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Communic Asia 2012: The Official Daily News #2_Wenesday 20, June 2012

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  1. 1. Watch this space for visitor count: CommunicAsia visitors: 7,011, Overseas visitors: 4,133 (59%) live update at #2, Wednesday 20 June 2012 Scan the QR code and get Show Daily updates on your phone! Data is the new crude oil Download CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia App onto your mobile phone and have the show information Joseph Waring oil rigs and don’t want to have a He said they first need to spent [on a medium]”, said at your fingertips! CommunicAsia and data spill.” access information, by collect- Watts, who sees web and mobile BroadcastAsia Apps are available in Data is the world’s new crude Amobee, recently acquired ing the right data, then leverage traffic figures being combined oil, but mobile operators have to by SingTel, builds the “oil rigs”, that big data. Optus now col- into one aggregate metric for be able to refine it and provide or the platform. lects some 120 data points. But clients. the right platform to extract it. Watts said advertising is a no one is sure which ones will There are of course ques- Alternatively, visit our mobile sites at Amobee managing direc- fact of life, but the challenge is be the hot data points that will tions in how each operator will and tor for APAC Grant Watts said that most ads aren’t relevant to drive increased returns in busi- run its model, and each market yesterday in the VAS track at consumers, so there is a huge ness. The industry will learn will have different regulations. for information on CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia respectively. the Summit that billion-dollar opportunity for operators that over time what these are. For example, regulators in Aus- businesses will be built from can deliver customers targeted “We do know that money CommunicAsia2012 Summit this resource. “Operators are the messages. will follow adoption and time Continued page 15... Visionary Addresses Profiting from the Turmoil ZTE to launch Ambassador David A. Gross Why Asia defines the Internet single-chip LTE Aliza Knox, Managing Director of Commerce for Google APAC smartphone CEO Perspectives Emerging Business Models and The minister approves: Challenges for ICT Stakeholders in ZTE has unveiled its first sin- Minister for Information, the digital economy gle-chip LTE smartphone, the Communications and the Five Tracks: Grand X LTE (T82), which it Arts Dr Yaacob Ibrahim z Next Generation Broadband plans to launch in APAC and (far left) applauds the IDA Infrastructure Europe during the third quarter. stand, which is showcasing z Cloud Computing – The Next Wave The handset uses Qual- initiatives under the iN2015 z Technology Platforms, comm’s 0.28nm single-chip Masterplan Infrastructure & Models solution MSM8960, and a 1.5- z Mobile Payment Strategies GHz dual-core CPU. It runs An- – Operator Strategies & droid 4.0 and is Wi-Fi capable. Opportunities z Mobile Marketing & Advertising Continued page 18... MoMo highlights Telco Intelligence for 21st Century Survival innovation in SEA Singapore TV going digital www.telecom Page 4Visit us at booth #BM3-01 Print • Online • Events • Research will Don Sambandaraksa Singapore complete cost of energy efficient equip- the switchover from analog to ment can be claimed as tax re- Opinion: The long Singapore’s Minister of Infor- digital broadcasting by 2020, in lief. road to building mation, Communications and line with ASEAN’s agreed time- Dr Ibrahim also highlighted loyalty the Arts Dr Yaacob Ibrahim frame. announced in his Communic- the opportunities that will arise The minister also said that from his country’s next-genera- Page 6 Asia2012 opening address that green data centers are being tion broadband network, which www.teleVisit us at booth #BM3-01 Cloud-focused News & Research for the a specialized has the potential to “change the Singapore’s free-to-air TV chan- promoted through Telco Industry Bi-weekly Telco The Diameter of Cloud Newslette nels will go fully digital by the industrial park with a new green lives of citizens through connec- LTE data services end of 2013 using the DVB-T2 tax incentive effective since Page 11 ZTE’s Grand X LTE (T82) standard. March, whereby 30-50% of the Continued page 14 ... Dedicated website sub-section on the Telco Cloud, plus: Visit us at booth #BM3-01 • Bi-weekly Telco Cloud Newsletter • Cloud eGuide • Webinar • Research Taking the cloud from vision to execution and profitability 12-13 September, 2012 • Singapore
  2. 2. Latest news4 • 20 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyMoMo highlights mobile ...overnight. wire...innovation in SEA Orbis yields on Vodafone-C&WW dealJohn C. Tanner includes details on innovation panies here to partner with local Vodafone is close to clinching the £1.04 billion ($1.63 billion) networks, accelerator programs, companies.” takeover of Cable&Wireless Worldwide, after C&WW’s biggestMobileMonday has released a incubation facilities, competi- Tammisto also said Mobi- shareholder Orbis dropped its opposition to the deal. Orbis had beenstudy that highlights the role of tions and awards for mobile leMonday is keen to establish resisting the offer price as too low, but in a statement revealed thatSoutheast Asia as a hotbed of start-ups in SEA – including Singapore as a “concrete physi- it felt the merger is likely to succeed even if the company opposes innovation to encourage MobileMonday, Startup Satur- cal hub” for start-up start-ups outside day, Clearbridge Accelerator, “We’ve been looking at es-of Asia to seek partnership op- NUS Entrepreneurship Center, tablishing a Mobile Monday Optus completes purchase of 4G operatorportunities with local players. NTU Ventures and JFDI Boot- alliance in Singapore to facili- SingTel’s Australian subsidiary, Optus, has completed the A$230 The report – “Crossroads of camps – that play a crucial role tate collaboration, help these million ($232.8 million) acquisition of Wimax operator Vividwireless.Innovation: Mobile Southeast in sustaining a regional innova- companies come out here, set Announcing the closing of the deal, Optus said the company hasAsia Report 2012” – covers tion ecosystem for mobile start- up regional offices and target gained access to up to 98MHz of 2.3-GHz spectrum to support itsIndonesia, Malaysia, the Philip- ups. local start-ups in Southeast planned national TD-LTE rollout in 2013.pines, Singapore, Thailand and “Usually start-ups here look Asia,” he said. “This is ourVietnam, and showcases hot West for partnership opportuni- corporate responsibility – tomobile user trends in each mar- ties,” said MobileMonday CEO harvest more value and bring Moody’s cuts outlook on Axiata Groupket, such as mobile payments in Jari Tammisto. “We want to en- it to the community, and help Credit ratings agency Moody’s has downgraded its outlook forSingapore and social network- courage then to look East and hook companies and individu- Malaysia’s Axiata Group to stable from positive. But the agencying in Indonesia. South as well. We want to help als together.” Q also confirmed its Baa2 rating for Axiata’s senior, unsecured bonds. However, the report also bring the most innovative com- Moody’s said the new outlook reflects Axiata’s higher than expected capex plans and increased shareholder returns, at a time whenBroadband Forum names official revenue growth is slowing due to a maturing market.TR-069 test lab Capex