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Wordly wise 3000 introduction week1 (1)
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Wordly wise 3000 introduction week1 (1)

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  • 1. Wordly Wise 3000 5th gradeOn average, students learn 3,000 words per year.
  • 2. Extra infowww.wordlywise3000.com website contains: Audio word lists A quick check question to check for understanding MP3 Downloadable files Games: interactive games after every 4th lesson
  • 3. Day 1Look at Word List on pages 1-2.Each Word List contains 15 words, pronunciation, part of speech,definition, and sample sentence.Look for context clues in the sample sentences to help with meaning. Example: budge -The old metal truck was so heavy we could not budge it. Which words in the sentence help us understand what budge means?Teachers can use graphic organizers, pantomimes, illustrations toencourage discussion.
  • 4. Day 1 continuedFinding Meanings Choose two phrases to form a sentence that correctly uses a word from Word List 1. a) a useful aid. c)Dismay is b) Hail is d)frozen rain. Which two options can begin a sentence? (b and c due to capital letters starting a sentence) Which two options can end a sentence? (a and d due to endmarks at the end of a sentence) Let combine some options to see if they make sense!
  • 5. Day 1 continued Hail is a useful aid. Hail is frozen rain. Dismay is a useful aid. Dismay is frozen rain.Which sentence makes the most sense?Turn to page 3 in Wordly Wise and let’s complete #1 together.Homework: Complete 1A on page 3-4.
  • 6. Day 2Correct Homework page 3-4In Exercise B, Just the Right Word, you will replace the highlighted definitions with the correctvocabulary word.Turn to page 5. Let’s look at #1. They expected their children to be willing to do as they were told. Which vocabulary word means the same as “willing to do as they were told”? Cross out the bold print and write the correct vocabulary word above it. They expected their children to be willing to do as they were told. Homework: Complete 1B(page 5)
  • 7. Day 3Correct homework (page 5)In Exercise C, Applying Meanings, students willneed to use their full knowledge of the word’smeaning to select the correct answer.Turn to page 6.Circle the letter or letters for each correctanswer. A questions may have more than onecorrect answer.
  • 8. Day 3 Continued1. Which of the following could be an obstacle? a) lack of money c) poor eyesight b) a fallen tree d) a pleasant voice Let’s get some discussion on this! With a partner, complete page 1C. Go over answers as a class. Homework: 1D Word Study (page 7)
  • 9. Day 4Correct homework (page 7)Homework: 1E (page 8-10), Spelling/Vocabulary Test tomorrow. Turn to page 8. In this assignment you: Read the passage, then answer the questions using complete sentences. **If a vocabulary word is NOT used in the question, students must use it in their response. Look at page 9. You need to use the correct vocabulary word in the response for numbers 2 and 4 because a vocabulary word was not used in the question.
  • 10. Day 5Correct page 9-10.Spelling test over Word List 1.Pass out vocabulary test for Word List 1.
  • 11. Wordly Wise 3000Great job this week!