of just how far we have to go with IPv6 Huston singled out last mile provid- fine and will last ten years? How do you enough about the education issue that adoption. ers (both wireline and wireless) as “abys- explain to them they have to upgrade to it’s embarked on a market education Indeed, that point was hammered mal failures” in terms of IPv6 readiness IPv6?” campaign in conjunction with the SAR government to explain what IPv6 is, why STAT SNAP it’s important and how to enable it. What the education materials (which include a cartoon guide and a website) don’t men- Top 10 IPTV markets tion what it might cost to upgrade it, or whose responsibility that cost is. The implication seems to be that if the CPE has to be replaced, either the consumer or ISP will have to cover that cost. On the bright side, Ovum principal analyst David Krozier says he’s been assured by most vendors that IPv6 is Telco Intelligence for 21st Century SurvivalVisit us at booth #BM3-01 Print • Online • Events • Research www.telecom mainly a software or firmware issue for most CPE, apart from older home residential gateways. So that may be a minor issue. But not so minor that it can be ig- nored or left to the last minute. If cus- www.tele tomer-centricity really is the order of the day, ISPs of all stripes had best be pre-Visit us at booth #BM3-01 Cloud-focused News & Research for the Telco Industry Bi-weeklyonly enablecustomersNewslette pared to not Telco Cloud the last mile, but also keep their IPv6 in in the loop about why IPv6 matters, and what Source: Point Topic they stand to gain. Q Dedicated website sub-section on the Telco Cloud, plus: Visit us at booth #BM3-01 • Bi-weekly Telco Cloud Newsletter • Cloud eGuide • Webinar • Research Taking the cloud from vision to execution and profitability 12-13 September, 2012 • Singapore
  4. 4. Insight CommunicAsia2012 Daily • 21 June 2012 • 7 Cellcos must get proactive on bill shock European regulation has be- to resort to direct legislative for example when the market detailed analysis of market fac- is the best approach to take. Q come somewhat of the poster action. In some cases, a less is fragile, new, evolving or in tors rather than a knee-jerk re- – Paul Merry, Informa child for legislators around the intrusive CN200A__RA_Communicasia_JR_AD.pdf 1 state. In 9:55 instances action to what others are doing Telecoms and Media approach is required a volatile 6/4/12 all AM world. The overall character of regulation has been heavily influenced by the EU experi- ence, which is being seen in the increasingly resolute at- titude regulators are taking to roaming regulation around the world. In this atmosphere it has The only constant become increasingly important for operators to adapt to the evolving roaming environment is change. and seek to proactively tackle regulation and in this way avoid legislation. One of the most important areas operators should tackle as a matter of priority is bill shock, and in particular bill shock in relation to data roam- ing. Bill shock equals lost revenue now and the potential failure of data roaming in the future as users experience its toxic legacy; data becomes as- sociated with being ripped-off. The minimum action operators C should consider is the imple-M mentation of cut-off protocols activated when predefined Y thresholds are reached. In the CM European Union legislation en- MY shrines this practice but opera- CY tors in other regions would be CMYmasia.netwell advised to adopt a similar K approach before legislators be- come involved. Overzealous regulators are more likely to react in a Customers are accessing the network from a broad array knee-jerk manner when stories of devices and new media, causing service providers of bill shock proliferate and are more likely to become in- volved in data roaming regula- reexamine how they define access. ADTRAN® is working with customers to deliver innovative solutions for every er • Cloud eGuidegreater risk • Research tion based on the • Webinar ingress point in the network. This innovation helps ADTRAN service provider customers accelerate change and quickly of bill shock. The aim of any launch new revenue generating services. proactive action by the opera- tor therefore is to avoid this in- For more information, visit volvement, circumventing any and discover how ADTRAN is Reinventing Access. populist legislation enacted by the regulator. Moreover the is- Visit Us At Booth: 1J2-01 sue of data roaming and regu- lation will only become more important as data services di- versify and increase in popu- larity, smartphones proliferate and application stores flourish. From the perspective of the CN200A regulator it is not always best
  5. 5. analyst view8 • 21 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyDealing with upheavalMonte Hong, Accenture To compete for revenue with a host of are, by and large, both complex and data- ternet, especially for international calls. new entrants to the market, CSPs should intensive. They should also begin to offer Smartphones are overtaking desktop andThe very definition of the communica- consider making a major switch to new new, smarter, more integrated devices, in- personal computers. Cable operators aretions industry continues to evolve at an services and advertising-based revenue cluding integrated smartphones and TVs, getting into the voice business, and stillunprecedented pace, as more companies models. This first challenge – the need for connected TVs and other integrated de- other providers are entering the over-the-from other industries – including electron- new revenue drivers – creates the associ- vices. top TV market. It’s a dynamic, shiftingics retailers, device and software makers, ated challenge of building new support Those CSPs that manage to generate value chain, which is driving the need forsocial media platforms, internet search gi- systems to deliver the services, which are innovative services to drive additional CSPs to collaborate with other companiesants and even auto manufacturers – enter typically data-intensive. revenue should dedicate a good portion of to compete – a challenge, to be sure, butthe market. When it comes to launching innova- their revenue stream to building out new also an opportunity. The