due to spike in 2012 increase in the number of new de- “Device conformance is a critical Telecom capex is expected to spike in 2012 as operators roll out vices coming online, it is critical first step toward ensuring interop- LTE, with APAC proving the world’s biggest spender. According to that the devices adhere to the TR- erability.” Q Infonetics, total capex grew 3% in 2011 to $301 billion, and will 069 protocol so they can be eas- increase even further this year. The analysts expect spending to ily recognized, provisioned and An Event Organised by continue to grow in the years ahead, until leveling out at around Robin Mersh, maintained over their lifecycle. Singapore Exhibition $345 billion in 2015 or 2016. Broadband TR-069, recognized as a Services Pte Ltd Forum CEO major enabler of the connected home, has an important role to M2M connections to grow 20-foldfold by 2021Joseph Waring play in allowing operators to Worldwide M2M connections are primed to grow by a factor of 20 in monitor, manage and control the the next ten years, new research shows. Analysys Mason predicts that Provider of the Official DailyThe Broadband Forum is launch- increasingly complex collection Newspaper and Online News Service M2M revenues will climb from $5.7 billion in 2011 to $50.9 billioning TR-069 protocol conform- of connected devices in the home. in 2021. But ARPU rates for M2M connectivity are also expected toance testing that will lead to a The Ovum report said that this decline from $4.71 per month in 2011, to just $1.98 in certification program and will enable operators to ensurebegun beta testing with a vari- quality of experience and willety of devices. It also has named also provide them with the tools CommunicAsia2012 Daily News is Smartphone accessories market worth $20bthe University of New Hamp- to improve customer service, two published by Questex Media Inc. The global smartphone boom is driving strong growth in theshire’s InterOperability Labora- important factors for a successful smartphone accessories market, which will be worth an estimated MANAGING DIRECTORtory (UNH-IOL) as its official test multi-screen proposition. Johnathan Bigelow $20 billion this year. ABI Research calculates that smartphonelaboratory. Broadband gateway devices GROUP Publisher accessories account for more than half of the $36 billion aftermarket The Forum said UNH-IOL account for 70% of devices man- Gigi Chan handset accessories market. By 2017, smartphone accessories arewas selected because it has been aged by TR-069. The remain- Editor expected to generate $38 billion in revenues, compared to just $12 Joseph Waringactive in driving the test suite de- der includes IPTV set-top boxes billion for feature phones. Journalistsvelopment and has a long history (15%), VoIP phones (2.5%) and John C. Tannerof conducting tests for the Broad- femtocell access points (5%). Don Sambandaraksaband Forum. “As the number and range of Art Direction & Production Low-cost smartphones driving China market Dick Wong More than 147 million de- new devices continues to grow, China is forecast to account for more than a third of globalvices are managed globally using particularly in home networking © 2012 Questex Media Group LLC growth in smartphone shipment volumes this year. CanalysTR-069 CPE WAN management and enterprise communications All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form expects China, already the world’s largest smartphone market,protocol, according to a report as well as the retail and M2M or by any means, electronic or mechanical, to increase its lead in 2012 thanks to the growing prevalence including photocopy, recording, or anyfrom Ovum. Asia has almost 60 environments, interoperability information storage or retrieval system, without of affordable smartphones. The research firm expects sub-$200million TR-069-enabled devices. and consistent protocol adherence permission in writing from the publisher. devices to account for 25% of the Chinese smartphone market The report, commissioned by will be key factors,” said Broad- The editorial content is not necessarily the this year, and 40% by 2015.the Forum, noted that with a huge band Forum CEO Robin Mersh. opinion of the event’s organizer
  3. 3. opinion 6 • 20 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyThe long road to satisfyingthe customerJoseph WaringSeems the harder we try to improve carriers. Similar to our industry, legacy iors by putting in place analytical and The pace of the shift will differ fromcustomer service, or the customer expe- processes, IT systems, employees and customer managements tools that en- market to market, but the cost of gettingrience as everyone in telecoms is now infrastructure are certainly a hindrance, courage subscribers to interact and pro- it wrong can be swift, as the IBM reportcalling it, the further we fall behind. Ac- giving the startups the opportunity to not actively provide feedback. This means authors noted: antagonists cost more tocording to a global consumer survey by only beat incumbents on price but also shifting resources away from traditional support and are more likely to speakIBM released earlier in the year, three on convenience and customer service. channels, such as call centers and retail negatively about their service provider.out of five customers have negative So what are the incumbents doing outlets, to emerging channels like social The customer is certainly always right,opinions about their communications wrong? media. otherwise he won’t be around for long. Qproviders. To start with, the consumer has The survey found that only 18% of changed and most companies aren’tcustomers are advocates while some60% are antagonistic toward their tel- keeping up. It’s no secret that consum- ers are extremely demanding, because STAT SNAPecom operator. An IBM report on the they have more choice as well as almostfindings noted that this contrasts sharplywith industries such as retail and bank- instant access to information about com- petitive products and services. Mobile internet infrastructureing, where the level of advocacy is twicethat of the telecom industry. The internet and social media are their prime sources of information and revenues double One industry that parallels telecoms the medium of exchange. The IBM re-in many respects, particularly customer port noted that consumers now preferservice, is the airline business. The US comparison sites and internet searchesairline industry’s annual report card on and recommendations from friends andpassenger satisfaction was released last family, rather than traditional operatorweek and it didn’t fare very well. J.D. sites and channels. A customer is muchPowers and Associate reported that tra- more likely to complain to friends aboutditional carriers’ customer satisfaction a bad experience than to call customerlevel dropped to 681 from 683 a year service.ago (1,000 point scale) while the budget Add to the equation that telcos’ tradi-airlines rating rose 3 points to 754. tional measures of customer satisfaction The report, based on a survey of haven’t changed much, and you have a13,500 passengers, found that those who recipe for being out of touch with cus-paid for checked baggage gave a rating tomers. The report authors pointed out85 points lower than those that hadn’t. that the key drivers of advocacy areThe company also said that factors such emotive (less tangible things like per-as processes and people often had more ceived value) while the standard prac-impact than price on a passenger’s deci- tice for telcos is to target rational factorssion to fly an airline again in the future. (measurable aspects like service qual- It’s interesting that in recent years ity).the incumbent airlines have consist- Telcos need to adapt to customers’ Source: TeleGeography & Synergy Researchently been ranked far behind the budget rapidly changing attitudes and behav- Please visit us at booth #BM3-01/1E4-01Telco Intelligence for 21st Century SurvivalPrint • Online • Events •
