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Communic Asia 2012: The Official Daily News #1_Tuesday 19, June 2012

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  1. 1. Watch this space for visitor count live update at, Tuesday 19 June 2012 Scan the QR code and get Show Daily updates on your phone! Cooperation trumps consolidation Download CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia App onto your mobile for satellite operators phone and have the show information at your fingertips! CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia Apps are available in John C. Tanner erator CEOs cited cooperation done a good job of that, but we director and president of APT and the rise of so-called “condo- have been seeing an increase in Satellite, agreed that coopera- Asia-Pacific satellite operators sats” – satellites shared by oper- cooperation,” said AsiaSat presi- tion between satellite operators see partnerships via shared sat- ators in a given orbital slot – as dent and CEO Bill Wade, citing has been the most significant Alternatively, visit our mobile sites at ellites as the main way forward a key development in the Asian recent satellite sharing deals be- development for the sector in and to expand their businesses and satellite market in the past year, tween Asia Broadcast Satellite the past year. “Condo-sats may gain operational efficiencies as and one that will go mainstream and Satmex, Measat and IPstar, become the mainstream in the for information on CommunicAsia and BroadcastAsia respectively. national politics prevents badly in the near future. and AsiaSat’s own deal with future for this region,” he said. needed consolidation in the re- “Consolidation has been an Thaicom announced at the end Measat CEO Paul Brown- CommunicAsia2012 gion. issue in Asia for some time, and of last year. Summit Several regional satellite op- as an industry we haven’t really Cheng Guangren, executive Continued page 16... Five tracks: z Next Generation Mobile Consumers Broadband dissatisfied with z Mobile VAS Let the show begin: z The Telco Rising Cloud video quality Minister for Information, z M2M & the Internet of Things Communications and the Consumers want to access OTT Arts Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim z Satellite Communications mobile video from their service opens the Ministerial Forum providers, but the majority of sub- on “ICT for Greater Growth” scribers are currently dissatisfied Astro moves to with time it takes to load videos, multi-screen OTT according to a survey commis- sioned by Vidiator. service Mobile users in India and Ma- Page 4 laysia were asked if they would consider switching TV provider if Increased connectivity brings a competitor offered an over-the- ‘opportunities and threats’ ‘Transopetition’ in top (OTT) mobile TV or video on the making demand (VOD) service. The sur- Joseph Waring Growth”, said that to effectively have simultaneously opened vey found that 92% in Malaysia maximize the opportunities from ourselves up to more sophis- Page 6 and 86% in India would consider Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore’s hyper-connectivity”, govern- ticated and complicated risks, switching. Minister for Information, Com- ments are adopting ICT through the resilience of existing infra- “This should act as a wakeup munications and the Arts, said careful public policy planning to structure to manage these risks, NICTA showcases call to operators, broadcasters that in the current economic create investment opportunities and how we should navigate an best practices and content providers across environment, being able to and for manpower development. environment of connected com- Page 14 Asia about the need to innovate identify innovative yet practi- However, he added that, with munities.” in order to grow and retain cus- cal solutions that leverage ICT emerging opportunities come He said that while technolo- tomers,” said Vidiator CEO Tae advancements will be key to so- emerging challenges and threats. gies spin off new opportuni- SDN strategy for Sung Park. “Those providers that cio-economic growth in today’s “Increased connectivity has ties to improve our daily lives, Extreme Networks can respond to consumer demand hyper-connected world. brought about a slew of issues “there is growing concern over Page 18 the quickest and deploy compel- Dr Ibrahim, who opened for policymakers, businesses risks and challenges such as loss yesterday’s Ministerial Forum and consumers to consider. of control over personal data.”Q Continued page 15... on the topic of “ICT for Greater “Issues include whether we Please visit us at booth #BM3-01/1E4-01 Telco Intelligence for 21st Century Survival Print • Online • Events • Research
  2. 2. Latest news4 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyAstro moves to Irdeto’s multi-screenOTT service ...overnight. wire...Astro Malaysia Holdings has se- to its revenues. Astro has used the etration in the Malaysian market Sabotage risk for smart gridslected Iredto’s broadband multi- company’s broadband solution and serving more than three mil- Smart grid adoption will leave energy infrastructure more exposed toscreen TV services and Active- for its B.yond IPTV service since lion customers in the increasingly potential cyber attacks or sabotages, a new report claims. McAfee andCloak for Media solution for its 2010. Irdeto was also chosen for competitive landscape, Astro de- PNNL, a contractor to the US Department of Energy, have published aOn-the-Go over-the-top (OTT) system integration. signed Astro OTG to attract new study into the security of control systems. The interconnectivity of smartservice. The new service will “Astro On-the-Go is an im- subscribers with a more person- grid systems will create many more access points to the infrastructure,deliver premium linear channels, portant step in our aspiration to alized, flexible entertainment ex- that legacy security systems may be unable to fully protect.catch-up, live events and VOD provide all Malaysian house- perience beyond the living room.content to connected devices. holds with an engaging, person- Irdeto CEO Graham Kill said ActiveCloak for Media is a alized media experience, and we the extension of the partnership Two firms take 90% of smartphone profitsdynamic and renewable software believe this new service will help confirms that success in a multi- Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market, capturing asecurity solution. The deploy- secure our market position and screen environment requires a 55% share of unit shipments in the first quarter and a staggering 90%ment enables Astro to deliver connect with a new generation holistic solution and managed ser- of the profits, ABI Research estimates. Samsung shipped 43 millioncontent and applications to meet of Malaysian consumers,” said vice that blends dynamic security smartphones during the quarter, compared to 35 million for Apple.consumer demand for entertain- Brian Lenz, chief innovation of- with robust content management Distant third Nokia shipped 11.9 million smartphones, down 40%ment anytime, anywhere and on ficer of Astro. and flexible TV services. Q sequentially. Overall smartphone shipments grew 41% year-on-year toany device while minimizing risk With approximately 50% pen- Booth: L4, Lotus 4A/B 144.6 million.Keep your fiber clean Mobile broadband users climb 50% The world’s mobile broadband subscriber base climbed nearly 50% inMicroCare Corp is unveiling its worked on older, slower net- 2011 to 846 million, according to a new report. Infonetics forecastsSticklers fiber-optic cleaners at works will cause failures on for use on the F-35 fighter plane that subscribers will hit 2.6 billion by 2016, driven by the burgeoningCommunicAsia. modern high-speed infrastruc- by AT&T and other telcos, and BRIC markets. APAC is expected to house over half of the world’s According to a company tures. Cleaning fiber networks can clean any connector, any mobile broadband subscribers by that time.spokesperson, the higher the with contaminated alcohol or form factor and any configura-data speeds the more urgent inexpensive wipes is no longer tion. The spokesperson saysthe need for quality clean- an option.” Sticklers deliver the cleanest, Half of Australians use a smartphoneing. “Cleaning processes that The cleaners feature four most reliable communications Over half of the Australian population is now using a smartphone, with different types of lint-free networks at the lowest cost per the local industry now worth around $15 billion per year. A report from wipes. The