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This breakout book from Best-Selling Author and Intuitive Sue Frederick, Bridges to Heaven shows you the path to healing life's toughest emotion: Grief …

This breakout book from Best-Selling Author and Intuitive Sue Frederick, Bridges to Heaven shows you the path to healing life's toughest emotion: Grief
Death is not the end. In fact your loved ones who have passed are watching you, helping you, and healing you - though you may not know it...

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  • 1. + Sue Frederick’sBridges to Heaven: True Stories ofLoved Ones on the Other Side Media Proposal Media Proposal Created by Sue Frederick, Intuitive & Author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side, I See Your Soul Mate & I See Your Dream Job (St. Martin’s Press) ©March 2013 Sue Frederick L.L.C.
  • 2. + 2 Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones On the Other Side Published by St Martin’s Press Sept 17, 2013 With Sue Frederick, Intuitive & Best Selling Author of I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate.
  • 3. + 3 Book Description  Thisbreakout book from Best-Selling Author and Intuitive Sue Fredrick, BRIDGES TO HEAVEN shows you the path to healing life’s toughest emotion:  Grief  Deathis not the end.  In fact, your loved ones who have passed are watching you, helping you, and healing you—though you may not know it. 
  • 4. + 4 Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side  In this highly emotional book, Sue Frederick takes you through the process of connecting with the other side to:  Use your intuition to understand that your loved ones are at peace  See into the other side to feel and release your pain  Help loved ones cross over  Use your own birth path number to discover what obstacles you might have on this journey and how to overcome them  Understand a bigger view of spirituality and what happens after life  And so much more
  • 5. + 5 Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side Filled with heartwarming, reassuring stories of Sue’s own experiences, and those of others, BRIDGES TO HEAVEN is a landmark book about grief, death, and life.  “Sues work is uniquely insightful and accurate. Shes right on target & continues to inspire me!”- Ingrid Johnson, founder of The Baby Parenting Coach Institute “Sues work is brilliant!” - Dana Moorman, Business Development & Leadership Coach “My work with Sue changed my life!! I simply cannot thank her enough for the new perspective she brought to my life story.” Heather Hans, MSW, Psychotherapist “Reading Sues books and working with her is one of the great blessings of being alive at this time.” - Katherine Dreyer, Co-founder, CEO, ChiLiving, Inc. 
  • 6. + 6 Letter from Sue Frederick  In my upcoming book, Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side (St. Martin’s Press) available in September 2013, you’ll find many life-changing techniques and soul-awakening stories that illuminate how accessible the other realms are to us.  You’ll read about my departed husband Paul, childhood girlfriend Crissie, and many other loved ones who died and came back to show me that life continued on the other side.  This book will help you experience your grief as an opening into the divine YOU, your highest self and your purpose here.
  • 7. + 7 In Bridges to Heaven I answer many of the painful questions you may be asking today like:  How do I help my young children understand where their mommy went?  How can there be a God if my sweet brother died so young in a tragic boating accident?  Why did my departed go through so much physical suffering at the end of his life?  Why am I still here and what do I do now?  Why do I feel so guilty about my wife’s death? She died of cancer so it wasn’t my fault. But I keep feeling like “if only” I had made her go to the doctor sooner…
  • 8. + 8 And these…  What about unfinished business – like forgiveness? My wife died suddenly, and I didn’t get to say good-bye. This haunts me because we were arguing the day she died. How do I move past this?  How do I use my intuition to see the other side?  These and many other questions from clients are answered in the upcoming book Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side.  I also reveal the Four Steps to Helping Loved Ones Cross Over as well as the Five Grief Healing Conversations that will help anyone who is grieving.
  • 9. + 9 Lifting the Veil… Through my work with thousands of clients, I’ve learned that everyone is capable of lifting the veil and having their own direct experience of their departed loved one’s presence. The stories in Bridges to Heaven will convince you once and for all that seeing and talking to your departed loved one is not only possible but necessary in order to heal your pain.