  4. 4. small cellsCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 20 June 2012 • 7Data boom fuels uptake of small-cell base stationsThe installed base of small-cell owners use Wi-Fi at home. operators can facilitate Wi-Fi and authenticates the user auto- zation and interoperability effortsbase stations increased to about However, using Wi-Fi in smart- offloading by introducing con- matically. aim to make the network selection2.2 million units last year, and is phones to access public hotspots nectivity management software “The user experience will and user identification processforecast to reach 14 million units can oftenCN200A__RA_Communicasia_JR_AD.pdf identifies Wi-Fi AM be difficult. Mobile that 1 6/4/12 9:55 hotspots soon improve as new standardi- seamless” said Malm. Qin 2016. According to a recent re-port from Berg Insight, the marketwill grow at a compound annualgrowth rate (CAGR) of 44.8%over the next four years. Small cells encompass a rangeof low-power cellular base sta-tions, including femtocells, pico-cells and microcells with gradu- The only constantally higher output power andcapacity in terms of simultaneoususers. Small cells are designed is complement the base stationsforming the cellular macro net-work by providing enhancementsin coverage and capacity in loca-tions such as homes, offices andpublic venues. Mobile operators are experi-encing fast growth in mobile dataand signaling traffic as customersincreasingly use mobile comput-ing devices, the report said. Adop-tion of smartphones is rising andmore subscribers use multipleconnected devices such as PCsand tablets. C “Total mobile data traffic inMcellular networks has more thandoubled every year since 2007 Yand is forecasted to grow at a CMcompound annual growth rate of MYmore than 60% from 2011 until CY2016,” says André Malm, a senior CMYanalyst at Berg Insight. He adds Kthat mobile operators need to usea combination of approaches tomeet the rising demand for datatraffic. These include acquiring Customers are accessing the network from a broad arraymore spectrum, using increas- of devices and new media, causing service providers toingly advanced radio air inter- reexamine how they define access. ADTRAN® is workingfaces, and making the macro layer with customers to deliver innovative solutions for everydenser by installing more base ingress point in the network. This innovation helps ADTRANstations in traffic hotspots, as well service provider customers accelerate change and quicklyas introducing heterogeneous net- launch new revenue generating (hetnets). Hetnets are composed of mul- For more information, visit radio access technologies, and discover how ADTRAN is Reinventing Access.architectures, backhaul solutionsand base stations of varying trans- Visit Us At Booth: 1J2-01mission power. Using Wi-Fi technology thatrelies on unlicensed spectrum isan increasingly attractive optionfor mobile operators. Virtuallyall new smartphones now haveWi-Fi connectivity as standard CN200Aand a majority of smartphone
  5. 5. interview8 • 20 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyShifting Wi-Fi offload to the cloudAdtran GM for Asia Pacific Brian Efimetz explains the benefits of cloud-based Wi-Fi offload and howvirtualization eliminates the need, cost and operational constraints inherent to hardware controllersShow Daily: How does one take a virtu- than enterprise networks. erator or just in certain situations?alized approach to Wi-Fi offload? What As an example, we have been intro- Due to the compelling advantages ofparts are being virtualized? duced into Wi-Fi offloads in this region that cloud-based Wi-Fi, the solutions seam- Brian Efimetz: Cloud-based Wi-Fi of- may involve 500,000 to more than a mil- lessly fit into all operator/service providerfload solutions bring the power of virtual- lion access points vs a very large enterprise models.ization to wireless networks. The solution opportunity with a maximum of 20,000 ac- A cloud-based Wi-Fi offload solutionvirtualizes network control and manage- cess points. Given that most controller spec offers operators a seamless extension ofment onto software, which runs on a hyper- sheets from vendors with controller-based their 3G and 4G networks that is easy andvisor or inexpensive appliances. solutions max out at 512 access points per economical to implement and maintain. It Within a traditional wireless LAN, leg- Adtran’s controller, you would have to install hun- enables operators to increase their networkacy hardware controllers have complexities Brian Efimetz dreds, if not thousands, of controllers in the capacity immediately and at minimal costand scale limitations – the method of scal- network. The cost of managing all of this while providing the operator with completeing has been to add more and more costly vider’s network operations center (NOC). hardware, the potential for failure in the control and management of the Wi-Fi of-hardware controllers. These second- and vWLAN provides the service requirements network is not a recipe for success. There- fload network.third-generation approaches continue to needed to easily launch and manage a mis- fore, we believe that the only way to trulyadd costs and management complexities sion critical Wi-Fi offload solution – ena- scale in the Wi-Fi offload environment is to How would this work in a multi-vendoras they grow. Virtualizing the solution via bling operators to achieve higher market use the power of the cloud. environment or a shared-infrastructurecloud-based Wi-Fi solutions eliminates the penetration, increased customer satisfac- environment?need, cost and all of the operational con- tion and revenue growth. What specific gains can be realized? From the Wi-Fi mobile data offloadstraints inherent to hardware controllers Cloud-based offload solutions can re- perspective, the only hardware that needsand results in significant cost savings. What are the benefits of this approach sult in significant cost savings in capex, to be introduced into the service provider’s Adtrans’s vWLAN solution takes ad- compared to other Wi-Fi offload solu- opex and TCO. vWLAN also supports network is the access point. At the core ofvantage of innovations in virtualization to tions? green IT and sustainability initiatives with the network or at the data center or NOC,separate the control and data planes. This The biggest benefits are associated with reduced WLAN energy usage, less floor the vWLAN can run on any hardware plat-innovation frees the control plane from the the ability to scale networks and leverage space and a smaller carbon footprint. form that is running the hypervisor soft-LAN. Now the control plane can be central- the cost advantages of the cloud. Wi-Fi off- ware. From that point of view, the solutionized anywhere, including at a service pro- load deals with networks that are far larger Would this solution work with any op- is hardware agnostic. QInsightMobile payments to hit $171.5b in 2012Gartner expects the market to experience fragmented services and solutions for the next two yearsWorldwide mobile payment transaction ferent regulatory conditions. 