CleanStixx swabs cleaning. Q Telsyte predicts that over 20 million smartphones will be in use in the An Event Organised by Singapore Exhibition are the only swabs approved Booth: Hall E, Stand BL4-08 market by 2016. The firm estimates that in two years, more Australians Services Pte Ltd will be accessing digital services through smartphones than through computers. HKBN to upgrade network with Genband all-IP gear China Telecom teams for cloud gamingProvider of the Official Daily Hong Kong Broadband Network dential and business customers China Telecom has partnered with cloud gaming company Ubitus toNewspaper and Online News Service (HKBN) announced today it will while reducing equipment floor provide cloud gaming services on connected TVs in China. The service, modernize its network using space and power consumption which is expected to launch on October 1, will help game companies Genband’s Genius all-IP plat- by 95%. Through interconnec- publish their wares in China, despite regulations prohibiting the local form. Genband will migrate the tions enabled at the IP level by launch of major video game consoles.CommunicAsia2012 Daily News is telco’s TDM and first-generation Genband’s Intelligent S3 SBC,published by Questex Media Inc. VoIP switches, as well as first- we will also enhance our support generation SIP servers to the for the IDD market.” FT denies getting bid for UK JVMANAGING DIRECTOR Genius-powered IP solution, en- HKBN’s fiber service in France Telecom has denied rumors that it is in talks regarding a sale ofJohnathan BigelowGROUP Publisher abling HKBN to offer advanced Hong Kong reaches almost two its stake in UK joint venture Everything Everywhere. Multiple reportsGigi Chan business and residential multi- million residential homes and claim that former Everything Everywhere CEO Tom Alexander isEditor media communications capabili- 1,700 commercial buildings, attempting to get private equity backing for a takeover of the mobileJoseph Waring ties across the region. with services including 100- venture, and has started early negotiations with owners France Telecom “Genband offers us the most Mbps to 1-Gbps broadband ac-JournalistsJohn C. Tanner and T-Mobile. But in a statement, the French operator insisted it hasDon Sambandaraksa flexible software platform and cess, telephony and IPTV. received no such offer.Art Direction & Production commercial solutions necessary Mark Pugerude, Genband’sDick Wong to rapidly deliver world-class president of global sales and© 2012 Questex Media Group LLC IP capabilities, reduce operating marketing, said the Genius US FCC may review handset radiation standardsAll rights reserved. No part of this publication costs and enhance our unified platform will enable HKBN to The head of US telecom regulator FCC has proposed the agency reviewmay be reproduced or transmitted in any formor by any means, electronic or mechanical, multimedia communications,” seamlessly integrate a host of the standards surrounding radiation standards for mobile phones, toincluding photocopy, recording, or anyinformation storage or retrieval system, without said HKBN CTO Lo Sui Lun. services, such as delivering ad- determine whether they need to be strengthened or eased. The agencypermission in writing from the publisher. “The upgrade will allow us to vanced unified communications may also look into whether emissions standards need to be raised orThe editorial content is not necessarily the increase revenue generation and multimedia capabilities. Q lowered in devices used by children.opinion of the event’s organizer opportunities across both resi- Booth: BL3-12
  3. 3. opinion 6 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 Daily ‘Transopetition’ Telco Intelligence for 21st Century Survival www.telecom in the makingVisit us at booth #BM3-01 Print • Online • Events • Research Tony Poulos www.teleVisit us at booth #BM3-01 Cloud-focused News & Research for the Telco Industry Bi-weekly Telco Cloud Newslette The idea that transformation projects cost reduction and optimization of re- than an endless series of expenditure ex- “dumb pipe” or being an active player in are simply one-off events designed to sources are the real reasons. ercises that appear to have become the the growing data traffic being generated modernize or update legacy internal pro- Nobody willingly takes on transfor- norm for the broader telecom industry. by social networking, videos, messaging cesses is daft. It would be like updating a mation of any description if the benefit These are the same people that revel in and applications proliferating on smart- mobile network to 3G then resting while does not outweigh, in the longer term, writing about bill shock, and the very phones and connected tablets. competitors forge into the 3.5G and 4G the cost and disruption it generates. De- same to report horrible customer experi- We are seeing the beginnings of co- worlds. Dedicated website sub-section spite the best-laid plans, it is probably ence stories that transformations are spe- opetition between key players and events Nonetheless, some operators have fair to say that no telco has experienced cificallyon the to address. plus: trying Telco Cloud, like CommunicAsia mirroring the mar- embarked on transformation projects Visit us at booth #BM3-01 a trouble-free transformation, either, but • Bi-weekly Telco Cloud Newsletter appetite for business models that ket’s without clear progression plans after once embarked on, there is usually no Far from normal • Cloud eGuide include all parties and a broader range of the first is completed. Is it because they turning back. The • reality is, the days of super- potential growth sectors such as M2M, Webinar fear the wrath of shareholders and board A number of CSPs have even expe- normal •growth in telecom have prob- e-health, m-payments, m-banking, NFC, Research members who see continuous outflow of rienced a slip in market share and de- ably ended and overall performance is m-commerce and cloud services, not to capital, or their own nervousness at mak- pleted share prices after announcing big increasingly going to be determined by mention the interactions with OTT play- ing long-term plans? transformation projects. Strangely,vision to executionefficiency and the need to ers and social networking. Taking the cloud from the cost control and profitability It takes considerable guts and forti- reverse occurs when they announce mas- constantly accommodate new technol- Now, that’s the sort of objective in- 12-13 September, 2012 • Singapore tude for CEOs, despite coming through sive layoffs or outsourcing contracts that ogy to keep and attract customers as well dustry event we should be seeing more long and costly transformation process- presumably reduce capex and opex, but as partners, particularly the OTT variety. of. Perhaps we should term a new phrase es, to stand up and say‚ “enough is not do not necessarily equate to long-term The latter is set to become the main driv- “transopetition” for the combination of enough”. The need to keep moving for- operating improvements. The press is of- er for ongoing transformation projects transformation and co-opetition, since ward in highly competitive markets may ten less friendly, many dismissing trans- as mobile operators, in particular, try to both will be going hand in hand moving be the driver, but it is just as likely that formation announcements as no more find a balance between being used as a forward. Q Dedicated website sub-section Visit us at booth #BM3-01 on the Telco Cloud, plus: • Bi-weekly Telco Cloud Newsletter • Cloud eGuide • Webinar • Research Taking the cloud from vision to execution and profitability 12-13 September, 2012 • Singapore
