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Rise of dawn  film project
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Rise of dawn film project



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  • 1. A New Project from Dvorak Productions
  • 2. Writer and Director MarieAnna Dvorak As a representative of Writer and Director MarieAnna Dvorak and her project "Rise of Dawn", I invite you to take a few moments to let her tell you about her latest film project and an opportunity you may wish to take advantage of. Please contact Sue Phillips at sfp1010@ if you would like additional details. http://phillipsinternational.weebly.com/dvorak-productions.html
  • 3. From Writer and Director MarieAnna Dvorak  I have been involved in entertainment since the age of five. I have not only shared my feelings with the audiences, but I also felt the reflection of their hearts. Such sensitivity is especially essential in the Film Industry where the production cost is high and the audience demanding. With this knowledge I have chosen the story of "Rise of Dawn", for a good story is behind every successful film.  "Rise of Dawn" is a true life story with political theme set in the time of rebels, so-called hippie era - the most exciting time of the contemporary period. Although this time is associated with drugs, it is not so in our film, but it involves a youth movement that culminated in revolution. The picture not only brings back memories to the millions people, but also offers the young generation to step into their parents and grandparents youth. The expressive songs that explore hippies' inner world make the film light musical. But Rise of Dawn is profoundly love story, for feeling of love is fundamental emotion in the heart of mankind and often prevails over the greatest of odds. Even the locations so rich on history, New York, Atlanta and Prague, are deeply captivating. Perhaps for the first time in the modern cinematography the picture will be directed by directors of both sexes, MarieAnna Dvorak and Simon Bovey. We are also the writers of the script, which we believe is the foundation for Motion Picture masterpiece.  Our production requires many Film Industry professionals, however, only one investor can make it happen. If you are a private investor we would dearly appreciate your answer. The financial matters will be handled by accredited producers. Production is eligible for U.S. Federal Tax Incentive Section 181.