Tiffin service in Mumbai


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Chadaro is a Vasai based Tiffin Service provider. They delivery breakfast, lunchboxes, dinner. They also take catering orders for parties and corporate events.

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Tiffin service in Mumbai

  1. 1. The food venture of Shree Trikutaa Square Meals (P) Limited Presentation by: Sufia Khan Masters of Arts in Public Relations Department of Communication & Journalism, Mumbai University
  2. 2. About Shree Trikutaa Square Meals (P) Limited  Shree Trikutaa Square Meals (P) Limited was formed with a dream of offering home cooked quality food for busy professionals and outstation students in Mumbai and Thane  The company offers Vegetarian and Jain Veg food only in disposable PP sealed plates, under its brand “Chadao Taza Tazaa” a venture for all the true food lovers.
  3. 3. Vision  To be a leading company in the district for offering home cooked, quality, food for corporate, working professionals, bachelors and students in Mumbai. Mission  Strive continually to offer truly and traditional Indian Veg home cooked food  To serve and maintain Environmental sustainability, Animal Rights and Health  We believe we are on this earth to co-exist, and that is why we decided become a vegetarian.
  4. 4. Vast knowledge regarding various types of recipes, due to which the company can meet the requirements of food lovers  The chefs are multi-talented having a decade of cooking experience, capable of preparing various dishes, which are rich in taste and aroma The food items are prepared under germ-free conditions and all the raw material undergo quality check by our chefs, all the ingredients used during cooking process have been tested for adulteration The company cooks only vegan dishes using sunflower oil, all the vegetables are cooked with a view to retain nutrition and can be consumed by both adults and children Why Chadaro?
  5. 5. Chadaro is against the usage of baking soda, artificial colors, additives, preservatives and MSGs in the preparation of food Food is served in disposable food grade trays with aluminium foils to maintain the food temperature and keep the freshness intact  Raw food materials are stored in traditional methods to ensure the flavors and nutritive values. Food is never refrigerated and is cooked fresh daily The company has an in – house RO treatment plant which is used for cooking and also for washing of utensils, to maintain truly sterile environment for food preparation Why Chadaro?
  6. 6. Infrastructure  Shree Trikutaa Square Meals (P) Limited has its kitchen facility located near Vasai (East), a prominent junction that connects central and western line The company plans to expand its facilities to different areas based on demand The food is prepared to serve corporate food requirements in Thane and Mumbai.  Chadaro has a dedicated transport facility and trusted delivery professionals available to deliver food at your place on time, every time.
  7. 7. What’s In For Us?  Breakfast  Lunch  Dinner
  8. 8. Offerings  Breakfast Delivered by 8:00AM to your Home / Office Nutritious breakfast to start your day Menu include North Indian, Gujarati and South Indian recipes 30 day breakfast is Rs. 656 Same can be offered for evening snacks
  9. 9. Basic Thali 1 Vegetable + 5 Chapattis or Dal Rice or Pulav Raita or Puri Bhaji. One time cost is Rs. 45 30 Day Package Costs Rs. 1,233  Deluxe Thali 2 different Vegetables + 1 Dal + 1 Rice + 4 Chapattis or 3 Parathas + 1 Veg Salad + 1 Pickle One time cost Rs. 100 30 days Delux Thali Costs Rs. 2,850
  10. 10.  Premium Thali 3 Vegetables + 1 Dal + 1 Rice + 1 Sweet + 3 Paratha’s or 4 Chapattis + Veg Salad + Farsan + Veg salad + Pickle One time cost of thali is Rs. 145 30 days Premium Thali Costs Rs. 4,133  Executive Thali 1 Vegetable + 1 Dal + 1 Rice + 3 Chapattis + Veg salad + Pickle. One time cost Rs. 65 30 days Executive Thali Costs Rs. 1,853
  11. 11. Chadaro Mumbaikar Special Tiffin for Mumbai Region 1 Vegetable + 1 Dal + 1 Rice + 4 Chapattis + Veg salad + Pickle. One time tiffin is Rs. 86 Additional Rs. 600 to be paid to Dabbawalla for delivery on western line. In case of delivery to Vikhroli and Chember cost will be Rs. 900 per month 30 day package Costs Rs. 2,451
  12. 12. Coverage- Mumbai Western Region
  13. 13. Value Added Services  Corporate Lunches Catering Services Corporate Catering Birthday Specials Anniversary Specials Get – To – Gathers Thali on Long Distance Trains
  14. 14. Promotional Material
  15. 15. Contact Details Add: Neminath Industrial Estate No. 3, Gala No. 3 & 4, Navghar, Vasai Road (East), Thane- 401 210, Maharashtra. phone: 0250 – 2390140 Mob: 7498874988 Email: info@chadaro.com Website: www.chadaro.com
  16. 16. Thank You…!