  4. 4. INterview8 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailySummit expands, features 200 speakersStephen Tan, chief executive of Singapore Exhibition Services (SES), tells the Show Daily how the newvenue has helped attract new exhibitors as well as speakers What’s new at CommunicAsia this year? companies to pitch their ideas and creative Who are the prominent speakers this Over 200 debut exhibitors are partici- products and solutions to industry profes- year? pating, a clear sign that more and more sionals. For the first time we are delighted to companies see CommunicAsia as an ef- Once again, CommunicAsia2012 will have two visionary speakers deliver ad- ficacious and relevant platform to launch present Asia’s largest contingent of satel- dresses at the Summit: Aliza Knox, man- and grow their business in Asia and be- lite companies witnessed at any single aging director of commerce for Google yond. Some of the debut participants event, up 7% from 2011. More than 100 Asia Pacific, and Ambassada David A. include AMOS-Spacecom, AVer Infor- satellite and satellite-based communica- Gross, partner at Wiley Rein LLP. They mation Inc, Calix Networks, Dowslake tion companies are participating. These will share their experiences and views on Microsystems, hybris software, NovelSat companies include Addvalue, ABS, Eu- the business opportunities and challenges and Softlayer Technologies. telsat, GE-Satellite, iDirect, MEASAT, in Asia in a rapidly transforming ICT in- We also welcome back some first-time NovelSat, Rockwell Collins, Siemens, dustry. exhibitors from 2011 including 3M, Asia- SkyPerfect JSAT, Speedcast and ST Elec- The Summit this year features some Sat, Conax, Tata Communications, Think- tronics. 200 distinguished speakers from com-Show Daily: CommunicAsia2012 returns Cube and FiberHome. panies such as Amazon Web Services,to the Marina Bay Sands for the second What are the highlights at the Summit? Huawei, Pacnet, Paypal Asia Pacific,time. How was the response to the new Any changes in how you organize the Addressing the trends and issues fac- Tata Communications, Telstra and Voda-venue? exhibitors? ing Asia’s ICT market today, the Summit fone. Notable debut speakers include Mr Tan: CommunicAsia, held together Introduced for the first time on the ex- will feature extended sessions on cloud executives from Unified Inbox, Frog,with BroadcastAsia, was quite a success hibition show floor are three Techzones: computing and mobile value-added ser- Experian MicroAnalytics, Compuwarelast year, attracting over 53,000 profes- Fiber for NextGen Services, Cloud Ser- vices. The Summit also will cover the Asia, EPI Mobile Health Solutions, Veri-sional attendees from more than 100 coun- vices & Security and M2M. These are de- latest developments in next-generation Fone Systems and Ruckus Wireless.tries/regions. Exhibitors told us the meet- signed to better connect buyers and sellers broadband, security issues and the ever- Other prominent speakers are Si-ing rooms and hospitality suites at the two by helping visitors find the exhibitors that growing mobile marketing industry as mone Brunozzi of Amazon Web Servic-downtown venues fostered a stimulating most interest them. well. New tracks introduced this year are: es, Christian Geissendoerfer of YOOSE,business atmosphere and offered them the Another new highlight is an exclusive M2M & The Internet of Things, Mobile Dan Scoffer of VeriFone, Elias Ghanemopportunity to plan and organize focused showcase and networking space, the Dis- Payment Strategies, Customer Experience of PayPal, Asia and Pacific, Vivek Jhambevents with their key stakeholders. covery Lounge, for SMEs, start-ups, edu- Management & Augmented Reality, OTT of Vodafone Global Enterprise (India), This year we have received more re- cational institutions and research centers Business Models, Mobile Health Strate- Michael Koay of Telstra Singapore, andquests from exhibitors for these facilities to reach out to their target audience. The gies, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Se- Rodrigo Donazzolo of BT Global Tel-and have allocated more space. networking lounge is designed for these curity Workshop. ecom Markets Asia Pacific. QInsightAndroid peaks as phone market slowsFeature phone slump will slow overall growth, while Android’s market share is expected to peak in 2012This year is set to be a banner year for An- On the bright side, the smartphone seg- the next four years. IDC expects Android Symbian-powered smartphone shipmentsdroid, but not for the mobile phone market ment will offset the feature-phone slump to account for 61% of the smartphone OS to effectively grind to a halt in the next twooverall as a slump in the feature-phone with a 38.8% increase to 686 million units, market this year, driven largely by Sam- limits growth to single digits. driven by high carrier subsidies, falling av- sung sales. On the downside, that’s as good More surprisingly, however, the same According to the latest Worldwide erage selling prices and component costs, as it’s going to get – Android’s market share fate won’t befall BlackBerry OS, the cur-Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report increased awareness and device diversity, will slip to just under 53% by 2016. rent woes of Research In Motion notwith-from research firm IDC, vendors will ship and lower-cost data plans among other Interestingly, it won’t be Apple tak- standing. IDC insists there will still be aa total of nearly 1.8 billion mobile phones things. ing the credit for nibbling away Android’s market for BlackBerry OS-powered de-this year, compared to 1.7 billion units “The smartphone parade won’t be as market share, but Windows Phone. Indeed, vices in emerging markets, for example,shipped in 2011. That’s a mere 4% growth lively this year as it has been in past,” said Apple is expected to see its market share where users are looking for affordable mes-year on year, and the lowest annual growth Kevin Restivo, senior research analyst with slip just a tad from 20.5% this year to 19% saging devices.rate for the mobile handset sector in three IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone in 2016. By contrast, Windows Phone will However, while BlackBerry willyears. Tracker. “The mobile phone user transition be outselling iOS phones by that time, as more or less maintain its current market IDC credits the expected slowdown to from feature phones to smartphones will its market share grows from an estimated share level (projected to be 6% this yeara projected 10% decline in feature phone continue in a gradual but unabated fashion. 5.2% this year to 19.2% in four years, put- and 5.9% in 2016), IDC’s Restivo saysshipments in 2012. While feature phones Smartphone growth, however, will increas- ting it in the No. 2 slot. (To keep that in the gulf between the BlackBerry OS andwill still comprise 61.6% of the total mo- ingly be driven by a triumvirate of smart- perspective, iOS will still see healthy 10% its primary competition “will widen asbile phone market this year, many fea- phone operating systems, namely Android, CAGR growth in that time frame.) the mobile phone market becomes in-ture phone owners are holding on to their iOS and Windows Phone 7.” Unsurprisingly, with Nokia now com- creasingly software/app-oriented and thephones in light of uncertain job and eco- Most of that will be Android, which mitted to Windows Phone, Symbian is ‘bring your own device’ enterprise trendnomic prospects, IDC says. will dominate the smartphone sector for fast slipping into obscurity. IDC expects proliferates.” Q
  5. 5. briefs10 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyIPv6 web page availability Gray market is boon for low-cost flash memorygrows 9x in one day The massive gray market for peak in 2011, when gray market Michael Yang, senior principal cellphones is fueling sales of totaled 250 million units, ship- analyst for memory & storageOver 3,000 websites began sup- vast majority of the content) lower-cost flash memories like ments are set to remain high, research at IHS. “As a result, theporting IPv6 on a permanent and estimated the other 2500+ embedded multimedia cards amounting to 189 million units, adoption of inexpensive flashbasis earlier this month, includ- smaller sites to add a very small (eMMCs) and serial peripheral or 11% of the global cellphone memories like eMMC and SPIing big names like Google, You- fraction (the long tail if you interface (SPI) NOR, as manu- shipments in 2013. The gray mar- NOR have been a key trend inTube, Facebook and Yahoo, as will),” Ficco wrote on his blog. facturers of the unregulated ket business is dramatically larger the segment for gray-marketpart of the World IPv6 Launch Fiocco is quick to point out phones strive to keep production than it was just three years ago in handsets.”event staged by the Internet that that’s 27.2% of web pages, costs low. 2009, when shipments totaled to Asia, including China, re-Society. Given the millions of not sites, and certainly not IP Shipments of gray market 145 million units. mained the top opportunity, ac-websites on the web, that may traffic. Also, as a percentage of cellphones are set to amount to “For manufacturers, keep- counting for 62% of the gray mar-not sound like much, but ac- internet subscribers, IPv6 usage 210 million units this year, ac- ing up with consumer trends ket in 2011. Growth sectors likecording to Cisco Systems, the is extremely low. According to counting