The Independent Publishing Industry:E-commerce & E-Marketing
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The Independent Publishing Industry:E-commerce & E-Marketing

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This presentation is designed to give a basic overview of the independent publishing industry and selling and marketing books over the internet.

This presentation is designed to give a basic overview of the independent publishing industry and selling and marketing books over the internet.

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  • Most people have! In fact,
  • Many retirees like to write and like to share their life experiences. Many retired teachers and other professionals have knowledge to pass along. Family history – leaving a love letter for children and grandchildren People all over the world who share joint interests in a niche subject. Three in this very room share an Interest in twins!
  • 1- Have had rejections of manuscript from traditional publishing houses – does not fit their standards, their niche, plain didn’t like it or think it is not saleable. 2- Rejection is the norm- far larger number are rejected than accepted! 3- With traditional publishing it can be 3-5 years between acceptance and on the market. Independent publishing timeframe Is based on your own motivation and plan of action. 4- More creative control – many times a manuscript is unrecognizable once an editor gets finished 5- Higher percentage of profits with indie publishing 6- It is now possible to independently publish!
  • Freelance consultants – many professionals from traditional publishing houses now are freelancers working on own Freelance consultants for every step of process – editors, layout and graphic designers, ghost writers, cover designers And order fulfillment companies to process orders generated through the internet. There is a point where off-set printing is more economical, however.
  • Ships the order – knows fastest and most economical way of getting the orders from one side of globe to other. Handles administrative side of bookselling – freeing publisher to focus on business side of writing and publishing.
  • As grants and other funding opportunities have decreased in this economy, many non-profits are using Publishing to spread the word on what their non-profits mission is, through books and films. It also creates a stream of income for the non-profit.


  • 1. On The Fast Track: The Independent Publishing Industry Selling Through E-Commerce & E-Marketing
  • 2. Have you ever thought -
    • “I should write a book about that!?”
    Educate Inspire Inform Entertain Share ideas, values, knowledge and information with others. All through Independent Publishing!
  • 3. You are not Alone!
    • The NY Times took a survey asking people whether they had a book inside of them. Almost 80% of the respondents said
    • “YES!”
  • 4. Independent Publishing Facts & Figures
    • 50% of all publishing revenue is now generated by independent publishers
    • 2008-2009 Traditional publishing flat
    • Non traditional publishing 2008-2009
    • Up 181% according to Bowker
    • Independent publishing is not just about books! It is also about independently published films, journals, & music, artwork and more.
  • 5. What would you publish ?
    • Memoir of life experiences
    • Career knowledge or educational training
    • Extraordinary travel experiences
    • Family history/genealogy – “love letters for future generations”
    • Cultural exchange of ideas/knowledge
    • Share poetry or journal writing
    • Niche subjects – special interests -cooking, photography, parenting, health, faith
  • 6. Indie Publishing vs. Traditional
    • Great option for manuscripts that have not been accepted through traditional publishing
    • Small % of submissions get accepted by publishing house giants
    • Traditional publishing - long wait from acceptance to market!
    • More creative control through independent publishing
    • 8 – 9% profits with traditional publishing
    • 70 – 80% profits with independently published books.
    • .
    • Many independently publish simply because now it is possible!
  • 7. How is independent publishing possible?
    • Desk top publishing software user friendly
    • Quark, InDesign, Page Plus and more
    • Anyone can be a book seller – internet sales!
    • Print on demand (POD)
    • Short run printing now available
    • Expresso Book Machine
    • Freelance professionals-editors, layout, graphics, order fulfillment for indie publishers, e-commerce and e-marketing, print advertising & traditional promotions, companies that produce book trailers on film.
  • 8. What is an order fulfillment company?
    • Handle business & administrative side of internet sales.
    • Invoice orders, payment processing, Pick and pack the order
    • Ships the order
    • End of month sales & inventory reports
    • Know most economical and quickest way to get the order out the door and in the hands of the customer.
    • Important partner for independent publishing success.
  • 9. Growing segment of independent publishing
    • Publishing by non-profits
    • Loss of funding has forced non-profits into looking at other ways of raising $$$
    • Creates an income stream for the non-profit from sales of publications.
    • Books & films communicates information on non-profit’s mission and good work in community & around the world.
    • Can help draw volunteers & funding sources to the non-profit by getting the information out to the public about the non-profit’s mission/activities/accomplishments.
  • 10. How do I get started?
    • Learn all you can about the independent publishing industry!
    • Colorado Independent Publishers Assoc.
    • “ Cover to Cover” Radio show
    • Join publishing associations , writers guilds
    • Attend writers groups
    • Brush up on writing skills -Writing classes
    • Creative writing & journaling workshops
    • Learn from other independent publishers.
    • Consult with professionals in the independent publishing industry - Look for company offering e-commerce and e-marketing consulting for independent publishers
  • 11. A Word to the Wise
    • Indie Publishing is a business.
    • Plan market strategy before, not after!
    • Sales are a function of marketing efforts!
    • A well rounded marketing plan pays off.
    • Internet selling (e-commerce) and e-marketing go hand in hand.
    • E-Marketing allows you to connect with large communities of people at relatively low cost.
  • 12. Consulting Assistance for E-Commerce Selling & E- Marketing
    • 970-870-1518
    • [email_address]
    • Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC has affiliations with independent publishing trade associations and can put you in touch with freelance professionals for every step of the publishing process.
  • 13. Additional Publishing Resources
    • To read articles on independent publishing,
    • e-commerce, e-marketing and tips for becoming a technical writer, please visit:
    • .