80% in western Europe by 2016. Near and have seen significant growth fromvalues will surpass $171.5 billion in 2012, “There will be a few global players field communication (NFC) transactions the mobile channel. For in-store purchas-a 61.9% increase from $105.9 billion in that have the scale and resources to serve will remain relatively low through 2015, es, Starbucks’ Card Mobile app is now2011. According to Gartner, the number large customers and the mass market although growth will start to pick up from being rolled out nationwide in the US,of mobile payment users will reach 212.2 whose requirements can be readily satis- 2016. following a successful pilot program,million this year, up from 160.5 million fied by standard solutions,” Shen said. and Gartner expects a large number oflast year. She added that, on the other hand, NFC three years away merchants to introduce their own mobile “We expect global mobile transac- there will always be segments that cannot Shen said NFC payment involves payment services, trying to emulate Star-tion volume and value to grow an average be sufficiently served by the global play- a change in user behavior and requires bucks’ success.of 42% between 2011 and 2016, and we ers. Shen said the demand of these seg- collaboration among stakeholders that In developing markets money transferare forecasting a market worth $617 bil- ments can only be satisfied by specialized includes banks, mobile carriers, card net- and airtime top-ups will account for mostlion with 448 million users by 2016,” said or local players that can better understand works and merchants. “It takes time for transaction volume, and money transfersresearch director Sandy Shen. “This will the segment and have specific solutions to both to happen, so we don’t expect NFC will account for the largest portion of thebring opportunities for service and solu- meet the unique challenges. payments to come into the mass market transaction value because of the demandtion providers that will need to cater to the SMS remains the dominant access before 2015. In the meantime, ticketing, for secure and efficient ways of storing andlocal demand patterns to customize their technology in developing markets because rather than retail payment, will drive NFC transferring money. Ticketing and parkingofferings.” of the constraints of mobile devices and transactions.” also appeals across many markets because Gartner also found that the market the ubiquity of SMS. Web/WAP is the pre- In addition, merchandise purchases it can improve efficiency in transacting,will experience fragmented services and ferred access technology in North America will drive transactions in North America as well as offering user convenience. Insolutions for the next two years. Tech- and western Europe where mobile internet and western Europe. These will include developing markets, such as in Africa andnology providers will have to cater their is commonly available and activated on e-commerce purchases where users buy South Asia, users can buy bus and railwaysolutions to the local market that will be user devices. Gartner expects Web/WAP online, as well as in-store purchases. Ma- tickets using a mobile payment service sousing different access technologies, busi- access to account for about 88% of total jor e-tailers such as Amazon and eBay that they can secure tickets earlier whereness models and partners, and under dif- transactions in North America and about have developed strong mobile storefronts tickets are often in short supply. Q
  6. 6. briefs10 • 20 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailySmarter charging boosts mobile internet uptakeSmarter management and Among respondents, 40- press frustrations about paying Mobile TV users spend morecharging of mobile internet can 45% said they would use the for a plan that is not fully usedenhance the consumer experi- internet on their mobile phones and, in turn, favor more person- time viewingence as well as secure operator more if access was faster while alized price plans. Mobile TV has become a find this feature crucial).revenue, according to a new 30-45% said that a lower price Users from the UK and US convenient service that is As for the content pre-study from Ericsson Consum- of data is a key element to in- who have experience with un- even capable of replacing ferred, movies & series iserLab. crease usage. limited plans are more cautious traditional TV for some the users’ favorite channel The Smarter Mobile Broad- Also, 30-40% said that a about moving to differentiated people, MobiWorld Media category for both live andband report focused on internet better battery life for the mobile plans. However, in the primar- found out in its new SPB on-demand TV, followedusage via mobile phones and phone is important. The same ily prepaid markets of Brazil TV survey. Of 47,000 re- by travel & discovery pro-was conducted in the US, UK, percentages said that having a and Indonesia, consumers are spondents, 60% said they grams and news.Indonesia and Brazil, covering better network coverage also in- used to paying for what they mostly watch mobile TV at More than a quartermore than 2,300 interviewees fluences usage. use and topping up when nec- home. of respondents (28%) areaged 16-59 years. Many consumers also ex- essary. Q Most surprisingly, 36% ready to pay $1-5 a month usually watch TV on their for the mobile TV service. mobile devices for over 30 Of the 48% willing to pay,What would encourage you to use the internet on your mobile phone more? minutes uninterruptedly they choose one month as while 39% watch do so sev- the most convenient sub- eral times a day and 27% scription period while 22% several times a week. would subscribe for even a The survey found that longer time. most of mobile TV sub- When asked what TV- scribers appreciate fea- enabled devices they use, tures like freedom to shift 43% of respondents, chose between different types of internet-connected TV sets internet connections – Wi- and 30% desktops but Fi, 3G, Edge, LTE, etc. smartphones still won with (57% of the respondents 56%. QSource: Ericsson Consumer LabBroadband aggregation sales drop in Q1The broadband aggregation a full third in Q1, despite upgrading their FTTB+VDSL DSL & PON shipments dropequipment market got off to a healthy increases in Japan and deployments to FTTH androcky start in 2012, with glob- the rest of Asia Pacific, says are beginning to replace fullyal spending on DSL, PON and Jeff Heynen, directing analyst depreciated EPON gear fromFTTH equipment dipping 22% for broadband access and vid- 2004 and $1.8 billion between Q4 eo at Infonetics. Another more serious drag2011 and Q1 2012, according “The drop in China is due on the overall market, he add-to Infonetics Research. mainly to a shift to FTTH this ed, “was a third consecutive Part of that slide is due to a year and coming off the heels quarter of DSL revenue de-normal first-quarter lull, but a of a record previous quarter,” clines in EMEA, where accessmajor contributor was a sharp Heynan said in a research note. network upgrade projects have43% drop in Ethernet PON EPON spending in Japan stalled because of the unstablespending in China, which increased 11% in Q1, as NTT economic environment.” Qdrove spending in Asia down and KDDI are in the midst of Source: Infonetics ResearchPeak data speeds below expectationsThree-quarters of mobile sub- company analyzed data from a but also more mundane activities tricts, tourist centers and the