new landscape is also marked by a tive services, the consumerization of IT networks to support the new services that Now, more than ever, CSPs must de-decline in demand for traditional commu- complicates the matter, because busi- customers are demanding. Achieving this termine where they should spend their in-nications services and a growing appetite nesses are embracing consumer devices with efficiency and cost containment is vestment dollars, whether it’s 4G networkfor new “always on, always connected” to lower costs, increase productivity and another enormous challenge, considering build outs or other emerging opportunities,services, forcing providers to simultane- improve employee satisfaction. This is the growth in mobile connections alone, such as mobile commerce, M2M, cloud-ously cut costs in some areas and find creating an enormous push to launch in- with almost two billion new mobile col- based services and social media. Onlyways to meet consumer demand in others. novative services for the enterprise that lections expected over the next five years, then can they transform themselves from As a result, today’s communications allow private and social data from native and the tremendous increase in customers’ being mere providers of network capacity.service providers (CSPs) must meet sev- and web apps to reside alongside mission- thirst for data. This is the “new normal,” and the playerseral challenges head on, each of which is critical enterprise data. While CIOs pre- who take steps along this transformationalstrategic to their operations. These chal- pare to make significant investments in Investment choices path will be uniquely positioned to servelenges are: building and supporting mobile capabili- Finally, CSPs should closely exam- their customers with excellence. Q• Identify new revenue drivers as the de- ties for employees who are bringing their ine the value chain, where new competi- mand for traditional services continues personal devices to the workplace, they tors pose a huge challenge. For example, Montgomery (Monte) to decline need an approach that is rapid, cost effec- more non-telco players are targeting parts Hong is Accenture’s• Launch innovative services tive, easy to scale and future-proof. of the mobile network operator’s value Global Communications• Build new networks To meet growing customer demand, chain. Today, more than 800 million peo- Industry Practice lead.• Examine their role in the digital value CSPs should determine how to monetize ple now interact on social networks, and chain. and support innovative new services that consumers make voice calls over the in-A regional approach to managing the digital dividendDavid Abecassis, Analysys Mason the costs of deploying ever-increasing vendors and would be limited to lower However, regulators and policy mak- capacity. quality and higher price equipment. ers should carry out assessments of whatThe impending transition of analogue Sufficient spectrum should remain As part of its remit to facilitate har- spectrum must be reserved for broad-terrestrial television to digital terrestrial allocated to terrestrial broadcasting, par- monization of spectrum use in APAC, casting, based on national and local con-television (DTT) has the potential to en- ticularly in countries where it remains the APT Wireless Group (AWG) has defined siderations, and make detailed plans onable a significant reconfiguration of UHF main medium to access television servic- a preferred band plan for use of digital how to refarm spectrum in order to sup-Bands IV and V, which are particularly es. However, a well-designed DTT net- dividend spectrum with wireless broad- port growth in the region. This implieswell suited to wireless broadband com- work could carry a large number of chan- band services. three broad steps:munications. The spectrum freed by this nels (e.g. 40 channels, local or national) Large stakeholders in the region sup- • Analyse the socio-economic value ofswitchover is referred to as the ‘digital using just 200 MHz of spectrum, out of port the plan. India and Australia have spectrum for different usesdividend’. over 500 MHz of digital dividend – which announced compatible spectrum releas- • Design and implement effective and Making some digital dividend spec- leaves ample spectrum for other uses. es, and Indonesia and New Zealand have economically efficient transitiontrum available to other uses, in particular Coordination and harmonization are made supportive public announcements. plans from analogue to DTT broad-wireless broadband communications ser- essential to enable the following ben- At the recent ITU World Radiocom- casting, including distribution andvices such as LTE, will maximize socio- efits: munications Conference (WRC-12), financing of set-top boxes for vulner-economic value. • Efficiency gains through similar delegates examined harmonization on a able users In the Asia-Pacific region the spectrum planning in neighbouring worldwide level. Their conclusions are • Establish spectrum release and pric-switchover is due by 2020. However, countries encouraging other regions to identify new ing rules to increase efficiency ofsome regulators and policy makers are • Economies of scale, both for network bands compatible with the AWG band. spectrum that does not need to be setseeking to make spectrum available equipment and terminals/handsets The European Conference of Postal aside on social grounds. Qfor mobile broadband sooner. Wireless • Interoperability and roaming ben- and Telecommunications Administra-is the technology of choice for broad- efits, facilitating economic integra- tions (CEPT) welcomed this as a com- David Abecassis is a sen-band in many developing Asian coun- tion. plement to its own initial band planning ior manager at Analysystries. In more developed countries, For smaller countries, these benefits for the digital dividend, in 790-862 Mason and is based inhigh smartphone penetration is the are even starker, as a small country with MHz. India and Indonesia have an- Singapore.most important driver of capex, and a custom band plan would be unlikely to nounced their intention to adopt themore spectrum is essential to mitigate attract interest from the major equipment AWG band plans.