  • 10. + 10 Praise for Sue Frederick’s work:  “I LOVE THIS BOOK! Sue Frederick is a gift to humanity and BRIDGES to HEAVEN is a revelation. I couldn’t put it down.  Filled with compassion, heart and inspiration, BRIDGES to HEAVEN allowed me to move through the veil into another dimension that is beyond the illusion of death and separation. The personal stories are not only eye(and heart)-opening they are healing and inspirational.  However, this book is not just a great read, Sue also gives you a simple and clear road map, that shows you how to tune into your intuition, move through the veil, connect with your loved ones, heal your grief and experience the love, support and guidance available from those on the “other side.”  This book will open your heart and change your life.” – Carsten Spencer, Spiritual Leader, Unity Church, Ukiah, CA. & founder of Love Life Coaching
  • 11. + 11 Praise for Sue Frederick’s work  “Littledid I know when I read Sue Frederick’s book Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side that she would change my life forever! Reaching out to a grieving society as a hospice volunteer, I walk along side those souls transitioning from this earthly realm to the next and stand beside those grieving for their loved ones who are searching for life’s purpose. I’m grateful to Sue for her shared experiences and her wisdom which are the reminders that I needed for my journey helping others.” – Judith Hamilton, PhD, Coach, Hospice volunteer
  • 12. + 12 More praise… “Western society has a limited and cold view of death and grief. We’re supposed to calmly watch our loved ones die in a sanitary white box of a hospital room, then take a day off work to attend the funeral and quickly return to ‘normal’ life. In reality, the experience of intense grief made me feel overwhelmingly ill and made me yearn for healing on every level (physical, emotional and spiritual). Nothing I read at the time acknowledged that or taught me how to deal with it. Not even Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Sue’s book actually teaches that. I wish I had known about this six years ago when my mother died and I was nauseous for weeks! Thank you for this work!” – Helgi Maki, Attorney, Ontario, Canada “Society is upside down on death and I gratefully applaud Sue’s brave commitment to changing our perspective with Bridges to Heaven. None of us can escape the death process, so we might as well get right with it.” – Meardis Wells, Owner Urban Paw Prints & Luv What U Do, Denver, CO
  • 13. + 13 Bio  An intuitive since childhood, Sue draws upon dreams, ancient numerology, powerful intuition, and conversations with spirits to help you talk to your departed loved ones and heal your grief.  She’s the founder of the Grief Intuitive Coaching Institute and has trained more than 300 Intuitive Coaches.  Author Sue Frederick’s work has been featured in the New York Times,, Real Simple, Yoga Journal, Natural Health and Complete Woman Magazines.  Her newest book Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones (St. Martins Press) will be in bookstores September 2013.  She’s been a guest on more than 200 radio shows and numerous TV shows including Bridging Heaven & Earth.  To view video presentations visit:
  • 14. + 14 Contact Info  Name: Sue Frederick  Address: PO Box 17343 Boulder, CO 80308  Telephone: 303-939-8574 (private cell 303-638-6550)  Private Land-Line for radio interviews 303-444-8270  Email:  Website:
  • 15. + 15 Questions to ask Sue:  Why did you decide to write a book about death & dying?  Why do we need to communicate with the dead?  How does it help us heal our grief?  What does our intuition have to do with healing grief?  How do we develop our intuition?  Sue, how did you find and develop your intuitive abilities?  Sue, have you always seen dead people?  What does our soul’s mission have to do with healing our grief?  What should I say to a friend of mine who just lost her husband/child/mother?
  • 16. + 16 More questions for Sue:  Sue, in your book Bridges to Heaven you say that our departed loved ones try to communicate with us and we block it out.  How & why do we do this? And how can we open up this communication with our departed?  You say that our pain of grief is meant to open our hearts, strengthen our connection to the divine & inspire us to accomplish our soul’s greatest mission. What do you mean by that?  Why do so many people get angry and shut down when they lose a loved one instead of opening their heart and strengthening their spirituality? What would you say to them?  Isn’t death a random tragedy? What about when innocent children die?  Sue gives live readings on every radio & TV interview.
