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  • 1. Historical development of “CRICKET”This presentation is about historical development ofCRICKET as a game in England.
  • 2. Topics which will be covered….▪ The Beginning of “CRICKET”.▪ Relation with England.▪ Reasons for its LAWS.▪ Amateurs and professionals.▪ Why Cricket is called a Gentlemen’s game?????▪ Gentlemen’s preference.▪ Benefit of doubt.
  • 3. The Beginning of “CRICKET”.▪ Cricket began In ENGLAND.▪ About 500 Years ago.▪ This game was made for Amateurs.▪ Poor people used this as an seasonal employment as this was played after industrial revolution▪ This game in the modern period is the longest in time period.▪ Girls used to be away from this game.
  • 4. Reasons for its “LAWS”The following slide will concentrate on the development of the“LAWS” of CRICKET.
  • 5. Laws of CRICKET
  • 6. ▪ The laws of CRICKET were always in favor of the batsman.▪ The reason for this is that Gentlemen use to play as a batsman. And▪ These were made so that the rich who played as batsman win.▪ Also, the cricket was started at the rural England where the people had a lot of time for these activities. And that’s how test cricket came to existence.
  • 7. Why Cricket is called aGentlemen’s game?????IT is called a Gentlemen’s game because it was mainly played byrich for pleasure and they were not benefited from the Amt. andinvested in this game for revenging against the poor.
  • 8. All through out Cricket was considered as adiscrimination of poor and rich it has been developedin a way that the batsman has always the advantage ofthe doubt.The reason is quite clear and silly but It has an hugeimpact on the modern game.Gentlemen’s preference
  • 9. Its Logo.This is the officialcricket logo all over theworld in 1935.Also it was thetraditional way ofrepresenting cricket.
  • 10. England’s logo This is an animated cricketing logo used in England In 1988.