for 13% of the global while maintaining low costs will Indonesia and Vietnam are alsonet result was that the “address- Google’s stats, before the World mobile handset business, accord- continue to be a concern as they moving beyond low-cost grayable market” for web pages ac- IPv6 Launch event, some coun- ing to IHS iSuppli. fight to remain viable in a fierce- market handsets into gray-marketcessible via IPv6 rose from 3% tries were seeing as high as 6% While this is down from the ly competitive market,” said feature phones. Qto 27.2% in just one day. IPv6 usage from their Internet Alain Fiocco of Cisco says user base, but in most others it’s Worldwide gray handset shipment forecasthe calculated the figure based well under 1% (in China, it’son the list of websites that have 0.56%).publicly stated their participa- The good news, says Fi-tion in the World IPv6 Launch occo, is that growth is goingand the traffic stats of those sites to accelerate now that almostfrom 30% of accessible web content “My estimate was based on now supports IPv6. “This isanalysis I did it for web sites what the industry in an unprec-among the Alexa’s Top 500 edented collaboration effort hasparticipating in the World IPv6 achieved through World IPv6Launch globally (indeed, the Launch. And it’s huge!” QIPv6 adoption metrics: web content Source: IHIS iSuppli NFC-ready POS terminal shipments double The market for near field com- infrastructure, in preparation for projected to be highest in North munication-ready POS terminals the arrival of NFC-based mobile America where an estimated grew in 2011 with annual ship- payment services. 86% of the terminals will be ments doubling to an estimated Berg Insight forecasts that NFC-ready by 2017. Europe and 2.5 million units worldwide, ac- the global installed base of NFC- the rest of the world will have cording to a report from Berg ready POS terminals will grow at 78% and 38%, respectively.Green = IPv6 sites Insight. a CAGR of 49.4% from 3.9 mil- Berg Insight expects that theOrange = non-IPv6 sites The rapid growth was driven lion units in 2011 to 43.4 million emergence of mobile wallet ser- by a transition in the NFC-pay- units in 2017. This corresponds vices will be the most significantSource: Cisco ments ecosystem from perform- to an increase in the penetra- development in the payments in- ing trials to accelerating the tion rate from 8% to 53% over dustry in the next few years. Q rollout of NFC-ready payment the same period. Penetration isLTE equipment to hit $17.5b in 2016The global 2G, 3G and 4G acerbated by China Mobile’s “Nonetheless, LTE spending 4G infrastructure market – sion activity tied to 2G mod-equipment market decreased dramatic GSM pause on the is up 128% from the year-ago including LTE and Wimax ernization14% to just under $10 billion heels of extraordinary ship- first quarter, and the number equipment – shrank by 8%. Infonetics expects a spikein the first quarter of 2012, ment levels in the previous of mobile operators commit- One bright spot of the in TD-SCDMA equipmentfollowing an 8% increase the quarter,” said principal ana- ting to LTE continues to in- quarter is 3G mobile packet spending this year due to Chi-previous quarter, Infonetics lyst Stéphane Téral. crease rapidly.” core network equipment, na Mobile’s expanding TD-Research reported. “LTE and Wimax equip- Infonetics also found that which went up 4% sequen- LTE trials aimed at helping it “We saw weak 2G and 3G ment revenue also declined from the year-ago first quar- tially and up 5% year-on-year, move quickly to 4G. Qactivity across the board, ex- sequentially,” Teral said. ter, the overall 2G, 3G, and reflecting ongoing 3G expan-
  6. 6. InsightCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 19 June 2012 • 11Cellcos must cooperate on messagingMobile carriers in many mar- combat OTT player messaging to generate the scale needed operable, and operators’ new to have a chance of remaining akets around the world are services. The resulting inter- to compete with leading OTT messaging services must retain key revenue stream” concludesstruggling to combat the nega- operability will be necessary players. SMS is highly inter- CN200A__RA_Communicasia_JR_AD.pdf 1 6/4/12 9:55 AM this interoperability if they are Ranson. Qtive impact mobile instant mes-saging services (MIMS) arehaving on SMS revenues, saysOvum. In a new report the analystfirm focuses on South Korea, anation with arguably the high-est penetration rate for MIMSin the world, and extracts les- The only constantsons that can be applied byglobal carriers in the fightagainst free-to-use MIMS. is change. Ovum Analyst Mark Ran-son comments: “The threat ofMIMS is real, but the next gen-eration of messaging servicesalso poses an opportunity forcarriers prepared to adapt tothe new climate. MNOs haveco-operated in the past to cre-ate interoperability in SMS,and interoperability will re-main crucial to the success ofthe next generation of messag-ing services.” Unfortunately for carriers,SMS cannot compete with the Cfeatures and user experience Mthat smartphone applicationsoffer, and MIMS usage levels Yare therefore likely to continue CMto rise. It is time for MNOs to MYplan new post-SMS messaging CYservices that are better capable CMYof competing with OTT play- Kers’ offerings. However, carriers shouldbe aware that launching stan-dalone MIMS is the wrong Customers are accessing the network from a broad arraystrategy in most cases. South of devices and new media, causing service providers toKorean operators have tried reexamine how they define access. ADTRAN® is workingthis strategy, but so far these with customers to deliver innovative solutions for everyofferings have not been able to ingress point in the network. This innovation helps ADTRANgain as much traction as lead- service provider customers accelerate change and quicklying OTT players KakaoTalk, launch new revenue generating services.Daum, and MAD Smart. The South Korean experi- For more information, visit is likely to be repeated and discover how ADTRAN is Reinventing Access.internationally. For those mo-bile carriers that have not yet Visit Us At Booth: 1J2-01launched standalone MIMs, itis better to skip this phase, andinstead begin developing ser-vices in collaboration with fel-low carriers. “Operators should co-op-erate with each other and also CN200Awith handset vendors to help
  7. 7. Analyst View CommunicAsia2012 Daily • 19 June 2012 • 13Coverage, quality and the customer experienceNicole McCormick, Ovum We believe that operators need to put organization. to provide good network performance, that the customer front and center of every busi- It is critical that operators get customer does not guarantee a good customer expe-Mobile operator differentiation is becom- ness decision. Overhauling customer ser- service right, given that consumers are in- rience if services and applications rely oning harder to achieve as over-the-top play- vice, however, has to be more than just a creasingly choosy. These frugal spending partnerships or even the public interneters grab the customer relationship. facelift or cheap marketing exercise. To be patterns will add to margin pressure, free for end-to-end delivery. We recommend Devices offer some level of differen- successful, they need to be intrinsic, part of cash flow restrictions and ultimately im- that operators step back and think like atiation, especially between those operators the culture and implemented from the chief pede investment capacity. This will force consumer when discussing network issueswith the iPhone and those without it. But executive level down to the part- time retail operators to re-focus on marginal ARPU, such as latency. Rather than saying, “weby and large, the best those operators can sales assistant. micro-segmentation and ultimately cus- must improve latency”, perhaps the ques-hope for in the device differentiation stakes That is the very essence behind Tel- tomer service. tion should be “What does latency feel likeare short-lived exclusive marketing deals. stra’s grass roots Project New strategy, Meanwhile, quality of service (QoS) for a customer trying to do mobile bank- New revenue opportunities such as now 18 months old, designed to increase will also remain vital to operators. And that ing?”M2M and cloud services also provide productivity through cost reduction and means end-to-end network performance For now, we still see a lot of scope forsome service differentiation, principally in improving customer satisfaction. This has has to be top-notch for data delivery. Con- market differentiation through