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  • The world’s largest professional network, helping people find and share opportunities every day.
  • LEARNING CENTRE FINDING can connect with this audience by establishing their own community, by leveraging rich profile-based targeting, and employing a wide range of innovative and engaging advertising products.
  • Launched: May 5, 2003 with 4,500 members
  • Grow your database instantly Increase your visibilityBy adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they’re searching for someone to hire or do business with. Fill out your profile like it’s an executive bio – allows your contacts to see all of your credentialsImprove your Google PageRankIn addition to your name, you can also promote your blog or website to search engines like Google and Yahoo! Your LinkedIn profile allows you to publicize websites. There are a few pre-selected categories like “My Website,” “My Company,” etc.LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. By connecting on LinkedIn, your address book will never go out of date. Your contacts update their profiles, keeping you current with their latest jobs, projects and contact info.  LinkedIn connects you to jobs, sales leads and ideal business partners. LinkedIn has a powerful search engine, discussion groups, company research tools and a jobs board that shows who you know at listed companies.Add yourself to Groups on LinkedIn in the related industry, topics of industry or charitable work. Allows you to connect with people on a different levelList Building – access to referrals and people that you might not have a direct connection with (all done professionally)To develop the status that you and a Leader and expert in your field of business
  •’t‘ cut and paste your resumeDon’t write 3rd personWrite a personal tagline
  • Company Page help…
  • Use webmail import to see, in seconds, all the people you know who are already on LinkedIn. You can then select who you wish to invite to join your trusted network.Upload a contacts file from Outlook, Palm, ACT!, or Mac AddressView our list of your colleagues and classmates that are already on LinkedIn.
  • Linked In 101

    1. 1. LinkedIn 101Page 14/20/2011(c)1993-2010aWEBthatWORKS
    2. 2. Agenda 1. LinkedIn basics 2. Personal basics 3. Business basicsPage 24/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    3. 3. About LinkedIn • Demographics • Popular uses • Free or Paid?Page 34/20/2011(c)1993-2010aWEBthatWORKS
    4. 4. Linked In  LinkedIn is a social  Largest professional networking site for network in the world professionals >100 million members  Top benefits: >200 countries.  Grows your database  Gaining by a million & reach immediately users per week  Networking groups for  All fortune 500 everything companies are on  Highlights your creds  Positions you as expert  Affluent users: 38% users earn >$100K Top ranking on search Page 4 4/20/2011  31% users earn $60-100K(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    5. 5. LINKEDIN: Why you need it Establish your Drive more traffic to professional profile your website Grow your database Get more leads instantly Generate more sales Stay in touch with Find other people you colleagues and friends need to succeed e.g. Find experts and ideas investors, sponsors, Explore opportunities prospects Drive people to signPage 54/20/2011 up for your events(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    6. 6. LINKEDIN: Free or PaidPage 64/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    7. 7. LinkedIn: Getting Started • Privacy/Security settings • Optimizing your personal profile • ApplicationsPage 74/20/2011(c)1993-2010aWEBthatWORKS
    8. 8. LINKEDIN PROFILE: Privacy/Security Settings  Profile Settings  Personal Information  My Profile  Name & Location -- Control your  My Profile Photo name, location, and display name  Public Profile settings.  Manage Recommendations  Email Addresses  Member Feed Visibility  Change Password  Twitter Settings  Close Your Account  Email Notifications  Privacy Settings  Contact Settings  Research Surveys  Receiving Messages  Connections Browse  Invitation Filtering  Profile Views  Partner InMails  Viewing Profile Photos  Home Page Settings  Profile and Status Updates  Network Updates  Service Provider Directory  RSS Settings  Customization  Your Private RSS Feeds  Partner Advertising  Groups  Authorized Applications Group Invitation Filtering  My NetworkPage 8  Using Your Network4/20/2011 My Groups  (c)1993-2008  Groups Order and DisplayaWEBthatWORKS
    9. 9. LINKEDIN: Optimizing your personal profile  Upload your Five (5) Places to picture add keywords  Fill in the 1) Headline blanks 2) Current work  Summary paragraph experience  Current & past 3) Past work positions experience Education  4) Summary  Custom URL 5) SpecialtiesPage 94/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    10. 10. LINKEDIN PROFILE: Add applications Benefits Enrich your profile Share & collaborate with your network Get insights that help you be more effective Application Directory _directory&trk=hb_side_appsPage 104/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    11. 11. LINKEDIN PROFILE: Management Tips/Tricks  Back up your contacts  See who‟s viewed your profile  How many times are you coming up in search?  Network StatisticsPage 11
    12. 12. LinkedIn: Business Basics • Company Page • Inviting friends • Groups • Answer questions • RecommendationsPage 124/20/2011(c)1993-2010aWEBthatWORKS
    13. 13. LINKEDIN BUSINESS: Company Page 1. Import news feed 2. Add Products and services 3. Ask for recommendations 4. Ask people to „follow you‟ 5. Post a job ($) 6. Direct ads ($) 7. AnalyticsPage 134/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    14. 14. LINKEDIN BUSINESS: Invite Friends 1. Click on the “Add Connections” link on the top right of your screen 2. Colleagues, Classmates, People You May KnowPage 144/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    15. 15. LINKEDIN BUSINESS: Groups FIND/JOIN GROUPS CREATE GROUPS 1. 1. Limit 20 /groupsDirectory 2. Send messages once a 2. Limit 50 week to members 3. Increase your reach 3. Link to your website 4. Create welcome WHICH GROUPS? messages 5. Shows your name  Who do you need? (credibility)  Where do they hang out? 6. Create subgroups  Industry specific groupsPage 15 7. Create events4/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    16. 16. LINKEDIN BUSINESS: Answer Questions 1. Post a question on Answers ( and tap into the experts you‟re connected to and the entire LinkedIn networkPage 164/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    17. 17. LINKEDIN BUSINESS: Recommendations  HOW TO GIVE A  HOW TO ASK FOR A RECOMMENDATION RECOMMENDATION  Go to their profile  Click on „profile‟  Click on link called…  Click on ‟recommendation‟ „recommend this person‟  Click „Ask to be endorsed‟ (top right)  Select the person you‟d like  Select colleague, service a recommendation from, provider, business partner, write note and hit „send‟ student, then „go‟ button button  Fill in the blanks It is better to give than receive.Page 174/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    18. 18. Sue Sutcliffe 1 (800) 579-9253Page 184/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    19. 19. LINKEDIN: Handout Column in DBTPage 194/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS
    20. 20. LinkedIn Resources 1. LinkedIn 1. Learning Centre 2. Blog 3. Weekly webinars 2. Sue‟s blog popular-questions-about-linkedin/Page 204/20/2011(c)1993-2008aWEBthatWORKS