Networking and Increasing Membership for Rotary Club of North Balwyn


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Presentation for the Rotary Club of North Balwyn, Victoria, Australia on 31 May 2012 to provide information on networking, increasing membership, Rotary 2012, moving mask, settlement strategies, three networks - personal, professional, social, using technology, networking strategies, relationships, finding a mentor, business theory for publishing, welcoming newcomers, follow up, attract new members, press release and article websites, general online forums, events websites, etc

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Networking and Increasing Membership for Rotary Club of North Balwyn

  1. 1. Thursday 31 May Sue Ellson
  2. 2. Tonight• History so far• Newcomer strategies• Networking strategies• Job Search• Business Theory• Rotary welcome, attract• Rotary 2012 priorities• Questions and Answers Let’s have fun! My motto – friendly and professional – give YOU value Only one person to talk at a time
  3. 3. Current Activities• Living, Working and Networking events in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth every month (second Wednesday)• Networking, learning, maintaining websites, securing advertising for Newcomers Network, Global Mobility Network,• Assisting job seekers/career changes with personal brand management, resume updating, job applications utilising various techniques and LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blog/Website• Consulting to individual businesses, Camberwell Centre Association, facilitator and trainer• Convenor of Australian Human Resources Institute International HR Network Victoria, Friends of Music CHS and BHS• Contributor and writer for various publications $199 for three hours or $75 per hour
  4. 4. Mall’s Balls Bourke’s PurseAdelaide Melbourne To 1994 1994 - present
  5. 5. Timeline • 1994 Arrived in Melbourne • 2000 Surveyed 95 Melbourne arrivals • 2001 Launched Newcomers Network • 2004 Surveyed 541 people worldwide • 2007 Joined AHRI IHRM Network • 2011 Launched Global Mobility Network • 2012 Visit Rotary Club of North Balwyn
  6. 6. Moving Mask - Warning Signs• over emphasis on ‘getting stuff done’ – utilities installed, renovations completed etc• constant complaints about what has been going ‘wrong’ since arrival – avoiding personal issues, need to have ‘meaningful’ conversations• busily welcoming known visitors (mostly within the first year of arrival) and on Facebook and not spending time on creating new contacts• providing excuses and reasons why they cannot go to things (no transport, have to be available for the children etc), very defensive• over emphasis on children/partner and their needs – no time for self reflection, new connections
  7. 7. Six Best Settlement Strategies• Find a friend• Source local information (council)• Start of continue a hobby or interest• Ask questions• Expect it to be challenging• Develop new routines and rituals
  8. 8. Three Networks• Social (friends and family)• Professional (work and industry)• Personal (sport or hobby) Use technology to maintain these connections (online or your own database/address book)
  9. 9. Essential Practical Tips• Smile (universal language)• Fun, Food and Free (regular events)• Recreate and maintain networks (inc repatriates)• Women need Women Friends, Men need Men• Talk to people (inc older people or borrow a dog)• Keep up to date with popular technology – Email, Blog/Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers
  10. 10. Networking Strategies• Arrive first, leave last, target people on their own – ask how you heard about this event (not what do you do)• Seven exchanges before a relationship, test before trust• Add to your database if appropriate (and LinkedIn)• Maintain contact every 90 days to keep alive• Share items of value to them (not to you)• Refer on whenever possible• Follow up, follow up, follow up
  11. 11. Networking Strategies
  12. 12. Job Search Strategies• Top three methods when clear about the goal and work culture – Networking, Referral, Volunteering• Require excellent English – written, spoken, comprehension and presentation skills (up to two years for equivalent position)• Research organisations and industry through professional associations and make direct contact• Attend events and build a network for the long term• Find up to three mentors – industry, business, personal• Australianise the resume and have ALL key words in LinkedIn profile for searchers to find• Keep up to date with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blog/Website
  13. 13. Business TheoryYou know Who is your What are your the ideal plans for thebusiness customer? business (self/expand)? Feedback and Learn Broadcast and build Publish on through newsletters, your ownmedia, social media etc blog/website
  14. 14. Rotary – Welcoming Newcomers• Greet on arrival, brief on proceedings (written handout or email beforehand), introduce to other guests• Check in throughout evening, email and phone call afterwards, follow up regularly for next six months (much easier if you have a LinkedIn Group or Person)• Allocate two contact people from the club (preferably with some common ground and culture) to be their ‘mentor’• Follow up, follow up, follow up (automatically and electronically as well as directly) and provide regular free opportunities to connect (open networking drinks 5:30pm First Thursday of the month)• Busy people – special affiliate membership – ways to help the club as well as network (sell event tickets, promote, volunteer if available)
  15. 15. Attracting New Members• Women – inclusive environment where women can feel included and valued for their contribution and see other women in leadership roles or being mentored effectively, flexible commitment• Multicultural – provide information in writing for slower translators, ask how they would include people from their culture in Rotary, explain why (so many Australians forget to explain the ‘why’ of typical Australian customs and sayings)• Young – not always ready to make a full time commitment but could still assist in other ways – longer lead time before membership but potentially more valuable. Can utilise new methods/technology to assist the club. Would benefit from direct mentorship program based on their request• Local business – maintain a presence at other local business networking events, work on a roster basis with City of Manningham and Boroondara events, improve online members offering
  16. 16. Rotary’s Priorities 2012• Eradication of polio – medical experts and continuing education• Increasing humanitarian service – be open to new ways of connecting and sharing information – people want to help, just need to know how and when in bite size pieces• Sustainable programs – effective managers who are constantly designing systems that can have people come and go more frequently (prevent burnout) but maintain standard• Raising awareness of Rotary – small pieces of news regularly shared and broadcast, more accessible through introductory ‘supporter’ or ‘networking’ activities• Track and demonstrate service – again, need to highlight this in public forums where lazy journalists can ‘read all about it’• More appealing to younger members – images of younger members and access to information where they are – ie Facebook (email is
  17. 17. Rotary’s Priorities 2012• Major player in global humanitarian assistance and development – publish, publish, publish. Source new venues to share your stories and list events (Google loves WordPress Posts & Google Places): General Events Press Release and Article Sites,,, (videos very popular), Create your own press release distribution list – provide copy monthly Keep a full record of all newsletters, projects, history on your website so that anyone searching for those words will find ‘Rotary’
  18. 18. Tonight• History so far• Newcomer strategies• Networking strategies• Job Search• Business Theory• Rotary welcome, attract• Rotary 2012 priorities• Questions and Answers Give YOU value
  19. 19. Sue Ellson BBus, AIMM, MAHRI, CAR (REIV) 0402 243 271 Questions Answers Thank you! Also YouTube, Google Places, Directories, Events Listings, Member/Other Websites etc