Sue	  Sharma	  -­‐	  Program	  Coordinator	      Macomb	  University	  Center	  Visiting	  Assistant	  Professor	         ...
OU-­‐Macomb	  Campus	  	                                                      K                                           ...
Linda	  Ayres	               Ron	  Cramer	                                 Mary	  Lose	                        Robert	  Sc...
Blended:	  Classes	  are	                                                        comprised	  of	  both	  face-­‐          ...
  MAT	  program	  in	  Reading	  and	  Language	  Arts	  	  	  	             prepares	  teachers	  to	  address	  the	  l...
  The	  degree	  requirements	  for	  off-­‐site	  programs	  are	     identical	  to	  all	  MAT	  in	  Reading	  and	  L...
  Foundations	  of	  Reading	  Instruction	    Foundations	  of	  Literature	  for	  Children	  &	  Adults	    Teaching...
Note:	  	  Consult	  the	  OU	  schedule	  of	  classes	  for	  a	  complete	  list	  of	  offerings	  https://sail.oakland...
  July	  15	  for	  fall	  semester	    November	  15	  for	  winter	  semester	    March	  15	  for	  summer	  semeste...
    To	  be	  considered	  for	  graduate	  admission,	  all	  application	       documents	  must	  be	  received	  by	 ...
Direct	  enrollment	  questions	  to:	     Julie	  Trube,	  Director	  of	  Enrollment	  and	  Community	  Outreach	      ...
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Oakland macomb mat in reading and language arts


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Learn how to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching Reading and Language Arts through Oakland University-Macomb.

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  • Typically, Face-To-Faceclasssessions meet at the Macomb University Center in Clinton Township, although classes on the main campus are an option as well. Online class sessions are conducted online via the internet. Some face-to-face class meeting may be required at the professor’s discretion.Blended students meet for some classes on site while others will be online.Independent Study (IS) Coordinate Independent Study with advisor
  • RDG 500: Foundations of Reading InstructionProvides an overview of the reading process including reading and language acquisition processes, comprehension, word recognition, diagnosis, and methods of instruction.RDG 571: Foundations of Literature for Children & AdultsPresents criteria for selecting and evaluating literature for children and young adults from a historical perspective. Examines important research in the field and ways to incorporate literature, specifically multicultural and international literature, into the curriculum via multimodalities.RDG 575: Teaching Writing in the Elementary and Secondary SchoolsEmphasizes writing and teaching the writing process,writing workshop, craft & structures, assessment, writing across the curriculum, mentor text, and literacy acquisition relative to state requirements.RDG 632: Diagnosis of Reading DisabilitiesFocuses on learning to diagnosis reading difficulties,administer, score, analyze and interpretformal and informal assessments, develop instructional strategies to address student needs and create a final report.RDG 633: Correction of Reading DisabilitiesIn a clinic setting students work directly with children to diagnosis and address reading difficulties, provide explicit instruction in the form of intervention and/or enrichment based upon students needs under supervision of the professor. Students will communicate the results of the clinic experience in a final report.RDG 699: Master’s Project: Independent Study (IS)Focus is on the role of the teacher as researcher exploring problems and/or questions of interest within her classroom and/or school. A written research or project proposal must be prepared and approved by a faculty adviser before work is initiated.*Note: A Student may elect the two-course (8-credit) option, in lieu of the Master’s Project (RDG 699). This option will require students to complete 40 credits.
  • Sue Sharma - Program CoordinatorVisiting Assistant ProfessorReading & Language Artssa3sharm@oakland.edu248-370-4205
  • Oakland macomb mat in reading and language arts

    1. 1. Sue  Sharma  -­‐  Program  Coordinator   Macomb  University  Center  Visiting  Assistant  Professor   44575  Garfield  Road  Reading  &  Language  Arts   Clinton  Township,  MI  48038   586-­‐263-­‐6242  248-­‐370-­‐4205  
    2. 2. OU-­‐Macomb  Campus     K r i s t Hear  from  real  teachers,  Kristen  Frazier  and  Lori   e n   F r Alderman,  about  why  they  chose  the  OU-­‐Macomb   a z i e r   campus  to  earn  a  Master  of  Arts  in  Teaching   Reading  and  Language  Arts  
    3. 3. Linda  Ayres   Ron  Cramer   Mary  Lose   Robert  Schwartz   Sue  Ann  Sharma  Tanya  Christ   S.  Rebecca  Leigh   John  McEneaney   Anne  Porter  James  Cipielewski   Ledong  Li   Gwendolyn  McMillon   Linda  Pavonetti   RLA  department  professors  teach  all  courses.      
    4. 4. Blended:  Classes  are   comprised  of  both  face-­‐ to-­‐face  and  online   components    Face-­‐To-­‐Face:  Meet  per  schedule  in  a  classroom   Face-­‐to-­‐ Online:    Learn  at  your  setting     Face   convenience  anytime,   anywhere   Blended   Online  
    5. 5.   MAT  program  in  Reading  and  Language  Arts         prepares  teachers  to  address  the  literacy  needs  of   young  children,  adolescents  and  adults.        Allows  certified  teachers  to  add  one  of  the  following   Michigan  endorsements     ▪ Classroom  Reading  Teacher  K-­‐8  (BT)   ▪ Language  Arts  Teacher  (K-­‐8)  (BX)*   ▪ Reading  Specialist,  K-­‐12  (BR)   ▪ Early  Childhood  Education  (ZS)*   ▪ Educational  Technology  (NP)*  
    6. 6.   The  degree  requirements  for  off-­‐site  programs  are   identical  to  all  MAT  in  Reading  and  Language  Arts   programs:     32  credits  of  courses  which  includes  the  Master’s   Project  (RDG  699),  or     36  credits  of  courses  may  be  elected  in  lieu  of  the   Master’s  Project  (RDG  699)  
    7. 7.   Foundations  of  Reading  Instruction    Foundations  of  Literature  for  Children  &  Adults    Teaching  Writing  in  the  Elementary  and  Secondary   Schools    Diagnosis  of  Reading  Disabilities    Correction  of  Reading  Disabilities    Master’s  Project:    Independent  Study  (IS)  
    8. 8. Note:    Consult  the  OU  schedule  of  classes  for  a  complete  list  of  offerings  .      
    9. 9.   July  15  for  fall  semester    November  15  for  winter  semester    March  15  for  summer  semester    Send  all  documentation  to:     Oakland  University     Office  of  Graduate  Admissions     2200  N.  Squirrel  Road     160  North  Foundation  Hall     Rochester,  MI    48309-­‐4401    
    10. 10.   To  be  considered  for  graduate  admission,  all  application   documents  must  be  received  by  the  published  deadlines.    Click  here  for    Application  Information  and  forms  .  Read  all   materials  carefully  and  gather  required  documents  to   complete  your  application  file.   Apply Now  To  submit  ,  click  on  the  button  to  the  right:   for Free  Application  Type:  Grad  –  Masters   Planned  Course  of  Study:    MAT  in  Reading  and  Language  Arts  
    11. 11. Direct  enrollment  questions  to:   Julie  Trube,  Director  of  Enrollment  and  Community  Outreach   (248)  370-­‐3910     Direct  MAT  in  Reading  and  Languages  questions  to:  Sue  Ann  Sharma,  Ph.D.,  Program  Coordinator  for  the  OU-­‐Macomb   (248)  370-­‐4205