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Using Google Hangouts for Business


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Learn how to use Google Plus and Google Hangouts on Air for business.

Learn how to use Google Plus and Google Hangouts on Air for business.

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  • 1. Using Google Plus Hangouts For BusinessCarmine Media | Blogging | Social Media | Web Marketing
  • 2. Background• Lead SM Strategist R+L Carriers• Owner - Carmine Media Consulting – Businesses – Non Profits – Health Care Industry – Government agencies
  • 3. Google PlusLaunched June 28, 2011September 2012 – 400 million registered users 100 million active monthlySocial Layer – many online propertiesGoogle’s 4th attempt at social networkingNovember 2011 – integrated into other services Gmail Docs Calendar
  • 4. Google Plus Features• Circles• Stream• Explore• Ripples• Brand Pages Ripples
  • 5. Google Plus Features• Local Claim your Google Local listing• Events• Hashtags• +1 buttons• Hangouts
  • 6. Getting Started• Google Plus Profile• Google Plus Brand page• Gmail• YouTube Channel• Analytics• Calendars• Docs (Drive)
  • 7. Google Plus Brand Pages• Launched November 7, 2011• Manager Roles• Social Search Integration
  • 8. Benefits of Brand Pages• Search Engine Optimization• Connection to Google Local Pages• Hangouts• Circles• Targeted audience engagement
  • 9. Your Google Page Profile• Profile Picture• Business Name• Email address• Website verification• Keywords• Social links
  • 10. Google Plus Mobile• Mobile App• Mobile Hangouts• Streamlined look• Simple• Easy to Use
  • 11. What is a Hangout?• 10 person chat• Live video conferencing• Lives inside Google Plus
  • 12. Hanging Out• 10 person chat• Regular versus On Air• Lives inside Google Plus
  • 13. How are they connected?• Hangout from Page• Hangout from Profile• Hangouts On Air (HoA)
  • 14. YouTube in HangoutsSome things to remember•Everyone sees the same video and playlistso adding and skipping videos will affecteveryone•Only you see your search queries andresults•You can share the playlist you’ve createdwhen the Hangout is finished
  • 15. G+ Hangouts On Air• Go live from your laptop• Save instantly to YouTube• Share with the World• Free video production tool!
  • 16. What can you do?• Chat Face to Face• Host Virtual Meetings• Schedule Video Conferences• Present tutorials• SME question and answer• Behind the scenes interviews
  • 17. What can you do?• Live edit Google Doc• Stream to YouTube• Provide instant customer service• Conduct client testimonial interviews• Product release• Live consulting hours
  • 18. Getting Started• Start a Hangout• Enable Hangouts on Air• Start your Broadcast• Verify your YouTube Channel
  • 19. Verifying YouTube• Verify YouTube Account via Mobile SMS• One time process • Enter your mobile phone number • Enter the code • Account is enabled for videos longer than 15 minutes
  • 20. Google Events• Added to Google Calendar• Everyone attending can add photos• Party Mode• Invite by circle or email• Schedule a hangout
  • 21. Planning a HangoutProfile Page
  • 22. Scheduling from Profile
  • 23. Scheduling from Page
  • 24. Immediately Before HOA• Green Room time• Check sound, lighting, connecting• Copy YouTube Link• Paste into YouTube field of Event• Video link appears in event
  • 25. Begin Broadcasting• Allow participants to join• Give them a briefing• Check cameras and lighting• Being by clicking “Start Broadcast• Countdown begins• Record your broadcast
  • 26. Cautions• You are responsible for video content• Follow copyright laws• Violations count against your personal account.• Follow YouTube’s terms of service and their community guidelines.• Every HOA is automatically saved to YouTube• Ejecting someone from the Hangout
  • 27. Experiment by Yourself• Get a feel for the platform• Try out the apps• Learn the interface• Try sharing your screen
  • 28. Editing your Video• YouTube channel• Video Manager• Video editor – Trim parts you don’t want – Add approved music – Add sound effects – Integrate other video clips
  • 29. Marketing your Hangouts• Google Events• Facebook Events• Eblasts• Twitter• #Hangoutsonair• Naming your HOA• Embed into your website
  • 30. Embed your Video
  • 31. Housekeeping• High bandwidth wired connection• Good lighting – Set up a lightsource behind the webcam facing the speaker – Avoid windows in background• Audio – broadcast in a quiet environment• Camera Types
  • 32. Plussers to Circle• #HangoutsOnAir• Circle Amit Fulay, Google Hangouts product manager• Pure Michigan• Toyota• DogFish Brewery• Al Jazeera TV show – the stream
  • 33. Real Life Examples• The Muppets Hangout• Obama campaign HOAs• Chris Brogan – Pure Michigan philosophy• Conan O’Brien
  • 34. Don’t Give Up• Relationships take time• Ask questions• Build your circles• Post regularly to your Plus page• Cross account engagement• Hashtags for visibility• Use the + tool to find people• Use the search tool
  • 35. References•••• to-an-existing-youtube-channel/• as.html• combination/•••• hl=en&ctx=go&answer=2382771
  • 36. Questions? Connect with me!Google +: +CarmineMediaPinterest: /carminemediaFacebook: /carminemediaWeb: Carminemedia.comTwitter: @suereynolds Carmine Media | Blogging | Social Media | Web Marketing