  6. 6. briefs10 • 21 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyIntelsat challenges Inmarsat with Epic HTS playThe mobile satellite market is and application-specific re- and aeronautical corridors with over high-travel routes.” put.” That’s not the case withset to get a lot more competi- quirements, backward compat- Intelsat-29e in particular, the Furthermore, he added, Inmarsat, which has plannedtive as players start focusing ibility with existing network Epic platform refines the think- “with the first Ku-band HTS “a comprehensive (and perhapson higher capacity services via infrastructure and customer- ing that Inmarsat introduced in payload aimed at mobility, In- costly) migration path” fromhigh throughput satellite (HTS) preferred network topology, and the mobility market with Global telsat will offer backward com- L- and Ku-band to its Ka-bandplatforms. Intelsat’s new HTS high throughput, efficiency, and Xpress by picking coverage patibility at a higher through- HTS. Qplatform “EpicNG”, announced availability to support “grow-earlier this month, is the latest ing applications such as mobil- Global mobile satellite HTS bandwidth demand by platformsign that FSS operators are con- ity and aero, and benefitting in-vinced that the mobility market creasingly data-centric servicesis ripe for broadband solutions like cellular backhaul”. Theat a cheaper cost per bit, as Epic platform is designed aslong as you can fine-tune HTS a complementary overlay thatmobile coverage where the de- will be fully integrated with itsmand is, according to satellite existing satellite fleet and Intel-research firm NSR. satONE terrestrial network. Intelsat says its Epic plat- In a research note assess-form is a new series of satellites ing the potential impact of In-based upon a high performance, telsat’s Epic platform on theopen architecture design. Sell- fledgling HTS sector, NSRing points include multi-band analyst Claude Rousseau said:frequencies aligned to region- “In targeting specific maritime Source: NSRTablets to triple adult video usage Slow but steady growth forAdult content may not be a experiences also means that lets will be a substantial rev- satellite sectordriver for the tablet market, but consumers may be reluctant to enue generator for adult con- The global satellite industry continues to plod along a typicallytablets could well turn out to be purchase content solely for the tent services, Miller says, as slow but encouragingly steady growth path, with DTH a star per-a driver for the adult content tablet, which could be a limi- tablet owners are generally former, according to the latest annual report from the Satellite In-industry, according to a study tation of mobile adult content more affluent than the aver- dustry Association.from Juniper Research. growth for tablets. “It is clear age user, and are more likely The report, released last month, revealed a 5% growth in overall The expected growth of that, as with many other types than smartphone users to own worldwide satellite industry revenues in 2011, the same growth ratetablet usage worldwide will of content, users of mobile a credit card – even in emerg- as the previous year.effectively triple the number adult content will want to ac- ing markets. “This means that All four sectors covered by the report – satellite services, sat-of mobile adult content sub- cess content on their tablets tablet users are likely to spend ellite manufacturing, launch services and ground equipment – re-scribers by 2015, Juniper says, as well as on smartphones and more and more often on mobile ported single-digit growth for 2011. However, satellite servicesparticularly for mobile adult PCs.” adult content than the average remains the biggest overall sector by revenue, and also saw thevideo services and videochat Another potential limitation smartphone user.” biggest year-on-year growth at 6% (albeit that’s slightly down fromservices. – apart from the usual laws and Juniper forecasts that rev- the 9% growth it saw in 2010). “Tablets combine the pri- social attitudes that typically enues generated on tablets DTH was the key growth driver for the sector, particularly invacy of a smartphone with a work against adult content pro- will increase by more than five emerging markets, the SIA report says. Globally, 7.3 million satel-large screen, particularly suited viders – is the fact that a sig- times by 2017. Also, average lite pay TV subscribers were added in 2011 — mainly in emergingfor content consumption,” says nificant proportion of tablets annual spend on mobile adult Asian markets — for a world total of around 154 million. Qreport author Charlotte Miller. are shared devices. subscriptions for handsets will However, she adds that Even when taking such increase 11% by 2015. Q Services lead revenue growththe trend toward multi-screen limitations into account, tab-National TV digitization drives IPTV growthIPTV subscriptions worldwide growth due to its market size scribers in Asia Pacific will sub-are expected to expand 70% and growing economy. The re- scribe to HD services in 2017, with 100% growth in gion will account for more than “Key markets of the Asia-Asia Pacific off a base of 28.5 60% of total net IPTV addi- Pacific region, such as Chinamillion subscribers. Global pay- tions in 2012. The growth will and India, are carrying out na-TV subscribers, meanwhile, depend mainly on China, India, tionwide cable TV digitization,will reach 853.5 million at the and other countries with low which is expected to increaseend of 2012, with 116 million pay-TV penetration such as In- HD services and adoption in theIPTV subscribers. donesia, Thailand and Vietnam. years to come,” says Khin San- ABI Research says Asia Pa- The firms predicts that more di Lynn, ABI’s research analystcific has the highest potential of than 18% of total pay-TV sub- for core forecasting. Q Source: SIA
