Wireless sensor network based home monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly


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Wireless sensor network based home monitoring system for wellness determination of elderly

  1. 1. Wireless Sensor Network Based Home Monitoring System for Wellness Determination of Elderly Abstract Elderly people desire to lead an independent lifestyle, but at old age, people become prone to different accidents, so living alone has high risks and is recurrent. It is necessary to monitor the activities of the elderly or handicapped persons are alone when their care-takers are not in home. In the present work, an intelligent home monitoring system based on ZigBee wireless sensors network has been designed and developed to monitor and evaluate the wellbeing of the elderly living alone in a home environment. Wellness of elderly can be evaluated for forecasting unsafe situations during monitoring of regular activities. Existing System: In existing method the usage of household appliances is identified only by checking the running condition of a device. And there is no method to calculate the current and voltage values which is consumed by the electrical devices which are in use. Hence we go for new system. Proposed System: In this system, the usage status of the electrical devices in homes by the elderly persons is collected and transmitted in wireless mode to the monitoring section which consists of PC with internet. Thus the status received from the home section is viewed in PC and also updated in internet, by doing so their care-takers can view the status by logging into his home site. Thus they can monitor their elder persons and also know the status of device used by them at real time through internet. A LCD is there to display the current sensor values of electrical devices which are all used by the elder persons in home.
  2. 2. Block Diagram: Home Section: Power Supply 2.4GHZ 100 Current Sensor1 Current Sensor2 80 PIC 60 East West 40 Controller North 20 16F877A 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Driver Circuit Electrical devices Driver Circuit Electrical devices LCD Display Monitoring section:
  3. 3. Power Supply 2.4GHZ 100 Internet 80 Micro 60 East Controller 40 20 AT89C51 MAX 232 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Hardware Requirements:  PIC 16f877a Microcontroller  8051 Microcontroller  Zigbee  Current sensors  Max232  LCD  Electrical devices  PC Software Requirements:  MPLAB or CCS Compiler  Embedded C Advantages: West North PC
  4. 4.  By this method the current usage of the electrical devices in homes can be determined.  Its response time is higher than other wireless communications. Applications:  This system can be implemented in any homes or hostels etc.  It can be used mainly for elderly persons monitoring.