networkthe enterprise market, but there is hardly an required a root-and-branch review of all of sumers expect data on mobile devices to al- reach and depth. If it is true that mobileoperator anywhere that doesn’t have either Telstra’s internal and outward-facing busi- ways work and while they might not know consumers demand data “anytime, any-M2M or cloud on their agenda, so superior ness processes. Linking staff remuneration technical phrases like “packet delay”, “jit- where”, then the operator with the mostexecution is required. But we struggle to to productivity gains goes a long way to ter”, “packet loss” and “throughput”, these extensive network, width and depth, willidentify other safe-bet, new “platform” op- ensuring this initiative is given top priority are key parameters operators cannot afford triumph in the short to medium term. Qportunities for operators, especially in the from the CEO down. to get wrong.consumer market. We see other operators, such as Optus, Qualities of service and network per- Nicole McCormick is a senior So, price aside, we see two main strat- also putting a new emphasis on the custom- formance, of course, are crucial compo- analyst covering telco strat-egies for differentiation: customer service er. In this case, Optus recently announced a nents of the customer’s subjective experi- egy for Ovumand quality of service. new customer division spanning the entire ence. But while an operator might be ableMobile is Achilles heel and future for FacebookGuillermo Escofet, senior analyst at ers have been increasing recently at a faster ing is a well established medium on PCs, in the physical world and accept deals fromInforma Telecoms & Media rate than the number of ads delivered on its it has still a long way to go to find its full retailers. network, a trend it blames on the increased potential on mobile. But take-up for Places was poor and Fa-Facebook has been at the forefront of the usage of Facebook on mobile devices. Facebook has been in mobile for much cebook pulled the plug on it last year. Thebig growth in mobile data usage in recent “If users increasingly access Facebook of its existence – it launched its Platform Check-In Deals that accompanied Placesyears. It is indisputably one of the big stars mobile products as a substitute for access for Mobile in 2007, a year after it opened still survive, reportedly, but it’s not clearof mobile; one that most operators have through personal computers, and if we are up its membership beyond university cam- what new vehicle will be found for them.wanted to ally themselves with to drive the unable to successfully implement moneti- puses – but, to its credit, it hasn’t wanted to Meanwhile, Facebook also pulled the plugsale of data plans on their networks. zation strategies for our mobile users, or if rush the introduction of ads on its mobile on its Groupon-like Deals offering (confus- Yet, by Facebook’s own admission, we incur excessive expenses in this effort, sites and apps for fear of ruining the user ing, I know!), again because of lack of takemobile could be its Achilles heel. That’s our financial performance and ability to experience. The same fear stopped the so- up, which doesn’t necessarily bode wellbecause, although more and more of its grow revenue would be negatively affect- cial network from switching on ads on its for the future of Check-In Deals or othertraffic is derived from mobile phones, ed,” Facebook said in its revised filing in fixed-internet site until relatively late. But offers-style services on the social has yet to properly enable its mobile mid May. on mobile, ads can be far more disruptive There’s no reason why Facebook can-properties with advertising – Facebook’s And Facebook is not alone in finding because content has to be cramped into a not start enabling its sponsored stories withmain revenue stream. As it said in a revi- that mobile can hold back its revenue- far smaller screen. mobile location and presence data, subjectsion of its S-1 filing with the US Securi- earning potential. The biggest online ad- Facebook’s monetization efforts on to user consent of course. Facebook shouldties and Exchange Commission, ahead of vertising business of all, Google, has seen mobile are currently focused on its “spon- continue to look for ways of exploiting theits IPO last month, “We do not currently its ad rates go down as more and more of sored stories” service, which it extended to unique advantages brought by mobile todirectly generate any meaningful revenue its traffic goes mobile. In 1Q the search gi- mobile in March. This is where advertisers target sponsored content, ads or whateverfrom the use of Facebook mobile prod- ant reported slower than expected revenue pay to insert posts from friends or Face- it may be more accurately with users’ needsucts, and our ability to do so successfully growth. Although paid clicks on its net- book Pages into users’ news feeds. Spon- and unproven.” work had grown by 39%, the average cost sored stories are still an unproven adver- Mobile will undoubtedly become the More than half of Facebook’s users per click had fallen by 12%. That’s because tising medium, but they are less intrusive main access channel to Facebook before(488 million as of March) are already ac- the huge growth in the number of ads be- and therefore more suited to mobile than too long, as smartphones continue to drivecessing the social network via mobile and ing served on mobile browsers and apps is display ads. the online world into people’s palms andthat proportion is constantly growing, espe- pushing down mobile-ad prices. Also, there Beforehand, it was Facebook’s an- as Facebook’s membership is increasinglycially now that most of its new members are simply more advertisers bidding to get swer to Foursquare, Facebook Places, that drawn from emerging markets, where mo-are coming from emerging markets, where their sponsored links on PC screens than on seemed to offer the social network the best bile phones are the main or only channel toPC penetration is low. And the more traf- mobile screens. chance of monetizing mobile. Through digital content for most people.fic gets diverted to mobile the fewer Face- Mobile is adding to the overall digital Places, Facebook wanted to exploit the Mobile is Facebook’s future. Facebookbook’s chances of monetizing its service. pie, but is also increasingly cannibalizing unique ability of phones to pinpoint users’ has to make sure it doesn’t also become itsAs it reported in its filing, its daily active us- other digital channels. And while advertis- location to get users to interact with places undoing. Q
  8. 8. latest news14 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyAustralia’s NICTA showcasesbest practicesDon Sambandaraksa rather than having them flounder and find solutions for themselves after theThink tank National ICT Australia is network comes online.showcasing a series of “lighthouse” pro- The best practices in its digital pro-jects, sharing its best practices in big data ductivity showcase are applicable towith Asia through its network of com- many other nations as they look towardmercial spin-off companies. a national high-speed network, such as Terry Percival, director for broad- Singapore and and digital economy at NICTA, NICTA itself is a research organiza-was at CommunicAsia to talk about the tion that focuses on big data, nationalcenter of excellence’s best practices with sensor networks, machine learning,data centers, adoption of cloud comput- cutting-edge data optimization, analyticsing in government and consultancy ser- and how they can be applied to big datavices. held in communications networks and NICTA offers cloud tools and per- logistics supply chains.formance prediction tools for smaller or- Of course, theory is all very well,ganizations without huge IT departments but what about interfacing with the reallooking at taking their IT systems to the world?cloud through a spin-off company called For that, Dr Percival says he spendsYuruware. a lot of his time in implementation – sit- Dr Percival is in charge of the Aus- ting down with people and drawingtralian Center for Broadband Innovation, up actual business models, comparingwhich is aimed at readying e-govern- them against compliance rules, helpingment solutions, including e-health and them understand their own business and SHINE A LIGHT:e-learning, for when communities come showing people how they can be more Dr Terry Percival, director for broadband and digital economy, and Robonline with Australia’s huge nationwide efficient, even in the hallowed grounds