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Smartphones, apps, QR codes, online platforms: What's hot, what's not and what really works.

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  • New Communication Channels

    1. 1. New Communication ChannelsSmartphones, apps, QR codes, online platforms: Whats hot, whats not and what really works. Sue Beckingham and Sue Featherstone
    2. 2. Mobile Phones
    3. 3. SmartphonesSmartphone owners became the majority of mobile phone users, growing from 49% 56% Q1 2012 Q3 2012By end of 2012 1 billion smartphones in use around the world
    4. 4. Apps
    5. 5. QR Codes Web page Leave Audio contact detailsVideo Survey Business cards, fliers, posters, advertising billboards
    6. 6. Online Platforms Webinars  Google+ Hangouts on Air  Go-To-Webinar  WebEx  Infinite  Adobe Connect  Workcast
    7. 7. Social Media 1. Authenticity 6. Accountability 2. Transparency Six valuable attributes that make social media a powerful tool in corporate communication 5. Connectedness 3. Immediacy 4. Participation(Postman 2009)
    8. 8. Social Media Connectedness Social Media Connectedness Drive traffic Share content Link content Showcase media Networking Build community
    9. 9. BUT.... Just because you can... ...doesn’t mean you should Don’t tune out your message Sometimes fresh thinking is needed...
    10. 10. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Government-funded Technology Strategy Board initiative KTPs are collaborations between business and HE institutions Available in a wide range of industries Open to companies of all sizes
    11. 11. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Contributed to Joseph Rhodes Ltd being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category in 2010  Won £14m of new orders  £10m increase in annual sales turnover during the project period  £500k increase in annual profits after completion of the KTP  Increased overseas turnover (121% 2010-11) Helped Penny Hydraulics secure new contracts worth £400k  Saw SHU research graduate Simon Pykett named Business Leader of Tomorrow and Young Design Engineer of the Year 2012 Resulted in a £3 increase in annual savings investment for Leeds Credit Union in the year post KTP
    12. 12. What’s in it for you?New ways to increase your competitive advantage or enter new marketsNew skills and technology to improve performance and increase profitabilityA newly qualified, enthusiastic graduate (KTP Associate) working for you to spearhead new projects  Supported by an experienced academicAccess to university expertise, research and facilities as part of an enduring partnership
    13. 13. What’s in it for you?Average benefits achieved by a single KTP include:  Increase in annual profits of over £283k  Creation of three new jobs  Enhanced skills of existing staff
    14. 14. How does it work? KTP projects are build around your business  Can last from six months to three years You tell the institution about a strategic development that will help your company grow  They’ll identify the knowledge and solutions to make it happen  And link you to the right University experts Together you’ll finalise a project plan as the basis for a KTP grant
    15. 15. How does it work?One of the most responsive funding streams available  Six submission dates throughout the yearApproval (or not!) within three weeksNationally 85% success rate at first submission
    16. 16. Who Pays? All KTPs part-funded by the government  Different levels of funding apply For a first KTP:  SME pays 33% = c£20k  Large Company 50% = c£30k What do you get for your money?  A full-time Associate working in your business  Half a day a week of academic time  Access to facilities & equipment within the University.
    17. 17. Institution benefitsKTP Associates gain:  Personal and professional development opportunities  Business-based experience • Enhances teaching and learning for our students • Placements and internships • Graduate recruitmentLong-lasting partnership
    18. 18. Any questions?Have a chat with Sarah DurkinShe’ll point you in the right direction!Tel: 0114 225 4049 (Tues-Thurs)