  7. 7. insightCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 21 June 2012 • 11The broadband divide widensGovernment need to provide subsidies for rural areas as well as facilitate new forms of infrastructure and networkCharlie Davies, Ovum These two objectives require a growing digital consumption. complex and critical services in areas number of different measures. These Operators report that households such as health and education, particu-Average broadband speeds are increas- range from effective subsidy schemes that switch to FTTH broadband access larly for those services in which videoing, but the global average masks big for covering rural areas to more innova- and install next-generation home gate- is an important component.disparities within different countries. tive pricing for higher-speed broadband ways automatically consume more data This diversity is a result of a num-As the proportion of video and cloud- from operators. and are more likely to purchase more ber of different factors, ranging fromdelivered content and services increas- The pace of IP growth across fixed paid-for services. the challenging economics of servinges, this divide is in danger of hampering and mobile networks is actually acceler- Those at the other end of the spec- less dense areas, to mixed consumer de-wider adoption of more digitally rich ating. Cisco projects a ten-fold increase trum with less than 2 Mbps fixed broad- mand, diverse usage patterns and pric-commercial and public goods and ser- in IP traffic between 2008 and 2016. It band and slower mobile broadband may ing pressure.vices. also forecasts an increase in average be able to access online video services Solutions require action on two As the proportion of video and internet household traffic from 26.2 (although IPTV is ruled out), but simul- fronts. Firstly, there needs to be morecloud-delivered content and services in- GB per month in 2011 to 83.7 GB per taneous usage is much more limited and effective intervention from govern-creases, this divide is in danger of ham- month in 2016 and an increase in broad- consumers with patchy mobile cover- ments – not just in terms of subsidiespering wider adoption of more digitally band speeds, with 74% of all broadband age are put off using mobile data for for rural areas, but also in facilitatingrich commercial and public goods and connections delivering 5 Mbps by 2016 anything beyond email access. Most new forms of infrastructure and net-services. and 3% delivering 100 Mbps. are aware of the growing digital divide work sharing. Although there is room for diver- The major challenge facing gov- between rural areas where many users Secondly, operators need to con-sity in broadband access services and ernments and operators is to ensure are on less than 1 Mbps, and dense areas tinue to push innovation and choice intariffs (it is essential for supporting the both the provision of higher minimum where 100 Mbps plus is now common. broadband access services and tariffing,sustainable development of the telco speeds for all (many governments have Raising the baseline is important as including incentive pricing for encour-industry), raising the broadband bar by introduced 2 Mbps as a baseline) and it enables more users to consume and aging adoption of higher-speed broad-ensuring everyone has access to faster adoption of higher speeds across fixed share digital content and information, band. Qbroadband is also important. and mobile to support and encourage but also facilitates the delivery of moreStemming the SMS declineDon Sambandaraksa and show a slight drop in SMS revenue over predicted, the revenue base was just $27 month tend to erode SMS revenue in theJoseph Waring the previous quarter for the first time, billion in 2010. long term. But at least it’s a way to retain suggesting that the peak has indeed ar- Bunyati Kirdniyom, head of com- some messaging revenue rather than letIs SMS a dying cash cow, destined for rived. KPN in the Netherlands blamed munications at Ericsson Thailand, says customers flock to free internet-basedthe slaughterhouse with OTT players Whatsapp for its fall in SMS volumes, that the premium messaging segment is services.such as Whatsapp and Facebook Mes- though some analysts said that it was lucrative for telcos as they usually retain A similar bundled plan is now offeredsenger cannibalizing the market? Or more a result of its falling market share 65-70% of the revenue, with the rest split to BlackBerry users. Dtac in Thailandare rumors of its death greatly exagger- rather than the OTT competition. between aggregators and the content gives customers an unlimited Black-ated? While the SMS revenue outlook for owner, though the cut is falling as the Berry plan without the open internet but The alarm bells were sounded ear- many mobile operators appears grim as market matures. with all major social networking apps atlier this year in Barcelona when Aci- smartphone penetration increases and Another option to stem the decline is just $4.80 (150 baht) a month.sion warned that operators face an more users have mobile data plans, Por- for cellcos to offer flat-rate SMS plans as But is this the future or only a stopgapSMS revenue slide as IP messaging tio Research expects continued growth part of a data package, which are com- measure for the low end before someonetakes hold. in SMS until 2015 and for global reve- mon in the US and Denmark. According finally builds a better mousetrap? Ovum chimed in saying that there nue to reach $150 billion next year. SMS to Strand Consult, most operators charge Albern