Zig bee based vehicle access control system


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Zig bee based vehicle access control system

  1. 1. ZigBee-based Vehicle Access Control System With the increasing raise of people's living standards, the vehicle theft in community, as well as the total amount of car, has a rapid growth. How to conduct an intelligent management to the access of internal vehicles efficiently and effectively suffers more and more attention from various circles. This paper describes a set of vehicle access control system based on ZigBee wireless technology. In this system, ZigBee coordinator and its terminal nodes installed respectively in the entrance of the district and the vehicles, together form a ZigBee wireless sensor network. Existing system: At present, the most widely approaches used in vehicle management are: 1) Artificial inquiry identification method 2) Image recognition method 3) Contact IC Card Management These are all following disadvantage i.e. dominated by personal factors; waste of labor and difficulty of information communication. Such as large investment, low recognition rate and susceptibility to weather, difficult to maintain, large investments in infrastructure facilities Proposed system: The implementation of this Vehicle Access Control Wireless System is based on ZigBee technology. According to its applications, its network topology uses the star-shaped wireless network, which consists of one monitoring center and a number of terminal equipments. Monitoring center is composed by a computer and a network coordinator. The network coordinator is a special full-function device (FFD), which can realizes a set number of ZigBee services. It is responsible for communication with its child nodes, data collection and dissemination of control information. In this system, the network coordinator is installed in the
  2. 2. duty room. It establishes and manages the network, receives the data and displays them on the LCD (liquid crystal display). Meanwhile, the coordinator sends the data into the PC (Personal Computer) through RS-232 serial cable. PC is responsible for storage and further processing of the data. Block diagram: Vehicle: Power Supply 433.9MHZ Keypad RF Transmitter Child Node:
  3. 3. Power Supply 433.9MHz 100 2.4GHZ 80 ZigBee Micro 60 RF Receiver East Transceiver West 40 Controller North 20 AT89C51 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Relay Driver Gate Control Coordinator Node: Power Supply 2.4GHZ 100 80 Micro 60 ZigBee LCD Display East West 40 Controller North 20 Transceiver AT89C51 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr MAX 232 Hardware Requirements: PC
  4. 4.  Power Supply  AT89C51  RF Transmitter  RF Receiver  ZigBee  Relay  LCD Display  Gate Module Software Requirements:  Embedded C  Keil Compiler  VB .NET Application: Can be used in high security needed area like Government office ,IT parks, atomic stations etc. Advantage:  Avoid manpower  Low cost  Easy maintenance