Fitzpatrick, director for infrastructure, transport and logistics, share NICTA’sfiber project. The idea is to get commu- of health care where resistance to change cutting-edge “lighthouse” projects to help communities and businessesnities ready with a set of best practices can be quite a challenge. Q leverage fiber and the cloud.for taking advantage of high-speed data, Booth BM2-04PRODUCT NEWSST Electronics features ‘Future Helping enterprises Secure file serverCities’ solutions embrace post-PC world document sharingST Electronics is back at CommunicAsia demonstrating its Future BlinkMobile Interactive, an Australian Singapore-headquartered Clault hasCities solutions designed to help cities address urbanization, headquartered mobile enterprise application introduced Clault Sync, a file server datasustainability and environmental challenges. platform (MEAP) provider, is showcasing a syncing and sharing solution that provides The Safe City solution gives administrators a high level of variety of business solutions that help enterprises secure file server document sharing oninteraction and control to provide better understanding, visibility and and organizations embrace the emerging post-PC Amazon Web Services (AWS) for companiesmanagement of safety within a city. It measures the parameters of a device world. with cross-location beyond physical sensors by also taking input from citizens. Its hosted services, for example, enable Clault Sync is a Windows service that The Smart Utilities Suites and Energy Management Solutions enterprise-sized organizations to rapidly runs on file servers to automatically syncenable utility providers to increase operational efficiencies, reduce create and deploy any number of customized selected document folders to the AWS S3carbon emissions and empower their customers to better manage mobile information services using any type of storage cloud. The uploaded information canconsumption through efficient monitoring and management systems BlinkApp. This provides organizations with a be conveniently shared and downloaded tofor water, electricity and gas. single development and management platform another file server at an office in a different The Home Energy Management System enables utility service/ to control their complete mobile environment physical location.retail providers to help home owners reduce electricity usage and for customers, business partners, contractors and Information is protected using AES 256-charges. Through real-time monitoring of their consumption, home internal departments, BlinkMobile said. Q bits encryption before it leaves the officeowners can make informed decisions to control and manage their Booth BN2-02, NSW Trade & Investment Stand. network. The status of file server sync andusage patterns more effectively. Q backup across global offices can be easilyBooth BH4-01. monitored by IT administrators. Q Booth: 5J4-07/01
  9. 9. latest newsCommunicAsia2012 Daily • 19 June 2012 • 15...overnight. wire... Big data producing big returnsGen Y changing the shape of the workplaceThe growing tech-savvy Generation Y workforce and the increasing ubiquity of smartphones are for Singapore firms – surveystarting to transform the workplace as we know it. IDC believes the new motto of the future Enterprise Innovation editorsworkspace is “collaborate to compete” – businesses will need to foster a collaborative, virtual,mobile, multi-media and multi-dimensional environment to remain competitive. Generation Y– which is accustomed to being mobile and virtual and has strong multi-tasking abilities – is About eight out of ten (84%) respondents to the latest Avanade Globalentering the workforce in increasing numbers. An estimated 40% of the APAC workforce will be Survey, both globally and in Singapore, report big data helps them makemobile by 2015. better business decisions. Specifically in Singapore, 76% of companies say they have already used data to increase revenue by growing existing revenue streams (53%)BYOD top mobile security concern or creating entirely new sources of revenue (47%).Bring your own device (BYOD) is now the top concern for enterprise mobile security, according to Avanade, a business technology solutions and managed services pro-Gartner. A survey of IT professionals in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, BRIC and Japan shows that vider, tapped Wakefield Research, an independent research firm, in Apriluse of privately-owned devices was considered a key security issue, and around a third reported to survey more than 550 business executives and IT leaders. The Avanadeproviding technical support for personal smartphones and tablets. The research firm concluded that global survey, “Is Big Data Producing Big Returns”, done in 18 countriesBYOD was an inevitable requirement, but that a thorough BYOD policy should be in place. across North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and South Af- rica, reveals the investments companies are making to manage big data areMany tech leaders don’t know IT debt paying off.Nearly half of Singapore’s IT leaders do not know the value of their IT debt, a new survey indicates. “Big data has become everyone’s business and it has gained a top spotThe study, conducted by Vanson Bourne for Micro Focus, shows that 36% of Singapore respondents on the agenda of business leaders for the real value it has begun to create,”do not have a structured process for measuring and maintaining their IT debt, defined as the cost of said Craig Dower, President, Avanade Asia-Pacific. “Today, the technolo-bringing corporate applications up to date. gies used to leverage big data for business purposes have reached a tipping point – widespread companies and employees are able to find financial and competitive benefits from their data.”Heterogeneous networks foundation set up Beyond tangible business value, evidence shows big data has becomeAMD, ARM, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek and TI have formed the Heterogeneous System pervasive – more types of employees have more access to more technologyArchitecture (HSA) Foundation. The non-profit consortium aims to develop a single architecture options to manage and analyze data. The majority of companies (60% ofspecification for heterogeneous processing, to make it easier for software developers to write respondents in Singapore) said in just the last 12 months, more technol-applications that take care of the capabilities. Membership will be open to any computing industryprofessionals. ogy options became available to analyze and manage data. In addition, the survey found companies are investing in that technology. Almost every company surveyed (96%) is using tools to manage and analyze data today.APAC fastest growing call center region Today, all of the Singapore businesses surveyed do not consider dataAPAC is the fastest growing region for contact center services, with the number of agent seats analysts a part of their IT staff, and 94% in Singapore indicate they wereswelling an estimated 9.7% in 2011 to 3.5 million. Frost & Sullivan expects this growth to continue working together regularly compared to the 83% global average. Instead,at a 8.1% CAGR through to 2018, by which time the number of seats will be close to six million. Even companies are now distributing that expertise to line-of-business groupsthe mature Australian market recorded a 4% increase in agent seats to 220,000. throughout the company. The majority of respondents, 68% in Singapore compared to 58% glob- ally, report data management is now embedded throughout their business.Paper released on how social marketing works Further, 68% of local companies say more employees than ever beforecomScore and Facebook yesterday released a paper on how social marketing works are involved in making decisions as a result of more widely available com-and sheds new light on ways in which exposure to “earned” and “paid” media on Facebook drivesbehavioral lifts in purchase behavior. comScore said that while marketers understand the importance pany data.of a channel that now accounts for 1 in every 7 minutes spent online, many are challenged toquantify its effectiveness. Challenges remain Despite these developments, 88% of local respondents still report obstacles in managing and analyzing data. The majority of Singapore re-“Consumers dissatisifed with video quality” from page 1... spondents (88%) also feel that their companies need to develop new skills to turn data into business insights, compared to 63% globally.ling services have a real opportunity to make sound quality was another