Murty, CMO of DiGi in Ma-is an increasing shift toward IP-based traffic is forecast to increase from 7.8 for each SMS. “This means the customer laysia, says SMS will continue to be rel-messaging though this shift is bound trillion messages last year to 9.6 trillion has a choice between sending an SMS evant for certain segments of the marketto the higher-end smartphone using by 2015. that he knows costs money, or alterna- depending on device capabilities. “Wedemographic. This resulted in opera- And others argue any decline will be tively using his flat-rate data subscrip- believe that partnerships with OTT pro-tors losing $13.9 billion in messaging more than made up by premium SMS tion to write a message via Facebook if viders will be necessary as the marketrevenue or 9% of total messaging rev- services. These services are forecast to the recipient is on Facebook,” the com- moves toward differentiated internetenue in 2011, which is a large enough grow at 40% CAGR from 114 billion pany said in a recent research note. products based on customers’ needs,” hedrop for operators to sit up and take messages in 2010 to 631 billion mes- The result is that users tend to add on says.notice of the new threat on the very sages by 2015. APAC dominates the the SMS package, and then view SMS as The future will be interesting as tel-near horizon. market, accounting for about 50% of free and don’t worry about the number cos work more closely with app devel- China’s SMS traffic reportedly fell global revenue. Key services are mo- of messages they send each month. The opers and find ways of more closely in-7% from the beginning of 2011 to the bile marketing and TV voting as well as downside is that plans that bundle hun- tegrating their offerings and monetizingend of Q1 this year. DiGi’s Q1 results micro-payments. While strong growth is dreds or thousands of text messages per the relationship. Q
  8. 8. latest news14 • 21 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyBTI Systems leads Canadian chargeDon Sambandaraksa throughout the country and of- creasingly turning to Asia Pacif- Sky Wave, with a range of rug- monitoring devices. Q fers interconnection capabilities ic for new business – a trend re- gedized satellite tracking and Booth: BH3-01BTI Systems, a provider of opti- to Thailand and Singapore. flected in the country’s pavilioncal networking solutions, is lever- Fahim Sheikh, BTI’s vice at CommunicAsia, which sportsaging a strong Canadian presence president of sales for Asia Pa- 60 companies and is one of theat CommunicAsia to extend its cific, told the Show Daily that largest at the in Asia Pacific. Canadian companies are enjoy- Among the highlights on The Ottawa-headquartered ing success due to the pollina- the stand are university spinoffvendor used the event to detail tion effect from Nortel’s break ReFleX Wireless, which isits latest win in the region – an up, and a strong focus on tech- showcasing its range of wire-80-node backhaul project for nology by the country’s univer- less medical equipment; Posh,Malaysian wholesaler Fiberail sities. which claims to have developedthat extends the firm’s reach Canadian tech firms are in- secure credit card readers; andO3b sets sights on maritime marketJohn C. Tanner backhaul player, providing O3b CEO Steve Collar bandwidth keeps growing for for internet services like gam- fiber-equivalent internet con- says the company will narrow cruise ships as both passen- ing and video.”Satellite start-up 03b Net- nectivity to emerging markets its focus to the high end of the gers and crew expect to be The O3bMaritime serviceworks revealed plans to enter where fiber hasn’t yet reached market, namely cruise ships able to access their apps and won’t be commercially avail-the maritime satellite market via its fleet of medium-earth and yachts. services onboard. “If you’re able until the O3b satellitewith a new service aimed at orbit (MEO) satellites, which “If a cruise line operator serving 8,000 passengers with fleet is up and running. Collarthe cruise-ship market. offer better latency perfor- needs global coverage with a shared backhaul link of 3 said the project is on schedule O3bMaritime is a high- mance than geosynchronous only a few megabits of con- to 5 Mbps, that’s a frustrat- to launch commercial servicesspeed broadband solution that satellites at a much higher or- nectivity, that’s already there ing experience for everyone by mid-2013.will make use of O3b’s spot bit. for them and that’s fine. We’re aboard. We can increase that Collar also said that aboutbeams to deliver over 500 However, the O3bMa- going after the vessels that to over 100 times, which is a third of O3b’s capacity hasMbps in aggregate bandwidth ritime service puts it in di- need a few hundred megabits what’s needed.” already been pre-booked. “Weto a single vessel, enabling rect competition with satellite of connectivity, and we have Collar adds that O3b has hope to double that by thecruise ship guests and crew to players like Inmarsat, which steerable beams that can tar- the added value of better la- time we launch out satellitesenjoy broadband access. already offers broadband so- get that specific vessel,” Col- tency. “On the geosats, laten- in nine months.” Q O3b has been carving it- lutions for ships via its Fleet- lar told the Show Daily. cy is around 600 milliseconds,self a niche as a wholesale Broadband service. Collar says the need for and that’s just not sustainableIDA launches $17m SaaS initiativeKhoo Boo Leong largely manual in their core resulted in 28 projects worth tion, in his opening speech at tions using the data sets have operations. The adoption of S$12 million. It also led to CommunicAsia/EnterpriseIT. been developed, includingSingapore’s Infocomm