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Mobility Solutions Automotive

  1. 1. 1 ROITech
  2. 2. Why Mobility Today ERP is an indispensable tool which has become almost ubiquitous to all organizations, big or small. However, having optimized the ERP, organizations are still struggling to integrate their large workforce who are mobile or working on the field. Some of the typical challenges faced by the organizations today: Extend the ERP to the last mile Make the field force more responsive and agile Reduce the exceptions in the process due to latency Have a cock-pit view of the “Big Picture” for senior executives, while on the go.. Access to enterprise data, anywhere, anytime Enterprise Mobility is having the ability to capture and deliver information at the point of activity securely and 2 ROITech
  3. 3. We have a solution for you !!! Today’s market leaders want to be: Integrated • with dispersed work force operating as a single, connected team Agile • responding to real time customer needs Decisive • with field staff empowered to make choices and take actions ROITech along with its partners bring to you  Our in-depth knowledge and experience to help you perform an Enterprise Mobility Assessment (EMA) and define an Enterprise Mobility strategy for your organization.  A wide range of solutions and out-of-the-box applications that would provide access to information and processes anytime, anywhere and on a variety of mobile devices. • To control the costs & enhance company revenues by applying Mobility solutions when and Goal where required • To make sure that our mobile solutions help companies extend existing enterprise applications Strategy beyond traditional corporate boundaries to reach any user, anytime, 3 ROITech
  4. 4. Solution Portfolio Sales & Distribution Automation Field Service Automation Sales order processing Service Call Management & Reporting Accounts & Payments Location Tracking and Awareness Delivery and Dispatches Handheld printing & Digital Information Processing Inventory Management Material Requisition and Spot Invoice Generation Secondary Sales and Merchandizing Sales Force Automation Workflow Approval BFSI Solutions Purchase Order, Requisition, Quotation & Collection & Debt Recovery Enquires Prospect & Lead Management Sales Orders, Price/Discount, Credit, Schemes Portfolio Management & Client Servicing CapEx, Expenses, Credit Extensions KYC & Verification Leave, Travel, Expense Time Procurement Solutions Asset Management Receipts by Road/Rail/Ship Service Order Management Quality Checks & Physical Verification Notification Management and Breakdown Service Inventory count and Updation Asset Information Printing and Reports RFID Direct Sales and Delivery Other Solutions Truck Inventory Management and Checkout CRM on Mobile Delivery and Sales Order Processing Business Analytics, SAP BI/BO Fresh Orders and Payment Collection Integration with many peripherals and devices Processing of tour, visit and visit activity like printers, barcode readers, data loggers, etc 4 ROITech
  5. 5. Solutions for Automotive Industry Supply Chain Management Procurement Solutions Inbound Processing and Receipt confirmation till Tier 3 Create Purchase Requisition and Orders Inventory management and Stock update Goods Receipts by Road/Rail/Ship Sourcing & Procurement Solutions Quality Checks & Physical Verification Warehouse Management Printing and Reports Fleet Management 4PL - trucks, ships, rail – Integration Asset & Material Management with GPS  Asset Management – Mobile as well as fixed. RFID Sales Force Automation integration  Material issue and receipt Account Processing and Management for A/c Managers  Stock taking and inventory replenishment Activity Planning & Visit Planning  Scheduling assets for better productivity Dealer Order & Delivery Processing Processing Dealer Credit Memo Processing Reports & Analytics Car & Spare sales automation and stock update Sales Analysis by product/region, etc Notification & Alerts Sales Performance Analysis Marketing and Trade Promotions Complaints and Returns Analysis Mobile access to CRM and reports BW Report Integration Billing Analysis Field Service Automation Supply Chain analytics Service Call Management & Reporting Location Tracking and Awareness Handheld printing & Digital Information Processing Other Solutions & Capabilities Material Requisition and Spot Invoice Generation  Location based services  Integration with printers, scanners, barcode readers, Workflow Approvals capture signature Purchase Order, Requisition, Quotation & Enquires  Can use a combination of Rugged Device, simple Sales Orders, Price/Discount, Credit, Schemes Java enabled phones and Smart Phones CapEx, Expenses, Credit Extensions Leave, Travel, Expense, 5 ROITech
