Managed Offshoring to India


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Offshoring is not only for large players. In stressed economic conditions, SMEs can also benefit from Offshoring to matured destinations like India.

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Managed Offshoring to India

  1. 1. Presenting Easy Offshoring Solutions Offshoring Services to suit your requirementsExcelict Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. We Offer - Easy Options for Offshoring■ Build Dedicated Offshore Teams the  Managed Offshore Center with minimum Risk and Investment & a one stop shop service■ Set-up Captive Offshore Center Or Global Service Delivery Center End-to-End or Turnkey Solution
  3. 3. Managed Offshore Center
  4. 4. Managed Offshore Centers – for Small and Medium Businesses■ We help you set up a Dedicated Team to your Own Requirements■ We provide you with the Facility, Infrastructure and Operational Services■ We provide the Offshore Management  Legal, Operations, Administration, Finance, HR  We together Decide and select The Team  You Manage Technology and Control the Processes  You Control the Quality & IP  We together manage the Service Deliveries
  5. 5. Setting up the Managed Offshore Centers EXCELICT 1 Your Company Help you build the Define and Select team. Your Offshore Team 2 Set-up an Offshore Define your Center – the right Infrastructure needs Facility 3 Sets up Offshore Define your Management Technology, process, Processes and Quality Standards Delivery Mechanism etc.
  6. 6. Managed Offshore Centers – The Value Drivers■ No Offshore Fears – Focus on your core business■ You have your Own Offshore Set-up with near zero Legal Obligations■ You pay a Fixed Rate per Person and have an Easy Exit Route■ Dedicated Team according to Your Requirements■ You have a High Degree of Control with Sufficient Flexibility■ You can Scale-Up as and when you desire■ Be Competitive by Cutting and Controlling Costs Low Risk | High Control | Good for Small Medium Business
  7. 7. Complete responsibility for Operational Success is Ours Legal Process | People –Team| Facility| Infrastructure | Operations Ensuring Seamless operations and assured success of delivery
  8. 8. Managing Offshore-Onsite Operations Offshore-Onsite Your Core Team Onshore Manage your Core Business Decide Process and Quality We manage your offshore teams Process| Quality| People Motivation| Project Coordination| Delivery Ensuring desired customer satisfaction lies in controlling delivery
  9. 9. Managed Offshore Centers – Responsibility Matrix Your company Excelict Owns Technology, Process Facility, Infrastructure, People, Legal Status Controls Quality, IP Offshore Management Management Process, Onsite Offshore Operations Operations Responsibility Knowledge Transfer, Smooth Operations and Training, Accurate Timely Deliveries, Requirement Relationship between Specifications Teams Joint Recruitment of Team, Delivery
  10. 10. Managed Offshore Centers – Our Value Add■ Keeping Teams Highly Motivated and Projects On Track■ Effective Communication■ Training of Teams to Work in Cross Cultural Environment■ Efficient Movement of People between India and your locations■ Efficient HR, Finance and Legal Management■ Overall - making offshoring successful
  11. 11. Understanding - Managed Offshore Centers On cost front, the offshoring proposition offers a higher value as you move from Offshore Outsourcing to Captive Offshore Center, with offshore outsourcing offering the least value to captive centres offering highest cost savings. Captive Offshore Center Managed Offshore Centers Offshore Programs 1 time Cost Outsourced Products Dev. Outsourcing of Projects Value Gains from Offshore Move
  12. 12. Managed Offshore Centers – Dedicated Teams (ITO) IT & Communication Services Integrate the Team of your Choice Software Development Centers Application and Product Development, Implement the Quality Process of Web and E-Commerce Factories, Testing, etc. your Choice. IT Services Centers Inbuilt a Infrastructure and Application Management, Governance System Integration, Content Management, Structure of your Help Desk – Technical Support own Choice Across Technologies  Java/J2EE, .NET, LAMP, Oracle, SAP etc… Your Choice
  13. 13. Dedicated Development teams – any combination of TechnologyChoose any combination of technology for• Client Server development• Web based development• Mobile application Building Technology Teams and managing them is our core Competency
  14. 14. Dedicated SI and IT Support ManagementTechnical Teams can be created around Specific Requirements• ERP Support and Management• RIM – Remote Infrastructure Management• Application, Systems and Process management Form Dedicated Teams for ERP Management and Support Form Dedicated Teams for RIM and other systems and Processes Building Technology Teams and managing them is our core Competency
  15. 15. Dedicated teams – provide end-to-end IT needs of Clients Business Needs Support Centers SW Development •Business Analysis • ERP Support/ Manage • Architect Solutions • Data Warehousing • Remote Infrastructure • Development • Business Intelligence • Help Desks • Reengineer • CRM, SCM, ERP •Back Office Processes • Test • E-Commerce • Deployment • Retail • Integration • Telecom Solutions • Maintenance • Utility • Quality process Building Technology Teams and managing them is our core Competency
  16. 16. Understanding - Managed Offshore Centers Outsourcing Managed Captive Offshore Offshore Center Center Cost savings 30% to 40% 40% to 60% 40% to 70% Flexibility to Exit High High to Medium Low Control Lowest High Highest Over all Value Lowest High Highest Risk high Lowest Low to medium [we mitigate most [we mitigate most risks for you] risks for you] Value You neither Own Your Own Team Your Own Team Team nor and Best Part of as well as Management Management Complete Management
  17. 17. India our Main Base
  18. 18. India – The Absolute Advantage■ USP - Known Destination for Quality and Productivity■ Matured Industry - Majority of CMM certified companies in India■ Largest Pool of Highly Skilled Professional Workforce in IT Related Services■ Large Pool of Trained Manpower in IT, Communication, Financial Management, Medicine, Engineering, etc.■ English Speaking Workforce■ Industry Friendly Environment in Stable and Growing Economy India -A Powerhouse of IT/BPO Industry
  19. 19. India – Competitive Advantages Changing Trends in Offshoring■ Cost Reduction remains the Predominant Driver for many Offshoring Implementations■ Offshoring is evolving from a Cost Savings Tactic into a Workforce Management Strategy with Significant Long Term Advantages■ Increasingly Companies are Offshoring to gain Critical Access to Highly Skilled Professionals
  20. 20. India – Competitive Advantages Changing Trends in Offshoring■ Indian IT /BPO Service Industry has Matured and offers High Quality/Productivity Advantages■ India has more than 65% of CMM Certified Companies■ India has a High Quality Workforce available, making it an Ideal Destination for Knowledge Processing Outsourcing
  21. 21. India – Competitive Advantages Changing Trends in Offshoring■ India has Consistently maintained the Advantages on the Cost Front and has been the Leader in Overall Value Proposition■ India offers a Cost Saving Advantage between 40% to 70%■ An Additional Advantage is the Availability of Highly Skilled Professional Manpower
  22. 22. India – Prime Locations Region Major Cities Secondary Cities Northern India Delhi – NCR i.e. Chandigarh + Mohali, Delhi+Gurgoan+Noida Jaipur, Dehradun, Indore Western India Mumbai Ahmedabad, Baroda Pune Surat, Nagpur, Nasik Southern India Bangalore Trivandrum, Coiambatore Chennai Kochi, Mysore Hyderabad Eastern India Calcutta Bhuvaneshwar, Patna Gauwhati, Bhilai We are a Location Independent Organisation and offer Our Support to create an Offshoring Center in Any Location in India
  23. 23. For References Contact Sudhir Singh Executive Director sudhir.zsglobal@gmail.com Skype-Id: sudhir_s Contact: +91-9650576567
  24. 24. Thank you