  • 17. + 17 Grief pushes you into the deep ocean of your soul’s wisdom; It breaks your heart wide open. In a dream…I’m standing on a beach surrounded by a vast expanse of dark sand as far as I can see. Gulls are squawking in the distance. I’m looking into my father’s watery blue eyes. He’s animated and young, explaining something to me with more passion than I ever saw in the last years of his life. His brother, my beloved Uncle Pete, who died soon after my dad, is standing beside us, laughing. We’re enjoying the vivid openness of the sand and sky and sharing stories, when behind them in the distance, I see a huge tidal wave rolling along the sand toward us—maybe a hundred feet high and towering ominously over the flat landscape. We turn and see another powerful wave rolling directly toward us from the opposite direction. We’re standing between these two oncoming waves, and in an instant, we realize there’s nothing we can do. I grab their hands. “How will we remember?” I ask, staring into their eyes. “How will we find each other again?”
  • 18. + 18 The Deep Ocean of Your Soul’s Wisdom “Don’t worry,” answers my Uncle Pete. “We always find each other.” He shouts something else, but I can’t hear his words through the sound of the crashing waves. I wake up gasping for breath—still feeling their strong hands wrapped around mine—longing for that moment again, hearing their voices in my head, unable to get back to sleep. Do we always find each other again? Isn’t that endless longing the tyranny of grief? Or is it simply our limited perspective on time and space? Aren’t we longing for the divine realms, where everything and everyone is luminous and connected—and aching to return to a home we can’t quite remember? When our loved ones step into the other realms, they never fully leave us. We abandon them—by not believing they’re still with us. We stop listening. Our pain blocks them out.
  • 19. + 19 The Deep Ocean of Your Soul’s Wisdom Of course, we’re angry that our loved ones left us alone when we needed them. And we’re angry with the doctor who didn’t diagnose the cancer or the drunk driver on the road that night. But mostly, we’re angry with ourselves because we might have prevented it if only we had… Yes, there’s plenty to be angry about in the physical world and life is unfair—until you realize it’s all on purpose. This tragic event is only a brief blip in your soul’s journey. Grief is in your life today to help you. It’s your divine reveal— pushing you to remember who you really are and what you came to do.
  • 20. + 20 Divine Mother Grief: Our Great Teacher  There’s no teacher as powerful as Divine Mother Grief—the spiritual master of pain and enlightenment. If you’ve chosen Mother Grief as your teacher, you’re clearly a powerful old soul who came here to do great work and to help raise the consciousness of humanity. You’re here to be a beacon of light for others. And yes, of course you’ll make your living from these gifts and find the love you crave. It’s all waiting for you to take a step in a new direction.  Let me take you on a journey to the divine. I’ll unfold your wings and help you remember how to fly. We’ll soar into the vast ocean of the higher realms. We’ll leave your pain behind.  Then you’ll remember that you came from a world of grace and light and will return to it soon enough—and that this earth-bound life is your brief dream. You’ll see your departed ones dancing in the ethers and soaring through your house like children at play.
  • 21. + 21 You Came Here on Purpose…  This part here—this physical world—is the hard part. But you came here on purpose to educate yourself, expand your boundaries, and emerge brilliant and powerful. You’re not a victim—no matter how tragic your story.  When you’re stuck in your grief, your departed loved one sees you wrapped in a grey cloud of negative energy and longs to take away your pain.  Your grief keeps your loved ones from communicating with you. It becomes a wall they can’t break through.  Those wasted days of feeling not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, or saying, “I don’t care” are when we disappoint our higher selves and push away our departed.
  • 22. + 22 You Are Divine & This is Your Moment… When you once again open your heart and trust your intuition, you’ll hear your departed speaking. You’ll embrace your spirituality and help others. You’ll walk away from the bitterness that damages your soul and separates you from love. Mother Grief will teach you ultimately that your life must have meaning and purpose or there’s no reason to be here, and only you hold the key to finding that purpose. This book reveals your soul’s mission and illuminates your next steps. But you have to take the first step… If you seek only to stop the pain, your pain increases exponentially. Addictions and distractions pull you off course and make your journey harder. When you trust your higher self instead, you become a beacon of light for the world. And this is why you came here. This painful moment is your spiritual reawakening—provided courtesy of your higher self. It’s your moment of grace. There’s only one solution now—fulfill your soul’s mission and become the light being you came here to be. Here and now, you get to choose. Everything you need is here. All is forgiven. And you—YOU are divine. And this is your moment.
