Build your leadership brand while earning credits


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Build your leadership brand while earning credits

  1. 1. Malih Al-YamanDirector & Initiator of Young Leaders Development Program(YLDP)
  2. 2.  Upgrade your membership status Start building your CV & profile Start earning credits Start building your leadership brand & quality Start making a difference
  3. 3.  The purpose of this section is to tell the club members why they should vote for you. What is you vision and mission? What is your agenda and plan? How you are going to achieve your plan? What makes you a credible trusted leader? What value you are going to add to the club and to their personal lives? Closing Date Friday May 18 th 12 noonThe most convincing speech will also
  4. 4.  The purpose of this opportunity is to build an image for your new club that match your vision and mission of the club. Identity building includes but is not limited to the following elements: Club Name Club Slogan Club Logo Club Stationary Design The member whose identity package is selected will also earn a certificate and an award. Closing Date Friday June 8 th 12 noon
  5. 5.  The purpose of this opportunity is to promote the concept of Young Leaders Development Program by encouraging other potential candidates to visit our Facebook page by liking it. The members who generate the most likes will be winners and will earn 5 credits each.The best and most successful campaign will also receive a certificate and an award. Closing Date Monday June 18 th 12 noon
  6. 6.  The purpose of this opportunity is to share your experience with other potential young leaders and encourage them to become a part of the program. Write 75 – 100 words describing your experience in the 1st Young Leaders Congress  What did you learn?  What made YLC so special?  What friends you made?  What are the highlights of the Congress?  Will you attend another such event & why?  You may also use pictures/video clips and other documents to make and strengthen your point. The best comments will also receive a certificate and an award Closing Date Thursday May 31 st 12 noon
  7. 7.  A briefing and an example will be shown during our meeting on Friday 18th 2012. Members may propose new ideas or add value to the program. Members may also suggest improvement in design and the way the game is played. Members may also come up with additional concept to be added to the game.The best concept and/or idea adopted will also receive a certificate and an award. Closing Date Saturday June 30 th 12 noon
  8. 8.  Members will earn 5 credits for promoting the AUD YLC which will be held on Fri & Sat June 1 & 2 2012 Members will earn 20 credits for taking part in the event. (See attached Schedule) Members will earn 5 additional credits for getting involved in the organization and preparation of the Congress. Members will earn 5 additional credits for every new participant in the congress who is being nominated by them. Participation fee is 250 Dirhams only The member who attracts most participants in the AUD YLC will also receive a certificate and an award. Closing Date Saturday May 31 st 12 noon
  9. 9.  The purpose of this workshop is to get decision makers, corporations, active parents, school principals, and other interested parties to learn about YLDP, share their ideas and take joint ownership in this program. Members will earn 5 credits for each participant from the above categories who attend the workshop. Participation in the workshop is free and will be held in Business Village on June 3rd from 9:30a.m. to 2 p.m. (See attached Schedule)Member with the most number of participants in the workshop will also receive a certificate & an award. Closing Date Saturday June 2 nd 12 noon
  10. 10.  One of the greatest program Details will be presented on Friday May 18th 2012
  11. 11.  All opportunities you take part in will be documented and will become part of your profile and will be added to your CV for future reference regardless of whether it was one of the top 3 or not. All opportunities you participate in will be posted on our Facebook Page for others to see and to encourage other leaders to follow your foot step. The certificates and awards for the top winners will be presented during one of our major events. Top winners will be featured on our Facebook and other media. A write up about his/her achievement will be posted along with his/her picture.
  12. 12. Credits & Ranks
  13. 13. Activity Type Credit sCharitable Events & Services 10 EarneCommunity Services & Campaigns dBlood donation 5Beach cleaning 5Visiting Old Age Homes 5Provide Iftar (Ramadan time) 5Environmental activities /eventsGo Green Initiative 5Plantation 5Recycling campaign 5Public awareness campaignsATM Card Security 5Driving Safety 5Saving plans 5 Table 1
  14. 14. Activity Type Credits EarnedPromote club activities and events 5Field Trips 5Add value to the club 5Corporate visit 5Public Department visits 5Public figure interviews 5Meeting senior government officials 5Club speech event 5Facebook & Social Media campaigns 5Writing & sharing ideas on Social & other 5medias Table 2
  15. 15. CreditsActivity Type EarnedKayaking 10Diving 10Hiking 10Biking 10Boat tours 10Beach Volleyball 10Beach and indoor Soccer 10Karate and self-defense training 10seminarsSports Events and Activities 10BBQ & Games party 5Get together events 10Movie Night 5International Dinner Night 5Fun camping trip 10 Table 3
  16. 16. Activity Type Credits EarnedYoung Leaders Congress 20Leadership training camp 20Leadership training seminars 15Leadership courses / Lectures 15Leadership workshops 15Keynote speakers sessions 10Public speaking events 10Leadership meetings 10Leadership initiatives 10Power Talk Nights 10Networking events 10Team Building Events 10 Table 4
  17. 17. Table Active Silver Golden Min 5 Total 150 Total 225 credits credits 80 credits1 10 credits 15 credits 25 credits2 15 credits 25 credits 30 credits3 15 credits 30 credits 40 credits4 40 credits 80 credits 130 credits Table 5