lutions can help operators shiftscribers are unable to get the live 3G network in a major city. such as web browsing. locations for major conventions load to adjacent cells. In thedata speeds they want during Such overloading on the net- “These highly localized and sporting events.” Policy long term operators first needpeak times in busy locations. work creates a range of issues for hotspots are the new norm for control can help, but these find- to fully understand where each A study from Actix has users at critical times, as local cells operators, and they’re having ings demonstrate that in heavily hotspot is and how much traf-found hotspots of demand receive more than 10,000 connec- a substantial negative effect on congested areas this won’t be fic originates there. Then theyfrom smartphones at train and tion attempts in a single hour. This subscribers,” said Bill McHale, enough. Operators will need to can decide whether to increasebus stations generate up to 100 load effectively drops data speeds Actix CEO. “It’s a problem not adopt multiple strategies,” said RAN capacity, deploy smalltimes more network load than by 95%, impacting not only band- just limited to transport hubs, Actix CTO Richard Kateley. “In cells or look at alternative of-immediately adjacent areas. The width intensive video services, but also central business dis- the short-term optimization so- fload solutions.” Q
  7. 7. Analyst ViewCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 20 June 2012 • 11The Diameter of LTE data servicesPhil Marshall, Tolaga Research vice experience delivered. This dumb- per million users with personalized pated that service personalization pipe mentality has enabled over-the-top service offers. Scalability demands and customer experience will be twoLTE is taking the global market by storm (OTT) players to gain greater control are exacerbated further as the num- major axes for mobile operator dif-with 83 commercial networks having over value creation and compromise the ber and variety of interconnected ferentiation, it is still unclear exactlybeen launched as of the end of May, of market position of mobile operators. We policy, charging and subscriber data how policy, charging and subscriberwhich 10 were commercialized in the believe that as LTE ecosystems mature, nodes increase, with each node driv- data management functionality willmonth of May alone. The objective of mobile operators will seek to distinguish ing significantly signaling traffic of be implemented in future service of-LTE is to place mobile operators on a tra- themselves relative to OTT players their own. fers. The architectures that are beingjectory to economically deliver mobile through their ability to personalize and • Resilience: Without reliable signal- implemented today must have ad-broadband services with all-IP networks manage the quality of data services de- ing, networks are prone to wide-scale equate flexibility and extensibility tothat finally dispense with legacy circuit livered over their networks. As this oc- outages. Such outages have been account for these uncertainties.switched infrastructure. This brings the curs, the Diameter signaling infrastruc- observed with LTE networks in the The requirements for reliable andadvantages of a converged IP ecosystem ture and associated policy, charging and past. This illustrates the importance scalable LTE core networks paralleland sees the replacement of legacy SS7 subscriber data management functional- for Diameter signaling networks to those of traditional telecom infrastruc-with SIP and Diameter signaling proto- ity will become increasingly strategic for be capable of coping with the sign- ture and are subject to similar designcols. mobile service delivery. aling storms that can occur with us- principles. This moderates the rate at The SIP protocol provides session Mobile operators generally recog- age spikes and in cases where rogue which mobile operators can realisticallymanagement functionality for telephony, nize their need to focus on customer network elements generate excessive innovate, which pales in comparison tomessaging and multimedia communica- experience and service personalization, traffic. the cadence of innovation in the mobiletion. Diameter is an extensible protocol but at the same time typically have con- • Security: The shift to all-IP intro- industry as a whole. We believe that thisthat is used to exchange subscriber pro- servative implementation strategies. In duces a variety of security consid- will ultimately drive operators towardfile information for a variety of policy, practice, solutions are complex to imple- erations for signaling networks, delivering differentiated customer ex-charging, quality-of-service and mobil- ment at scale and must address a variety particularly with external network periences, in terms of service distribu-ity management functions. In combi- of demands, which include: interfaces. This includes a variety of tion and personalization, and transactionnation, the SIP and Diameter signaling • Scalability: Service personalization threats such as denial of service at- management. Qprotocols enable advanced personalized and customer experience manage- tacks and service capabilities. ment will drive a massive increase in • Extensibility: The mobile industry Phil Marshall is Tolaga To date most mobile operators have core network signaling (aka signal- has adopted the Diameter signal- Research’s chief researchpriced and packaged their LTE offers ing storms). In particular, future Di- ing standard for LTE because of its officerwith an emphasis toward bandwidth ameter signaling traffic could easily extensibility as market demandsusage, as opposed to the overall ser- exceed 100,000 messages per second evolve. While it is generally antici-Long-term payoff for mobile remittanceJohn C. Tanner for mobile transactions) and branchless CGAP says operators remain opti- play. Another lesson learned: it’s impor- cash-out (in which the money is depos- mistic about deploying international re- tant to establish “a significant domes- Ever since Globe Telecom launched ited to a prepaid cash card). mittances via mobile money platforms, tic mobile money ecosystem” beforeGcash in 2004, mobile international re- Of these, cash-out is the most com- but have learned that it’s a long-term launching IR services, not vice versa. Qmittance (IR) services have long been mon – and the model that offers carry-touted as both a hot opportunity in the over benefits to the overall mobile- The mobile banking / IR gapmobile payments space and a key tool money ecosystem. But while nine newfor bringing the unbanked into the finan- cash-out IR services have gone live incial world. However, according to new the past two years (for a total of 17 glob-research, many operators have found it ally as of February), 11 planned servicesdifficult to duplicate GCash’s success, announced in 2010 are still pending orand while there’s room for optimism in stalled, CGAP says. And of the live de-the remittance space, it pays to take a ployments, usage of IR services appearslong-term view in the broader context of to represent a very small share of over-a robust mobile-money ecosystem. all m-wallet customers, although CGAP A study from Dalberg Global De- notes that operators are “highly reluctantvelopment Advisors (commissioned by to share usage data”.CGAP’s Technology & Business Model Among the barriers operators face:Innovation Program) found that there are user trust, regulatory issues and opera-33 live mobile IR services worldwide tional challenges, including “difficul-that break down into three business mod- ties in establishing partnerships acrossels: cash-in (in which recipients must get multiple parties, lengthy negotiationthe money in person via a bank or agent), of commercial agreements, and lack ofcash-out (in which money is deposited MNO expertise in cross-border transferinto a “m-wallet” which can be used issues”. Source: CGAP/Dahlberg, Feb 2012