  • 23. + 23 Sue Frederick’s 8 Essential Steps To Heal Your Grief  Share Your Story  Explore the Spirituality Question  Feel and Release the Pain - Break Your Heart Wide Open  Reconnect with Your Departed – The Reconnection Ritual  Plan Your Daily Healing Schedule  Understand Your Soul’s Mission & Reinvention Cycles  Use Pain as Fuel  Shift Your Energy
  • 24. + 24 Step Four: Reconnection Ritual Your loved ones are always there for you. Please suspend whatever limited thinking is holding you back from reconnecting with your departed. You’ll be amazed at the powerful guidance and loving energy you receive when you reach out. Over the years I’ve developed this powerful reconnection technique. It has profoundly helped me—whether I was asking for relief from the pain of grief or needed help writing a section of my book. It works whether your loved one just crossed over or crossed over decades ago. I’ve seen this technique create incredible healing for my clients & students. I know it will help you too. This powerful technique is revealed in the book Bridges to Heaven.
  • 25. + 25 Step Seven: Use Pain as Fuel  Consider the possibility that all of your pain--every wound you’ve ever experienced, from loss to illness to disappointment-- was exactly what you needed and chose in order to arrive at this point in your life, which is exactly where you’re supposed to be.  Imagine that your soul chose to experience this loss to open your heart and strengthen your connection to the divine--to push you onto your true path and inspire you to accomplish your soul’s greatest mission.  Grief fuels your greatest spiritual & emotional reinvention; it breaks your heart wide open & sends you searching for the truth of where your loved one went & why you’re still here.
  • 26. + 26 Step Seven: Use Pain as Fuel Consider this…  Yourgreatest work offers to the world what you wish had been offered to you in your moment of greatest pain.  Griefbrings a clarity and focus to your life’s purpose that gives you a powerful advantage in everything you do.  Grief will drive you to see beyond the surface and embrace a truly spiritual perspective in every area of your life.
  • 27. + 27 Sue’s Story: I was born in New Orleans…  I was born in New Orleans to a French Cajun mother who came from a long line of women with “the gift.” I inherited a double dose of telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition from her and her mother, and on back through generations of Degas women.  These unusual gifts were nurtured by the mysterious city of my childhood. In the haunted alleys of the French Quarter, most everybody gives respect to the “unseen” world in some form or other: voodoo, Catholicism, psychics, vampires, Mardi Gras. My early years were flavored with this spicy magic, from my Grandpa’s stories of the swirling Mississippi River to the unforgettable images I absorbed in the dark recesses of Crescent City life. I thrived on the rhythms of my crazy Cajun ancestors.
  • 28. + 28 My Story: Owning my intuition  And, like them, I heard other people’s thoughts and had vivid dreams of events that would happen in the future. My psychic gift is most powerful now that I use it to help others. The precognitive images that I see help me guide my clients to their true work. But it took nearly 55 years to embrace this ability to see the unseen world, and to learn what it had to teach-- rather than being ashamed or afraid of it.  One of my strongest experiences in confirming the power of the unseen realm began in 1978, when I met and married a fellow mountaineer, Paul Frederick. We were crazy in love and planning a family when, at only 35 years old, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and given two weeks to live.  From the moment of his diagnosis, we were determined to overcome it. We explored conventional and alternative healing methods, and quickly became immersed in energy work, visualization, herbal medicine and Native American medicine. Paul was part Cherokee, so his mother provided us with books and healers from the Native American tradition. She got us an audience with a famous Sioux healer, Chief Fools Crow.
