Photographic illustration research


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Research of three photographers that use composite images.

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Photographic illustration research

  1. 1. By Sue Crickmore
  2. 2.  Mauricio Candela Nathan Spotts Joel Grimes
  3. 3.  About Mauricio Candela’s passion for photography started in advertising as an art director. Throughout his career he had the opportunity to work with top-notch directors and photographers that crafted and inspired him. At the same time, he started honing his skills and applying his creative knowledge to this discipline. He learned to live off his ideas, and one day he realized that the best idea was to live off the vision that he has behind the lens.
  4. 4.  Professional Freelance Photographer Throughout my life, photography has been with me. My initial inspiration came from my parents. My current inspiration comes from everything around me, particularly the beautiful places I go and the wonderful people in my life. Ive studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and my works have been shown and published by multiple art and design magazines, books, and galleries. Aside from this online gallery, Nathans work can be viewed on deviantART and the Behance Network.
  5. 5.  In the industry he is known as a celebrity and commercial photographer Mostly portrait photographer He photographs portraits of top athletes Photographs client and background separately and then blends them together His backgrounds are HDR Uses a wide angle lens for backgrounds Makes use of converging lines to help the viewer focus on the portrait or will shoot the background straight on.
  6. 6.  He likes to create a super hero so he photographs his models without a smile His style has a gritty look to help contribute to the super hero image he likes to create. He will produce a self assignment once a week for his personal portfolio. This helps him to stay creative.
  7. 7.  He was influenced by the renaissance painters as he considered them to be the master of using light He used the Rembrandt triangle cross light look. Mastering the transition from shadow to light will give your images shape and dimension.
  8. 8.  He creates a look that could be real but also has an element of fantasy. Retouching is done using a tablet. He shoots on a tripod for a sharper result. His lens is open at the sweet spot – 2-3 stops from wide open. His portraits are shot at 24 to 35mm Backgrounds are shot with 16mm 3 light set-up – side lights and beauty dish He blends a black and white copy of the image with the colour image to give it a de-saturated look. Grain is added to the image to give it a gritty look.
  9. 9.  _Grimes_Photography/ ml The Candid Frame 136 Joel Grimes, 8/4/12, podcast. s/