De- SaaS solutions will help lower more than 150 companies Connectivity for cloud augmented reality-based parkvelopment Authority (IDA) is ICT expenditures, as enter- from the retail, food and bev- computing in Singapore has navigation guides.issuing a S$21 million ($16.6 prises can pay per use for soft- erage, hotels and attractions been boosted by the island Data and analytics willmillion) call-for-collaboration ware services hosted by SaaS sectors adopting smart mobile republic’s NG-NBN fiber also be a key focus as IDA and(CFC) to develop software-as- solution providers.” devices, wireless technology network. There are 133,000 its industry partners investa-service (SaaS) for SMBs in Under the CFC, IDA will and mobile networks. consumer, business and gov- $5.3 million to develop ana-sectors including education, develop sector-specific SaaS ernment agency NG-NBN lytics shared services for theservices, maritime and logis- in partnership with multiple Hot cloud subscribers today. retail and wholesale sector.tics. government departments, in- “Cloud computing is still “Under the eGov2015 Overall, IT spending in Singa- Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Singa- cluding Spring Singapore, the the hot topic in the industry masterplan, we have devel- pore is expected to grow 5.5%pore’s Minister for Informa- enterprise development agen- and we are seeing numer- oped the portal, year-on-year this year drivention, Communications and the cy under the Ministry of Trade ous cloud solutions being in- which provides more than by adoption of mobile devicesArts, said: “The CFC targets and Industry. troduced,” said Eddie Chau, 7,000 government datasets for and services and demand forsectors where many small and An IDA-led mobility solu- chairman of the Singapore In- public usage,” said Dr Ibra- high-speed connectivity Qmedium-size enterprises are tions CFC announced last year focomm Technology Federa- him. More than 60 applica-
  9. 9. latest newsCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 21 June 2012 • 15...overnight. wire... O3b wins major deal in oil and gas sector Collaborate to Satellite services provider O3b Networks has secured a multi-million dollar deal to provide satellite internet for customers of Brunei’s Amrtur Corp. Amrtur, which provides integrated services primarily to the oil and gas industries, will use the deal to offer private internet access and VoIP to its compete customers. These include all oil and gas operators and service providers in Brunei. O3b will use a single beam to cover the sites, including around 200 oil rigs. The hyper-growth and hyper-competitive nature of Asia coupled with the entry of a new generation of digital natives is Costs blow out for 42% of outsourced IT deals Four in 10 outsourced IT projects end up costing more than originally planned, a software company transforming the workspace claims. Lieberman Software surveyed around 250 IT professionals, finding that 42% reported higher costs for outsourcing agreements than first planned. Around 64% of respondents believe their The easily distracted Gen Y is entering the workforce in growing IT outsourcer had invented projects to inflate their fees. While 71% of organizations outsource a numbers. This generation and the next are accustomed to being mo- significant portion of their IT requirements, only 15% report trusting outsourced IT work more than bile and virtual with strong multi-tasking abilities. Their characteris- work conducted in-house, and 33% have less trust in the output of their outsourcer. tics are quickly changing the dynamics in the workspace across the Asia-Pacific region where half of the population is under the age of 30 today. New approach to managing deals By 2015 40% of employees in Asia Pacific will be mobile work- Startup Crushpath has launched its new salesforce automation and customer relationship ers, according to IDC. This trend leads IDC to believe that enterprises management system. The Crushpath system is designed to offer a new approach to managing sales looking to succeed in the future workspace will have to foster a high- deals through the lifecycle, by providing sales representatives with a chronological timeline filled ly collaborative, virtual, mobile, multi-media and multi-dimensional with information gathered from multiple sources. In a research note, Ovum has concluded that this environment. approach is “interesting and worthy of exploration by IT and sales organizations.” The firm notes Sandra Ng, group VP of ICT practice at IDC Asia Pacific says, that traditional tools are too focused on providing information about the sales pipeline for salesforce “The motto of the future workspace is ‘collaborate to compete’. The managers, with little emphasis on helping representatives actually close deals and meet their quotas. competition among governments, businesses and individuals is a way of life in our region where chasing the next foreign or private sector investment, customer, job or dream product is part and parcel of our Storage software sales growth slowing: IDC society. Information is money and collaboration has become an es- Storage software sales growth has slowed to the lowest rate in the past two years, research shows. sential ingredient to compete in today’s marketplace.” IDC estimates that revenue from storage software grew just 3.3% during the first quarter to $3.5 She said businesses are following the IT consumerization trend to billion. Spending by large enterprises – the biggest storage software spenders – was largely flat improve and transform their business processes, including customer at 0.4% year-on-year growth. EMC maintained its position as market leading vendor with a 24% engagement platforms, and