Hot air balloon adventure


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Hot air balloon adventure

  1. 1. A collaborative story written by the children from Room 2 Normandale School Room 3 Kilbirnie School Room 10 Maoribank School Room 6 Mangaroa Schoolusing a wiki to share their stories with each other
  2. 2. Beep! Beep! Beep! goes my alarm. It is 5am. Butterflies are fluttering inmy tummy as I am feeling excited - andalso scared because today I am going in ahot air balloon. Quickly I get dressed andhave something to eat.Off we go...
  3. 3. ... we arrive at the BIG flat field. Wesee the hot air balloon lying flat on theground and the basket was on its side.
  4. 4. WOOSH we heard a LOUD noise and wesaw yellow flames and the balloon startedto wobble like jelly as the hot air began toinflate it. The balloon was beginning to lift
  5. 5. off the ground as it began to rise slowlyinto the air. Soon it was as big as a tallbuilding. Now we can carefullyclimb into the huge basket. Weare ready. The men let go ofthe ropes and WOOSH webegin to rise slowly...Part 1 by Room 2 Normandale School
  6. 6. .....through the air, across the Australian Help!bush. As we looked down wesaw a kangaroo. She bounced up high and she cried "Help!, Ivelost my baby, have you seen it?", "No"we said, "but we will help you find it,what is its name?". His name is "Joey"."Hop in and we will all go and look for
  7. 7. him" We flew off across the bush. Wemade LOST posters and droppedthem from the balloon. Then wewaited for the phone to ring....Part 2 by Room 3 Kilbirnie School
  8. 8. At 5pm on Tuesday we heardbrrrring, brrrrring, brrrrrring,brrrrring. We answered the phone, "I have been reading your poster. I think I have found your Joey!", said Tom, the Bushman. We screamed a happy scream. "Is he OK?” we said. The
  9. 9. Bushman said, "Yes, hes OK now but atfirst he was very hungry.""Thank you for feeding him. Where do youlive?""In a green treehouse, in RedBush, by the river." Wejumped back into the hot air balloon .....Part 3 by Room 10 Maoribank School
  10. 10. …..right up to the fluffy clouds...wefloated in the air through the blue sky toTom the Bushmans house. We floateddown to the ground, Mother Kangaroojumped out and hopped up tothe door and banged on it."Can I please have my Joey back?" shecried.
  11. 11. "Yes you can!" said the Bushman in astrong voice.The Joey bounced to his Mumand climbed into her pouch. Theysaid, "Thank you" to the bushmanand hopped off home to livehappily ever after.
  12. 12. We lifted off in our hot airballoon and floated home.We had such an amazingadventure!Maybe there will be another one justaround the corner.Part 4 by Room 6 Mangaroa School