big complaint, with Further, the shifts in how employees work – from the consumerizationbig wins.” 61% of Malaysians and 33% of Indians saying of IT and the growing use of consumer devices such as smartphones and Tae said, however, that service providers that videos are often not good enough. tablets in the workplace, to the flood of data created and shared on socialneed support from trusted partners if they are to “There’s clearly a big market for providing networks – is only making the rapid growth of data more challenging toachieve a fast time to market while mitigating the right kind of live and on demand mobile manage.risk and alleviating the business, technical and content,” Tae said. “It’s up to broadcasters and The majority of respondents reported that employee mobility (88%),content challenges involved in the successful operators to choose the partners that can help cloud computing (88%) and social networking (84%) are all causing theirmonetization and deployment of OTT, mobile them make the most of this opportunity in a company to rethink its data management strategy. However, 92% of Sin-TV or VOD services. fast, low-risk, cost-efficient way, without put- gaporeans (compared to 70% globally) feel that their data management The survey also highlighted performance ting enormous pressure on the network serving systems are prepared to cope with an influx of mobile and social data in theissues that new services must address, such as the video and compromising the ultimate qual- next 12 months.content taking too long to load, which is con- ity of the consumer experience.” “The challenges of Big Data remain, but the opportunities are evensumers’ biggest frustration when streaming Vidiator’s survey was carried out by Toluna greater. Business leaders are really moving from defense to offense in theirmobile video. using a sample of 1,500 smartphone, tablet or data management strategies. Forward-looking companies are empowering Of those polled, 68% in India and 89% in laptop users spread equally across the UK, In- more people across the enterprise with the tools and skills needed to makeMalaysia said they were dissatisfied with the dia and Malaysia. Q better business decisions and ultimately, harness the power that big datatime it takes video to load. Poor picture and Booth: BQ5-Q4 promises,” said Dower. Q
  10. 10. latest news16 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyCommScope claims outdoor DAS first Health Phone monitors vital signsTelecoms infrastructure firm high and low seating areas for main power beam. The firm has Original design manufacturer Health Phone (HP), for ex-CommScope is leveraging re- up to 100,000 spectators, and combined the approach with its TechFaith Wireless Communi- ample, is a 4.3-inch Androidcent acquisitions to tap the have already been rolled out in new range of outdoor distribut- cation Technology is showcas- phone tailored for user healthmarket for in-stadium commu- several stadiums by a US opera- ed antenna systems (DAS). ing an expanded line-up of mo- monitoring and can monitornications by developing what tor. Navin Vohra, CommScope’s bile phones and motion games. blood glucose and body fat lev-it claims is the worlds’ first 2x9 CommScope developed the vice president of wireless sales TechFaith will showcase els, heart rate and temperature.multi-beam antenna. multi-beam antennas by com- for Asia Pacific and India, says a broad range of new Android The company will also fea- The firm claims its new bining legacy Andrew Solu- capacity is a real concern for smartphones, including Health ture its integrated 17Vee internettechnology offers the power tions kit with antenna technol- mobile operators “whether it’s Phone (HP), Sky100, Swift and motion gaming platform, withof 18 beams in a single anten- ogy from Argus Technologies, an outdoor DAS scenario or Titan, along with its existing applications, software, hardwarena, which provides capacity- which it acquired in May. It the macro cellular network.” range of W-CDMA, GSM and devices and services. Qoptimized coverage in venues claims a new sector sculpting He says CommScope’s sector EVDO models. Booth: 1J3-05including sports stadia and method cuts interference by sculpting approach can giveconcert halls. The MIMO-com- splitting beams into narrower carriers “a solid return on theirpatible antennas feature two areas than traditional antennas, investment.” Q Time stamping blade forrows of nine beams that cover which typically provide a single Booth: L4, Peony 4410B/4510. telecom apps APCON has announced an ad- slicing and nanosecond-levelCalnex expands Asia footprint vance in its network monitoring switch technology by adding time stamping capabilities to its network monitoring feature set,Edinburgh-based Calnex Solutions has doubled its operators and system integrators to test the technol- the new Intellaflex packet slic- APCON said.workforce in Asia Pacific as a result of a boom in ogy in their networks. Key demand for testing in- ing capability to the company’s The new features make thisbusiness due to the rapid adoption of small cells and cludes 1588v2 Precision Timing Protocol, Network 18-port 10G Ethernet time blade more versatile, givingIP-based mobile backhaul in Asia. New offices were Timing Protocol (NTP) and Synchronous Ethernet stamping blade. telecom operators the ability toopened in Beijing and Bangalore last year. (Sync-E) for accurate sync of mobile base stations. When integrated with the slice the payloads from pack- “Asia has become a tremendously exciting part Other supported protocols also include Ethernet- company’s Intellapatch se- ets in order to maximize toolof the global market for Calnex, and we are looking OAM and MPLS-TP OAM for operations adminis- ries 3000 network monitoring throughput. Qto build on our successes with even greater market tration & maintenance of these networks. switch, this blade adds packet Booth: BL4-11.penetration, support and more jobs and local pres- Calnex has worked closely with major Asia Pa-ence,” said Calnex founder and CEO Tommy Cook. cific operators such as China Mobile, China Unicom,As operators look to move to LTE networks with Chunghwa Telecom, Optus and NTT. Q SLA makes debut appearancesmall cells, it will become even more important for Booth: BQ3-10, UK pavillion. SLA Mobile, making its debut vice, we can enable direct op- appearance at CommunicAsia, erator billing for mobile opera-“Cooperation trumps consolidation for satellite operators” from page 1... is demonstrating how it can en- tors and their partners to grow able mobile operators to exploit revenue, engage further withKenyon said that as demand and 2008, respectively, to create jointly develop new orbital slots new revenue-driving opportuni- existing customers and accessfor satellite services increases, SKY Perfect JSAT. in a way where it’s not viewed ties such as direct operator bill- new market segments.”operators will look for differ- But satellite industry con- politically as selling the family ing (DOB). North Ireland-based SLAent ways of meeting that de- solidation is a hard dollar in silver,” Wade said. “DOB allows operators the Mobile has a strong presence inmand. “Some will build new Asia primarily because of na- Ironically, condo-sats could opportunity to rebuild value- the region with its Asia-Pacificsatellites and some will go with tional politics, said Wade. actually usher new national sat- rich relationships with their headquarters based in Kualathe condosat model, and it will “It’s the nature of the ani- ellite operators into the market. customers,” said CEO Nic Lumpur. Qbecome a more complex busi- mal in Asia – it’s a fragmented Fu Zhiheng, vice president of Stirk. “Through our operator Booth: BQ3-12.ness where you’re partners in market full of national opera- China Great Wall Industry Cor- and partner management ser-one market and competitors in tors with a nationalistic view poration, said that the condo-satanother.” of their position,” he said. “The model is a sensible option in Satellite operators haven’t political aspect has been a key Asia’s already crowded constel-ruled out the possibility of con- factor in our discussions over lation. DPC solution combats OTT threatsolidation completely, and there the years with other operators. “For countries that wantare recent examples of success- Even when a merger makes their own satellite, it’s very Tektronix Communications has real-time visibility of consump-ful consolidation, such as ABS’ sense economically, the politi- hard to get an orbital slot if unveiled a DPC solution it says tion and quality of experienceacquisition of Philippines-based cal hurdles are too hard to get they don’t have one already,” enables telecom operators to on a per-customer basis to salesMabuhay in 2009, and JSAT ac- past.” he said. “There’s an opportu- better monetize their networks and marketing, and real-timequiring SKY Perfect and rival Cooperative deals such as nity for those countries to work and combat the threat of over- visibility of resource consump-Space Communications in 2007 condo-sats serve as an accept- with established operators, and the-top (OTT) services. tion and network utilization to able middle ground, “where condo-sats are a good solution The DPC solution incorpo- engineering and operations. you can share frequencies and for them.” Q rates data services classification With this critical informa-Exhibitors Update across the company’s suite of tion operators can optimizeCOMPANY NAME BOOTH NO. COMPANY NAME BOOTH NO. network, service and customer their service mix and to strate- assurance applications. gically set price points. QAIRWATCH 1Q4-01 LINKOPTICS CORP BQ5-03 This capability delivers Booth: BP4-01.DIVINETWORKS 1E2-01 LOGIA MOBILE 1E2-01
