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Assignment brief l3 cmp unit 35 new format


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Video Installation Assignment Brief

Video Installation Assignment Brief

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Qualification Title BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production QCF Unit (s) Unit 35: Producing Video Installation Work Assignment Title Video Installation. Grading Criteria Assessed 1 2 3 4 / / / / Learning Outcomes On completion of the unit learners should: 1. Understand the potential of video in an exhibition space as an art form
 2. Be able to originate and develop an idea for a video installation in a specific location 3. Be able to produce a video for an installation in a specific location
 4. Be able to set up the installation. Suggested Resources Assignment Scenario This unit aims to encourage you to experiment with video as a medium. You will develop an awareness of the potential of non-mainstream forms of video production and devise, produce and exhibit work, thus acquiring an understanding of video installation work within the context of a gallery or other exhibition space. This unit will be useful to you for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it is a form of expressive art that is likely to be of interest to you as aspiring video practitioners, enabling them to explore personal ideas and to address challenging content. Secondly, it is an excellent way to extend and develop knowledge and skills. This unit will provide you with an understanding of video production when removed from the constraints of the conventions of mainstream media forms and will encourage them to reflect upon the potential of video as a visual art form. Assignment Brief 2013 - 2014 Assessor: Sue Venables Internal Verifier: B. Marston Set Date:26th Feb 2014 Final Submission Date: May 14th 2014
  • 2. Project/Assignment Brief: You will gain an understanding of video installation and have the opportunity to experiment with video as a creative medium. You will produce and install your own video installation to a specific location. TASK 1 EVIDENCE CRITERION / CRITERIA DEADLINE Task 1 – Installation Nasties! 1. Individual research and write, and provide illustrative stills for, a blog post article on controversial video installations of the late twentieth century. Your blog post must focus on at least three artists and refer to others as appropriate. You should explore: the skills and practices in production work of current and past artists working in this field development of video art audience responses and controversy that has surrounded certain work. The blog post should be no longer than 100 words. (Label this on your blog as 35.1.1) 2. Following a visit to the Tate Modern, write and illustrate a short review of two of the installation art pieces that you saw. Your article must include: The names and title of the piece of work that you saw and a brief explanation of what appeared on screen. Highlight any unusual techniques that have been used. The context that the video art was in. Audience responses to the video art. Reflect on your response to the video art and how it affected you as a viewer. Think about what you liked about the piece and what you found difficult or challenging. The blog post should be no longer than 600 words. (Label this on your blog as 35.1.1) GRADING TIP: To obtain a high grade you must critically evaluate (compare, discuss and discriminate) impact on viewersand put in a context of other video installation artists. You must use plenty of examples and use correct subject terminology confidently at all times 2 Blog Posts P1. M1. D1. 20th March 2013 Task 2: Pre Production 1. You must produce some pre production work that documents how you have originated and developed your work for a specific installation location. You must produce at least four pieces of documentation from the 4 pieces of pre productio n documen tation from the P2. M2. D2.
  • 3. following list: Mind Map Storyboard A Visual plan of how the video will work in it’s specific location. A Treatment Explaining the content of your video piece Drawings and Designs for the video Mood Board A show reel of Visual Experiments showing different video techniques/treatments/editing effects etc. (Label this on your blog as 35.2.1) GRADING TIP: For the higher grades you will independently select your location for the video installation. All plans will be thorough, well organised and to near professional standard. Your idea will show fresh thinking and creativity and flair. Designs will be clear and thorough. suggeste d list. LO3: Be able to produce a video for an installation in a specific location
 Task 3: Bringing Your Ideas to Life 1. Create a short piece of video installation for a specific location around college. The video work must between 1-5mins long. Your work must show creativity and flair and be produced to a near professional standard. GRADING TIP: For higher grades you will need to shoot your footage to a near professional standard. You will need to demonstrate high levels of visual awareness. The interplay between sound and vision will be effective for the given purpose. Final Edited installatio n piece. P3. M3. D3. 31st March 14 Task 4: Installation 1. Safely install a video piece to near professional standards. 2. Document your video either by filming or photographing it and upload it to your blog. (label this 35.4.1) GRADING TIP: Learners will work independently to safely install their installation piece. They will work purposefully committedly and positively to achieve the installation. Docume ntation of final installatio n piece. P4. M4. D4. 7th April 14 GRADING CRITERIA
  • 4. Qualification Title BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Creative Media Production QCF Unit (s) Unit 35: Producing Video Installation Work Assignment Title Video Installation Assessor: Feedback Date: Student: Grading Criteria Achieved 1 2 3 4 Assessor Feedback (detailed, criteria related & setting targets for improvement): Assessor Signature: Date: Student Signature (authenticating work to be their own): Date: Student Comments / Action Plan: Assignment Feedback 2013 - 2014