Newbies guide to cpa


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A guide to help people with CPA.

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Newbies guide to cpa

  1. 1. Newbies Guide to CPA Brought to you by http://sue-mcdonald.com © Page 1
  2. 2. Table of ContentHow do I know What CPA I Should Choose? 3How do You Get Accepted by a CPA Network? 3What Type of Website will Allow me to be Accepted? 4Some CPA Networks 5Do some Offers have a certain Time Life? 6With regards CPA what does EPC Mean? 6What are the Best CPA Offers? 7How Many Offers or Products Can I Promote? 7How Do You Compare CPA Offers? 8What is the Best Form of Advertising for Your CPA Offer? 8How do I Track my Campaigns? 9Free Gift 10 © Page 2
  3. 3. How do I know What CPA I Should Choose?It does not really matter what CPA network you choose. Whenyou are checking them out at youwill see their payment terms and conditions. This is where youmust be happy with what they are offering.You will notice that there are different payment times anddifferent minimum amounts that will be paid out. Some will payweekly, fortnightly or monthly but research before you commit.How do You Get Accepted by a CPA Network?The process is not as difficult as you may think.The first step, after you have checked out the CPA networks atthe above address, is to choose the ones you want to join. Yes,that is correct you can join multiple networks. By choosing afew networks, you will be able to find the best offers and thebest commissions. You may find that different networks willadvertise the same product but the commission rate varies. Wewould suggest 6 or 7.The second step, in the process, is to complete your applicationform. Be sure that you complete all sections and if there is asection that is not applicable, please insert N/A in this section.Answer all questions as honestly as possible, but try to conveythrough your application, an eagerness to join the network.Before submitting your application, check your website that ithas good quality content. If you do not have a website andcannot build one yourself, get a friend or professional to buildone for you. © Page 3
  4. 4. The third step, after you have submitted your application,rather than waiting for the CPA network to contact you, givethem about an hour and contact them. This tactic often allowsyou to be accepted immediately. They will check yourapplication while you are on the phone.If however, after supplying all relevant information, you aredeclined – move on the next network. It may be they feel youwould not be able to generate the traffic they require or youare simply too new to CPA. This does not prevent you fromreapplying at a later date.The final step, after you are accepted. Go through the productsand offers that are available. A good rule, if your site is in aparticular niche, find products that you can advertise thatvisitors to your site will be interested in. This will result in moreleads and sales and more commission for you.What Type of Website will Allow me to beAccepted?This is a question that a lot of applicants ask. We will give yousome guideline that may help.You must remember that the CPA network managers checkyour application and your website. These managers will onlyaccept you if they believe that you are serious about promotingtheir offers or products. Please make sure that the website youuse in your application does not break any of the terms andconditions of the network.Your website will most likely be rejected it has any of thefollowing:  Violence © Page 4
  5. 5.  Racism  Pornography  Not full of quality content applicable to your particular niche  Gambling  Sexism  Ensure you do not have an “ugly” site where the content is all scattered.What you must do with your site is to have:  Good quality content  Sufficient space to allow you to advertise the product or offer  A good domain name which is applicable to your niche.Some CPA NetworksThese are some CPA Networks that you can join but I wouldnot recommend that you join all of them. I would suggest 3-5to see how you go. is where you can find a review of every CPA from A-Z. Iwould like to suggest that you check out any network beforeyou join them and this site may be a good starting point. © Page 5
  6. 6. some Offers have a certain Time Life?Yes, offers can expire at a certain time or they can bewithdrawn. Check their expected expiry when you are choosingan offer or product. You must monitor any campaigns you areinvolved in. Your affiliate manager should advise you of anychanges but this can sometimes be up to a few hours after thecampaign has ceased. If you monitor your own campaigns andsomething changes, always immediately stop your advertisingcampaign. If you fail to do this – your advertising money is justbeing wasted.With regards CPA what does EPC Mean?EPC stands for Earning Per Click. This is the average amountyou are paid when someone clicks on your advertisement.Remember as an offer or product has been around for a lengthof time, the EPC will decrease. The longer the campaigncontinues – the lower the offer. © Page 6
  7. 7. What are the Best CPA Offers?When you go through any CPA network you will find a lot ofdifferent categories. It is most advisable to pick offers/productsthat are complimentary to your site. You may be in the Healthand Beauty niche and you may want to focus only on leadgenerating offers. To generate the lead requires your visitor tohave to give less information than if you were offering aproduct. You are therefore paid according to amount ofinformation that is required. It may be as easy as a telephonenumber or an email address. The lead might only pay .75 centsbut people are more willing to give this if they believe that aregoing to receive what has been advertised. If 100 people werewilling to give that information per day – that is $75.00.Free offers usually score highly with visitors to your site. Theymay only have to give their name and address to secure theoffer and they willing complete the details. The lead paymentyou receive again may be around the $1 mark but there maybe many conversions from your visitors. These are known as“low involvement “offers.How Many Offers or Products Can IPromote?This is dependent on the amount of sites you have and if theyare in different niches or the same niche. If you are usingkeywords to promote your offers or products, make sure youcheck with Google keyword research tool. This will help withyour PPC advertising. © Page 7
  8. 8. You may even come across a product that you want to promoteso you will build a new site. If you do this try and get a domainname that reflects the offer or product. When you areconstantly monitoring your campaigns, you will see which arethe most successful. If you are not getting conversions simplychange product. It is relatively easy to change the banners orads.When you are considering an offer or product, think of it fromthe visitors or buyers point of view. It may be something thatyou would never want but there may be a million people outthere that want it.How Do You Compare CPA Offers?You want to find something that is hot and popular and this iswhere your affiliate manager can help. Usually they will emailyou each week with new and “hot” products and any othercampaigns that have changed. If a product has been around fora long period of time, it might not be a good seller. All theinterested people have already purchased it.It is not always the highest paying offer that is the best. It issometimes better to settle for a lower return that will returnmore clicks – therefore a greater return on your advertisingdollar.What is the Best Form of Advertising forYour CPA Offer?Again this is a matter of choice for the person advertising theoffer or product. If you are diligent and get the right keywords, you may want to use PPC. You could advertise onGoogle, Yahoo or MSN, using this method. © Page 8
  9. 9. Article writing is another strategy you can use. Make sure theyare keyword enriched and will entice the buyer to purchase.Blogs are another method to increase the popular of your siteand promote the CPA offer. Two of the best are wordpress andblogger.If you have a large email list, sending emails could be the bestway to go. Some CPA sites have sample emails available.Using banners is another method to employ. Again the CPAnetwork usually provides different size banners. Rememberthey want you to be able to provide them with leads.How do I Track my Campaigns?The CPA network usually has a form of tracking where you cansee how you are going. If you are using PPC, the company youare with will also be able to track what is happening. This canbe adjusted but if you fail to do so, you could lose money.There is often going to be a timing discrepancy between thesetwo methods. One may be lagging several hours behind theother. If using PPC, make sure you set a daily budget.By constantly monitoring your campaigns, you will know if youare getting a return on your investment. This is a fast way toeither increase or decrease your advertising or to change theproduct or services you are offering. © Page 9
  10. 10. Free Gift If you are new to internet marketing, I would like to give you a free book on Forums Click on this link To your success © Page 10