  11. 11. summit18 • 19 June 2012 • CommunicAsia2012 DailyExtreme unveils SDN strategy ...CommunicAsia2012 Summit...Extreme Networks yesterday an- controllers from Big Switch, NTT andnounced a broad strategy to accelerate Nicira. Highlights for Day One: Tuesday, June 19software-defined networks (SDNs) and “Customers should be able to pro- Next Generation Mobile Broadbandstandard protocols such as OpenFlow gram their network like compute and 09:10 Keynote Presentation: The Changing Mobile Broadband Landscape: Mobile Offload and Newand Open Stack. storage apps,” said Shehzad Merchant, Industry Dynamics Key elements include an OpenFlow Extreme’s VP of technology strategy. Dave Williams, CTO, Stokesoftware module to help automate data “Extreme plans to use OpenFlow and 09:40 Mobile Broadband 2.0 - Merging Cellular with Public Wi-Fi Networkscenter networks, a free network hyper- other standard protocols to standard- Shrikant Shenwai, CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance 13:30 Understanding Mobile Device Design for VoLTE on IMS-Based Networksvisor that supports Citrix, Microsoft ize SDNs as part of a larger strategy Nigel Wright, VP of Wireless Marketing, Spirent Communicationsand VMware virtualization platforms, to create all-Ethernet open fabrics. We 13:50 Backhaul Spectrum Conservationand a crowd-sourced marketplace for believe OpenFlow is shaping up for John Cole, Product Line Director, Microwave Systems, CommScopeSDN applications called xKit. networks what Linux represented to 14:10 LTE for Mobile Broadband Extreme has developed several servers 20 years ago.” Yu Xiangping, President of Global Wireless Network Solution Sales, Huawei Technologies 14:30 Safely Blending Broadband, Business and BackhaulSDN applications for its network oper- Extreme will standardize Open- Craig Goodwin, Product Manager Carrier Ethernet Applications, ADTRANating system, ExtremeXOS. Adding an Flow across its entire product port-OpenFlow software module to its oper- folio. In July Extreme will release an Mobile VAS – Operator Strategies & Opportunitiesating system introduces higher levels OpenFlow software module for all its 9.10 Keynote Addressof cloud scalability. This module will products when it updates its Extreme Creating the Future; where can we go from here?help data center operators virtualize XOS 15.2 operating system. Extreme Bernardus Erry Nugroho, Division Head of Mobile Data, PT. Indosat 10.00 ‘Knockout’ Panel’: “It’s the end of the World as we know it?”and automate their network operations, also will distribute a free network hy- Moderator:using Extreme’s Open Flow-ready net- pervisor called XNV that is OpenFlow Phalgun Raju, Regional Director and General Manager for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan,work hypervisor called XNV. ready and also supports virtualization InMobi The company also announced a go- products made by Citrix, Microsoft and Panelists:to-market agreement with NEC of Ja- VMware. Bernardus Erry Nugroho, Division Head of Mobile Data, PT. Indosat Matt Fischer, Vice President, Product Management & Development, YTL Communicationspan. Both companies have agreed to This month Extreme will intro- Sri Safitri, Senior Manager Marketing, PT Telkom Indonesiado interoperability work as well as to duce a virtual marketplace called XKit, Sudhir Menon, Senior Manager, StarHub Advanced Multi-Media Services (SAMS)market and sell each other’s products. which will allow customers and third-Extreme has specifically agreed to sup- party developers to be a crowd-source The Telco Rising Cloudport NEC’s OpenFlow Controller. In for OpenFlow scripts and software-de- 9.10 Keynote Address: The Story of Mobility on the Cloudthe last 12 months, Extreme has an- fined network applications. Q Vivek Jhamb, Senior Vice-President, Vodafone Global Enterprise, India 9.30 Cloud Opportunities in Telco 2.X Eranounced similar support for OpenFlow Booth: BF3-08 Sanjay Nayak, Vice President, Product Strategy and Management, Enterprise, Pacnet 10.10 Telcos Provide the Foundation for Cloud Applications and Enable Enterprise Services Ricky Chau, Vice President, Carrier Services, Asia Pacific, Level 3 CommunicationsVerimatrix secures OTT 10.50 The Telecommunications Advantage in Delivering a Cloud-based Customer Experience Michael Koay, Head of Collaboration, Telstra GlobalVOD for Quickflix M2M & the Internet of Things 09:10 Keynote Address: Standardised Platforms for M2M Services and TechnologiesVideo content security specialist Veri- unmanaged networks – which not only Joachim Koss, TC M2M Vice Chairman, ETSImatrix said Monday it landed a deal requires robust security for on-demand 09:40 Managing those Billions of Deviceswith OTT video-on-demand service content, but support for the HTTP Live Robin Mersh, CEO, Broadband Forumprovider Quickflix Limited to supply Streaming (HLS) protocol for delivery 10:05 Management and Provisioning of M2M Devices and Applications Musa Unmehopa, Chairman of the Technical Plenary, Open Mobile Allianceits Video Content Authority System to iOS and Android-based devices, and 10:50 Industrial 4G Applications and Services(VCAS) for Internet TV. Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM for deliv- Shoichi Hanatani, Board Director, WiMAX Forum Quickflix is an Australian online ery to PCs and Macs. 11:15 Legal Risks and Challenges Posed by M2M Technologiesmovie rental company with a business The new content protection system Peter Waters, Partner, Gilbert + Tobinmodel similar to Netflix – customers from Verimatrix enables Quickflix to Satellite Communicationspay monthly subscriptions to rent films support the creation of new business 9.35 The Ka-band Revolution – Meeting the Market Expectationand TV shows delivered as DVD or models, particularly those that take ad- Erez Antebi, Chief Executive Officer, Gilat Satellite NetworksBlu-Ray either by mail or streamed on- vantage of earlier release windows for 9.55 Mobile Broadband for Rural Communities - An Major Opportunity for the Satellite Sectorline to computers, connected TVs and premium VoD content. Richard Lord, Chief Technology Officer, Altobridgeother devices. Verimatrix chief sales and mar- 10.35 Panel Discussion Quickflix also recently launched its keting officer Steve Oetegenn said With Ka on the way, how can service providers develop a multi-band service strategy? Moderator: Patrick French, Senior Analyst & Head, Singapore Office, NSR LLCWatchNow app for iOS devices that the company’s VCAS for Internet Panelists:allows subscribers to view unlimited TV solution enables operators like Greg Quiggle, VP of Product Management, iDirectmovies and television shows instant- Quickflix to negotiate favorable con- David Leichner, VP Corporate Marketing, Gilat Satellite Networksly from content providers including tent licensing agreements by provid- Patompob (Nile) Suwansiri, Vice President - Marketing & Business Development, Thaicom PublicWarner Bros, Sony Pictures and NBC ing the same high level of security Company Limited Dave Rehbehn, Senior Director, Hughes Network SystemsUniversal. in an unmanaged streaming environ- Serge Van Herck, CEO, Newtec Quickflix CEO Chris Taylor said ment as found in managed IP-based Stefan Jucken, Director Strategic Business Development, ViaSatcontent protection was a particular networks. Qconcern for the company because it Booth: 1M2-01. For complete programme, visit www.communicasia.comdelivers video to multiple devices over