The intelligent blood collecting apparatus based on internetworking


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The intelligent blood collecting apparatus based on internetworking

  1. 1. THE INTELLIGENT BLOOD COLLECTING APPARATUS BASED ON INTERNETWORKING The paper chiefly introduces the apparatus of intelligent blood-collect based on internetworking. The apparatus uses fingerprint identifying technology to distinguish the identity of the operator and radiofrequency identification technology to input the information of the donator. The apparatus can measure collected blood. So it accomplishes automation of collecting blood and increases reliability of collecting blood. The interface of internetworking is embedded in the intelligent blood collecting apparatus. And the intelligent management of blood collecting comes true. Proposed system: Blood collecting which is the important segment of blood donation directly relates to the health of the donator and the persons using the blood. The blood-collecting apparatus is strictly desired especially. The apparatus introduced in this paper combines the technology of computer, measurement, electronic and communication. Main properties of the apparatus are: (1) Blood collecting is completed automatically and its collecting process and result are showed in liquid crystal display. (2) The RFID reader is used to input the relative information of the blood donator. (3) Use fingerprint input to identify the operator for collecting blood the apparatus can measure collected blood. (4) Monitor the pulse of the donator to avoid accidents using BP sensor. In this project, the fingerprint scanner is used to identify the operator for collecting blood and RFID reader is used to identify the donator information to get from RFID tag and given information to ARM processor. The BP sensor is used to check blood pressure of donator. If BP is normal only blood will be collected from donator, blood collecting key is on to collect the blood , the blood is collected from patient as well as monitoring donator BP condition and level of blood collecting apparatus using weight sensor. ARM processor stops Collection blood
  2. 2. immediately either any abnormalities in BP value or collection apparatus is filled using sensed by weight sensor. Block Diagram: Power supply ARM 7 Key PC with .NET LPC2129 Level converter BP Sensor ARM 7 ARM 7 LPC2129 ARM 7 LPC2129 Weight Sensor With ARM 7 mechanism LPC2129 Level converter ARM 7 LPC2129 ARM 7 RFID Reader LPC2129 ARM 7 LPC2129 ARM 7 LPC2129 Driver LPC2129 Circuit Finger print scanner ARM 7 Motor LPC2129 LCD ARM 7 LPC2129 ARM 7 LPC2129
  3. 3. Hardware Requirements:  ARM processor  RFID reader and Tag  Finger print scanner  BP sensor  LCD  Weight sensor with apparatus  DC motor  MAX 232.  PC Software Requirements:  Embedded C  Keil Compiler  VB .NET