  • 29. + 29 My Turning Point  Over the next few months, as Paul’s health deteriorated, I experienced many extraordinary other-realm experiences with him. Chief Fools Crow became Paul’s constant dream companion. Paul awoke each morning with a new story to report about something Fools Crow had taught him the night before. The most dramatic was Paul’s sudden ability to speak Lakota, the language of the Sioux.  In the last few weeks before he died, Paul woke up singing a Lakota death song every morning. He said Fools Crow taught him two songs--one to deal with the pain and one to help him die. When the doctors heard this strange singing, they thought he was either speaking in “tongues” or was delirious, and they reported this in his medical charts. In college, I had studied Native American history and was very familiar with the language of Lakota. I knew exactly what he was singing.  On a rainy summer day in July 1980, Paul slipped into a coma. For nearly 24 hours, the accumulated stress of the past year washed over me and, eventually, I fell asleep on the floor. As soon as I dozed off, Paul appeared in front of me. He was smiling and quite happy. He touched my arm and said, “Don’t worry. I’m free. But what are you waiting for? You said I could die in your arms.”  I awoke with a jolt and cleared everyone out of the room. Paul’s mother and I stood on either side of him. We rubbed his arms and legs and told him it was okay to go now-- that we wanted him to be free. We told him to leave his body and fly out into the soothing summer rain storm.
  • 30. + 30 Intuitive Gifts As soon as we spoke those words, Paul’s breathing changed. He took one long peaceful sigh, and his spirit left his body. I saw it leave as clearly as you can see your hand in front of your face. It was an image I’ll never forget. It was Paul’s gift to me. I could never again doubt the spirit world or my ability to see it. That final moment was a confirmation of what I was here to do. I realized for the first time that we are all in charge of how and when we die – even how and when we take our last breaths. And I knew with every cell in my body, that death was only a passage of the spirit into the unseen realms. Today, I’m abundantly grateful for my work, which is my passion. My intuitive gifts are finally out of the closet, and I’m freely able to share them with others. The images and dreams that have always guided me are now guiding others through this work.
  • 31. + 31 Previous Teaching Venues  Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York  Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center in Colorado  The Crossings Retreat Center in Austin, Texas  Loyola University in New Orleans  The Learning Annex in New York  Leigh Hecht & Harrison in New York  University of Colorado at Boulder & Denver  Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado
  • 32. + 32 More…  East West Bookstore in Seattle  Bodhi Tree Bookstore in L.A.  SMHAS Institute in L.A.  East West Bookstore in San Francisco  National Career Development Association Conference  E-Women Conference  BPW Conference  Numerous bookstores, women’s groups, career groups and libraries across the country
  • 33. + 33 References  Wendy Snyder, New York Art Curator:  Omega Institute: Brian Schorn:  Shambhala Mountain Retreat Center:  Katherine & Danny Dreyer; Authors of Chi Running & Chi Walking:  Allan at Bridging Heaven & Earth TV:
  • 34. + 34 Previous Media Coverage Click on this link to see Sue’s previous media coverage: 
  • 35. + 35
  • 36. + 36 CNN Story – April 2011 Read more at Business is booming for psychic career counselor By Jim Spellman, CNN Sue Frederick, a psychic, advises clients on their career path. She charges $250 an hour and is booked for the next six months. Longmont, Colorado (CNN) -- Sue Frederick says she can see your dream job and is ready to help you find it. Unlike traditional career counselors, Frederick uses her "intuition" to help her clients. "Ive been called a clairvoyant and a medium because my skills fit those skills," says Frederick. She says she only amplifies the intuition that each of her clients