entering into new markets previously not share. IBM and Symantec are in second and third pace with 15.7% and 14.8% of the market possible or accessible. respectively. IDC notes that the ubiquity of smartphones combined with the rising business use cases for media tablets are the starting to diversify the workspace in a major way. Combined with the growing consump- India’s iProf launches tablet learning system tion of consumer and business applications delivered via cloud, the Educational content delivery company iProf Learning Solutions has launched XtraClass, a tablet- use of social media for collaboration and business commerce genera- based service combining school curriculum content and preparation for engineering and medical tion, the use of video for communications, training and collaboration school entrance exams. Over 25 schools with 3,000 students have adopted the service in the purposes, and the entry of 3D technologies, the trend is creating an pre-launch phase. Content will be accessed through 7-inch Android tablets, and will include video unstoppable generational shift in the workspace. lecture streams, digital notes and a question bank. iProf has partnered with vendors including IBM, As the desktop will remain the workhorse of Asia-Pacific enter- Wipro and Sify for the content management and delivery capabilities. prises, at least in the foreseeable future, virtualizing the desktop envi- ronments will enable the increasingly mobile workforce in the region to access and create content anywhere and on any device. At the same time, IT can properly manage and secure all types of end-user de-“ITU treaty proposals could kill internet innovation” from page 1... vice, corporate-owned or otherwise, from a centralized management platform. IDC forecasts that the region’s centralized virtual desktophave been put forth that will this treaty will be international help them fully understand the (desktop virtualization) will account for 9% or $114 million of theput the internet under much law when it’s completed,” he need for a flexible framework total worldwide market by 2016, with a CAGR of 32% from 2011 tomore restrictive regulation warned. “It will directly impact to allow innovation to flourish. 2016.than it is now. your ability to innovate and cre- “I encourage you to let Social media being used for branding and marketing purpose has “Proposals have been put ate new services for the inter- them know that you have taken the market by storm. Internal collaborative use is on the riseforward that would require the net, and it will impact everyone the ability to the change the with the blurring of lines between unified communications and col-ITU to decide on new tech- – not just developed markets world through your technol- laboration (UC&C), social media and productivity applications. Withnologies for the internet, to like the US, Europe or Japan.” ogy, but that the key is not the availability of freemium services and user expectation to integrateregulate backbone costs and Because only government to have a treaty that cannot social media/UC&C with business applications/processes, IDC ex-termination charges for data representatives will be at the and will not be changed,” he pects the use cases to change drastically in 2013-2015 period.traffic, roaming charges and table when the ITRs are re- said. “The rules should be de- Social tools will be significantly embraced by enterprises andeven peering,” Gross said. negotiated, Gross urged del- termined by carriers, content businesses, from internal social collaboration to external social busi- “I hope that frightens you egates to engage with their re- providers, NGOs, individuals ness requirements. IDC predicts that more than half of the businessesas much as it does me, because spective home governments to and more.” Q in the region will have a social business strategy by 2015. Q
  10. 10. inside the show16 • 21 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 Daily LEAN ON ME: Moti Shalev, director of product management for Axell Wireless, showcases the company’s new digital onboard and digital multi-band repeater, a software-defined radio (SDR) solution for cellular networks from 2G to LTE. [1A3-03] WHAT A DISH, PART 1: Callia Kim, international sales assistant for KNS, guards the company’s Supertrack Z7MK2 Ku-band marine VSAT antenna. [1U3-07] NOT ACTUAL SIZE: Ken Streuker [left], assistant VP of investor relations, and Sancahi Sae-jung of marketing communications at Thaicom, are proud of their scale model of Thaicom 6, the next bird in the company’s MY TRUCKS, LET ME SHOW YOU THEM: fleet, scheduled for launch in NICTA project research engineer Dr Andrew R Verden mid-2013. [1P2-07] heads up the organization’s Intelligent Fleet Logistics project, which aims to enable automatic planning of vehicles and crews to reduce distance, time, fuel costs and CO2 emissions. [BM2-04] GLASSES REQUIRED: Booth assistant Agnes T is your guide to theWHAT A DISH, PART 2: SES stand [1R2-01],The SpeedCast team – [from left] senior manager Francois which is showcasing itsInizian, business development director Guillaume Mauffrey DTH capabilities and hotand engineering and operations VP Tony Chung Wai-kit technology developments– show off a mobile “flyaway” VSAT antenna system that like 3DTVcan be deployed in minutes for the FlyCast emergencyresponse and defense service. [1U2-01]