  8. 8. latest news14 • 20 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyThai firms focus on softwareDon Sambandaraksa away from low-cost telecom land’s telecom regulator to the an app called Anywhere2Claim like. With most of the world’s hardware to innovative soft- ministry of science’s software that enables Thai users to call vendors for jammers comingThe Thailand pavilion at Com- ware solutions. park incubator. That shift is out an insurance adjuster with- from Israel and the US, themunicAsia is highlighting a Stewardship of the stand reflected in the fact that 11 of out going through a call center company has found great suc-shift in focus for the country has been passed from Thai- the 15 firms represented are fo- first. cess for its home-grown equip- cused on software, compared Arunsawad has 50% of ment from Muslim countries to a ratio of 6:3 in favor of Thailand’s motor insurance including Indonesia and Qatar, hardware at last year’s show, market and is looking to ex- since its international debut at according to Suganya Chat- pand overseas through a free CommunicAsia last year. kaewmorakot from Software peer-to-peer model, with mon- Suganya said that if there Park Thailand, which is lead- etization through a back-end was one message she wanted ing the delegation. system to automate workflow. to share, it was that Thailand Some of the highlights in- A similar app is available for was about offering creative clude Netka, a network man- hospital patients to request an solutions and partnering to agement tool that recently won ambulance. deliver what is needed. The at the Asia-Pacific ICT awards The focus on software CommunicAsia event is a key (APICTA) and claims to offer doesn’t mean the Thailand pa- means for the country to do the fastest polling of network vilion has forgotten hardware, so, generating 50 million Baht devices and vendor-independ- though. The stand also sports ($1.5 million) in direct sales at ence in the industry. Also no- DRC, a firm that offers radio the event last year, and a fur- table is Arunsawad, a software jammers for military, home- ther 200 million Baht in the company that currently offers land security, prisons and the year that followed. QComba upgrades MBS’multi-operator 3G systemComba Telecom Systems has pore’s 3G mobile operatorsupgraded the Marina Bay Sands’ over a single shared system.wireless in-building system in Comba Telecom consolidatedtime for this year’s Communic- all the 3G operators’ nodeBs GET OFF OF MY CLOUD:Asia expo and conference. into a central equipment room Seth Harbeck (left), The company designed and and deployed multi-band com- manager of partnerdeployed a multi-operator 3G biners to combine the multiple enablement andsystem for the main convention nodeB signals. training for Zenprise,hall and basement of the resort. Multi-band distributed an- and Chee Chon Chong,Deploying a common antenna tenna systems and high gain an- sales manager for software solutions atsystem (CAS), Comba Telecom tennas are used to distribute the O’Connor’s Singaporeequipped the venue with a cost- combined RF signals throughout (Zenprise’s mastereffective and robust system than the building to enable seamless distributor for Asia-can handle the heavy influx of 3G data and voice connectiv- Pacific), are up in thevoice and data traffic during ity for visitors in the conven- air about Zenprise’sCommuncAsia2012. tion hall, said Simon Yeung, secure mobile device The CAS enables 3G indoor Comba’s executive director and management solutionwireless coverage for Singa- senior VP. Q that offers real- time defenses at all layers of the mobile...“Singapore TV goes digital” from page 1. enterprise. Zenprise can be deployed on the premises or in a privatetivity”. Singapore’s upcoming 4G spectrum auction will begin in or public cloud (hence2013 with a healthy 320 MHz of spectrum on the table. the clouds). [5B4-01] He pointed out that more than 12 service providers, taking ad-vantage of the open access structure of the high-speed network, arenow providing services to 133,000 users. With high-speed connectivity, the Singapore government underits 2015 master plan has developed the portal, whichprovides more than 7,000 government datasets for public usage. Hesaid this has resulted in more than 60 apps, even one for servicesusing augmented reality for amenities in public parks. Q
  9. 9. latest news CommunicAsia2012 Daily • 20 June 2012 • 15 ...overnight. wire... Monitoring employees in digital Motorola Solutions buys Psion Motorola Solutions is back on the acquisition trail, negotiating a £129 million ($202 environments rising – Gartner million) takeover of ruggedized mobile device maker Psion. The cash deal will clear the Enterprise Innovation editors way for Motorola Solutions to tap new territory in the form of the industrial handheld market. The firm plans to incorporate Psion into its enterprise mobile computing business, and predicts the acquisition will add to its earnings within a year of completion. Ratings Monitoring employee behavior in digital environment.” firm Moody’s gives the deal the thumbs up, noting the purchase is Motorola Solutions’ environments is on the rise, with 60% of The popularity of consumer cloud first for several years. However, the deal doesn’t affect Moody’s Baa2 rating on the firm. corporations expected to implement formal services, such as Facebook, YouTube and programs for monitoring external social LinkedIn, provides new targets for security media for security breaches and incidents monitoring, but surveillance of user activ- Oracle lifts Q4 profit 7% on license sales by 2015, reports Gartner. ity in these services generates additional Oracle reported a 7% increase in last quarter’s profit to $4.1 billion, and injected an extra Many organizations already engage in ethical and legal risks. There are times $10 billion into its stock buyback program. The software company grew sales for its fiscal social media monitoring as part of brand when the information available can assist fourth quarter by 1% to $10.9 billion, with software license sales increasing 7% to $4 management and marketing, but less than in risk mitigation for an organization, such billion. Oracle spent around $6 billion buying back its own stock over the course of the 10% of organizations currently use these as employees posting videos of inappropri- financial year. same techniques as part of their security ate activities within corporate facilities. monitoring program. However, there are other times when Fujitsu, Nimsoft launch ITMaaS in four markets “The growth in monitoring employee accessing the information can generate se- Fujitsu and CA subsidiary Nimsoft have rolled out IT management as a service (MaaS) behavior in digital environments is in- rious liabilities, such as a manager review- solutions in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The two companies have a creasingly enabled by new technology and ing an employee’s Facebook profile to de- worldwide partnership to deliver Nimsoft services via the Fujitsu global cloud platform, services,” said