  6. 6. Benefits of Mobilization Some of the benefits of implementing an Enterprise Mobility Solution in the Automotive industry Improving Customer Service Increasing revenue Reduce Order Lead Time Improve capacity utilization Better service levels Improve customer retention and loyalty Strengthen partnerships and account management Personalized customer interaction Increase Speed & Efficiency Automate - eliminate errors due to manual processes Reducing Operating Costs & Increasing Efficiency Reduce transaction costs Increasing Transparency & 6 ROITech
  7. 7. Mobility Project Lifecycle @ ROITech Enterprise Mobility Assessment Project Blueprint  Analyse existing software infrastructure  Conduct process & system design workshops  Assess key/potential Business Processes  Collect business and technical requirements  Evaluation against mobility drivers  Proof of Concepts and Pilot projects  Identify the improvement areas  Device Selection and Infrastructure planning  Define a mobility roadmap  Define project plan and deployment strategy Manage and Sustain Build & Deploy  Define test cases and scenarios  Post Go-Live technical support  Configure product as per requirement  Software provisioning and updates  Build delta & custom features in the product  Begin post go-live change control  Procurement and Infrastructure build  System and Integration testing Final Preparation & Go-Live  Conduct End User Training  Go-Live  7 ROITech
  8. 8. Implementation Strategy Mobile Asset Mobile Sales Mobile Service Travel & Time Management Management Mobile Warehouse Management CRM SCM Mobile Direct Store Delivery ERP Mobile Business PLM SRM Intelligence Mobile Procurement SAP ** Encrypted data transfer Oracle Firewall Mobile Application GPRS / GSM Server Microsoft Secured 8 ROITech
  9. 9. Compatibility Compatible with any service operator, device or ERP Can work with many peripherals and devices like printers, barcode readers, magnetic card readers, relay panels, data loggers etc. over serial / Bluetooth 9 ROITech
  10. 10. Industry Offerings Pharmaceuticals Agro, Fertilizer, FMCG, Retail, Hospitality, & Healthcare Cement Distribution Services Consumer Goods, Construction, Aviation, BFSI Engineering Real Estate Logistics Oil & Gas Energy & Utilities 10 ROITech
  11. 11. Reference Implementations Implemented a mobile based solution for their Collection team. To be used by the collection and recovery agents in the auto loan division of Bajaj Finserv. A Java based mobile solution which could work on low-end phones as well as high-end smart phones. Mobile solutions were implemented in various division of ITC in the areas of Sales & Supply Chain, Tobacco Procurement and other agri based procurements, stock take and inventory solution. Applications could run on multiple devices like Symbian, Java, Windows, Symbol, etc Implemented the Sales and Warehouse solution integrating with backend SAP. The application runs on Java based phones as well as Windows Mobile. The applications implemented at Dr. Reddy’s primarily include Secondary Sales Automation, Stockiest Connect Application, Barcode application for the plant. The applications integrated with the backend SAP and Oracle ERP systems. Implemented the Mobile Sales solution for their field executives. Also implemented applications to integrate the operations like stock movement, stock taking, GR/GI, for their warehouse, railheads, port and plants. Runs on Windows Mobile and integrates with backend SAP. Implemented the Mobile Asset Management solution for Pepsi’s bottling venture division in North Carolina, USA. The main idea was to make the application and the process fast and easy to use. Implemented a no. of applications for the SAP customers ranging from Mobile Sales, Mobile Direct Store Delivery, Mobile Asset Management for Utilities, etc. Integrates with the standard SAP DSD and Mobile Asset management solution for 11 ROITech
  12. 12. Contact Details Please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to answer your queries or visit you to discuss our offer in more details. – Web : – Info : – Skype : satyaki.basak, thierry480 – Phone : +91 9007205720 – Alternate Phone : +1 9038 711 12 ROITech