  • 37. + 37 New York Times Article Read more at HOME PAGE MY TIMES TODAYS PAPER VIDEO MOST POPULAR TIMES TOPICS My Account Welcome, suefred43 Log Out Help Jobs Job Market All NYT WORLD U.S. N.Y. / REGION BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY SCIENCE HEALTH SPORTS OPINION ARTS STYLE TRAVEL JOBS REAL ESTATE AUTOS FIND A JOB POST YOUR RESUME JOB SEEKER LOGIN CAREER ADVICE EMPLOYER CENTRAL Advertise on Need Help Finding Your Bliss? Hire a Coach More Articles in Job Market » By SUSAN MORAN Published: July 5, 2008 Great Getaways - Travel Deals by E-Mail E-MAIL Sign up for travel offers from NYTimes.coms premier advertisers. See Sample Correction  A ppended PRINT SINGLE PAGE Change E-mail Address | Privacy Policy BOULDER, Colo. — A 43-year-old man is weary of teaching high school but has no clue how else to make a living. A 67-year-old man SAVE wants to leave banking but does not want to retire before leaving a SHARE more positive mark on the world. A 52-year-old woman is an emergency room doctor who loves her work but pines for more downtime. All of them took part in a workshop in Boulder recently that was led by a career “intuitive” named Sue Frederick — a former career counselor who draws upon her dreams, ancient numerology and conversations with spirits to “see your dream job.” As the economic slump continues, many workers, even those who hate their jobs, are reluctant to look for more satisfying work. But others are turning to nontraditional Advertise on career counselors and coaches to help them navigate transitions in their lives and careers. MOST POPULAR These workers have read the umpteenth edition of “What Color Is Your Parachute ?” by E-MAILED BLOGGED SEARCHED Richard Nelson Bolles and have mastered the Myers-Briggs personality test. Now they 1 . Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes crave something more offbeat and probing. 2. Thomas L. Friedman: Making America Stupid 3. 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make Lucky for them, there are as many flavors of career counselors — and more recently 4. Frank Rich: The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket coaches, including “psychic” and “intuitive” ones — as there are careers. Career 5. Link by Link: Don’t Buy That Textbook, Download It counselors tend to explore psychological undercurrents with clients, and they often have Free a master’s degree in counseling. Coaches typically come from the corporate world and 6. Lehman Files for Bankruptcy; Merrill Is Sold focus on goal-setting. 7 . Maureen Dowd: Bering Straight Talk 8 . Paul Krugman: Financial Russian Roulette It is not just residents of Boulder, a mecca for all things organic and spiritual, who flock 9. Bob Herbert: She’s Not Ready to Ms. Frederick’s “career intuition boot camp” and individual sessions in person or over 10 . The Bipolar Puzzle the phone. Go to Complete List » “I don’t want to come across as a new age-y kind of guy with my head in the stars, because as a New Yorker type that’s the last thing I am,” said Gary Purnhagen, 55, who started his own management consulting business in Manhattan a few months ago after spending 20 years working for companies. “But going to Sue was probably the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of reaching out.” Several months ago Mr. Purnhagen left a financial printing company that was laying people off. He trolled the Internet for counselors and coaches. When he saw Ms. Frederick’s Web site he was drawn to her big smile and her message that your dream job should make you giggle when you speak of it.
  • 38. + 38 New York Metro piece
  • 39. + 39 Real Simple Magazine
  • 40. + 40 Denver Post Article  New Orleans Times Picayune
  • 41. + 41 Denver TV KWGN Channel 2
  • 42. + 42 Bridging Heaven & Earth TV
  • 43. + 43 Sue’s Videos
  • 44. + 44 Book Trailer for I See Your Dream Job
  • 45. + Radio Stations that interviewed Sue for 45 I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate  WGCH AM 1490 Stamford-Norwalk WWRC AM 1260 Washington DC WDCF AM 1350 Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater WATZ AM 580 Alpena MI KVBR AM 1340 Brainerd MINN WVNJ AM 1160 New York WLFP AM 1550 Pittsburgh WMNY AM 1360 Pittsburgh WRDD AM 1580 Ebensburg PA
  • 46. + 46 Past Media  WDXI AM 1310 Jackson TN  WGOC AM 1320 Johnson City-Kingsport-Bristol TN-VA  WBIS AM 1190 Baltimore MD  WLBY AM 1290 Ann Arbor MI  KNUU AM 970 Las Vegas NV  KSBN AM 1230 Spokane WA  KBNN AM 750 Lebanon MO  WBNW AM 1120 Boston MA  TELEVISION STATIONS  KFLA/Los Angeles -- WBII/Memphis --KDEN/Denver -- KTMW/Salt Lake City – NOLA WW4  Affiliates on air throughout 2010  Wichita-- San Jose/San Francisco --Tampa/Orlando --VA/DC-- Fresno Valley– Pittsburg– Reno-- Salem/--Tacoma/Seattle --TN/KY/VA/NC/WV --Portland (Ch 12)
  • 47. + 47 Contact I nf o  Sue Frederick    303-939-8574