Rise of Dawn Photos and Script Excerpts


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Rise of Dawn Photos and Script Excerpts

  1. 1. Photos and Script ExcerptsRise of Dawn
  2. 2. Truth is stranger than fiction. Real life is far more fascinating!It happened on a beautiful summer night when all seemed so perfect that you wished itwould never end. We were young, too young, and too happy in the short time of ourfreedom. Our minds were overwhelmed with ideas, which I now consider more illusionthan reality. It was the best time of my life, until that one fateful night. It only took a blinkof an eye to wake up from my happy dream-world and face the cruel reality that echoedwith the sound of a crying country. We fought and we failed.The author of Rise of Dawn brings back memories for millions of people and reveals herlife in two different, dramatic locations in the world. Her tale is filled with love and hate,fear and heroism, desperation and optimism, and a host of other conflicting emotionsand events. However, we the people of the world are as is this story, and its historicalcontext that shook the entire planet but a few decades ago. It must be remembered, ofcourse, that it is well-known how movies with historical themes can deeply affect publicperception of the past. But this is only the beginning of our story Rise of Dawn. Thismotion picture projects the profound love between a stage actress and hockey playerand how their lives intersect in two contrasting regimes and worlds of existence. Rise ofDawn is a Political Love Story that will last forever just as the film classics “Casablanca”and “The Way We Were” now do.Rise of Dawn is waiting for a savvy investor who sees its commercial viability and boxoffice appeal, and for the skillful director who can’t wait to bring this unforgettable epicstory into successful cinematic production.
  3. 3. You are a miracle. Only God could have sent you to me from the other side of the world.I miss everything over there, even the tree I used to sit in and collect bugs.Memories can drive you insane. Let it be, my darling.The Beatles’ song “Let It Be” fades in. His hands gently move through her shoulders as hetakes her to dance. It is a dance of passionNew York
  4. 4. Looking skyward: Was it you who brought me here? One moment I am fightingfor freedom of my countrymen and the next moment I am in a far land acrossthe ocean. Why didn’t you make me strong enough to overcome fear?
  5. 5. We can’t go back! The amnesty is a trap and the totalitarian system cruel.So are you. Your mother cries her heart out for you, my brother is desperate and my beloved friendsuicidal. They need us.God! How I wish we were born here.Enraged, he suddenly jumps into the pool covered with fallen leaves.
  6. 6. Who sent you… How much they paid you.My dear Bob and Bridget. Please forgive me the five years of silence. I wrote you hundred letters butsend none. The censorship is strict and contact with the west dangerous. We were silenced with thefirst step on our motherland, and although years had passed, nothing has changed.
  7. 7. The opera is on and continues through the scene. Her beloved friend is illuminated by moonlight. Sheslowly ties a rope to the window handle and then around her neck. The music reaches its climax.Nooo! I wasn’t good enough to rescue you from the peace in eternity you had so longed for.
  8. 8. Snow falling past the medieval astronomical clock as the 12 apostles cross the window.Thats it. Another old year has passed away. Just as fearful as the previous ones.But the newborn is strong, bold, auspicious, cherishing...His voice fails. With utter sorrow he glides his hand through her face.The moment of silence is broken by a group of young people singing the famous song of that time "RockAround the Clock". Amidst the ancient buildings and magnificent churches they dance the wild rock n rolluntil they descend into the heavily falling snow.
  9. 9. What a glorious city. Once a great source of inspiration to the poets and composers is now in thegrip of evil. Look! Doves. Strange. I havent seen a dove for years until two days ago at theborder. Do you recall them?No. All I remember is the guns.Suddenly an aura of utter fear falls over her.Oh God! I cant lose you. Neither of you. I will not survive.
  10. 10. I love you so much.And I love the bravery in your soul. Now I have to find mine.You find it in love. As long as we love each other we are strong.Alone we stand, together we fight.Each of them moves their hands over the other, moving slowly, as if they weretrying to touch the others entire body at once.All the energy is transmitted through their hands.
  11. 11. "Dear people of this country, dear friends. Regardless of what is going to happen the next moment,remember that we are a family. That we love each other and only with love we can be strong. Do notlisten to any other voice. Do not listen to any false statements and promises..."
  12. 12. GENRE: PG-13 Political Love StoryTARGET AUDIENCES: From teens upwardTYPE: 100-minutes Feature Motion PicturePRE-PRODUCTION: Upon financing in L.A.PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Six weeks in Czech RepublicPOST-PRODUCTION: Eight months in Los AngelesBUDGET: $4. 988.622.00PRODUCER: has 40 credits as Executive Producer, Producer and AssociateProducer. 1 Award for Best Picture.DIRECTOR & WRITER: MarieAnna Dvorak has been involved in the EntertainmentBusiness since the age of five. She is highly educated in all aspects of filmmaking. Herexperience spans from Theatre to Film in Europe, the USA and Australia. Her last film hasbeen distributed world wide and received significant recognition.DIRECTOR & WRITER: Simon Bovey is a reputable British writer and director. He is asuccessful writer for BBC, script doctor and analyst. 9 Awards including “Media TalentAwards for Best Filmmaker”.PLOT:Chronicle of lives of a stage actress and hockey player living in two contrasting regimes.Their deep love gives them strength to survive hard times in totalitarian regime and courageto risk their lives on their journey to freedom.
  13. 13. PRINCIPALS: Producers, Directors, and Writers are highly credited withsuccessful track record. They are recipients of various film industry awardsincluding Oscar.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PUBLICITY: The Barrett Company Communications – Book, TV, and FilmPublicists.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------INVESTOR: US investor is eligible for 100% tax return by the section 181.The "Rise of Dawn" production offers $2M in soft equity.RETURN ON INVESTMENT:a. Sole Investor will be paid 120% of investment from the first proceedsfrom the film after the customary distribution expenses are paid.b. Investor will participate 50/50 in all gross cash receipts returned to thecompany from motion picture released in all media both domestic andforeign.
  14. 14. Investors contact Sue Greutmann-Phillips,sfp1010@gmail.com, for more information.http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/dvorak-productions.html