Andrew Walls, research termine the employee’s religion or sexual an IaaS delivery platform, which is currently available in Japan, Australia, the US, vice president of Gartner. “Surveillance orientation in violation of equal employ- Germany, the UK and Singapore. of individuals, however, can both mitigate ment opportunity and privacy regulations. and create risk, which must be managed “The conflicts involved were high- carefully to comply with ethical and legal lighted through recent examples of a small Social software gains ground in the enterprise standards.” number of organizations requesting Face- Enterprise adoption of social software is accelerating as more business look to the To prevent, detect and remediate se- book login information from job candi- technology to improve collaboration and worker productivity. IDC estimates that almost curity incidents, IT security organizations dates,” said Walls. “Although that particu- all social software vendors recorded double-digit revenue growth in 2010-11. The top have traditionally focused attention on the lar practice will gradually fade, employers two vendors - IBM and Jive – delivered over 70% year-on-year growth. But the fastest growing vendor in the top 20 was Yammer, which more than doubled its revenue during monitoring of internal infrastructure. The will continue to pursue greater visibility the period. impact of IT consumerization, cloud ser- of social media conversations held by em- vices and social media renders this tradi- ployees, customers and the general public tional approach inadequate for guiding de- when the topics are of interest to the cor- HK CIO to cut fees for data center conversion cisions regarding the security of enterprise poration.” The Hong Kong Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) has information and work processes. A wide range of products and services announced new measures aimed at stimulating the conversion of industrial, buildings “Security monitoring and surveillance has emerged to support these actions, and into data centers. The measures include the ability to apply for an exemption from the fee must follow enterprise information assets many PR firms provide social media moni- landowners must currently pay to convert register industrial buildings for IT and telecom and work processes into whichever techni- toring as a standard client service. Security use. The OGCIO will also assess the current premium for lease modification covering tier cal environments are used by employees to organizations are beginning to see value III and IV data centers. The office also revealed it had reserved two hectares of land in execute work,” said Walls. “Given that em- in the capture and analysis of social me- Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate for the development of tier III and IV facilities. ployees with legitimate access to enterprise dia content, not just for internal security information assets are involved in most se- surveillance, but also to enable detection Samsung targets enterprise with new SAFE brand curity violations, security monitoring must of shifting threats that impinge on the or- Samsung has introduced a new enterprise certification program for its devices, starting focus on employee actions and behavior ganization. with its Galaxy S III. The vendor has introduced the SAFE (Samsung Approved for wherever the employees pursue business- This might be physical threats to fa- Enterprise) brand, which will signify that a device is enterprise-ready out of the box, related interactions on digital systems.” cilities and personnel revealed through with support for 338 IT policies. The requirements include AES-256 bit encryption, as He continued, “In other words, the postings concerning civil unrest or it may well as support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync common VPN and mobile device development of effective security intelli- be threats of logical attacks by hacktivists. management solutions. Announcing the initiative, Samsung said it is being designed to gence and control depends on the ability to Early detection of shifting risks enables the tackle the issues caused by Android fragmentation. capture and analyze user actions that take organization to vary its security posture to place inside and outside of the enterprise IT match and minimize negative impacts. Q...“Data is the new crude oil” from page 1.tralia limit the number of times Optus so why is SingTel sharing information firms are paying top dollar for people the advertising space.”can reach out to customers each week. with MediaCorp?” who can make sense of data. He noted that the most expensive Watts said operators can compete By sharing basic demographic data Telcos have big advantages over any- word on Google is “insurance”. Insur-if they can collect, store and decipher with a German publisher, Telefonica one else in the ecosystem if they can get ance companies are paying US$54 adata. “Big data is the way to compete. helped the company boost yields on its their acts together, he said. “They have click and they don’t even have profileIt is operators’ most valuable assets, if inventory by three to ten times. unrivaled user data, real-time location data. They are willing to pay a high pricethey know how to use it. You know more The careers of the future, he noted, data and direct customer relationships – because of the potentially large returnabout your customers than anyone else, are in data deciphering. Silicon Valley they have all the assets to go and win in over the lifetime of a customer. Q
  10. 10. inside the show16 • 20 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 Daily HUAWEI’S HIGH HORSE: Model Kim Low shows off the Huawei Ascend P1 smartphone, which will hit the shelves in Singapore during the first week of July. Both Kim and the Ascend are available for viewing at the Huawei stand [1H3-01]. A NEW KIND OF KICK: Professional football freestylers Daniel Cutting (left) and Mark Harlow show off their football skills at the Metaswitch stand [1D2-07] to showcase the company’s integrated softswitch/gateway solution. The football connection is so obvious we don’t think it needs explaining. VIRTUALLY WI-FI: Robert Snyder, WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE’S director of product marketing YOUR TV: Noa Maor, director for the enterprise networks of sales for Viaccess-Orca, division of ADTRAN, explains the demos the company’s TV company’s Bluesocket product Everywhere solution that, as family that virtualizes the control the name implies, provides and management of WLANs, television streams to any enabling remote sites and users device. [1M2-14] to be managed from a single location via a private or public cloud. [1J2-01] YOU’RE GROUNDED: Muhamo Noh Ismail, senior researcher for Telekom Research & DevelopmentMISS INFORMATION: Booth (the R&D arm of Telekom Malaysia),assistant Kaelyn Goh is standing by at the TM standhands out brochures [BS3-01] to explain Raremix, ahighlighting the latest grounding treatment material thatenterprise communications consists of biomass activatedsolutions from TGS carbon and binding materialEnterprise Networks, created mainly from recycled wasteincluding unified material. What it does: helps reducecommunications, IP the grounding resistance value andvoice apps and IP improve the overall performance ofcommunication platforms. electrical grounding systems.[BR3-01]
