Research on water saving irrigation automatic control system based on internet of things


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Research on water saving irrigation automatic control system based on internet of things

  1. 1. RESEARCH ON WATER-SAVING IRRIGATION AUTOMATIC CONTROL SYSTEM BASED ON INTERNET OF THINGS Abstract: To improve irrigation water use efficiency, reduce cost of irrigation water, this paper discussed the design of wireless sensor network and Internet technology of farmland automatic irrigation control method. Emphasis on an analysis of the routing protocol of sensor network nodes to achieve the system hardware and software design, middleware, and applications such as mobile phone or wireless technology of internet of things, will constitute a variety of sensors intelligent network, thus enhancing the overall automation system and monitoring levels. The final analysis of the network in the Internet based on the agricultural plants of farmland watersaving irrigation system integrated approach. User use mobile phones or wireless technology can easily soil moisture content of online monitoring and control to realize the irrigation automation. Application results show that system through the embedded control technology complete intelligent irrigation, improve the agricultural irrigation water use efficiency and irrigation system automatization is generally low status, can well realize water saving. Existing system: In the existing system we will use wired connections such as CAN, LIN to collect the details about nodes. Even though offering a lot of convenience, our existing system has some drawbacks as high cost, difficult maintenance, and more wired connections. So we will introduce a new system which will have wireless connections between server and nodes. We will make this system using ZigBee technology. Proposed system: As a new internet of things information network, for most types of agricultural materials, agricultural products through the Internet of Things will be fresh growth state, response to environmental changes, storage preservation, distribution and quality and safety of equipment, machinery, people close integration of active behavior, will have an important impact on the
  2. 2. agricultural economy. We introduce a new a new design of embedded web server making use of ZigBee, a wireless network technology in this paper. Compared to the wired link web server system, This system is characterized by having no wires between the web server and terminal nodes, lower cost, and having more flexibility of the network topology. For every node we will use separate ZigBee transceiver to transmit the details to server node. Water irrigation control based on microcontroller and internet of things. In agriculture land, water irrigation is monitored by using sensor like temperature, humidity and controller sends sensor to PC using Zigbee wireless technology and updated with internet using VB.NET, Zigbee is working in 2.4 GHZ frequency. If irrigation is abnormal level identified by sensors then the controller automatically control the irrigation control valve motor to provide water supply to agriculture land as far as required water, if irrigation comes to normal level irrigation valve motor closed to stop water supply to particular area of land. BLOCK DIAGRAM: Agriculture farm 1: Power supply Temp Sensor PIC Humidity Sensor LCD 16F877A Driver Circuit Irrigation Control valve With tank
  3. 3. Agriculture farm 2: Power supply Temp Sensor PIC Humidity Sensor LCD 16F877A Driver Circuit Irrigation Control valve With tank
  4. 4. Server node: Power supply PIC 16F877A Hardware requirements:  PIC 16f877a  Zigbee Transceiver  LCD  Temperature sensor  Humidity Sensor  Irrigation control valve mechanism  MAX 232  PC Software Requirements:  Embedded C MAX 232
  5. 5.  CCS C Compiler  MPLAB IDE  VB.NET