  11. 11. latest NewsCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 21 June 2012 • 17Eutelsat to acquire GE-23Eutelsat Communications an- 18 C-band transponders con-nounced on Wednesday that it nected to a trans-Pacific beam.will acquire the GE-23 satellite, The bird will be integrated WHAT A DISH, PART 3:associated customer contracts into the company’s fleet and Steve McGuinnessand orbital rights from GE Capi- be renamed Eutelsat 172A. of AvL displays thetal for $228 million. The acquisition, the company company’s Model The transfer is expected to said, complements its organic 1260K 1.2m manualclose in the second half of the initiatives, notably the Eutelsat backpack flyawayyear, subject to regulatory ap- 70B satellite, equipped with a antenna system –provals. dedicated Asian beam, which is which really does fit Built by Thales Alenia scheduled for launch in Q4. into a backpack.Space, GE-23 was launched in A spokesperson said the ex- [1N1-01]2005 and has a expected life of tended coverage opens the way15 years. It offers coverage of for Eutelsat to broaden its offer-Asia Pacific via a payload of 20 ing to existing clients and devel-Ku-band transponders accessing op new business. Qfive interconnecting beams and Stand: 1U3-01Huawei completes transfer of XL staffHuawei Global Technical Ser- the telco to focus on its core busi- have been set very high. XL Ax- than 100 networks in 60 countries handled by Huawei’s global net-vices yesterday announced it has ness. iata is on course and now into the covering over 230 million sub- work management centers in In-completed the transfer of 1,200 Ongki Kurniawan, chief ser- second year of its four-year “1-2- scribers. Recently, more than 400 dia, but with the absorption of XLstaff from XL Axiata, follow- vice management officer of PT 3-4 goal”: 1st in market, 2x rev- staff from Sunrise in Switzerland Axiata staff, Huawei is building aing an agreement in February in XL Axiata, said now that the sta- enue growth in three years, with transferred over to Huawei and new delivery center in Indonesiawhich XL selected Huawei as its bilization period is over, the telco 4x the number of users targeted. 500 from SingTel. to cope with its 130,000 nodesmanaged services partner, leaving is set to focus on new SLAs that Huawei now manages more Offshore delivery currently is across the APAC region. QExhibitor BriefsEfficient P2P video like OTT players delivering Fiberail, a wholesale op- New fiber-to-the- XipLink namesdelivery video services over their net- erator in Malaysia, will deploy antenna valued-added Conax has introduced a se- work. BTI’s packet optical network- Prysmian Group yesterday in- distributorcure content streaming prod- Secure delivery of content is ing and intelligent Carrier Eth- troduced its FTTA (fiber to the XipLink has named PT Xipko-uct that allows OTT players to important, and Conax uses what ernet access portfolio. antenna) solution to address mIndo Asia as its value-addedtake video broadcast to the next Jhar describes as a hardened The BTI 7000 series is a next-generation wireless broad- distributor in Indonesia.level at a price point that targets version of Microsoft Silverlight compact and modular packet band deployments. Based in the Jakarta area,smaller players with as few as PlayReady. optical networking platform that xsMobile offers a full fiber- XipkomIndo will provide de-100,000 subscribers. The system offers the usual converges Carrier Ethernet and optic solution for FTTA, from livery, installation and logistics EVP Tom Jhar said that its features of being able to play wavelength services delivery at a flexible, easily upgradeable support for XipLink’s wirelessXtend multiscreen not only al- video on a TV, pause, continue the metro service edge. Lever- backhaul network from the last- link optimizers in Indonesia.lows secure catch-up video and on an iPad, or for programs to aging the packetVX module, mile fiber to the remote radio Key applications tested locallylive broadcast securely, but with follow a user around multiple Fiberail can cost effectively ag- head (RRH) in the antenna tower. include hub-based optimizationP2P technology can offer up to boxes in a home. Q gregate 10G capacity for mobile Prysmian CEO Gert Hoef- using XHO technology to dras-90% bandwidth savings for live Booth 1G2-14 backhaul and Ethernet services man said xsMobile provides so- tically improve outbound webshows. delivery. Integration in a single lutions for three antenna tower performance with minimal op- Live streams over unicast platform alleviates the need for configurations – stand alone, erational impact.IP has always been very taxing Fiberail expands new infrastructure equipment to roof top and distributed antenna XipLink said XipkomIndoon bandwidth. Jhar describes PON deal with BTI support different services. systems (DAS) to deploy femto has built a strong reputationthe company’s Peer2View P2P Fiberail announced yesterday The rollout enables Ethernet cells providing optimization solu-protocol as being very “polite” that it is expanding its deploy- connectivity through the access xsMobile features bend in- tions for satellite operators, ena-when it comes to upstream us- ment of BTI System’s integrat- network to be delivered directly sensitive BendBright optical bling them to maximize the lim-age and active only when the ed services delivery platform to customer premises, allowing fiber (ITU-T standard G.652.A2/ ited bandwidth availability. Qchannel is being watched. solutions to extend delivery Fiberail to extend Carrier Eth- B2) complemented by a suite Booth 1W2-05 Jhar said that the efficient of mobile backhaul and Car- ernet services to carriers, data of optical cable products (pre-P2P aspect is ideal for Asian rier Ethernet business services center operators, business cus- terminated or field-spliced) andOTT players in markets with across Malaysia and enable in- tomers and cell towers. Q a full connectivity portfolio. Qmore limited networks and ternational interconnect servic- Booth BH3-01 Booth 1K2-01dominant ISPs that might not es to Thailand and Singapore.