  11. 11. latest NewsCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 20 June 2012 • 17Metaswitch takes TDM/IP MKN and Vidiator introduce mobile video/music servicemigration to Farmside Indonesian telecom firm Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara (MKN) to recoup the money, explained Vidiator CEO Tae Sung Park.Metaswitch Networks an- border controller,” Dredge told “The increasing demand and new media delivery special- Strim takes away that initialnounced Tuesday that it has the Show Daily. from our customers for speedier ist Vidiator yesterday launched risk and allows companies tosigned a deal to provide a switch The turnkey solution and more sophisticated commu- a fully-managed and hosted mu- grow the service and then makemigration solution for greenfield from Metaswitch includes the nications meant it was impor- sic and video streaming service the investment when it’s re-New Zealand telco Farmside to MetaView network management tant for us to have an intelligent called Strim. quired. Hosted from Indonesia,migrate its customer base from platform that simplifies service network service architecture in Strim enables broadcasters Strim is delivered using Vidia-TDM to IP. provider functions with sophis- place,” said Farmside COO Ron and mobile operators to quickly tor’s family of Xenon encoding Farmside – a subsidiary of Bay ticated provisioning, monitoring Goodfellow. roll out streaming services, fea- and streaming solutions. TheCity Communications that targets and troubleshooting capabilities, Goodfellow said Metas- turing thousands of audio tracks service is delivered either on-SMEs in rural New Zealand with and the Perimeta session border witch’s approach to integrating and video clips from local mu- line or through a WAP, web orhosted business services – needed controller. both legacy and IP communica- sic labels and movie production Android app with more servicesa one-stop shop solution, said Si- “We’ve provided the whole tions “gives Farmside a platform companies, without the usual soon to be added.mon Dredge, director of technical soup-to-nuts package, including that not only allows us to migrate upfront costs and risk. One of MKN CEO Martin Suhar-marketing at Metaswitch. a full suite of apps and services customers sensibly, but also pro- the main barriers for operators lie said consumers will be able “They needed a complete so- like softphones, unified messag- vides significant cost savings, and broadcasters launching to buy prepaid data SIM cardslution – not just a softswitch, or ing and unified communications,” advanced applications and scal- mobile streaming services is that include a subscription tojust a media gateway or a session Dredge said. ability for the future.” Q the upfront investment in in- the Strim service in MKN’s frastructure and worries about network of over 50,000 dealer- the length of time it will take ships. QIgloo picks Irdeto to launch TV offeringIgloo, a joint venture between have access to free-to-air chan- provide full implementation and Avanti expands IP broadband serviceSKY and TVNZ, chose Irdeto’s nels and the option to purchase testing of the solution. Avanti Communications, a satel- and the Middle East.Cloaked CA to securely deliver a pack of 11 digital channels. “After an extensive evalu- lite operator, announced yester- Combining HYLAS 1 andpremium content over its new Irdeto Cloaked CA also includes ation of vendors, solutions and day it will install Newtec’s Sat- HYLAS 2 Ka-band satellitesTV service. Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections approaches, it became clear that 3Play Hubs in its earth stations with Newtec’s self installable With the service launching to access on-demand content. Irdeto was the partner we needed to further extend its IP broadband broadband terminals will enablesoon, Igloo needed a partner that The device is a renewable to help us launch Igloo,” said service range on its satellites HY- Avanti’s customers to provide fastcould not only provide a security cardless conditional access so- general manager Chaz Savage. LAS 1 and HYLAS 2. and easy internet at highly com-solution, but also implement it lution that enables Igloo to de- “The launch of Igloo is timed Avanti has developed a low- petitive market rates, said Avantiquickly and effectively. liver the content securely, while to take advantage of the digital risk and low-capital investment COO Matthew O’Connor. Igloo offers a prepay TV avoiding the hassle and cost as- switchover and it will give Ki- entry route for customers wishing Avanti anticipates addingservice that will be available sociated with swapping out or wis more choice,” said Doug to remotely manage and operate Sat3Play broadband hubs overfor purchase in retail outlets. replacing smart cards. As part of Lowther, Irdeto’s EVP for digi- their own Newtec hub infrastruc- the coming months to meet theOnce connected, customers will the agreement, Irdeto will also tal TV. Q ture. Avanti’s customers will be services demanded from both its able to operate Newtec’s Sat3Play existing HYLAS 1 customers, asSymphonet selects Calix for IPTV roll-out broadband systems to offer a well as those wishing to use HY- broadband experience to B2B and LAS 2 capacity when it launchesMalaysian communications The networks will use At each fiber-served prem- B2C customers in Europe, Africa this year. Qservice provider Symphonet point-to-point gigabit Ethernet ises, Symphonet will deployhas chosen Calix’s E7-2 Eth- technology over fiber to de- the Calix 700GE family ofernet service access platform liver broadband services, such optical network terminals Four firms accelerate LTE services(ESAP) for the roll-out of its as IPTV, on-demand video and (ONTs), including the 716GE- with Diameterhigh-speed broadband net- broadband service at speeds of I indoor and 766GX businessworks in Kuala Lumpur and up to 10 Gbps to businesses in and mobile backhaul ONTs. Q Tekelec announced yesterday that According to the Global mo-Johor Bahru. the two cities. four customers, including three bile Suppliers Association (GSA), tier-1 carriers, are now carrying 80 LTE operators have launched live LTE traffic using its Diameter commercial services across 38Net Insight names new Asia partners signaling router (DSR). countries – quadruple the number The company said two cus- available just over a year ago. TheNet Insight yesterday added PlanetComm is a VAR and “With these partnerships, tomers went from purchase to GSA forecasts that by the end ofPlanetComm in Thailand and systems integrator for telecom Net Insight will be able to fur- running live LTE traffic on the the year, 144 LTE networks willVietcoms in Vietnam to its busi- products and services that de- ther position itself as the expert DSR in two months. The time- be live in 59 countries.ness partner network in a move velops wire and wireless con- in media transport through the frame demonstrates service pro- The DSR, the central nerv-to increase its presence and ad- vergence networks with multi- innovative work we do with viders’ urgency to implement an ous system of the new Diameterdress the growing trends and media collaboration solutions. these leading companies,” efficient Diameter signaling ar- network, helps operators manageopportunities of digitization and Vietcoms is a value-added re- said Net Insight CEO Fredrik chitecture that minimizes network mobile data and signaling growthsatellite-to-terrestrial migration seller (VAR) specializing in the Trägårdh. Q costs and sets the foundation for and profit from mobile data ser-across Southeast Asia. media business industry. new revenue-generating services. vices. Q