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  • My experience with pinterest:

    I have used pinterest to improve my site's ranking and it has improved from page 7 to #3 spot in 3 weeks time.

    I found that the seller named 'pinterest', which ranked first when you search 'pinterest' at Fiverr, has produced the best results on my websites. The seller pins my site with 75 different people, not sure how he did this, but it has improved my SERP's ranking. I've tried 5 other sellers who offer similar gigs on Fiverr but they can't improve my site's ranking. I don't know why. Maybe he has magical trick. lol.

    Some benefits of pinterest for seo:
    - Google loves social media signal.
    - Links and images from pinterest are dofollow!
    - Each pin is considered as 3 inbound links.
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  • Survey by Social Media Examiner revealed these top social media goals for 2011
  • Who knows what OPC stands for? Other people’s content. Social media is all about sharing and lifting up other people so that they can feel good about themselves. This creates trust.
  • Info tab – go through it with them Twitter bio – 160 characters Welcome tabs – iFrames Pagelever Tab Site
  • Using Pinterest for Business

    1. H ow Can Boost Your Brand & Increase TrafficCarmine Media | Blogging | Social Media | Web Marketing
    2. Background• Lead SM Strategist R+L Carriers• Owner - Carmine Media• County Site Administrator
    3. What started Pinterest?“We wanted to create a place where you can go toupload or collect things on the web and simplyorganize it the way you want to.”Evan SharpPinterest Designer and Co-Founder
    4. Why is Pinterest Addicting?• Simple design• Content hoarding• Image takes center stage• Easy to use• Interest rather than relationship based
    5. What Can I do on Pinterest?• Curate content• Share images• Bookmark articles and images• Organize what you love• Share pins on Facebook and Twitter• Comment on other pins• Follow other pinners• Follow other boards
    6. Fastest Growth EverHeadline:Pinterest Hits 10Million U.S.Monthly UniquesFaster Than AnyStandalone SiteEver.
    7. More referral traffic than…• YouTube• Google+• LinkedIn• RedditCombined!
    8. More referral traffic than…Twitter!
    9. Very Pintesting…• Average 1.36 million users daily• Over 1/5 Facebook connected users on daily• Majority are women – 68.2%• 28% have household income over $100k• Average time on site – 15.8 minutes• Third most visited social media site
    10. How does Pinterest Work?• Interest boards• Pinners can follow one another• Upload images• Pin images directly from websites • Pinmarklet• Repin other people’s content
    11. Is Pinterest Right for Your Brand?• Can you visually represent your brand?• Is your audience on Pinterest?• Is your website optimized for Pinterest?• Do you have someone that can create or manipulate images?
    12. What can Pinterest do for My Business?• Drive traffic to your website• Interact with customers/leads• Increase awareness about your brand• Make your brand interesting
    13. Developing a Strategy• Define your goals• Review your website• Consult with your web designer• Request an invite
    14. Request an Invite
    15. Logging In• Facebook• Twitter• Email login
    16. Profiles and Settings• Add your profile picture• Add links to social networks• Add keywords to your bio• The top three people you repin appear on the top right
    17. Pinterest Settings
    18. Pinterest Profiles
    19. Set Up Your Boards
    20. Decide on Board Topics• Use fun titles• Include keywords• Industry Best Practices• Include a board for clients• Include a board for inspiration• Your HQ location• Humor
    21. Choose a board cover
    22. Types of Boards
    23. How to Pin• Upload images from your computer• Add a pin directly from a URL• Use the Pin It Button from Pinterest.
    24. Formatting Pins• Use creative titles• Focus on lifestyle• Use keywords• Tag others with @ symbol• Add prices to products• Credit your sources• Ask questions to encourage comments
    25. Adding links to Uploads
    26. Types of Pins• Images from your website/blog• Images from blogs you read• Images from customer sites• Photos• Infographics• Food and Fashion• Text slides• Videos
    27. Industry Best Practices
    28. Creative Images
    29. Fashion
    30. Your HQ Location
    31. Humor
    32. Set up a Pinning Strategy• Topics• Photos• Video• Trusted feeds• OPC – Other People’s Content.
    33. Housekeeping• Admin rights• Artwork• Etiquette• Do more than self promote
    34. Collaborating• Group Boards
    35. Building an Audience• Use the find friend option – Facebook – Twitter – Gmail – Yahoo• Follow pinners posting relevant content• Cross connect accounts• Add a Follow or Pin it button
    36. Marketing Strategies• As a promotional tool• As a traffic driver• As a connection tool with other platforms• Hashtags• Commenting and @responsing
    37. Copyright• TOS• Cite your source• Pin from original source• Create your own content!• Check before repinning• Avoid embed
    38. Measure and Track• Google Analytics – tagged URLs – Direct traffic• Cross account engagement?• Repins• ReTweets
    39. PinPals to Follow• Mashable• Whole Foods• R+L Carriers• Fast Company• Check out
    40. Don’t Give Up• Regular posts• Leverage existing SM platforms• Spend the time• Relationships take time• Set aside time to follow new pinners• Pin daily
    41. References••••••••••••
    42. Questions? Connect with me!Pinterest: Carminemedia.comTwitter: @suereynolds Carmine Media | Blogging | Social Media | Web Marketing